Quotes of Dr. Ernest L Norman

Voice of Venus

Spiritual Healing and Energy Concept Quotes - Channeled in 1954


The thought patterns of mankind on the earth are such universally used and commonly practiced elemental thought patterns, which have been relived basically throughout the pages of history. The thought pattern of the average earth person is very simple and elemental.

He is taught , and learns from infancy, to compare all the things he sees around him in direct proportion to such outside or external stimulating agents as fear, pain or hate, which induce certain reactive thought patterns within the child’s mind. Page 23


Emergenge on Unarians United



In direct contrast to the limited perspective which the earthman sees about him the Venusian has before him the unlimited vistas of an infinite universe. Instead of being bound by fetters which are of steel-like strength and made of the substance of one’s own fears and insecurities, he sees before him the limitless heights into which he may travel beyond the ends of time, as you measure it out to yourself in your earth lives. Page 25




Before I progress further,however, I must explain that the word frequency is used only for the want of a better word. In general terminology, as you understand frequency, it is the coming and going, or re-occurrence of successive movements which are related to time and space. A person may come and go into his home, the number of times being the frequency, or your electric house current is moved on the surface of the wire in short bursts or pulsations at the rate of 60 per second.

Here again the elements of time and space are involved. In other dimensions the term frequency would relate only to such movements of force or energy which have a basic fundamental relationship according to the circular path in which they travel. These things may be a little difficult for your earth-minds to understand for many of the associated factors of your earth-lives are interwoven with the elements of time and space. Page 25 & 26


Galaxy of planets - Unarius Science of LifeWhat earth-man has actually began to find is a whole new world which he may call vibration, but which he will find from time to time will break down many of the strongly conceived so-called physical laws. One of the things the earth-man must find out himself is that there are no laws. A law exists within his mind only as a preconceived principle, and all the written laws in the world are not worth the paper they are written on, simply because laws, whether civic or spiritual, resolve into the moral character of the individual. Page 26


In approaching the great Fountainhead which we call God, we will find that, contrary to belief, God has no laws. He has placed no restricting fetters upon your growth or your downfall. God in His infinite wisdom knows that what is sometimes called sin, resolves only into preconceived notions of right and wrong which become pertinent vital issues with the spiritual evolution of the individual. Page 27images24