From our studies of Dr. Norman's works, we are learning that our earth world is entering into a new age or the Aquarian cycle as we move and follow the great cosmic recessional. In this progress into a more positive motion, many more advanced souls are and will incarnate upon the earth over the next few hundred years to help realize this more developed life on earth. They bring into this world many developed talents that they have learned in past lives and have been drawn to the Higher Realms in their lives in between earth lives.

The following videos beautifully demonstrate that many of these souls - at very young ages - are proving the principles of positive learning taught to them on the Higher worlds from which they come! They are beginning to incarnate and perform the many positive elements of Infinite Intelligence - inspiring all of us!

They are and will be the way showers of positive expression. We love all their talented expressions which contain tremendous Healing energies - often felt as we view their performances. What is even more wonderful; all of them have a great love and concern for their fellow men - also learned in the Higher Realms - just as is all of our destiny as we progress along our own evolution.

Many of the videos are not spoken in English, however, our purpose is to focus on the actual talent they display. Also, numerous videos are taken from a talent show called 'Super kids' and we recommend the viewer explore the many YouTube videos where you can see many more of these wonderful young people who are developed beyond their years! Please enjoy!

Elena Meyer - Violinist -12 years old from Germany
Elena is performing the 'Turkish March' from Mozart. This show aired in September 2015.



Amira Willighagen - age 11 - Soprano Opera singer from Holland
At age 9 Amira won the 'Holland's Got Talent' competition. Here she sings the Italian aria 'O Mio Babbino Caro' (Oh My Beloved Father) from the 1918 opera 'Gianni Schicchi' written by Giacono Puccini. Her performance originated from Reykjavik Iceland. Amira's many YouTube videos to date has had more than 90 million views! At this posting, Amira has turned 12.



Akim Camara - age 3 - Violinist from Berlin Germany
In 2003 Akim was invited to play with the celebrated Dutch violinist Andre' Rieu. Akim has a talent for learning a musical piece by simply listening to it and then playing it in it's entirety! After amusing the crowd with a "water trick" toddler Akim then performed Ferdinand Kuchler's violin concertino in G, opus 11 followed by a brief encore performance.



Akim Camara - age 5 - Violinist from Berlin Germany
With his ability to memorize a musical piece after hearing it, Akim's talent developed fast and his youthful enthusiasm and passion for the violin only grew. After an interview and appearance on a Dutch TV show the young prodigy performed once again with Andre' Rieu. This time Akim was performing more demanding pieces, Felix Mendelssohn's Dance of the Fairies with an appropriately bigger violin. As of this posting, Akim has turned 16.



Ben Lepetit - age 8 - Pianist from Germany
Ben is performing a Tchaikovsky interpretation. A remarkable talent! The judges are visibly flabbergasted!



Maxwell Loughan - age 13 - Physicist
Inspired by the works of Nikola Tesla, Max has again proven that usable electricity can be harvested from the atmosphere all around us.



Alma Deutscher - age 11 - Composer, Pianist, and Violinist born in Oxford England
Alma began playing piano at the age of two, followed by violin at three. At four she was composing and improvising on the piano, and by five had begun writing down her compositions. These first written notations were unclear, but by six she could write clear compositions by hand and had composed her first piano sonata. At seven she composed her first short opera, at nine a violin concerto, and her first full-length opera aged ten!



Amelie Camoskysos - age 12 - Ballerina born in Russia
Amelie performs 'The Swan' from the Ballet 'Carnival of the Animals' written by Saint Saens.



Enzo Cook - age 10 - Violinist from Germany
Enzo plays a famous and sweet melody: 'Meditation' by Thais.



Jackie Evancho - age 11 - Classical-Crossover Singer from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
In 2011 Jackie performs 'Imaginer' in French on a PBS Great Performances special. A song originally written in English as 'Broken Vow' rewritten in French especially for Jackie. Imaginer describes a dream of a peaceful world. Part of the lyrics translate as follows: " Imagine a world as pure as the sun./ Where war is only a memory./ Imagine a world without hunger". Jackie's many YouTube videos to date has had more than 60 million views! As of this posting, Jackie is 16 years of age.



Talented Young Musicians
The following video is a montage of many of the young performers who are very talented.


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