Physics of Matter vs. the Fourth Dimension

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Physics of Matter vs. the Fourth Dimension

Physics of Matter vs. the Fourth Dimension

As long as we are on the subject of calcium versus astronauts, let us go more directly into the physics of matter versus the fourth-dimensional cosmos. It cannot be overemphasized at this time, that in order to make any headway in understanding these concepts you must first understand energy, at least to some appreciable degree. Again we will start with that familiar sine wave which is simply a bit of electrical energy which is moving up and down, say, from positive to negative and vice versa. In this cycle it is telling something according to its frequency. It is both the conveyance and the information; the frequency, of course, the times in which it goes from positive to negative, and is that particular information when it relates itself to any other sine wave. You might find some Similarity or analogy in yourself when you walk to the grocery store; your legs are the conveyance and your consciousness is your intelligence. Well, the number of times your steps go from left to right, or we shall say, from positive to negative or vice versa is the frequency that relates you to the distance from your home to the store. Also, in your pocket, or bag, (or even piggyback) you can carry another person, or any other object. It is the same with sine waves. They too can carry, so to speak, other wave forms which are much smaller in frequency and which relate to certain kinds of information, such as is carried in the video and audio pulse in the television signal or wave form from the transmitter.
Now we are getting down to the proposition of the difference between what is solid and what is energy. Actually, there is no such thing as solid. All the world about you, no matter what it is, is actually energy. Even the sidewalks upon which you walk to go to the store are energy. But what makes a solid? Well, Infinite Intelligence devised a little bit of something which is called an atom, or more properly, many kinds of atoms. Now atoms are just merely little anomalies or nuclei, or a tiny centrifuge of fourth-dimensional energy, and this little nucleus or atom has, I shall say, an exact line which divides it from the third to the fourth dimension-a very hard shell; not a shell like a walnut or a peanut shell, but is a shell made of certain frequencies of energy which are wave forms of energy which are very high frequencies or oscillations-so high, in fact, they won't combine with any other kind of frequencies or energies except that they are compatible with frequencies of other atoms and will adhere or cling without merging because certain positive and negative polarities mesh, like the fingers on your two hands can mesh in between each other.
In this we must again refer to that complex structure of wave forms and harmonics. What is a harmonic? Well, that is just a multiple of two plus, of all of these wave forms. Any particular up and down motion can, on the basis of this two plus, generate what is called a harmonic. In other words, it's just a little peak and is much stronger in many ways because it repeats the information much more loudly or strongly, so that any wave-form can generate on the basis of two plus, thousands of harmonics.
Now it's beginning to get a little complex. So the Sidewalks that you walk on to the store are made of concrete. Now concrete is made up of little grains of sand combined with Portland cement, which is nothing more than ground up limestone and burned in a furnace which removes the carbon dioxide from it. Then when the water is mixed with it, the carbon dioxide reunites again those oscillating wave forms which are most necessary in this reuniting process. There wouldn't be any reuniting if the positive and negative polarities of these wave forms weren't properly phased or meshed. So all of the little grains of sand in the Portland cement which went into that fluid concrete to make your Sidewalks that you walked on are actually made up of little atoms with little hard shells around them, so they combine to form molecules; the molecules, when combined with other molecules, became the grains of sand or the Portland cement, and we had a buildup of all those little hard shells. And those little hard shells of energy repelled the leather on your shoes; you could step right on those little hard shells of energy but you could go no further. So you called it concrete because of your association with the past, and it was built up from there-the stones, the rocks and other hard surfaces on which you walked in other lifetimes. But any of these so-called hard surfaces were actually little hard shells of molecules-energy shells, made up of countless trillions of little oscillating wave forms-all timed in their frequencies so they were in direct opposition with your feet or your shoes so that you wouldn't penetrate beyond the little shells.
And it's the same with anything else that you consider solid in your world about you-all made up of atoms, atoms into molecules, and molecules into different objects. And the net sum and combination of all of these molecules and atoms and their little hard shells made the surface of the material or object of whatever it was.
Now you are beginning to get it a little bit. And, as Einstein said, you can take any of this mass and, in theory at least-and proven in our atomic sciences- you can convert it into energy. Or, you can take your chair that you are sitting on and break it up and throw it into the stove or fireplace and it will burn. In that case, you have only combined oxygen with the original molecule atom forms to the extent that they were converted back into carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and water vapor. So you see, what we are getting at here is merely a conversion of atomic forms as electrical energy.
It's the same with a DNA molecule. scientists think that is the secret of life, but what he doesn't know is that the DNA molecule, in turn, is a recombination of atoms which went into that particular shape because of certain intelligent impulses or wave forms-messages, if you will-from the psychic anatomy which said that those little atoms should line themselves up in a certain way so that all the little polarities could express a certain quotient of energy, and that quotient of energy had its intelligence according to its electromagnetic field. It propagated this energy or information into other molecule-atom combinations about it and therefore, certain reactions or growths or whatever it was took place from the impulses which were originally sent to this atom-molecule combination (called the DNA molecule) by the psychic anatomy.
Well, it's that way with calcium too. If you have a little calcium molecule that goes into a man's body and it gets down into his intestinal tract, there are little protuberances which stick out from the intestinal wall which look something like sausages, only very, very small. These are little sensitive cells. Now, when that calcium molecule hits one of these sensitive cells, the net sum and total of the electromagnetic field around that calcium molecule is all timed in frequency, and is oscillating in a certain way with the net sum and total of the electromagnetic field of the entire body, the psychic anatomy and all other different electroplasmic fields of force. And so we can say then that calcium molecule was oscillating in a normal, quiescent condition so that immediately the little cell recognized this as a calcium molecule and it said to itself, "Oh , here is a calcium molecule; I want it," and through osmosis the little calcium molecule went into the walls of the intestinal tract and eventually found its way up, like a brick in a wall, in the bone structure.
Now if we take this same little calcium molecule and give it to a man who is out in space, say a couple of hundred thousand miles away from the Earth and minus some of those very necessary electromagnetic fields which surround the Earth, then that little calcium molecule no longer oscillates the same as it would on the surface of the Earth due to the difference in the harmonics and in the interplays which are part of that molecule-atom combination. So when that little molecule, minus certain oscillating wave forms of in- formation, or key oscillations, or isochronisms, or harmonics-whatever you wish to call the components of this total oscillating spectrum (certain of these quotients are minus)-gets down into the intestinal tract and that little cell "sees" that little calcium molecule, he won't recognize it because he doesn't have the same reaction or effect. The net sum and total of signals coming to the cell are not the same, and so the molecule passes on by, through the intestinal tract and is eliminated. So the body has to become parasitic; it starts feeding on its own bone structures to supply the calcium for the other metabolic processes in the body. That is the whole sum and the gist of it.
Well, the same proposition takes place with the leukocytes in the bloodstream. You know the leukocytes are those white cells which prey upon, or eat germs and other things that get into the bloodstream that shouldn't be there. And the reason there is exactly the same as it was with the calcium molecule in the intestine. The leukocytes are quite familiar with all the different oscillating wave forms in the cell structure and molecule-atom combinations in the body and they pass them on by; in fact, a leukocyte can pass right around in between the molecules very easily and apparently go right through cell walls or blood vessels, as well as to reach whatever objective he is called to go to. But if a germ gets into the body, into the bloodstream, the leukocyte immediately recognizes the germ as an enemy because that germ doesn't give out those familiar beep-beep signals or oscillations that are part of the life of the leukocyte in the bloodstream. So the leukocyte goes right to that germ and wraps himself around it and the little enzyme substances dissolve the germ.
So all of these mysteries really aren't mysteries after all if we understand the relationship between the radiating electromagnetic fields which are involved with every atom, every molecule, every cell, every human body, and the net sum and total of relationships of any human body and psychic anatomy with the interdimensional cosmos, as well as the third dimension. So there are a number of the basic secrets or facts of life which are still glaringly, apparently missing from our present-day sciences, whether they are in medicine, space technocracy, atomic technocracy or whatever field you wish to subdivide these things into. It's the same in the chemical field and there are thousands of men and women laboring in the fields of chemical research or biological research to establish certain relationships or to ferret out truths of the human body, the facts of life, here and hereafter. And they are laboring very blindly because they do not know the relationship and other factors between the electromagnetic fields which are built up in atoms, molecules, cells and other substances.
For instance, the nylon in your ladies' hose: this is called by the chemist a polyester molecule; it is long and shaped like a wiener and it has a number of atoms in this chain-like fashion which are adhering very closely together because of their total electromagnetic fields; the polarity, harmonics, et cetera, involved in the electromagnetic fields are meshed together, end to end so to speak-all of the definite north to south, south to north poles lined up, similar to a horseshoe magnet so that in the end there is a long string of atoms which make a molecule which is called a polyester molecule, Now this molecule repeats exactly the same thing that the atom did; in other words, a similar polyester molecule is attracted to it, end to end, in a chain-like fashion, similar to a long chain of wieners. The magnetic fields on the ends of these different polyester molecules are very intensely attracted to the ends of any other particular polyester molecule and so they form long chains. So strong are these magnetic hookups that nylon, pound for pound, is 200 times stronger than steel.
So again the importance of knowing or understanding the electromagnetic fields; in fact, the whole concept or industry of chemistry itself could easily be resolved into one of these electromagnetic reactions or combinations. And all other things on the Earth should be more properly understood on the same basis; that they are reactionary or adhesive, or that they are inductive or they repel, according to the basis of frequencies, and how these frequencies-even as little hard-shell frequencies around an atom-can develop through the processes of combinations of molecules, into the hard surface of the concrete sidewalk.
And when all of this is somewhat mentally digested and assimilated by you, the student, you will have at your disposal and within your mind, concepts which are still just beyond the horizon of our present-day physicists and scientists. And yet, very vitally important, they have been part of your evolution since the beginning; they have been the principles which formulated the Earth and the solar system; they are the underlying principles which formulated the universe, or in the construction of new- suns or stars, the destruction of older suns and stars. The changeover of chemical constituents, such as an acid eating a metal and so on, can only be resolved into the differences of electromagnetic fields which separate molecules from each other and separate atoms from each other on the basis that the electromagnetic fields are canceling each other out.
The same would be quite true if we were to build a spaceship which would have within it an apparatus which would reproduce all the necessary electromagnetic vibrations which are similar to those on Earth, in other words, a facsimile proposition. Then, calcium would be assimilated by the astronauts just as need be and on the same basis of learning and understanding the differences and combinations of electromagnetic fields as they were expressed by atoms and molecules, we could solve all of the very apparent and sometimes quite destructive derelictions which mankind is faced with on the Earth today.
For example: a heroin addict could be completely cured of his habit in a matter of seconds by super- imposing certain frequencies within his consciousness and into his psychic anatomy, which would cancel out certain oscillating wave forms which had been generated within that psychic anatomy by the molecules of heroin as they reacted in the brain cells of the physical anatomy. The same basis here is analogous to sight, sound or any other inceptions which the human being experiences in the 24-hour life cycle.
So therefore, without question or without doubt, the secret to understanding life in any and all dimensions is clearly apparent that we must begin to understand energy. And if any person does not, that person is lost, lost in the purgatory of his own mind and in the elemental indispositions of a material world, lost until he can find himself out by beginning to understand the creative principles. Infinite Intelligence (or God, if you wish to call It that) is constantly manifesting Itself; It is regenerating, re-creating, and in the cyclic motion we could also say that It is being destroyed; yet, nothing is destroyed in Infinity. It cannot be. It is converted; it is converted from one form to another, even from one dimension to another.
If we split an atom, as we do in an atomic bomb through fissionable U-235, the atom is divided in such a way that two of its artificial components, a neutron and an electron, are left to fly off into space, so to speak, by themselves. It is these two frequencies which give the destructive force to the atomic bomb. In the case of the nuclear bomb or fusion bomb, there is an implosion where two hydrogen atoms actually merge into each other and form a helium atom. In so doing, they release a tremendous oscillation or vibration of energy. The interchange here is quite similar to that going on in the photosphere of the sun-that radiating envelope which radiates all of the countless energies into the third-dimensional space about it; energy which, in turn, is from these original sources or converted through hysteresis, through electromagnetic spectrums which are the structural form or the intelligence behind the vortical forms and, in this hysteresis are converted to such compatible frequencies known as heat and light, etc., which are so necessary and vital to life on any planet which has been developed through photosynthesis or other different chemical allegories through the evolution of time.
We can ceaselessly revolve within the precincts of our mind and we will never cease to get back to our original starting point-a cyclic terminus, if you will call it such, which dominantly re-creates the necessity within our own consciousness to learn to understand what energy is-the sum and substance of Infinite Intelligence, and the laws and principles which govern, control and manifest themselves through this Supreme Infinite Intelligence.