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  1. sending out rays of light; shining brightly
  2. filled with light; bright [a radiant morning]
  3. showing pleasure, love well-being, vitality, etc.; beaming [a radiant smile]
  4. issuing (from a source) in or as in rays; radiated (radiant energy]
  5. the point or object from which a shower of meteors appear to come - bright


  1. a kingdom
  2. a region; sphere; area [the realm of thought]
  3. Ecol. any of the primary biogeography regions of the earth


  1. to put or set right; correct; amend
  2. to adjust, as in movement or balance; adjust by calculation
  3. Chem. to refine or purify (a liquid) by distillations
  4. Elec. to convert (alternating current) to direct current
  5. Math. to find the length of (a curve)


  1. the bending of a ray or wave of light, heat, or sound as it passes obliquely from one medium to another of different density, in which its speed is different, or through layers of different density in the same medium
  2. Astron. the bending of the rays of light from a star or planet, greatest when the star or planet is lowest in the sky, so that it seems higher than it really is
  3. Optics. the ability of the eye to reflect light entering into it, so as to form an image on the retina b) the measuring of the degree of refraction of an eye


  1. spiritually reborn
  2. renewed or restored, esp. after a decline to a low or abject condition
  3. to cause to be spiritually reborn
  4. to cause to be completely reformed or improved
  5. to form or bring into existence again; reestablish on a new basis
  6. Biol. to grow anew (a part to replace one hurt or lost)
  7. Chem. to produce (a compound, product, etc.) again chemically, as from a derivative or by modification to a physically changed, but not chemically changed, form
  8. a) Electronics to cause oscillation or to increase the amplification of (a signal) by feeding energy back from an amplifier output to its input b) to receive (imperfectly formed electrical signals) for retransmission in substantially perfect form
  9. Mech. To use (heat, energy, pressure, etc. which would otherwise be wasted) by employing special arrangements or devices
  10. Physics to restore (a battery, catalyst, etc.) to its original state or properties
  11. to form again, or be made anew
  12. to be regenerated, or spiritually reborn
  13. to have regenerative effect


  1. rebirth of the soul in another body, as in Hindu religious belief
  2. a new incarnation or embodiment
  3. the doctrine that the soul reappears after death in another and different bodily form


  1. the innermost coat lining the interior of the eyeball, containing various layers of photoreceptive cells that are directly connected to the brain by means of the optic nerve


  1. act, instance or faculty of looking back on or reviewing past events, experiences, etc.
  2. reference to a past event
  3. a survey of past life or experiences

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