Instead of another question,  I thought it might be interesting androberto12 beneficial to relate any personal challenges we have as a result of events from past lives affecting us still today, and needing to be worked out.  Also,  any input or responses are helpful and welcomed.   It usually seemed at Unarius - El Cajon that those giving testimonials were the least objective about themselves.. probably just our Mirror Principle at work.  So unless we are here on the planet as an observer or just slumming,  there's likely something to share:)

Personally,  my biggest challenge is to recognize daily those thoughts and actions which are sponsored by a programming designed to make me a 'Perfect Helper' (meaning that it was mandatory that I appear perfect at all times and required to help,  no matter where I was).  This directive produces a downward spiral and devolution.  Perfection is relative and impossible because for every positive there is a negative.  Also,  in this pursuit,  by trying to incorporate the better talents of others into oneself, we set up an obsessional linkage.  Ultimately losing our own mind in this patchwork of others.   The mandatory helping is just as bad because it leads to negative biasing of any existing conditions,  in order to help/improve them.   You end up interfering in the life situations of others,  setup for their own workouts.   Clearly a Lose-Lose situation !

roberto8This dilemma was created out of a misunderstanding incurred way back in Orion.   It has regenerated and become so intense,  that of the many lifetimes I am aware,  they play out like a broken record scenario whether military, political, religious, etc.    The pattern is always trying to push my 'finite' ideas of help on others  (for Ego gratification),  offending those in power over these people,  and being done away with.

Uriel had a reading given, and sent me a long letter to assist in overcoming this all encompassing obsession which colors my thoughts and deeds.  It detailed how I idolized those who 'fell' and saved our planet through their understanding of Science.  They were the original perfect helpers I was too ignorant to see the negative in.   Much later,  with this now over-riding directive,  I served as an ambassador encouraging other planets to join the Empire,  believing the Power Tower would help provide them unlimited energy benefits.  When I discovered that the Tower's frequencies were being used to control and enslave the populations,  I turned on those in power/control (realizing my actions had been the opposite of helproberto11) and as a result was re-programmed or done away with.

This was the 'root' of my ongoing lifetimes  and the experiences I deal with today.   A condition of my own making...resulting also from my foolish programming of others in attempting to help build a Perfect Society.   But now with the texts and the true 'Infinite' help given by the Normans...... I know what my personal challenge is......and it's up to me to overcome!

My infinite thanks to the Brotherhood who make all of this possible for us.   May They feel Their Love regenerated and sent back to Them,  surrounding Them in Light and encircled with Joy!!!!!!!........Ken.


Submitted by: Ken on 03/25/2015

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