Greetings and welcome dear ones to the Unarius Pictionary. We do hope that you visit often for this is another expression of love from the realms of Unarius. You will discover as you browse through the Unarius Pictionary that the word chosen for definition may sound familiar to you. You would be correct for each had been voiced by the Moderator Himself which in itself carries tremendous healing energies and will assist you in tuning into these higher realms.

Thousands, yes millions of Higher more advanced Spiritual Beings of the Inner Realms and worlds of Light were channeling their wisdom through the Moderator, Ernest L. Norman’s Higher Self. And then through the utilization of his vocal cords was able to record and transcribe what is now the Unarius Library. Although the written word is a third dimensional symbology for the earth man, you may be assured that each and every word carries with it the healing energies and intelligences for your individual need. So enjoy your journey upon this path of enrichment and enlightenment and as you walk through this special doorway into a classroom know that Our Love and Light go out to each and every one of you.

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This Pictionary is open to all who wish to participate. While reading the Unarius literature you may come across a particular person, place, or thing and if that word is not posted in the Unarius Pictionary and you wish to see it in there, then send a request with that word or words along with the name of the Unarius book it was in and the page number and chapter. We will make sure that it will be posted as quickly as possible. You must be logged in to make a submission.

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** Unless otherwise noted, definitions were taken from, Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition.