Emanuel Swedenborg (29 January 1688 – 29 March 1772) was a Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian, revelator, and, in the eyes of some, Christian mystic. He termed himself a "Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ" in True Christian Religion, a work he published himself. He is best known for his book on the afterlife, Heaven and Hell (1758). Swedenborg had a prolific career as an inventor and scientist. In 1741, at the age of 53, he entered into a spiritual phase in which he began to experience dreams and visions, beginning on Easter weekend of April 6, 1744.

This culminated in a 'spiritual awakening', in which he received revelation that he was appointed by the Lord to write a heavenly doctrine to reform Christianity. According to Swedenborg’s writings the Lord had opened Swedenborg's spiritual eyes, so that from then on he could freely visit heaven and hell, and talk with angels, demons and other spirits; and that the Last Judgment had already occurred, in 1757. However, he tells us that at this day it is very dangerous to talk with spirits, unless a person is in true faith, and is led by the Lord.

The following video tells about his journey. There is a gap where there is no sound - but be persistent, the sound will come back in a minute.

The following audio is of Lesson 8 from the book 'Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation' and is Dr. Norman's description of his visits to the Seven Centers of Unarius. The beautiful experience is most eloquently described from the 'Pulse of Creation' Series, wherein it completely coincides with the clairvoyant experiences of Swedenborg hundreds of years earlier.

Dr. Ernest Norman - Founder of Unarius

Dr. Ernest Norman

Founder of Unarius


Swedenborg's writings were by necessity couched in the religious vernacular of the day (1700's), yet he is an advanced soul who brought a true vision of the astral worlds to the earth man. The Pulse of Creation Series follows Swedenborg’s writings wherein Dr. Norman also was guided through the Higher Astral Worlds just as Swedenborg’s experience 300 hundred years earlier! The accompanied video follows the life of this great mystic and one of the Higher Beings of the Brotherhood described by Dr. Norman.

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