Atomic Energy, the Red Shift, the Doppler Effect, etc.

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Transcription of Atomic Energy, the Red Shift, the Doppler Effect, etc.

Atomic Energy, the Red Shift, the Doppler Effect, etc.

In a quantitative assessment of cyclic phenomena, the electromagnetic force fields which we have previously discussed have pointed out the primitive ignorance of this present-day science, in regard to the creative principles of solar systems, galaxies, universes and all life forms, all of which have led us directly into other fields and other interpolations where science has made colossal and stupid blunders in its assumptions when trying to view or rationalize such origins on the surface of their third-dimensional prospectus. Many of these stupid assumptions concern astronomical phenomena, such as believing the sun is a thermonuclear furnace. They believe the sun's energy comes from the fusion or implosion of two hydrogen atoms into one helium atom. What then of the other sixty- odd elements they have, through spectroscopic analysis, found on the sun? Apparently it is not known that this is an evolutionary process of atoms, as I have previously outlined. To change two hydrogen atoms into one helium atom, it is first necessary for certain changes to occur in all electromagnetic fields which are the formative pattern of the atom and which, in turn, are oscillating polarities with their respective fourth-dimensional centrifuges.
Now, to change these two hydrogen atoms, certain arrangements of harmonic pulses which are propagated by the centrifuge occur, and as these harmonics occur, the two atoms blend as one. At that exact moment of blending, a certain spiked pulse-beat, which can be called an isochronism, is released and as this pulse is a regeneration of harmonics or a combination of harmonics, it therefore beats on a much lower plane or frequency, which is synchronous to the third dimension and is radiated from the sun's photosphere as energy and is propagated through space as a cyclic wave form to be reconverted in the electromagnetic fields of the earth into our familiar heat, light, etc.
So you see, the energy pulses as they are combined en masse from countless trillions of merging atoms form the radiated energy, yet this energy does not come from the atoms. They are, in their total electromagnetic spectrums rearranged, and in these new polarities become helium. The energy and intelligence, so to speak, came from their fourth dimensional centrifuge. The same process is true in exploding an atomic (fission) bomb. An atomic bomb is a mass of uranium atoms, U-235, made unstable by the addition of extra electromagnetic wave forms called electrons. A dynamite explosion generates the necessary wave forms of energy to harmonically unbalance these added wave forms and they fly off as energy, into space. A nuclear fusion bomb is exactly similar. A hydrogen isotope called heavy water is used and is unstable because it contains extra or added electromagnetic wave forms.
If an atom bomb is exploded in their midst, the necessary wave forms as shock energy release these extra wave forms and cause the hydrogen atoms to merge or implode, and again, on the basis of polarities and isochronisms, which are constantly regenerated by the fourth-dimensional centrifuges, there is also the added release of that third-dimensional pulse. So the hydrogen bomb is much more powerful than an atomic bomb because of the much greater release of energy, and this release, because of its rapid disbursement into the third dimension-traveling as it does in this resistive third dimension is called heat and light and which again are merely false names and assumptions for the movement of energy through third dimensional plasma fields.
Another great and mistaken fallacy is the "Red Shift". On a spectrographic analysis, scientists compare the appearance of certain lines as they appear on the surface of the refractory, crystal prism. Like an ordinary triangular crystal of glass, the spectrograph divides the light spectrum into certain lines somewhat similar to a rainbow. It is assumed that all known elements found on earth are part of every star-sun being viewed, as these are similar to our own sun. The thermonuclear process, or burning (fusion) of these elements, radiates the necessary light viewed on the spectroscope. From very distant star suns, the red light appears at a different place than it does here on earth. The scientist thinks this is caused by what he calls the Doppler Effect; i.e., the train-whistle receding away from you has a lower pitch than it does coming toward you.
The scientist thinks the star sun is moving rapidly away from the solar system and the galaxy because he is always looking out toward the outer rim of the galaxy and he cannot see toward the center because of the many more star suns and other conditions. He must always look out onto the Milky Way, so therefore he thinks that our galaxy and universe is expanding and this leads to the most ridiculous of all assumptions-the "Big Bang" theory; i.e., somewhere at some time, a huge ball of atoms collected together and when there were enough of them and they were compressed tightly enough, they suddenly exploded. The little pieces traveling outward formed the countless trillions of star suns of the universe.
Now, they have not yet explained why these little pieces, in traveling out, assumed that pinwheel fashion, or the rotating formation with which we are familiar from astronomical photographs. Logically, from an explosion, such objects would be propelled straight out from the center. Also not explained: why the universe is thicker at the center and tapers out to a thin edge. An explosion should hurl bits and pieces in all directions, up and down as well as sideways (360 degrees). Also not explained: why countless galaxies have formed in this universe, each one rotating pin-wheel-like, the same as the universe, and which again invalidates the "Big Bang" theory.
Pictures of our sister galaxy in Andromeda prove the existence of these galaxies-impossible to be formed in an explosion. What has formed the universe and these galaxies has been adequately described in the book "The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation", as well as elsewhere in these liturgies-a huge inter dimensional centrifuge forming this universe-the galaxies being primary anomalies or eddy currents, generated from the net sum and total of this electromagnetic energy in this centrifuge. Here again, this same harmonic regeneration takes place in forming suns, planets, planetary systems and atom energy forms again all re-manifesting in their respective weights, the different electromagnetic energy and cyclic wave form patterns from their own particular vortexes or centrifuges. The net sum and total of all this interdimensional regeneration, electromagnetic energy force fields proves how wrong the red shift, Doppler theory is.
Einstein's mathematics showed how light is bent around intense magnetic fields. Energy as light combining from a distant star is curved in that space by the electromagnetic lines of the galaxy, and according to respective frequencies involved in the differences of light frequencies, the effect is to bend the shorter, or blue rays, more than the red rays; the yellow rays falling in between. So the scientist makes this big mistake: in his spectroscope he places his comparative graph lines to line up first with the blue light-ray lines, and the farther out on the scale he goes, the farther these lines appear to be out of alignment with his comparative chart which was made on earth-lines which were photographed and made into a picture-graph at a very short distance from their source and were unbent by any electromagnetic fields. So the red rays would naturally appear at a different place and farther out on the spectroscopic graph picture-not because that distant star sun was traveling at incredible speeds away from the center of the universe but because, just like with a prism, the light rays were bent to form an arc, and following the curved radial lines of the galaxy, the shorter blue rays were bent slightly more than were the red rays. The same process was duplicated by the spectroscope but, as yet, this stupid blunder has gone unnoticed.
Only one more fact should be noted: that all energy rays which are coming from our sun or from any distant sun are really not heat or light until they are converted in some relative degree by the electromagnetic fields of the earth. Again, this conversion takes place according to the total frequencies involved; heat coming out as one sub-harmonic, while our three primary light frequencies are higher harmonic frequencies.
(The following taken from the San Diego Tribune Aug. 19,1971)
Present-day theory of light and heat produced by the sun is as follows: "Inside the sun, gas particles, or atoms, are packed so tightly together that they break apart. An atom is made up of an inner part (or nucleus) and an outer part. Deep inside the sun the outer parts of the gas atoms have all been stripped away from the nuclei. A gas made up of atoms that are broken apart is called a plasma.
The temperature of the plasma at the sun's center is probably 27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. At this high temperature, reactions can take place between the nuclei of atoms, which we call nuclear reactions. The nuclear reactions taking place inside the sun are nuclear fusion reactions. The nuclei of two or more atoms point together, or fuse, producing a large amount of light and heat. Billions of atomic nuclei join together within the sun every second. These reactions are the source of the sun's energy.
The energy produced by nuclear fusion inside the sun has to escape or else the sun would explode. The energy flows from the center of the sun to the photosphere, (the sun's surface, which is a layer of gases a few hundred miles thick).
The energy is then emitted from the sun's surface as heat and light and other forms of radiation. A tiny amount of matter taking part in a fusion reaction produces a large amount of energy. Because the sun is so huge, it can keep burning for billions of years before it runs out of its nuclear fuel."
This article was carried in the San Diego Tribune, August 19, 1971, the very next morning after I gave the foregoing dissertations. Again, no reasons or causes were given why atoms condense so tightly as to form a sun and where do these atoms come from? Again, where or what causes these actions to take place? What causes the 27 million degrees Fahrenheit temperatures? Why does all the "action" take place in the photosphere and chromosphere and where pressures are less than in the sun's center? Rereading the transcripts I have just presented will give you all causes and reasons and will give you much more comprehensive understanding of what is actually happening in fusion or implosion processes and you can form a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of atoms.
Again, there is clearly indicated a complete and total lack of inter-dimensional knowledge which would give scientists and laymen a comprehensive understanding of not only the sun but of all creation and it could be taught to growing children in their school curriculums.
As a note of interest, the above essay, reprinted from a local newspaper is one of a series of daily essays composed by science students in different high schools throughout the area, a prize-not noted-being given for the essay chosen for printing. This article also quite obviously points out certain disparities, missing elements and certain other factors which should be included in this or any particular segment of science being taught to students, and a comparison with this article and previous presentations which I have just made will clearly point out all of the disparities, missing factors and elements.
When I was about the same age, (twelve or thirteen) and on entering my seventh grade science class, I immediately went on the mat, so to speak, with the science teacher about certain false concepts which were contained in our science book and which concerned the phases of the moon, eclipses, et cetera. In order to prove all points I constructed a crude working model of the solar system; a lighted candle for the sun, balls of different sizes and colors rotated by wires, which proved conclusively that I was right. As might be expected, this produced a tremendous upheaval and the banishment of these science textbooks, and a red-faced science teacher who left me strictly alone hence-forth.
Of course, this immediately suggests and brings to mind a certain obvious fact; about 99.9 of all students attending schools, meekly accept without question, all the established rhetorics which have been developed in the wind-up of our civilization-old wives' tales, claptrap, superstitions, vagaries, innuendos and a complete absence of the most important aspects and relationships of life on the planet Earth in regard to the interdimensional cosmos and the ever-creative principles constantly in action, all of which would give a new vitality to our educational systems, and if properly administered and taught, would present the incumbent total morality, which would mitigate or eliminate most of the insolvable problems now confronting our society such as drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, contempt for the basic values of this society, law, respect for the rights of others, et cetera.
Such knowledge and learning of all creative interdimensional faculties and principles would also eliminate the age-old superstitions which are covered and practiced by all denominational churches and their religious practices, again replaced by the new morality and an assuredness of future immortality, to be realized either in progressive reincarnation, or eventual development into an advanced life form, living in a Higher World.
To those few then who speak out against the rhetorics of their time, they who are the emancipator's of ignorance and despair, may they live forever in the hearts of those who have been freed from these earth world tyrannies, for they are the Shining Angels who go among the masses of humanity in these earth worlds to guide the way for those who have dedicated themselves to finding a way to live closer to the mainstream of Infinite Intelligence.

Note: The following is Text only-written but not voiced by Dr. Norman

Electromagnetic Wave Forms, Fields & Atoms vs. Mass

In the essay composed by the student in the news- paper, it is said that in the fusion process going on in the photosphere of the sun, an electron would be stripped from the nucleus or proton of the atom. Now, this would immediately suggest certain implications. As almost everyone knows or should know, an atom is extremely difficult to break apart, or to otherwise change-a fact which makes our third-dimensional world possible. Were this not so, the different repercussive forces and agencies which are constantly in motion about us would eventually subdivide all atomic forms into nothingness; so therefore, this leads us to an inevitable conclusion; that an atom, while it is extremely small, it is also extremely hard.
Also, an atom is energy, and so if it is not solid but is actually composed of oscillating energy wave forms, how is this solidity achieved? As I said: through a very strong shell of electromagnetic wave forms which are generated in harmony with the vortex which formed the atom as its central nucleus, on this basis then, atoms either repel each other or they are very strongly attracted to each other on the basis of this electromagnetic field. Some of these electromagnetic wave forms extend beyond the immediate shell of the atom itself and which makes adhesion possible. Also, an atom is oscillating at extreme velocities or frequencies. The scientist of today has not seen an atom; it is so small you could put about 200,000 of them on the head of a pin and still not be able to see them, and it might take anywhere from one to ten million diameters of magnification before an atom could even be seen as a tiny streak.
Remember the viruses? Well, science has taken pictures of viruses. They use an electron microscope which can magnify up to about 20,000 diameters; then, by using the photographs taken at this magnification, they can enlarge these pictures so that a theoretical 1 00,000 diameters of magnification is achieved. However, remember that a virus is composed of hundreds or even thousands of molecules, and each molecule in turn could be very easily composed of hundreds or even thousands of atoms and so on, ad infinitum. So the proposition here becomes a little more complex.
Now, what is the determinant in this oscillating frequency between atoms? There are certain similarities, in more familiar objectivisms, which can be achieved here about us on Earth. For example: looking at an ordinary motion picture, the individual pictures or frames, as they were photographed on the film, go through the gate of the projector and are exposed to the light at about 18 to 22 frames or pictures per second. Now, your eye cannot distinguish anything faster than 18 times per second, so that at 22 frames per second, the movement of the film through the gate becomes invisible to you and the subsequent differences in each of the succeeding frames gives the illusion that the picture is moving. It's pretty much the same with atoms versus mass.
Other similarities include the fluorescent light tube with which we are familiar, or the neon light which lights up our cities at night. The proposition with the fluorescent tube or neon light is quite simple: a glass tube is coated on the inside with a fluorescent material such as a phosphor compound and the air is then pumped out of the tube and replaced with one of the noble gases, usually neon. There are also other gases which serve this purpose such as xenon, et cetera.
Now, all of these gases have a certain peculiarity; that is, they can conduct an electrical wave form of energy according to how they are polarized-the scientist calls such polarization ionization-so that the gases inside the tube can actually become conductive to a wave form by assuming this certain positive or negative ionization, and so the electrodes fastened on each end of this glass tube contain an alternating current which oscillates at sixty cycles per second.
Now, on one-half of the wave form, the gases inside the tube assume a certain polarity and become conductive to the electricity on that end of the tube, and as the energy passes through the ionized gas to the other end, it completes one-half of the sixty-cycle oscillation. Then the ionization polarities are reversed and conduct the electricity on the other half of the cycle back to the other end of the tube. This goes on at the rate of sixty times per second, back and forth, to complete the total cycle. Meanwhile, the phosphorous coatings on the inside surface of the tube retain the impulses of light frequencies to a certain degree-a faculty called purveyance-and so the illusion of a steady light is maintained by your eye. However, if you move your head rapidly enough, you can synchronously attune your eyesight and actually be able to see one-half of this cycle as a subharmonic. By glancing rapidly across the top of the table for example, you can distinctly see the fluctuating impulses of light so that, here again, the fluorescent tube is actually dark for thirty times per second and is illuminated for the other thirty times per second. It goes off and on at the rate of sixty times per second.
It is pretty much the same way with atoms versus molecules as they compose the different mass forms within this world with which we are familiar except of course, that all of these electronic impulses are electromagnetic in nature and sustain themselves on the basis that they can either repel or attract each other. It is extremely difficult to break an atom apart, as any physicist (or for that matter even a high school boy) can tell you. At the big universities such as Berkeley here in California, they use cyclotrons or bevatrons to break up atoms and to attain what they call a neutron flow of energy. A cyclotron or a bevatron is simply either a circular or a long line of powerful electro- magnets. These are malleable iron cores wrapped with coils and they become saturated with electromagnetic flux when the electricity passes through the coil. So they start hydrogen atoms out at one end of this long line of coils and by successively alternating the polarities of these magnets, they can make these different hydrogen gas particles accelerate to tremendous speeds into what they call millions of electron volts.
At such incredible speeds, these atoms begin to collide, and as they collide, certain ones will break up or fall apart, so to speak, and as heavy hydrogen is simply a proton, a neutron and an electron, then the neutrons can, by means of certain deflection plates, be siphoned or funneled off this long line of magnets toward the end where it will form a certain line of neutronic impulses, very similar to what might be called a lightning bolt-except on a very small scale.
By studying such reactions which are involved in the net sum and process, the scientist hopes to gain some sort of a comprehensive idea as to what an atom is and what holds it together. As you see, I have that all down on paper and tape, so it wasn't really necessary to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to construct these bevatrons and cyclotrons and to pay fancy salaries to these physicists to try to break up an atom. An old boy like myself could have described the process of what an atom is and what holds it together very Simply and very easily. Of course, it would take a little imagination on the part of the physicist, and it might strain his intellectual capacity to the breaking point and he would either very severely reject the whole thing and call me a nut, or he would in some other way be very seriously deflated in his ego. To say the least, he could very well lose his position and his high-paying salary while he was fooling around with his bevatron. And so the story goes.
Our physical world, as it is composed or comprised of atom-molecule forms, and in whatever shape, manner or form you wish to look at them-the table on which you eat your meals, the bed upon which you sleep at night, the house in which you live, the entire terrestrial atmosphere and environment-is a composition of molecules, and molecules, in turn, are atoms; in other words, the central nuclei or the central polarity of a fourth-dimensional vortex.
Well, you might wonder how all of this situation is maintained. How do atoms, for example, form a table and yet, seemingly, there will be a vacant space around the table, the nearest solid surfaces being walls or floors? Now, if you revert back to some of my original statements, you will see that I said that space-any space, the space around you in your room in which you are now sitting, or the space outdoors, when you are out on a picnic-really isn't space at all. It is infinitely filled with oscillating wave forms. They are so dense and solid that it would be incomprehensible to your physical, third-dimensional mind. Even more incomprehensible is the fact that all of these wave forms of oscillating energy can exist as they do, apparently within each other and all oscillating at incredible speeds far beyond the comprehension of your mind, just as it was with the motion picture film passing through the projector, and you were looking at the picture on the screen.
You walk through these infinitely dense, oscillating, cyclic forms of energy without being aware of them, simply because the atoms which comprise your body are harmonically in tune with them only on the basis of their own individual vortexes, of which they are the nucleus. In all other ways, however, so far as these inter dimensional cyclic wave forms are concerned, you haven't the slightest idea that they are there and you would be astonished if you could, say for example, by some comparative means, weigh them on some sort of scale. As I have said, some stars in our galaxy are so heavy that a cubic inch will weigh 20,000 tons, or even several million tons.
Again we think back to our analysis of what gravitation is; simply the pull of certain atoms and their electromagnetic fields toward other masses of atoms and their electronic fields. The earth can be likened to one huge atom, having at the north pole a magnetic pole and at the south pole a magnetic pole. Every atom is quite similar in formation to this particular situation as they too have a north pole and a south pole, or a positive pole and a negative pole. Within the structure, as I will call it, of the atom, there is many millions of oscillating wave forms which are counterparts of the centrifuge or vortex of which they are composed.
As these atoms are madly gyrating around the central nucleus of the atom-which again is only a smaller atom on a subminiature scale-there are certain places where they cross each other and form parallaxes, just like when you go to the railroad yards, you will see many places where the different rails cross each other and are switched back and forth. So it is with atoms. As these different wave forms oscillate positively and negatively back and forth across each other, they produce certain pulses of energy, just as it was in the fluorescent tube. It is these pulses of energy which, in the net sum and total of all these impulses of energy as they appear and reappear within the atom, generate and maintain this very strong electromagnetic field which surrounds the atom and makes it impregnable and impervious to almost any but a superhuman effort to break it apart.
You could hammer on an atom all day long and you wouldn't hurt it, simply because the atom is too small to be affected by the concussion of molecules. The shell is absolutely impervious except on the basis that we can some way, interdimensionally speaking, actually interject certain electromagnetic forces within the structure of the vortex which forms the atom and which will change this atom's characteristics. So this "stripping off' a neutron from an atom is a bit of poppycock; something like this atom somehow caught itself on a nail going by somewhere.
What actually happened, as it would in the bevatron or the cyclotron; the extremely high electromagnetic fluxes-which were generated and which were synchronously attuned so that they propelled the atom very swiftly-were of such nature that certain harmonics were formed which were more fourth-dimensional in nature and could affect the centrifuge of the atom to the extent that other different harmonic regenerations occurred which changed the characteristic of this atom and temporarily left it "un-glued" so that it flew apart. Actually, you don't bang atoms together to make them separate. They have to be changed electromagnetically, which is done, to a certain degree, by this bevatron or cyclotron.
This same process is going on in the photosphere of the sun all the time. As they are attuned, the countless trillions of vortexes of energy which form helium atoms, or any of the other atoms on the surface of the sun, undergo certain synchronous changes from within the fourth dimension itself as the synchronous pulses. As these changes occur, they change and affect the electromagnetic structures and the properties of the hydrogen atoms so that as they are changed, they can be recombined by the same process of synchronous pulses and form helium atoms. When this is properly understood, then this business of stripping a neutron from the nucleus will indeed look very silly, stupid and elemental-which it is. It is the same in all different processes which involve atoms, molecules, et cetera.
One other bit of poppycock which scientists have to get rid of is the proposition of particles, which immediately suggests a tiny grain of sand or a pebble, or some such object. Well, there are no solid particles, either third-dimensionally, or fourth-dimensionally speaking and I am making this statement on the basis that all third-dimensional mass forms are composed of atoms and therefore aren't solid, even much more so in the fourth dimension where all these different cyclic wave forms, as they so infinitely fill Infinity, are not solid on the same basis. Here again this brings us to the term "time", and the time differentiation as I have pointed out is quite similar in our everyday life to that of the film passing through the projector.
If we use the camera and slow down the process of picture taking to say, twelve frames per second, then run it through the projector at a normal eighteen frames per second, then all motion on the screen will appear to be very greatly speeded up and the reverse process is true. If we take the pictures with the camera at the rate of thirty-two frames per second, then run them through the projector at eighteen frames per second, then all motion will be very, very slow; people walking will look like they are going at a very slow, crawling pace, with each step carefully measured.
That is very analogous to atoms versus the molecules, which form our terrestrial, third dimension. We are, to this degree, just as it was in taking the pictures with the camera and showing them with the projector, what could be called a synchronous attunement. We too, as part of this time element, maintain a synchronous attunement with atoms, molecules and the infinite cosmogony. This was, I will say, conceived in the Infinite Mind of Infinite Intelligence as a way and means in which the more primitive and more elemental life forms on a planet, such as the earth, could first begin to form certain cohesive elements in their life; that is, a certain chain-like series of reactions would form the life experience of, say, a human being and which would be retentively retained within the fourth-dimensional psychic anatomy. This fourth-dimensional psychic anatomy too, had been developed and synchronously attuned to the physical anatomy.
So here again, you must be impressed with the obvious fact that it is all extremely important that we first understand energy. The proposition of such an understanding will give us a key and an insight to the creative processes which have not only engendered or, shall I say (and using the word loosely) created the earth and all life forms but also the galaxy, the universe and the total inter dimensional cosmos.
What is beyond the interdimensional cosmos would be, of, course, quite ridiculous for us to try and form some sort of an analysis or create an hypothesis, as it is, even with our relationship to the third dimension and its relationship to the fourth dimension in its constituents of atomic forms and other such electromagnetic phenomena, as is part of our daily life. And as all this phenomena is almost totally unknown to all mankind at the present time, we would indeed supersede the outermost precincts of even our strongest imaginative processes to try to envision what is beyond the interdimensional macrocosm.
The same situation is quite true to go into the microcosm, and we have already partly explored the nucleus or protons, as they are called by the scientist, which form every atom. And yet, each of these, too, is again a subminiature solar system of energy which, in all counterparts, is analogous to the parent atom of which it is a part. We can go on down, and down, and down, into sub-infinity and never come to the end of it. So how small is small or the smallest? It's much like saying that the people in Australia are walking upside down. Well, what is up, and what is down, so far as our terrestrial earth is concerned?
Again, it's simply a proposition of relationships and the integration of such facsimiles as we have developed in our evolutionary consensus in going from one life to another. We have immediately associated all of these atom-molecule forms into our daily lives and formed some sort of a sequence, a pattern, a chainlike day to day situation wherein each day is subdivided into hours, minutes, seconds, et cetera, and each participle of time, as we understand it, has its own particular connection with certain reactionary elements within the periphery of our life. These again are integrated and form cyclic wave forms within the psychic anatomy, which all adds to the total development of this psychic anatomy in either a forward or a retrogressive movement into the infinite cosmogony.
As I stated before, we are all just going about, making contacts every second of our lives with a certain number of these oscillating wave forms from infinity, each containing its own little oscillating idiom of intelligence or information and which, harmonically attuned through the electromagnetic fields, forms our own life experience and the world about us.