Abnormal Reactions of the Returned Astronauts

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Abnormal Reactions of the Returned Astronauts

Abnormal Reactions of the Returned Astronauts

On making a general summary of our discussions of atoms versus astronauts, there are several very important facts and considerations which should be taken into account. First, one week after the astronauts returned from their exploration of the moon, they still complained of weakness, and medical tests have proven that they are still considerably under par. Also to be noted in reports published in newspapers, Scott and Irwin suffered brief spells of irregular heart rhythm while they were on the moon, as well as extreme fatigue. Erwin also suffered from spells of dizziness in space, and all three Apollo 15 crewmen have failed to recover from weightlessness as fast as was expected, Dr. Charles A. Berry, chief of the Space Center's medical office, told a news conference. The doctor described the heart irregularities as premature auricular and ventricular contractions which lasted only about ten heartbeats on both moon-walkers. These are usually associated with fatigue, he said. It has also been noted in instances of low potassium level and with increased adrenaline flow.
Also, the astronaut Scott said that upon returning to earth and sleeping in his bed, it felt like it was tilted about thirty degrees as he was lying down upon the bed. Of course, it may take many years to determine if there are any permanent effects on the physical anatomies of these spacemen. It can be almost a foregone conclusion in saying that the medical doctors or scientists will probably never know what effect these space flights have on the psychic anatomy and the general consensus of evolution as they concern these individual astronauts, as they were in a sense, projected from all known, existing forms in these evolutionary patterns, into an entirely different trajectory in which various unknown elements were interjected into their psychic anatomy as oscillating wave forms.
It should also be noted, with respect to the gravitational fields of the moon and the earth, there are several very important facts which should be discussed. It is well known that the moon has several of what are called hot spots, that is, where the gravitational field is hundreds of times stronger than it is over the balance of the surface of the moon. One of these hot spots in particular was sufficiently strong to deviate the space capsule in its flight down to the surface of the moon. These anomalies, of course, puzzle the scientists and there are many of these same gravitational anomalies or hot spots which are known to exist on the earth. In fact, there may be hundreds of them.
One in particular, of extreme intensity, is located near Santa Cruz, California, and is called the "Mystery Spot". Here, the gravitational field is so strong that it actually deviates and nullifies certain optical laws and creates an illusion which is very disconcerting to those individuals who move about over the surface of this spot. For example, two slabs of concrete have been laid on the ground and at exactly level positions-level, according to a carpenter's level; however, in standing on these two surfaces, one has the very distinct impression that one foot is higher than the other. Just above these concrete slabs is a shack or cabin which seems to be tilted at a precarious angle and is about to slide downhill; however, further examination proves that this is untrue, that walking through this cabin one has the very distinct impression that he is walking on a steep slope of a hill, yet a broom or a pole can be leaned equally well against either the upper or the lower walls which proves conclusively that this steepness of the hill is actually an illusion which is produced by the strong gravitational pull at this particular spot. This pull is so strong as to actually affect the total reactions of the physical anatomy to the extent that a person automatically begins to compensate when walking across this surface; he has the distinct impression that his right leg is uphill while his left leg is downhill, or that his left leg must compensate for the extra distance-that his right foot is walking across the upper portion of the hill while his left foot is traversing a parallel path at a lower angle-all of which can be proven to be simply an illusion produced by this strong gravitational pull.
The phenomena of these mystery spots similar, to the one which I have just described are of course disconcerting to scientists, who believe implicitly in not only optical laws but all other associated laws of their sciences and physics. Some of these principles have been postulated by Newton in the seventeenth century. It should be quite apparent from our previous discussions, and in getting an enlarged prospective of the electromagnetic fields which surround the earth-and which are actually a part of the earth-that such physical laws are only applicable to the degree in which certain irregularities can be assumed in the transmissions of all of these different electromagnetic fields.
Some years before his death, Einstein postulated the theory that light is bent in bypassing the strong electromagnetic fields of a star or a planet. This was later to be proven true by certain astronomical observations and scientific tests conducted by astronomers at later periods of time.
Now if light can be bent in space by strong electromagnetic fields from different celestial or heavenly bodies, then most apparently the same principle applies here on earth; that we as humans, are entirely subjective to the regular interplay of these electromagnetic fluxes ….
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….. which form such a great and basic part of our life here on earth.
We might picture the earth simply as an energy body of countless trillions of atoms which have been formed from out a huge centrifuge of fourth-dimensional energy, and in this compressed condition, these little energy bits called atoms again assume individually, within the constituents of wave forms of which they are made-the same irregularities of patterns as are expressed in the huge centrifuge which formed the earth. Again, there is a total affectation of all atoms as they are concerned on the planet Earth, whether they are of . the surface or whether they are the atoms which make up the physical anatomies of humans. Certain electromagnetic fields are very important and vital to the welfare and health of every human and make his life possible here on earth by virtue of the fact that there is a considerable transmission of energy and interchange of different fractional, spectral fields between the psychic anatomy and the total electromagnetic spectrum of the solar system, the galaxy and the universe.
This again is all part of that libido or life force or drive which every human has; his will to live, etc., all being part of the spectral energies which combine to make the electromagnetic fields of the terrestrial cosmogony, as well as the infinite cosmogony. So again, here we are, globs of energy which we call our bodies, and globs of energy which form our psychic anatomies, each one respectively combined and recombined of the proper constituents which are analogous to his earth life; that is, his physical body or the combination of atoms and molecules to form cells, et cetera; whereas his psychic anatomy is a combination of cyclic wave forms which combine within themselves the total life experience in all of the evolutionary life cycles which this human has had on the planet Earth, or, for that matter, it is combined With all of the total life moments which any human has had, either here or in the lives in between earth lives. For surely, the psychic anatomy lives perpetually; it is immortal as it is developed by every human and remains immortal until any such time as that particular human being begins to dissipate the cyclic wave forms within the psychic anatomy by certain subversive life patterns which he has instigated within the expressionary elements of his own life.
In other words, by becoming centralized or selfish, to constantly reflect everything in life to the central ego is the necessary dispensating force which will gradually disintegrate the psychic anatomy; for surely, the psychic anatomy too, must be constantly replenished and refreshed, not only from the electromagnetic fields which form the adjacent fourth dimension and also as part of the third dimension, but also the psychic anatomy must be kept in tune, so to speak, with the inflow of energies from other different dimensions. In order to keep this attunement in progress, a person has to be constructively inclined, has to be consciously aware of the creative processes and all other moralities which might be included in a constructive life analysis. These, in turn, inspirational values or otherwise, such as they are called by humans, give the necessary polarities and biases to the cyclic wave forms within the psychic anatomy which make it possible for them to be harmonically in tune with the inflow of higher life forces from the higher dimensions and the surrounding electromagnetic fields which radiate from the higher dimensions.