Cosmic Cycles, Astrophysical and Interdimensional Isotopes re the Wind

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Cosmic Cycles, Astrophysical and Interdimensional Isotopes re the Wind

Cosmic Cycles, Astrophysical and Interdimensional Isotopes re the Wind

In our previous presentations and discussions regarding atoms, mass, the electromagnetic fields, et cetera, all of these factors were discussed in a more relative or quiescent condition-that is, it could be assumed that everything was stationary, such as the atoms which comprise the molecules of rock which form a large mountain. It would take thousands of years to make any appreciable difference in the contour of the mountain due to weathering elements; unless a very strong earthquake or volcano erupted, it might be, for all obvious purposes or visualizations, completely stationary.
Now you might well ask, "It is conceivable so far as each atom is concerned, and its relationship to the fourth dimension, and that it has a centrifuge or vortex of fourth-dimensional energy which forms and supports this atom," and you might well ask, "Well, what happens when the wind blows?" Then, there are a large number of nitrogen and oxygen atoms, along with the minor atoms of the noble gases which seem to be flowing past you at either a slow state or perhaps, as in the case of a tornado, wind velocities may reach 100 miles an hour, and you would wonder, "Are all of these little vortexes of energy which comprise the atom traveling rapidly in order to sustain each individual atom?" Not necessarily so, as we shall soon find out.
As I have stated before, any atom is being born and reborn at millions of times per second at incredible speeds; that is, the nucleus of a centrifuge of energy is pulsating at incredible speeds. The atom then forms certain basic relationships in each new reformation or oscillation, according to the polarities which are formed from these internal structures of the atom. There is a north pole and a south pole of an atom, and as the atom is oscillating, these poles are constantly being reversed with each oscillation.
Now, to build up the concept; as the relationship of each of these positive and negative poles change from north to south poles, so does the relationship of the atom change in respect to all other atoms which comprise the molecules say a molecule of oxygen or a molecule of nitrogen-of which air is composed.
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Also bear in mind that these oscillating atoms and their centrifuges are all suspended, so to speak, and are actively repolarized by the total electromagnetic spectrum, as I have previously described, this spectrum consisting of many millions of different oscillating lines of force of energy which, like the wheels of a watch, all cyclic in motion, are linked up according to their respective polarities to form large or small cycles around the earth or the composite of the magnetic spectrum of the solar system, or they may be involved as magnetic lines of force or energy around the sun. This is indeed a complex picture but some sort of a visualization must be achieved in your mind before you can under- stand all of the mechanics, if I can call them that, which are involved in the ordinary blowing of a wind.
Visualize, if you will, these countless millions of cycles which comprise the electromagnetic lines of force; within and adjacent to, as dimensional factors, are regenerated many other different anomalies or vortexes of energy which go to form the third-dimensional atomic mass. Now, think for a moment then, that this atomic mass-whatever it is, and comprised of molecules-will be, at any given time, affected by the total polarities which are involved in this rapid interchange of oscillations between north and south poles-not only between the atoms, but in the cyclic wave forms which comprise the electromagnetic spectrum. As it is so totally involved and concerned with the earth and the solar system, this entire electromagnetic spectrum is, too, but a small part of the magnetic spectrum of the galaxy. Again, that too, is but a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum of the universe. So you can easily see there are tremendous oscillations and movements, we shall say, in regard to the changing of polarities within all of these magnetic structures.
Actually, so far as the fourth dimension is concerned, and as each of these cyclic wave forms have, within themselves, their own intelligence or information, they really don't travel anywhere. Movements are confined, if we can call them movements, to the interchange of polarities, and in these interchanges of polarities then, of course, with the oscillations, remake certain harmonic oscillations which, in turn, help to link up and achieve total integration of the entire oscillating system.
Now that we have arrived at this point of our introspection, we can also very easily achieve the next step, which is to see that within the movements within these cyclic wave forms, as they form and re-form atomic constituents which, in turn, form the molecules of oxy- gen and nitrogen of the air, then the movement of the air is going to take place if the polarities within the electromagnetic structures change in regard to what I shall call, certain biases; that is to say, that the movements in the interdimensional electromagnetic spectrum, as it is constantly shifting or oscillating in many manners so that certain harmonics are regenerated, which replay back into the atomic field, constituents which comprise the atmosphere of the earth.
You have heard a meteorologist or weatherman talk on high or low pressure areas and we can include, on a certain basis what is called thermal currents or thermal expansion. A low pressure area merely means that we have a different relationship of positive and negative polarities in regard to all of the atoms which comprise the atmosphere in their relationship to the electromagnetic spectrum of the solar system and to the galaxy. Conversely, a higher pressure area is one in which we have a difference in polarity or bias with the net electromagnetic field. These changes in biases generate the pressures which activate our barometer, which is exactly similar to what affects your weight, and the difference in your weight in the A.M. and in the P.M. Also it explains, to a large degree, the fluctuations in human behaviorisms, the stock market, personalities, and so on, because here again we have achieved and remanifested certain positive and negative relationships with the electromagnetic spectrum.
As all atomic forms which constitute the planet Earth are subject in their net behaviorisms to this electromagnetic spectrum, then we can expect that, in the case of the atoms which comprise molecules which we call gas, they are sufficiently expanded to be mobile and move; that these mobile or movable molecule- atom combinations will follow these electromagnetic changes in polarities or biases-and which they do.
Sometimes you can see a puff or a blast of wind coming down the street although the surrounding air is quite still. There apparently is no reason or cause for this blast of wind, and almost as quickly as it comes, it passes; likewise, the whirlwinds which we have seen form in various areas during our lifetime; the rapidly revolving air currents whisk up straws, leaves and dust high into the air-all for no apparent reason. It's very easily visualized when we can realize that these, too, are differences in changes within the oscillating polarities of the electromagnetic spectrum in the immediate vicinity. As the space surrounding that whirlwind was actually infinitely filled with these oscillating cycles and lines of energy which form the electromagnetic spectrum, the changes in polarities or biases will most certainly reproduce changes so far as the space-time consonant is concerned with the atom-molecule combinations which they have formed. So it's all very easily achieved in the mentality of our own mind if we can form some sort of comprehensive picture of what is going on in the adjacent fourth dimension.
A thermal current: when air is heated, merely means that the different molecule-atom combinations have had to, within their own electromagnetic structures, absorb, so to speak, another external oscillating wave form, which is the heat energy wave form. In this condition they have, to a certain extent, partially cancelled out a certain positive-negative relationship with the vortexes and the electromagnetic structures which they are oscillating within the next dimension. And when these are cancelled out, or to some degree nullified, then the air-molecules will rise from the earth, simply because the earth presents a heavier oscillating concentration and of a slightly different polarity than that in which this atom-molecule combination is, at that moment, oscillating in its own particular frequency-so that it is repelled away from the surface of the earth or that it rises up. This is the simple mechanics involved in the expansion of thermal current, and in principle, it is exactly the same as that we have described of the high and low pressure areas.
Also to be taken into account in the high and low pressure areas and is more simply an explanation of what is called the ionization factor. As I have said, ionization is responsible for weather changes anywhere on this planet Earth. This is quite true, for ionization is merely a third-dimensional manifestation or demonstration in the changes in polarities which occur in the atomic structures of the molecules, positive to negative, and vice versa. The atom-molecule combination changes its net polarity and becomes ionized, and under certain conditions a majority, or say, 75 percent of the oxygen molecules may become ionized in a positive respect to 25 percent of the negative or vice versa and should be considered as merely a manifestation of the interplay of interdimensional polarities which are occurring in the adjacent dimensions, as the atoms themselves are formed from this very energy substance as it is oscillated. So you see, there isn't really any mystery in the movement of air as it concerns a flow of atom-molecule combinations. They are merely achieving their own relationship with the differences and changes within the electromagnetic spectrum and in the centrifuges from which they were generated.
Actually, so far as the fourth dimension is concerned, nothing is really moving in the sense that we would say any particular centrifuge which forms an atom would move from anyone place to another, because anyone of these centrifuges of energy is constantly generating and regenerating its atom forms. As the atom forms are part of the net sum and total of oscillating frequencies, then the appearance and reappearance of these atom forms, in combinations of oxygen and nitrogen molecules, will form a flow of current, or a wind, as the appearances and reappearances of these atom forms follow these different electromagnetic lines in their net sum and total of harmonic phase shifts.
Yes, I know it's going to take a little digging to really get this, but keep going around with it. You have a third-dimensional mind and it isn't easy for that mind to achieve a relationship with the fourth dimension,…..
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…..especially in the matter of a few hours or even in a few weeks or months. It will take constant effort at every opportune moment to achieve some sort of a comprehensive prospective as to what is going on in this dimension in relationship to all other dimensions which form the interdimensional cosmos.
So the next time you see a rainstorm, you know that every little drop of rain falling to the earth has been formed in a certain manner-the relationship of positive and negative polarities in the different molecules which form the water vapor of the cloud; and these polarities in turn, were remanifested harmonics of the atoms from which the atom-molecules were formed. As these different polarities change, so that part of the oxygen-nitrogen molecules were at a certain phase relationship to the hydrogen-oxygen molecules which formed the cloud, then certain atoms were attracted to each other, just as it would be with the horseshoe magnet.
On the basis of their respective polarities and as they were attracted to each other, so they formed a larger drop of water, and the same process, repeated many times with many molecules, formed that rain-drop which then fell to earth. It was not necessarily a little dust particle as the weatherman thinks. Dust particles too, as they are very small in the upper atmosphere, can be so ionized in their respective polarities that they too can create and regenerate the same condition, as I have described. They too can help form the little droplets of water.
A flake of snow is only a little drop of water which has been suddenly frozen by getting into a very cold stream of air and all the little molecules of water formed into little crystals and each one of those little snowflakes is different; there are no two snowflakes exactly alike. Of all the snowflakes that have fallen on the surface of the earth, all have been different. This too, is a proposition of understanding the phase relationships or the time consonant as the polarities changed and oscillated within the atomic constituents which formed the molecule of water compounds.
So again, it is very important; if we understand the composition and the mechanics of the interdimensional cosmos, it will give us an understanding of creation and what are commonly referred to as the secrets of creation. Just as your own body changes in weight from A.M. to P.M., so does the gravitational pull of the earth change within the 24-hour cycle. As the earth rotates around the sun, it comes into the different seasonal changes and this, too, forms a certain difference in phase relationships in the net sum and total of regenerations and oscillations as they are concerned with the electromagnetic spectrum and the transmission of solar energy to the surface of the earth. The seasonal changes or the position of the earth in regard to the sun does too, have a certain inductive capacity in many higher frequencies not known by scientists on the planet Earth and which relate to the general health and well-being of every human.
Along this same line of introspection, we can find out why it is that so many more viral forms, or viruses which cause colds, flu, pneumonia, et cetera, are manifest and incumbent during the winter seasons than they are during the summer seasons; because the relationship to the solar energy, the relationship to interdimensional energy as it concerns the electromagnetic fields is different in summer than it is in winter. Also, we must take into consideration that these can be visualized as cycles so that in the rotation within this cyclic system we are constantly, so far as the weather or the seasons are concerned, either ascending into, or receding from, a certain cycle.
On the basis of this ascension and descension, the health patterns of the peoples of the Northern or Southern Hemispheres can be somewhat predicted. The general physical tone and the health and wellbeing of the physical body is, as we have previously discovered in our former discussions, quite dependent - not only on the food that we eat, but also on these interdimensional harmonics and interplays of energies which come to us, or that are radiated into us constantly, from this interdimensional cosmos.
As I have said, we are a glob of energy revolving around in a huge and infinite sea of energy. When this energy is so subdivided into its various fractional factors such as the electromagnetic fields which form the gravitational fields and the magnetic fields and others, we are all harmonically in some way or another, linked to all of these interdimensional energy fields which are radiating about us and we cannot get away from it, no matter how hard we try. Even if we were to blast off in a spaceship and go to a distant part of the galaxy, or even into another universe, we would still be subjective to the same conditions and the same forces which we find here on the planet Earth, and we should be quite glad that all of these things exist because if they did not, we would not have life, and if we didn't have life, we wouldn't have that promise of immortality by achieving a constructive evolution.
So, in the vernacular, "Let's get with it." Let's spend some time on these very important concepts and try to visualize to some extent just what is totally involved in this inter dimensional cosmos, just what our relationship to it is, and how we can divide and subdivide all the attendant factors of our physical life as simply re-manifestations of the total harmonic interplay of the Interdimensional Cosmos.
In one way or another we are synchronously attuned -and don't let that word throw you; it merely means there has been a certain phase relationship achieved in a synchronous attunement, something like when you drive down the highway and there are a number of traffic lights and if the traffic lights have been regulated to turn red and green at intervals which will enable you to drive 35 miles an hour, and if you drive 35 miles an hour, you will pass through all of those signals when they are green. That is a synchronous movement or timing and is very simple to visualize. On the same basis, all of the harmonic interplays with which we are concerned with the interdimensional cosmos can be related into such synchronous movements.
An isochronism is another type of synchronous regeneration. For example; if you see six propeller driven aircraft flying along in the sky, the drone of their propellers will seem to have a sort of wawling, up-and down sound as they propel themselves along through the air. That is an isochronism. Inside an ordinary watch, we also have isochronisms. We say that the total tolerances-such as the little wheels mounted in their bearings which were manufactured by the watchmaker-created by these mechanics involved in the watch in their total synchronous movements and meshing in and out of each other with their little gears, et cetera, also generate isochronisms just as do the aircraft. These isochronisms can upset the accuracy of the watch by introducing a minute and very high frequency vibration which will conversely increase the friction on bearings or will make the meshing of the gears more difficult. So the accuracy of the watch can be affected according to isochronisms-a fact known by every watchmaker.
It's the same in what we call our interdimensional mechanics. Even though we may be harmonically or synchronously attuned, yet in this attunement, due to the large number of these harmonic attunements and the synchronisms which are involved, they too can regenerate isochronisms which can, to a certain extent, affect certain behaviorisms which we might find in the world about us, and which might give rise to at least a few of the unexplained, or seemingly coincidental factors which arise in our lives and which seem to have no bearing or relationship with our pasts, or that we are not even logically or sensibly inclined to explain such happenings on the basis of ordinary analysis. Then you can remember that perhaps this is an isochronism. It is a generation of a number of regenerations which, according to the laws of harmonic interplay, will create certain variables within the structure of this oscillating mechanism, and it is these variables which can and do cause the most trouble.
So again, understanding all of what I have presented to you of the inter dimensional cosmos will give you the . explanations of all of the so-called secret mysteries of life, those secrets which have been extolled, sought after and worshipped; or otherwise, some sort of , imagery was created to form sort of a symbolic content to represent such mysterious forces. All can now be subdivided and very harmonically integrated into your own life stream.
One other way in which we can compare the movement of winds and of the total processes involved is to compare this process with what takes place in the cyclotron or the bevatron. As I have previously described this process, a long row of electromagnets formed by iron cores and coils are alternately and synchronously reversed in their polarities. By using hydrogen atoms, the scientist then can propel these atoms through this bevatron or cyclotron at incredible rates of speed by oscillating the polarities of the magnets. In this way, the polarities tend, just as in an electric motor, to first attract the atom toward them and then to repel it; in other words, with each oscillation, to kick it forward that much faster.
The same proposition is true with a flow of wind. Atoms of nitrogen and oxygen, as they constitute the air, begin to be kicked forward in the same manner as is done in the bevatron. First, due to the change of certain polarities in the electromagnetic structures in which the atom is encompassed, these polarities will attract the atom forward, then as the polarity changes, it repels the atom in the same forward-like manner.
The same proposition holds true with the electric motor which runs your vacuum cleaner; there is a difference of the changing of the polarities as they are involved with the fields which surround the armature of the motor. Analogous to this, the armature then is the molecule of air, while the field of electromagnets which surrounds it is the electromagnetic spectrum of the Infinite Cosmos. So now, when a certain mass of air which is comprised of molecules of nitrogen and oxygen with the noble gases is engaged in the same kind of interplay of synchronous phase reversals of polarities (within the magnetic structures) the molecules are first attracted forward then passing the central point, the polarities will be reversed; they will be kicked forward or repelled. So any given mass of air, even if it is a puff of wind or a whirlwind coming down the street, there is a certain very rapid synchronous interplay or oscillating condition within the electromagnetic structures of the immediate dimension in this interplay. As atoms form molecules, and as atoms are part of this total structure, they are quite subjective to all changes within the polarities of the total electromagnetic spectrum and they will respond to these changes according to the interplay or exchange of the polarities which formed the original vortexes of their respective anomalies.