Continuation of Einsteinian Theory from Interdimensional Viewpoints

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Continuation of Einsteinian Theory from Interdimensional Viewpoints

Continuation of Einsteinian Theory from Interdimensional Viewpoints

The total concept of the Infinite Cosmogony as a personal proposition to learn and to understand at least to a certain relevant degree, is indeed, without question, a mind-boggling proposition. All peoples, as they have so evolved on the planet earth, have con- ducted or incurred the total consensus of this evolution on a strictly third-dimensional basis, and except for certain inspirational values or occasional paranormal phenomena, the earthman has only recognized this inter dimensional cosmos through such vagaries as superstitious beliefs, religions, et cetera, and has, to some degree, succeeded in strengthening such beliefs through the necessity to relieve and alleviate the fear of death, always incumbent in this mortal life about us.
As we have discovered in our previous presentations of the Einsteinian theory (the equation of energy equals mass multiplied by the square of the speed of light) all the familiar earth forms including our own personal physical anatomies are reducible to those energy forms classified in scientific nomenclature as atoms. These atomic forms universally, so far as the third dimension or terrestrial world is concerned, form a surface plane or a curtain, if you will, of energy upon which surface, man is beginning to learn the combination of certain factors not heretofore relevant in the more primitive stages of his evolution. In other words, he is learning to combine and recombine these atomic forms as the beginning of a facade of life which Will later conceivably and predictably carry him into higher or more fully developed planes of life where all such attendant and relevant surface plane expressions, as he will then so find himself involved in, will be quite different than these third-dimensional forms in which he is now so entirely engrossed. The man who plays golf, the carpenter who builds a house, the housewife who is preparing a meal, the butcher, the baker, the candle- stick maker-and what are they all doing? Well, they are taking the atom forms as they find them in their daily circumference of life and are learning to combine and recombine these different atom forms into certain reactive and meaningful components in the daily concourse of their lives. Atoms, of course, again synthesized into molecular structures, in turn, compose and comprise all familiar environmental forms in the world about us.
Beyond, as it is so called, is the spirit world where such atom forms do not exist and the total proposition of the earthman to evolve into such a state of personal consciousness that such surface planes will again be relevant to the concourse of his life, would be even more mind-boggling if he does not have some conditioning and training-a preparatory course of evolution which will enable him to function in some sort of a systematic fashion when he begins to arrive at that point. Actually, such an evolutionary course which would indoctrinate the necessary elements of under- standing into this earthman's evolution and which would make such life possible in a higher dimension would most necessarily be the propelling force-if it could be called that-which would project him into that higher elevation of consciousness.
On the same basis then here on Earth and as we understand atomic forms and their molecular combinations, so again we must find in such electronic constituents, electromagnetic fields, et cetera, that all the varied and very much segmented fractions of life on planet Earth could be reducible to one common synthesis-the proposition of understanding such life forms and the components of our society as electronic motions and compositions of electronic forms. If ever such a synthesis did arrive upon the planet Earth, and man became totally involved in such a synthesis, it would be quite safe to predict that these most favored and sacred segments of our present civilization would have disappeared. I can mention many of these in particular, such as medicine, psychology, chemistry, in fact, the entire and total proposition of these familiar environmental forms and reactionary components would have largely or totally disappeared and we would have as a consequence, totally evolved this earth world into that higher state of evolution.
Again, to speculate upon or to more properly analyze, such a situation as this would never occur on the planet Earth or in any other such similar earth worlds throughout the galaxy or other galaxies. In their sequential levels, it has been so conceived and ordained in Infinite Intelligence that as life must be a progressive evolution, so must all of these planes be sustained, each plane relevant to that particular phase of evolution in which any particular person or society or the populations of such a planet en masse are involved, cycles of progression or regression, as they are concerned and manifest by the appearance and disappearance of civilizations, each one manifesting itself and progressing to a certain level of expression. These are all cyclic forms, all of which are minor in nature and do not foretell the total circumference of any evolutionary consensus as it involves the predictable future of the earth. Or, that is to say, we would progress through certain recurrent civilizations, each one becoming somewhat more advanced than the former civilization, with the ultimate end that we might arrive at some Utopian condition in our society. Such is not the case.
The principles and the total concept involved in reincarnation must totally substantiate and re-substantiate the life experiences of each person up to some theoretical saturation point in which that person, having reached this plateau in his third-dimensional evolution will become retrogressive or go back downward, so to speak, on the other end of the oscillating cycle of his progressive evolution. Should he not recognize these factors and that he is regressing rather than progressing, then most surely he will precipitate such evolutionary factors upon his own self and in this way diminish his capacity to reinstate his conscious- ness in future evolutions and which will eventually destroy his consciousness and his totality as a separate entity of expression.
Therefore, so far as these progressive evolutions are concerned, it behooves all persons to recognize and to be cognizant of these factors as they recur in his life and as progressive cyclic happenings so that he can more or less predictably insure a progressive evolution. On the same basis then, he could look forward into some higher life expression in which he would find that the old familiar segmentation of his former societies was no longer in existence; that other factors, now unknown to him, were relevant and that he should, as a denizen dwelling in this higher dimension, participate fully in all elements and factors so concerned. So again, he has arrived at a point where these concepts, as they were presented to him in former lifetimes, assumed mind-boggling proportions, yet now they were the sustaining and all-encompassing virtues and factors of his everyday life. This is Infinity and it is the promise of Infinity to every person who so recognizes this proposition of Infinity, that he can carve for him- self, so to speak, any particular type of a life that he so wishes. We are always hopeful that whatever he sets for himself as a goal, it will be one of constructivism and that he will learn to become a more constructive participle in Infinite Intelligence.
So, again, as I have delivered these Messages to you and while you may seem to think that they are beyond your comprehension, yet persistence must be maintained in learning to understand these different elements. They are most vital and important to you and if you do not understand them on the surface of your conscious, third-dimensional mind, yet most surely they, as wave forms, and as you read the words from which they have been formed, will form oscillating constituents and components within your psychic anatomy.
At a much later date in your evolution, the time you lay aside your earthly overcoat and step over into the great unknown, you will already have a certain amount of preparation, a certain amount of the needs and the viable condiments which you will need to begin to form your new life, to begin to become more directional in whatever direction you wish to travel. When that day arrives, it is hardly necessary to say you will be most thankful for whatever you have been able to salvage and pick up in your former lifetimes, and especially to the messages and to the contents of these different documentaries which I am placing in your hands.
This is my Mission and purpose on Earth. I do not need, nor do I crave or want this physical life. It is quite possible that at one time I went through that same metamorphosis in some distant planetary system. If this is so, I do not at this time have any memory consciousness of this, yet every man must be so prepared for his advent into a Higher World by such indoctrinations in the more material worlds in which the atom forms have assumed the solid base plane of his frequency relationship. I am quoting my own particular position to you as a typical example and as some sort of a goal which you might set for yourselves; that we who are the Interplanetary Dwellers, who live, shall I say, in the more highly developed psychic anatomies which have been formed from our concourse and our constructivisms with Infinite Intelligence, then let whatever this is, as an example or as a goal, be most necessary and vital to you.
The earth world and its environmental factors, as they are linked to your evolutionary past and your previous lifetimes, are indeed the most serious threat to your evolution simply because they are the most vital and formative part of your everyday life and you are more securely linked to these past episodes and experiences in their oscillating wave forms as they are contained in your psychic anatomy. The proposition here then is quite clear. The psychic anatomy must be rebuilt as it is going to be your future home and your future self in that Higher World. It cannot and will not exist unless it is so constructed of suitable anomalies of energy which beat harmoniously in their frequencies with the spectral energy with which it is surrounded.
The proposition here is exactly Similar here on the earth plane except that you have learned to accept and react to these different energy wave forms as emanations from seemingly solid substances or that your world is a solid world. You will have the same feeling in the higher world and that world will be just as relevant and seemingly as solid to you but in a higher capacity than is this present world. You will not do many of the things which you do here; likewise, you will do many more things there than you have ever imagined possible that you could do here. Mental telepathy or psychokinesis, teleportation and many of the other factors only now whispered about or dreamed about in the more fanciful connotations of science fiction magazines or such explorations of mediumistic abilities, are only very faint forerunners of what will actually be a part of your life in this future dimension.
Conversely, you can turn yourself into some kind of an astral entity which has been to some degree portrayed as a demon, a devil or such other ghoulish apparitions, and which in spite of their seeming fantasies, do have some basic truth in them, all of which again adds up to the inevitable proposition that we must learn to understand energy and the proposition of energy rather than simply as reactive mass forms in our environmental third-dimensional world, and which is most important and vital to you.
Now, I know I seemingly sound as though the needle were stuck in the groove, to use one of the clichés of this present time, yet my message to you is centrally encompassed in this single periphery of understanding; energy and the understanding of energy is most vital to you in your future evolutions. And again, into whatever dimension or into whatever segment of your environment you wish to carry your analysis or prospective, you will only wind up with that inevitable and inescapable conclusion that progression means learning to understand the new world in which you wish to live-a world and the proposition of evolution in that Higher World which is exactly similar in its principle to the beginning of your evolution in this world with the exception, of course, that all environmental factors including your own body, will be of a much higher and more fully developed evolutionary form.
Almost needless to say that in the future, and having achieved one of these higher dimensions of living, there will be ahead of you innumerable and countless successive evolutions into Higher and Higher Worlds. If we correctly understand the word Infinity, we can reasonably suppose that it would be impossible to reach the end of such an evolutionary course. Indeed, even to the most singular atom as it is found on the surface of this plane of expression, would have been utterly impossible had it not been so conceived and brought into being by this Infinite Intelligence, which is infinite in nature.
So let your life be one of a constant succession of analytical relationships to the Infinite or to the infinite macrocosm. Each seemingly reactionary component in your daily life always should be maintained in this introspective capacity, that you can directly link all of these reactionary components as they appear on your surface life as the beginning of your evolution and you should see in them the factors and principles which I have explained to you. All elements and the very necessary components of these expressionary forms, as they are linked to the interdimensional cosmos, are most important to you because it is in this phase of your progression that you are actually beginning to build your psychic anatomy; you are beginning to replace those anomalies of energy wave forms which you incurred in previous lifetimes.
In a certain way and sense, they may remain with you as sort of a memory consciousness, but as viable and useful condiments in your daily life, they should become less and less important to you and you should draw more and more, so to speak, from the proposition of evolution as it is supported in the infinite, interdimensional cosmos. Therefore, each act, each reaction, each connection which you have through your five senses with your life and the world about you in its reactionary forms should be supported and abetted by what is commonly referred to as ESP, combining the knowledge which you have incurred from these texts together with such elements as you will find within the secret closet of your own mind.
You will begin to replace those nefarious and deleterious anomalies in your psychic anatomy which have always relegated and, in a way, condemned you to successive reincarnations on this planet Earth. Should you not succeed in building and rebuilding this psychic anatomy to a more suitable habitation in a Higher World, then most surely you will, in successive incarnations on the earth, compile in a double indemnity fashion, all of these past negative experiences and you will be involved in what the Yogi calls karma-the sin of your past-to a depth which will completely submerge any logic, reason or intelligence in the circumference of that evolution.
To your success then, in the future! I and the Unariun Brotherhood, the Emissaries from the higher planes of life, will ever be in constant attendance with whatever aid and assistance we can most judiciously render to you; that we will be most logically tempered by what is most necessary, for uppermost in the formative stages of your evolution is always the ever-adamant proposition that you and you alone are the selective element. We do not wish nor do we have the power to consciously violate the precinct of your own selectivity. This must always be uppermost in your own mind and should we, in any of our capacities, change your course of evolution beyond the circumference and the periphery of your own choice, of your own mandates and desires, then we have violated-and if I can call it that -our most sacred trust to ourselves, and to Infinite Intelligence, for how well we know the principles of life, the principles of evolution which sustain this life. It is hardly necessary to say that we would not be people from this higher dimension of life had we not fully realized and encompassed all of these principles, the logic and the intelligence, into the dimension and capacity of our own existence.
And again, there is the example of what must be accomplished in what the religionist calls your "salvation", for salvation it is; not being resurrected, or with any other Messianic content, but rather, a logical evolutionary progression from life to life which rebuilds your true self, your psychic anatomy into the proportions of an intellectual status most necessary to live in this Higher World.