The Genesis Rock-Fallacy of the Time Concept

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The Genesis Rock-Fallacy of the Time Concept

The Genesis Rock-Fallacy of the Time Concept

In our discussions and introspections into the interdimensional factors which opened with the discussions on atoms versus astronauts, and reverting back to some of the original statements made concerning the moon flights and the great hubbub created over bringing back moon samples, including the Genesis rock and others. While it is indeed a technological achievement for the earthman to have landed men on the moon four times, however, the concept that he believes he can achieve some sort of an intelligent formation as to the embryonic period of the solar system, formation of planets, the moon, from such existing specimens of moon rock, will without question lead him into another one of those insoluble enigmas, another one of those anachronisms in which he has confounded himself in his numerous attempts to explore the created world about him-simply because he has not as yet lifted his efforts, his introspections and analysis into the fourth dimension-to the origin of all things.
Let us create for a moment a hypothetical situation: supposing in the scientist's mind, as he is concerned with moon rocks and their origins, that the Genesis rock would portray to him that at one time the moon was either very volcanic or that it was entirely a ball of molten lava. In either case the situation is quite clear; that there was a huge mass of atom-molecules which formed this ball of lava in existence for possibly hundreds of thousands or billions of years. So again, the age of the moon goes up in, using a pun and say a "puff of smoke", as we might see from the top of a volcano. And I don't go along with that "spin off'” theory- that all of the planets in the solar system were thrown off from the mass of the sun by centrifugal motions or some other such forces which aided in this "spin off”' process.
If you were to study a large whirlpool which had been formed on the surface of a large river you would, in the course of some fifteen or twenty minutes of viewing this whirlpool as it revolved around and around and made a cone-shaped hole into the center, observe that around the periphery of this whirling whirlpool a number of other smaller whirlpools of different sizes would appear and reappear, sort of like small anomalies of revolving currents. Now why should such a situation exist? Clearly, the currents of water as they were involved in rotating around in forming the central apex should not have, in a sense of the word, broken off their regular lines of rotation and engaged in the same kind of rotation by a very much smaller scale.
The situation here is quite analogous to what we have discussed about the wind and the currents of air. The same situation prevails in the fourth dimension in regard to the formation of the sun and the planets; that is, it is within the central vortex which formed the sun. And as the sun is the nucleus in the net sum and total of the different nuclei which formed the different atomic constituents of the photosphere of the sun, these too, so far as they are concerned, are actually appearing and disappearing in a series of oscillations which take place at incredible speeds, possibly within hundreds of billions of oscillations per second.
Now to more closely analyze the formation of any particular wave form as it involves the positive and negative phase reversal in an atom or anywhere else, for that matter, this is a condition in which the waveform is expressing a certain idiom or quotient of intelligence. That intelligence is contained in that phase reversal. Now if we study a sine wave, we will discover in the movement of the sine wave that exactly in the center of that phase reversal, there is a quiescent space or period in which apparently, so far as we can discover, there seems to be no movement at all in either direction. So how would this come about? Again we revert to the proposition of the fourth-dimensional centrifuge which formed this particular wave form, either as the nuclei of an atom or that it concerned itself in a large fashion as the centrifuge which generated the sun and was likewise the great anomaly which in secondary convolutions had regenerated the nuclei which we call planets; for the planets are simply large atoms - if they can be considered in the total mass content which they represent, either gaseous, liquid or solid. They represent, so far as the fourth dimension is concerned, a corresponding number of anomalies of centrifugal energy which formed the nuclei of each respective atom and, as such, are linked up to the respective electromagnetic fields and other components and constituents of cyclic wave forms which constitute the Infinite Cosmogony.
Just as it was with the whirlpool in the river and the smaller whirlpools around the periphery of this whirl- pool, so according to the same laws of these whirlpools of water, the planetary systems are revolving around on the same basis of their inter dimensional oscillations and frequencies as they are concerned in that vast interplay which I call the Infinite Cosmos.
Getting back to the earth scientist, all of this knowledge which concerns the mechanics of the Infinite Cosmogony and in its relationship to the planet Earth, the solar system and the visible terrestrial galaxy and universe, it is indeed pitiful that the American people should permit their life blood to be virtually drawn from their economic system in the furtherance and continuance of the exploration of the moon or for any other space program. The creation of the solar system or the universe will not be found in the age of a rock; either here, on the moon, or on Mars. As I have previously stated, that considering the elements of space and time as they are integrated in the fourth dimension in cyclic transmissions, and as they are compounded in the Infinite Cosmogony, the element of time is a superficial anachronism. It means absolutely nothing; it tells nothing and it only leads those who seek the answers to the riddle of their life in this manner and form, down the garden path. They will only wind up- as it is said in the vernacular-"behind the eight ball".
Instead of spending his life's blood, the taxpayer's money, which could very well be devoted to other and much more productive channels in our economic system, man should begin to search for the riddle of life- if he must possess it-from within himself and this is virtually what we are doing in these discussions and introspections, for within the secret closet of our own mind we can learn to tune into the Infinite Cosmos to the Father which is within. And in finding this Infinite Cosmos, the creative Father, then we will indeed have the secrets of creation and we will have found our relationship to this Infinite Cosmos, to this Father and we will have formed a constructive position to our evolution in the future to become reproductive in a much higher sense and a much higher capacity.
So once again: to those who are concerned and, so far as I am concerned as well as the Unariun Brotherhood, in this mad-hatter's dance, sort of an "Alice in Wonderland" fantasy world, which seems to leave little in relevant values in the world about us, while our planet is steeped in all of the sins and iniquities and our ecology is polluted and filthy almost to the point in which life as we know it on this planet will be made impossible, yet man vainly searches for his origin in the most unlikely of all places-in the graveyards of our planetary systems, such as the moon! And, indeed, as he searches in these graveyards, so will he find his own epitaph carved upon the stone which he believes will give him the secret key to his life.
Indeed, if you must search, if you must seek, then let this searching and seeking be a logical continuity of life and the forces which propagated and made life possible; not among the ashes and dust of some defunct planetary system but rather, from the vital and integrating elements which formed and motivated the atoms within your body, the mechanics which engendered the movements of the planets and stars, the formations of the molecules and atoms which formed all of these celestial objects. Behind these are the mysteries of life and their solutions.
To all of those then, I speak these words: yours is an idle chase, a wtll-o-the-wtsp chase through the morass of your impenetrable and impregnable rhetorics of your earth-world mind, and until that day and time when you come upon the high ground of Iogi c and reason, your footsteps will be constantly bogged down by the mires of your own indispositions and you will be constantly intimidated by the quicksands of your opinions and your own beliefs.
Infinite Cosmogony-the Facade of Immortality
It has been said that no man is truly ignorant until he stops seeking. Yet let this seeking-and man should always seek-be one of constructivism. If the efforts in space are in any way Vindicated, then it must be upon this premise and this premise alone, that such efforts could be condoned-that he is indeed seeking. Yet we must again examine all psychological factors involved which are really behind the movements of such extrusions and such seeking. Do these really come from a desire to understand life, or would the understanding of life placate, in any way, the fear of death which is rampant in the secret subconscious of every human? Or that he wishes, in some way, to perpetuate himself upon the pedestal of immortality in the eyes of his fellowman?
The motivations, psychologically speaking, behind those who motivate, engineer and participate in such space explorations or even into other excursions of scientific endeavor, must be searched and questioned for such ulterior motivations as may exist within the confines of a subverted subconscious mind-complexes which have been developed in the insecurities and fears of this nether earth world and in the numerous incarnations which any individual may have been subjected to in these various indispositions. All, as they are compounded within the psychic anatomy, give a certain malevolence to the actions and to the conduct of any person who has such a complex-a syndrome of civilization, improbables compounded within the rhetorics of his own conduct, of his own mind produce as it has been quoted, an impenetrable jungle, more dense and with more thorns indeed than that which confronted any prince in his search for the sleeping beauty.
Truth is, indeed, when it is sought in the nebulous regions and horizons of life, an improbable; yet it must, at some time, become an element which has been substantiated in all factors of life to become valid in any person's personal evolution. To achieve immortality is a combination of elements and factors which are as yet beyond the horizon of the third-dimensional world minds and still assiduously sought for in temples and in churches, before altars and in other places.
Yet they will not be found there; neither will they be found in the halls of learning nor in the laboratories nor can any computer or any other electronic instrument which was so devised give the answer to the improbables of life's origin or to its sources, for these are not found in the exterior surfaces and protuberances of life but must be telepathically sought for and communicated with from within the innermost self or from within the psychic anatomy. For within any given moment of any person's life there is, on the basis of communication to that person, a constant and never ending wealth of information which would most intelligently link him up to the normal processes and inductances of all life processes as they were concerned with not only his personal evolution, but to all animate and inanimate objects and their evolutionary consensus on this planet Earth.
Well, we might philosophize until we are short of breath and blue in the face yet, individually speaking, this remains the proposition of every human; to reach that threshold in his own evolution when he becomes inductive to certain radiations, to certain emanations which come to him from beyond the horizon of the rhetorical world. Then, and only then, if he recognizes such infusions and such radiations for such as they must be, and he begins to capitalize on them-he begins to seek what they mean and their true origins, then he is indeed facing his true evolutionary pathway -not one which will be filled with the stones of reactionaryism from his material world but rather one which will be paved as would be the fabled streets in the "New City of Jerusalem", with the gold of logic, reason and intellectual prospective.
Forward then, to all ways, manners and means which are logical in their conclusion and which have in themselves the morality of this progressive evolution. Let no man stray from his path, for surely he will be precipitated over the precipice of a bottomless abyss. His own strength has waylaid him in his purposes- his strength which he incurred in his past lifetime indispositions and which he has not securely locked within the Pandora's box of his past. I, who am an Emissary from a Higher World can only warn you of these dangers. I can only present to you the facade of immortality of the inter dimensional cosmos. I can only interject into your consciousness, in the word symbols and forms of your earth world, the cardinal principles, the motivating forces and the activations which constitute the Infinite Cosmogony. Yet, this is done purely on the premise that it is a selective proposition, for you and you alone, can select and confirm within your future actions, a certain dedication to finding the promise of what has been presented to you in this facade.
I will not indulge at the moment in semantics as to the probables in responsibilities-as to my responsibilities or as to yours. These in themselves are obvious; they need not bear repeating. However, should any per- son shirk the burden of his own progressive evolution, then he has shirked the moralities of creation. He has foregone and denied this creation and he has denied the reason, the cause and the logic for his own existence, for even the atoms which constitute his physical anatomy are all, in themselves, a tribute to the manifestation of this Infinite Intelligence. No one can say more, no one can say less, for all has been encompassed, all has been foretold, all has been created, and we, as individuals, then must seek among this Infinite Cosmos for those elements and participles of life which lead us more directly toward the seat and the origin of Infinite Intelligence.
To your dedication and to the success of your efforts then, we, the Unariun Brothers, will always remain in the absolute as a proposition of integration according to your own efforts; that just as atoms must be in tune with the constituents of the Infinite Cosmogony, so you too, must be in all ways, manners and forms, in tune with those progressive elements which compound Infinity. Conversely, only destruction awaits those who seek to form their own citadel of life about them and who either mentally, within the precincts of their own minds, or physically rule the world and relegate the actions of all humanity.
To those who can see certain integrations, certain manifestations and the principles involved and capitalize upon such knowledge to build the horizon of the dimension of not only their own life but in the prospective of all humans who are struggling with the same aspirations-the same ideals. To all ends in their constructivisms, let us remain forever dedicated.

Sunspots, Hadron Light, the New Heavy Light Photon
The following is Text only:
Since beginning our series of articles "Atoms Versus Astronauts", some very important scientific articles have appeared in the news media which are worthy of comment because these articles relate to the findings by scientists in regard to those certain particular and specific areas of introspection which we have been discussing in this series of articles.
Appearing in the San Diego Union this morning was an article written by a young high school girl in Tacoma, Washington, and is a summary of what scientists are finding in our present-day, twentieth century in regard to certain aspects of the sun. These findings are, of course, being currently taught to high school students in various grades throughout the country.
I will read you part of this rather short article:
"The gases in sunspots are electrified. Sunspots are also magnetic. When sunspots occur in pairs, the two spots have an opposite magnetism. Astronomers are not sure why sunspots are electrified and magnetic. The number of sunspots are different from year to year. Astronomers have found a pattern in a changing num- ber of sunspots; it increases for a few years, then de- creases a few years then increases and decreases. This pattern is called the eleven-year cycle of sunspots."
The admission that astronomers and scientists know that the sunspots are magnetic and that they have polarities, yet they do not know why or how this magnetic property is acquired, is an appalling admission of ignorance. In looking at the creative universe as we find it about us, and in particular to the constant and ever-changing regeneration of cyclic forms on the planet Earth, and especially to the nuclear physics now in existence, it is almost an incomprehensible situation that any scientist, astronomer or otherwise could not at once link up the very obvious fact of electromagnetism with the very nature of atoms, of creation and re-creation as it is going on in the solar system about us and, in particular, the planet Earth.
We have found another article which is also of great importance here in our discussion, which is in regard to, and I shall quote the title: "Heavy Light Found at Stanford".
I shall read from this article:
"A surprising new kind of light, "hadron" light, has been discovered by a team of their energy physicists at Stanford University. It 'shines' only inside the inconceivably small space of the nucleus of the atom. The photons (particles of energy of the new light) unlike those of all other kinds of known light or electromagnetic radiations, have the characteristics of protons and neutrons; protons and neutrons, the durable particles of matter of which the nuclear cores of atoms are composed, and the meson particles are called 'hadrons'.
"The Stanford researchers, led by Prof. Frederick V Murphy, have discovered that light energy particles or photons within the atomic nucleus are like the "hadrons"-like the protons and the neutrons. So a new bridge between 'matter' and 'light' has been established. Visible light energy photons are weightless. But the 'hadron' light photons are enormously heavy. The typical new light photon has a mass (weight) of 765 million electron volts, compared with the 500,000 electron volt mass of the electron.
"Inside its region of activity, the space of the atomic nucleus, the new 'heavy light' photon is ruled by the 'strong force' which holds together the protons and the neutrons. This 'strong' force is 100 times stronger than the attraction or repulsion of electrically charged and magnetically operated particles. The finding of 'hadron' light was made by bombarding of the nuclear cores of various atoms such as hydrogen, carbon, copper and lead, with beams of electrons."
Again it is quite obvious that within these two artic- les, one as written by a high school student and the other composed from the findings of a physicist from a well-known and established university-all within themselves have compounded and exposed certain mysteries which the scientist of today has uncovered and is now presently engaged in struggling with to decipher what these mysteries are. Within our previous discussions-and it is only superfluous to go back into detail and to again enumerate the causes of these different mysteries-the nature of all atoms, as the nuclei of fourth-dimensional centrifuges must, by necessity, be electromagnetic. As they are composed of electromagnetic materials or energy material, they must, most necessarily, have polarities. Each oscillating wave form, as I have discussed it, has a positive and negative polarity and it is in the oscillations of these different polarities which give the atom its intelligence as well as its most constructive entity as a participating and oscillating element in the general consensus of Infinite Intelligent Creation.
So it was with the student in her essay on sunspots. Now, most everyone has seen the photographs of the sunspots; these too, assume that centrifugal, pinwheel motion which is expressed in the centrifuge of the galaxy and the centrifuge of the universe, and to other such photographs as have been photographed in our astronomical catalog. It's an obvious fact whether we are concerned with an atom or a galaxy or any other such structural entity as might engage us in some sort of an analysis or hypothesis, certain very obvious truths are most evident. If an atom is to exist and exist as it does, and as it is so described by these Stanford physicists in their explorations and discoveries-such findings must be most relevant to all structural entities which comprise the infinite macrocosm, together with the microcosm and which is, in itself, an extension of Infinity in one other direction.
So here again. by comparing facts and findings as they have so been written out for you and described in the previous articles which I have composed, it should be quite obvious to you that there are certain great disparities in our present-day scientific society. As scientists today, in whatever particular fields they are laboring-biological research. the nature of cancer, et cetera. on into such astronomical concepts which are theoretically the basic and motivating forces and principles which have engendered creation-all of these possess certain synonymies; a universal parallel in obvious facts. that creation must and does have. in whatever particular fashion or branch that we wish to introspect, creative expressions which are always found as oscillating components, and in different polarities and constituents which go to make up the total electromagnetic spectrums of all combined solar systems, galaxies and universes.
So again, how obvious must it get before these scientists can bridge that seemingly vast gulf, that impenetrable jungle, that hinterland which they have called the fourth dimension and which is, in its purest and simplest essence, the spawning ground for the third dimensional worlds and also. within these fourth dimensional constituents, they comprise other dimensions and such subdivided astral planes. These are indeed the long talked of, long dreamed of heavenly reaches- those places where the religionist, in his wildest fantasies, has created the subliminal resources of some celestial city such as the New City of Jerusalem. or the utopian hinterland which is found in certain types of philosophies which particularly abounded in the Middle Ages.
Yet to all, the most obvious and necessary ingredients in formulating the constituents of life which would lead forward into a progressive evolutionary pathway are immediately on hand, so to speak, and they can be found in the face of every flower or blade of grass. They can be found within the coursing bloodstreams of our own bodies-in the intricate mechanism which is the transitory vehicle of this earth life.
"Seek and ye shall find; knock and the door shall be opened" are the words of one man who lived almost 2,000 years ago-a relevant philosophy and advice which is just as valid today as it was in any other day or time in the history of mankind; for no one escapes the horizon of his earth world until he can, within the precincts of his own mind, formulate an intelligent resource which is formulated from ingredients which embrace the entire Infinite Cosmogony.
The Laser Beam & Asininity of the Bible
The following is Text only:
On January 14, 1969, there appeared in the Los Angeles Times an article which dealt specifically with the laser beam. It seems that the scientists have now found out that the original incredibly short burst or pulse of the laser beam is actually composed of millions of even shorter pulses which are rated in the trillionths of a second! Moreover, these pulses contain incredible amounts of energy-millions of watts.
Of course, this discovery again leaves science and those particularly concerned scientists in another classical state of confusion as to time differentials, space- time factors, energy versus wavelength, etc.
This is one of those typical ambiguous anachronisms which I have, through the years, taken time to point out; the incredible stupidity of those who are engaged in scientific endeavors and who have not as yet recognized the most obvious fact of creation-an interdimensional cosmos.
The situation here is analogous to a story I like to tell: a dog burying a bone had somehow thrust his tail through a knothole in the fence. At that precise moment, two visitors in a flying saucer had just landed close by; they saw the long board fence and the dog's tail wagging back and forth through the knothole. You can well imagine their difficulty on trying to describe what appeared to be an animate living animal standing on its end on a strip of cellulose material, many of which composed a long rectangle. And we can also imagine it would confuse everybody else when these visitors got back to their native planet and tried to describe this phenomenon to their fellow scientists.
This story hardly needs clarification. The board fence is the interdimensional separation between this third dimension and all other dimensions on the other side, the dog representing the main body of life, his tail thrust through the knothole, analogous to the total third dimension.
While science and scientists have, through the many years, been constantly repeating these ambiguous anachronisms revealing this obvious stupidity, by far the greatest and most asinine stupidity was perpetrated on that memorable flight to and around the moon by three astronauts December 21-26,1968. It is not necessary to repeat here that it was indeed the greatest and most successful attempt man has made to achieve this long- sought goal, nor will I enumerate the many years of efforts, experimentations, round-the-world space flights, the twenty-four billion dollars spent to achieve this goal-all done quite obviously for the main purpose of trying to understand creation better, how the world and the moon, yes, even the solar system was formed, etc.
Now, after the tenth orbit of the moon was completed, the astronauts gunned their rocket ship back onto a trajectory that would bring them back to earth. Then immediately after came the perpetration of this aforementioned great atrocity. These three astronauts did, while they were being heard and viewed through television by countless millions, actually read from the Bible the opening chapters of Genesis which describe the primitive, elemental way certain aboriginal people tried to conceive the creation of the heavens and earth! So great is this horrendous assault upon intelligence, logic and reason that its effect may not be immediately felt. Even after several weeks, Ruth and I were still in a state of shock. Here it is and so it will forever remain: three scientists on a spaceship, together with many thousands of other scientists and indirectly, the many millions of taxpayers who footed the bill, all engaged in what was the most obvious attempt to discover the true creation; yet, with victory a matter of hours away for the success of this space mission, they dug down into the vapid collection of ancient legends and fable called their Bible and resurrected the old, archaic, enigmatic fantasy-a ridiculous hocus-pocus, an irresponsible, incomprehensible act of creation performed by a self-constituted god, a god they have classically enshrined throughout this biblical collection of fables.
It is at this point that I become lost to find suitable and more adequate words to describe this incredible, asinine stupidity! The Bible itself is a total manifesto which is contradictory to any conception of creation. Even more totally confounded in the New Testament is the version of one man who tried to make one of the numerous attempts to defeat this primitive abracadabra god-concept, and the premise of intellectual decency was further violated when, after He was crucified for His efforts, He was actually enshrined as the son of this pagan god He had tried to defeat - later becoming the keystone in the arch of the great Machiavellian machination-the Christian hypocrisy!
And so at this moment, I will leave you to reflect upon the total circumference of this most incredible insanity. Will the peoples of the world ever evolve out of this sticky ooze of their material world, their superstitious beliefs which belittle and make flatulent, even destroy any comprehensive efforts or attainments to understand creation?
Yes, no doubt there will be many more of these ambiguous anachronisms, each one in itself will repeat this same vicious circle of anarchy-an anarchy which destroys logic, reason and comprehension.
Footnote: In deference to the proper use of the terminology, "ambiguous anachronisms" is a reference specifically pointing out a number of scientific discoveries which have occurred, particularly in the past two decades; more specifically the red shift, quasars, the DNA molecule, the laser beam, etc., and all such claims made purportedly as ultimates are therefore anachronisms. Such claims, when an inter dimensional comparison is made, are completely out of place and time. Likewise, the term "ambiguous" becomes apropos when such comparisons are made, as such discoveries have neither the proper beginning or terminus and are, therefore, vague and not properly inclined for any fourth dimensional hypothesis.
Generally speaking, while these scientific discoveries have added to the scientific nomenclature, they have nevertheless, inter dimensionally speaking, abrogated a comprehensive understanding of creation-more mystery, more confusion.