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Mitochondria play host to one of the most important processes in the body; cellular respiration.  Taking in glucose and oxygen, Mitochondria produce energy, which they capture and package as energy rich molecules of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), used as a source of chemical energy.

These Mitochondria are membrane enclosed structures, cells that make up plants, animals, fungi, and many other forms of life.  They are “cellular power plants” because they generate most of ATP.  They signal cell death and cellular differentiation, and control cell cycle, and growth.

ATP provides the energy for all the cells activities.  Cells that need more energy have more Mitochondria.

The heart, brain, lungs, muscles require great amount of energy so therefore are affected the most.

Science calls the Mitochondria “energy factories” for the cells. They create energy to run the cell.

Human cells may house anywhere from 2 to 2,500 Mitochondria.  A car runs on gas, human cells run on ATP.

When the Mitochondria fail, the less energy is generated within the cell which results in cell injury and cell death follows. With this malfunction of the Mitochondria, organs start to fail – people get sick and die.

If inhibition of key Mitochondria enzymes decreases ATP production and increases the formation of ROS (reactive oxygen species), liken it to a reaction that causes a car to rust. This suggest energy failure itself.

The human body is a very delicately balanced mechanism.



There is only one way to have a healthy physical body – that is to have a healthy psychic anatomy; but it also has to be a psychic anatomy which believes completely in a physical world and lives through the physical body.  Conversely, the more intelligent you become in respect to the higher or more advanced dimensions and the more you can conceive and believe in them, the more etheric your physical body becomes.

The true body of the cell which makes up the human body is the psychic anatomy, a fourth dimensional body that is the controlling factor.  It is in complete harmony with the physical body.  Each cell in the body is an individual transmitter and receiver.  It is operated by electrical impulses.

The cell is a transceiver between the fourth dimensional psychic body and the outside world; just as the brain.

The cell structures in the body compounded as molecules should always be visualized as atoms; they vibrate, oscillate according to the laws of harmonics.  All together this is the human anatomy.  This applies to everything that is on this planet.  The human remains the most highly developed.

Energy has an I.Q. and continues to exist under the conditions in which it was created.

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