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  1. any of the small, polished plane surfaces of a cut gem:
  2. any of a number of sides or aspects, as of a personality
  3. Anat. any small smooth surface on a bone or other hard part
  4. Archit. the raised plane between the flutes of a column
  5. Zool. the outer surface an ommatidium of a compound eye, as in many insects and crustaceans



  1. unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence
  2. unquestioning belief in God, religious tenets, etc.
  3. a religion or a system of religious beliefs
  4. anything believed
  5. complete trust, confidence, or reliance
  6. allegiance to some person or thing; loyalty


Note: Fulcrum

  1. a) the support or point of support on which a lever turns in raising or moving something (see lever, illus.) b) Zool. Any structure that supports or acts like a fulcrum
  2. a means of exerting influence, pressure, etc.


  1. containing a fallacy; erroneous/fallacious reasoning/
  2. a) misleading or deceptive b) causing disappointment; delusive


  1. deception
  2. aptness to mislead; deceptive or delusive quality/the fallacy of the senses/
  3. a false or mistaken idea, opinion, etc.; error
  4. a) an error in reasoning; flaw or defect in argument b) Logic an argument which does not conform to the rules of logic, esp. one that appears to be sound


    Note: Ferret 1

  1. a narrow ribbon of cotton, wool, silk, etc.
  2. Note: Ferret 2

  3. a rare, black-footed weasel (Mustelanigripes) of the W U.S.
  4. to force out of hiding with or as if with a ferret
  5. to search for persistently and discover (facts, the truth, etc. ); search: with out
  6. [Archaic] to keep after; harass -
  7. to hunt with ferrets
  8. to search around


  1. a wreath or garland of flowers, leaves, paper, etc. hanging in a loop or curve
  2. any carved or molded decoration resembling this, as in furniture-
  3. to adorn or hang with festoons
  4. to form into a festoon or festoons
  5. to join by festoons


  1. a shackle or chain for the feet
  2. anything that holds in check; restraint
  3. to bind with fetters; shackle; chain
  4. to hold in check; restrain; confine


  1. having measurable or definable limits; not infinite
  2. Gram. having limits of person, number, and tense said of a verb that can be used in a predicate
  3. Math. a) capable of being reached, completed, or surpassed by counting (said of numbers or sets) b) neither infinite nor infinitesimal (said of a magnitude) anything that has measurable limits; finite thing


  1. to make speechless with amazement; astonish


    Note:, Encyclopedia Britannica

  1. by name Lady with the lamp (born May 12, 1820, Florence Italy-died August 13, 1910, London, England), foundational philosopher of modern nursing, statistician, and social reformer. Nightingale was put in charge of nursing British and allied soldiers in Turkey during the Crimean War. She spent many hours in the wards, and her night rounds giving personal care to the wounded established her image as the “Lady with the Lamp.” Her efforts to formalize nursing education led her to establish the first scientifically based nursing school-the Nightingale School of Nursing, at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London (opened 1860). She was the first woman awarded the Order of Merit (1907). She and her team of nurses improved the unsanitary conditions at a British base hospital, reducing the death count by two-thirds.


  1. to blossom
  2. to grow vigorously; succeed; thrive; prosper
  3. to be at the peak of development, activity, influence, production, etc.; be in one’s prime
  4. to make showy, wavy motions, as of the arms
  5. [Now Rare] a) to write in an ornamental style b) to perform a fanfare, as of trumpets-
  6. to ornament with something flowery or fanciful
  7. [[ first to be used by John WYCLIFFE]] to wave (a sword, arm, hat, etc.) in the air; brandish -
  8. [Rare] a thriving state; success; prosperity
  9. anything done in a showy way, as a sweeping movement of the limbs or body
  10. a waving in the air; brandishing
  11. a decorative or curved line or lines in handwriting
  12. an ornate musical passage; fanfare
  13. [Obs.] a blooming or bloom


  1. a flowing or flow
  2. the rate of flow of water, as the tide or current, through a defined area
  3. a continuous movement or continual change/fashion is always in a state of flux/
  4. any excessive or unnatural discharge of fluid body matter, esp. from the bowels
  5. a) a substance, as borax or rosin, used to help metals fuse together by preventing oxidation, as in soldering b) in metallurgy, a substance added to metals while they are in the furnace, to remove impurities, promote fusing, etc., as a non-metallic material added to a furnace charge that has the ability to fuse with undesired matter and form a liquid slag that can run off more easily Physics the rate of flow of energy, fluids, etc. across a surface
  6. to make (a solid) melt
  7. to fuse (metals) by melting [Archaic] to flow or stream out


  1. To raid for spoils; plunder; pillage - a sudden attack or raid in order to seize or steal things



  1. a spring that is the source of a stream
  2. the original or main source of anything


  1. [Obs.] a) the condition of being crowded b) a crowd
  2. the fact of occurring often or repeatedly; frequent occurrence
  3. the number of times any action or occurrence is repeated in a given period
  4. Math. Statistics a) the number of times an event, value, or characteristic occurs in a given period b) the ratio of the number of times a characteristic occurs to the number of trials in which it can potentially occur (in full relative frequency)
  5. Physics: the number of periodic oscillations, vibrations, or waves per unit of time: usually expressed in hertz:


  1. having a complete set of feathers: said of birds
  2. completely developed or trained; of full rank or status


  1. of or forming a foundation or basis; basic; essential/the fundamental rules of art/
  2. relating to what is basic; radical/a fundamental alteration/
  3. on which others are based; primary; original/a fundamental type/
  4. most important; chief/ his fundamental needs/
  5. Music a) designating or of the lowest, or root, tone of a chord b) designating the prime or main tone of a harmonic series
  6. Physics designating or of a fundamental
  7. a principle, theory, law, etc. serving as a basis; essential part
  8. Music: a) the lowest, or root, tone of a chord b) the prime or main tone of a harmonic series
  9. Physics: the lowest frequency at which a system, as an air column or stretched string, will freely vibrate

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