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  1. the state, quality, or fact of being valid in law or in argument, proof, authority, etc.


  1. giving off or forming vapor
  2. full of vapor; foggy; misty
  3. like, having the nature of, or characteristic of vapor
  4. a) fleeting, unsubstantial, fanciful, etc. (said of things, ideas, etc.) b) given to such ideas or talk


  1. a trace, mark, or sign of something that once existed but has passed away or disappeared [vestiges of the ancient wall]
  2. a trace; bit [not a vestige of hope left]
  3. Biol. A degenerate, atrophied, or rudimentary organ or part, more fully developed or functional in an earlier stage of development of the individual or species


  1. the action of vibrating; specif., a) movement back and forth as of a pendulum; oscillation b) rapid rhythmic movement back and forth; quiver
  2. vacillation or wavering, as between two choices or opinions
  3. [pl.] emotional qualities or supernatural emanations that are sensed or felt by another person or thing
  4. Physics a) periodic to-and-fro motion or oscillation of an object, as an elastic body or the particles of a fluid, when it is displaced from the rest of the position or position of equilibrium, as in transmitting sound b) a single, complete oscillation --


  1. a view or outlook, esp. one seen through a long passage, as between rows of houses or trees
  2. a comprehensive mental view of a series of remembered or anticipated events


  1. to form a mental image of (something not present to the sight, an abstraction, etc.); envision - to form a mental image



  1. a whirling mass of water forming a vacuum at its center, into which anything caught in the motion is drawn; whirlpool
  2. a whirl or powerful eddy of air; whirlwind
  3. any activity, situation, or state of affairs that resembles a whirl or eddy in its rush, absorbing effect, catastrophic power, etc.

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