Solar Mechanics - What is Space?

All dedicated students realize that the teaching of Unarius was given between 1954 and 1971. The general purpose of this web site is to help the dedicated student enhance their studies of Unarius through Dr. Norman's teaching. We are attempting to do this by presenting various videos and articles that the earth man is producing to explain their understanding of the microscopic and macroscopic universe as of today. We then present the Moderator's audio/written response or dissertations which explain the Higher Principles of the Interdimensional Infinite Cosmos.

In this way, the student can compare and contrast the differences and similarities - analyzing them in the comment section. Analyzing the teaching by Dr. Norman and commenting what we might have learned, along with how the present day thinking that is either going in the right direction or totally off base hopefully will generate great discussions between the students. So, please watch the earthman video and then listen to the Moderator's response/teaching excerpts from his various liturgies and comment about them. I believe this can be great fun and very rewarding. Of course, it goes without saying that this is all voluntary. Cosmon


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