We continue with the expose' of our wonderful prodigies, part3 - Souls who are giving us a glimpse of our future. As we watch them express a Higher standard of consciousness, our own souls soar to new heights, wherein the fantastic and unbelievable creative potentials await us in our own future - a future where we will also contact within our Superconsiousness the Infinite possibilities that earmark the mastery of self!

Dr. Norman's teaching is a promise of such wondrous expressions if we stay steadfast to our own search for knowledge and wisdom, thus making it possible to learn of and participate with Infinite Intelligence - expressed from an Interdimensional Perspectus within us!!

Marcel Lucien, 10 year old Harpist from Russia - She plays 'The Fountain' from the movie of the same name.

Victoria and Zoe Yin - Sisters who are 14 and 11 respectfully and are Abstract Artists.

Melissa Venema, 14 years old. Her instrument is the Trumpet. Here she plays 'Nella Fantasia".

Autumn de Forest - She is 11 years old in this video. She is an Abstract Artist who hails from Las Vegas, NV. Autumn began painting at age 5 and is at present (2017) 15 years old.

Ramses Sanguino - A 5 year old who is considered autistic and displays telepathic abilities.

Kevin Doe - A 15 year old who is an Electronic Genius and comes from Sierra Leone, Africa.

Santiago Gonzalez - A 14 year old computer programmer. Santiago hails from Littleton, Colorado.

10 Mind Blowing Child Prodigies!

We hope you have enjoyed these videos, and a glimpse of our world's future!

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