The Magnetic Electric Vortex

Research into the principles of nature have lead us to some vital conclusions about our relationship to nature. "We" as a living system replicate our energy designs along similar relationships that "mother nature " provides as examples. Either constructive or destructive we are all bound by the same conforming relationships of energy so fashioned.

The spiraling vortexual pattern is the most abundant form so represented by Nature. This Fibonacci sequence becomes the result of the internal intelligence outgrowth. No one is excluded from this interrelationship of energy design. No matter how one tries one cannot separate himself from these vital principles of the "Pulse Beat" of creation,the more integrated process would be in building as nature so does. If our energy systems are fashioned along similar principles we would reach a world of abundance as mother nature so provides.

Man in his learning has yet to find that integral relationship of these energy spiritual principles that would solve his energy/society problems

Dr. Norman comments: The appearances of stars and various other heavenly bodies are, in themselves, only external appearances of atomic forms which have been changed, in their relationship or their frequency, through common denominators of astrophysical science, if we like to call it that, which is, of course, the working out of the Infinite Mind, into various different objects which we call stars, suns, moons, or planets. In fact, mass, as a, whole, is merely an external manifestation of much which takes place on the interior surface and which is not apparent to any of the five physical senses.

The old theory that a planet or a sun is a sort of compressed mass of celestial gas or very finely divided particles which come from out of space is, of course, a very fallacious concept and one which will pass, in time. Actually, what it means is that in the formation of huge spiraling forms of vortexes in the unseen world or unseen universe, we find, through the linkages of various cycles which are the formative part of this great celestial vortex that in the interplay of positive and negative energy transference which form the relationship of what can be similarized as centripetal or centrifugal forces, the apex or the center of this spiral becomes a sun or a planet. It is actually, in a sense of the word, materializing a form of atomic energy into this world as tiny, minutely divided, particles of so-called mass and which the so-called scientist of today calls atoms which, in themselves, are only the external appearances in their proper relationship of internal vortexes which, in turn, relink them to some cycular patterns to the Infinite Vortex which originally formed them.

Tempus Procedium Page 288 (Copyrite 1965 by Unarius Educational Foundation)


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