Hi Ya Tom,
I was listening to someone talk about a certain branch of conspiracy theorists who firmly believe in the idea Dinosauroid_Reptoidof lizard-people, that there are a large amount of people in controlling organizations such as government and corporations that are literally reptilians who can change back and forth from a human-like appearance to a scaly reptile, and that their minds are reptilian and so cold and calculating.
I was curious as to whether this was a psychic memory of times in Atlantis, when people actually did splice their DNA with animal genetics, and then physically and, more importantly, psychically displayed the animal characteristics. The idea of modifying oneself by splicing with a lizard or other reptile to become a better expert at cold calculation, attempting to remove the influence of emotions in that fashion rather than a mastery of emotion, seems one that would be easily appealing to a certain type of ambitious person.
While it makes sense though, I don't know the truth of it, as I've only heard animal splicing in Atlantean times alluded to. What do you know about it?
Curiously, Forrest


Tom Miller wrote:Atlantis6
Dear Forrest: There was a period in the decadent times of Atlantis that gene spicing was one of the negative things attempted to gain control over the masses. The conspiracy theorists has used these and other aberrations to explain the present inequalities in our present day. However, most of the time, these alarmists are actually being controlled by negative obsessions – entities or energy patterns attuned by these ignorant people who have not the ability to understand their position and the pressures of their daily life.
I view these ideas and outlandish assertions as one more attempt to waylay the serious person. If there is a particular past that we need to be aware of, then our own superconscious will show us our direct participation in any negative energy for us to work out – otherwise, I take all these ideas as a grain of salt and a train of thought I need not be concerned. Why tune into the lower astral worlds if it does not directly affect us? Hope this helps.                                                                                                                                 Single-strand and double-strand DNA damage---->


From: Forrest McNabb
Yes, that does help to explain it. I was particularly curious about it because the idea of reptilians is a very common conspiracy, and I wondered what possible roots of truth there might be in it.
That raises another question too though. The harmful effects of splicing with animal genes. I am somewhat familiar with the principles that go into it, but am not completely clear. My assumption would be that in altering our physical anatomy to closer resemble that of an animal, we alter our psychic anatomy as well, and further strengthen certain primitive animalistic traits that inhibit the progressive evolution of the mind and body. Is this the truth of it, and could you perhaps elaborate on it? I've only simply heard my mother refer to this Atlantean trend as a very dangerous one, but have only recently started to understand why it is so dangerous.

Tom Miller wrote:
Dear Forrest: The whole concept of DNA alterations is indeed very dangerous if not properly understood. When this science first grew out of the progress of the Atlantean civilization it was used positively – or, primarily was a means to correct particular irregular sequencing that inhibited or displayed aberrant anomalies in the pairing process. The aberrant pairing process was born from past psychic shocks or detrimental experiences in the person’s past that had altered the normal interaction between the psychic anatomy and the physical body. This, as today, could display as a Genetic defect affecting the body in ways we are familiar with such as cancer, bone defects, diabetes, etc. – or in the numerous mental aberrations described in our materia medica. The psychic effects were usually beneficial, but not always – as the so-called cure had UN-intentional consequences. These problems were noted by the scientists who attempted to correct this problem. Remember, at this time in history we were aware of the forth dimensional nature of energy. However, at that time , the benefits outweighed the harmful effects – so the process continued.
The turning point came when the Atlantean culture began using primitive peoples from undeveloped parts of the world as servants. Bringing them into their home, and eventually employing them in every aspect of Atlantean life. This arrangement worked well for many years. Over time they were absorbed into the fabric of daily life, even inter-marriage. After a time, the priest-scientists began using these primitive people as guinea pigs for genAtlantis5etic experimentation in order to fix the consequences of their DNA therapy. They found the primitives to exhibit peculiar genetic sequences – pairing sequences that could easily be manipulated to produce profound changes in behavior and physical alteration. Thus began a long slide down the ethical norms into evil.
Now, only a comparatively few of these primitives were altered, but enough to change the balance of social convention in society. It continued until the down-slide had inculcated the entire culture. Resentful and angered over their blatant use as guinea pigs, the brown skinned people rose up – they stole the energy secrets of the Atlantean science and proceeded to blow up the continent. Today you can witness the many guinea pigs of this past wandering this planet - displaying mental and physical problems. All of them have been psychically affected and are attempting to correct the numerous problems this past has burdened them with.
However, we must always remember that to be a victim, a person must first generate some negative action that impounds itself in the psychic structures which has the effect and consequences of increasing the ego – and in primitives, most violent action helps increase prowess and an ego inflation. Therefore, we can assume that the primitives were not as evolved as the people they were now serving. They came from a violent society which had used murder and mayhem as a normal course in order to survive. These values were brought into Atlantean society, but was buried or suppressed for a long time – or until the experiments began.
The present age is now attempting to reproduce this science. It is up to the perpetrators (whoever they are) of these negative doings to change this past into constructive usage. It is not that certain that they will. However, if they don’t take advantage of the positive cycle being entered into at this time, they will not be allowed (through the principle of frequency relationship) to remain and ply their evil wares!! For, when they die they will be relegated to another world which they might be compatible with. The Earth itself is entering into a great and positive cosmic cycle and will attract the more advanced and progressive souls who will usher in this new and wonderful way of living. The purpose of Unarius is to begin this positive cycle!!

From: Forrest McNabb
Thanks so much, that answers a lot of questions. It gives me MORE questions of course, but then what doesn't? (Ha Ha).
Yes, this coming age is exciting. I can feel it coming in so many ways. I was born in 1990, so I was a child for the early rise of the internet, and have watched it change and develop with society. The change in mentality that this connectivity has brought to people is intoxicating, and I see structures like scientific academia, the mainstream media, and even our national government being pressed from underneath by the rising pressure of social and ethical change.


A map showing the supposed extent of the Atlantean Empire

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