Roberto's Thirteenth Radio Interview

    It was June 24th, 2015, that the first radio interview took place. I did not expect Ric Bratton's introductory email, and was surprised when he found the Legacy website and invited me to be on his program. Now, thirteen shows later, I can reflect back on each experience and how much I have learned from each. Tough questions were asked, not much time was available to answer them in. But each show brought home two things to me, 1) the importance Legacy played in my life, putting Unarius principles to the learning test and 2) whence these principles came from; Dr. Norman.

    We all have choices to make when we speak, and at times the needs to answer can be overwhelming. But if there's something I can appreciate is that no man should rise and impose himself to teach or choose the way for others, for those seeking teachers or leaders may not have the best intentions, truth comes from within, and lips/ears corrupt. Instead, we should lead souls to seek truth at the source, inner truth, not make them dependent on us. Progressive selfless leadership is the hallmark of a true Brother for the process of "convincing" is laced with selfish intent and each soul is like a different car engine brand; not all parts are interchangeable or compatible.

    The learning experience continues, interview fourteen is coming right up and questions are mounting 🙂

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