Quotes of Dr. Ernest L Norman

The Voice of Venus

Spiritual Healing and Energy Concept Quotes - Channeled in 1954

"If you visualize the energizing life force, which is the sustaining and motivating factor in all things about you, such sustaining force must be of such frequencies or intensities that are compatible with your perception. For perception is necessary in all stages of soul evolution, and while the many dimensions or planes extend on and on into infinity, to your mind this infinity is somewhat likened to the search-light beam, and the further your mind must travel, more correctly, to visualize such infinity." Page 14

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"It is one of the tasks each individual , in making his soul evolution, that he must first set about to tear down his preconceived limited concepts. It has been said about many of the numerous scientists, as they call themselves, on the earth plane that they have contrived something of an understanding in their relationships with other dimensions. They have likewise numbered these dimensions such as the third, fourth, fifth, etc.

Such a concept is like the child who picks up a handful of shiny pebbles and thinks that these are the only pebbles in the world. A dimension cannot be numbered, neither can it be called higher or lower than its neighbor, for a dimension is roughly an accumulation or spectrum of vibration which maintains a certain basic harmonic relationship."   Page 15


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"It is one of the common fallacies of the earth man to believe that energy is destructive or that it is sinful. He must always remember that all energy has as its emanating force or fountainhead what is sometimes referred to as the Supreme Being in earth language; and while earth men may use or misuse energy in some destructive form yet it cannot remain destructive, for such is the way of energy from this Divine fountainhead. Thus through the evolution of time must it ever be, and through the many lives of each individual, that while the individual is misusing energy destructively, he is unwittingly learning its proper usage: So the end result becomes one in which the Supreme wisdom of the Fountainhead teaches all mankind, each in his own way, and so therefore can never become destructive." Page 15


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"In our own planetary system the earth astronomer has found through his telescopes various other heavenly orbs or bodies revolving in fixed orbits around our central sun, and he has assumed from such external appearance or from studies made by refractory instruments that these planets, as he calls them, can or cannot sustain life as compared to the life about him on his own earth plane. Such a concept is extremely limited and baseless, and while he calls himself a scientist he has not reached the point in his mental evolution where he can visualize anything beyond the spectra of his own 100 elements; and thus he has become like the child with the pebbles. Each and every planet in this solar system could quite possibly support life in one of the various innumerable dimensions which lie outside the realm of perception for the earthman." Pages 15 & 16


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"It can also be said, that while the earth man sees about him many things which are completely intangible, as far as his own perception is concerned, even though, ironically, he may have created these so-called intangibles. He may think he has the picture of the atom; yet he has never seen one. He may send pictures and sound through the air and yet he is not quite sure how this is done.

Life for the earth scientist is an almost daily break-down of many of the time honored and treasured laws of the past. This has been going on for thousands of years, so likewise will the thousands of years of the future hold break-downs of many of the ideas and laws which he has set up for himself at this day and time." Page 16