Dear Student – I have asked the Brothers the question of the meaning of 'Mental Construct' more than 50 years ago. The following explanation (given in my own words) is my present understanding of this concept -- Tom Miller.

The life cycle which the Infinite Intelligence generates for all entities, incorporates within it a mechanism to regenerate or reconstruct bodies that are compatible within the entity involved. This 'human being', in the formative stages of evolution, must express in the dimension, which through frequency relationship, constitutes a physical body compatible with the 3rd dimension. This is accomplished through the building of a body that can live and evolve in this environment. It is expressed by reincarnating or generating the necessary energy constituents which can associate it with the environment in question.
In doing this, the developing psychic anatomy, through the forces of the Superconsiousness, generate (somewhat in front of the mental portion of the psychic structure) a ‘Mental Construct’ or Idea Vortex – built into a separate short lived life cycle within the all-encompassing Life Cycle. This minor life cycle is constructed through attunement with compatible or familiar energies within the primitive psychic body – such as the five senses,  a heart that beats in order to circulate the blood, a compounding of the limbic brain system controlling the basic sex drives and fight or flight expressions necessary to live in the 3rd dimensional or hostile environment. This includes the necessary cell development and differentiations in their roles to sustain the physical body etc. These basic constructs are combined with the past life experiences and psychic shocks contained in the mental part of the psychic anatomy oscillating there in a somewhat vague interpretation. All of this information is part of the generation of this ‘Mental Construct’ and gets its information from past experiences that this soul has contacted. It becomes something like a mirror image linked and reflected with the overall Life Cycle. This is where our DNA gets its instructions and relays them to our genes. The ‘Mental Construct’, along with the association of one or both parents, determines what this physical body will look like and express – considering the deformities and aberrations along with any special attributes or present influences which might come from past experiences. Because the average earthman’s psychic structures are comparatively undeveloped, this configuration is generated unconsciously or essentially automatic or without deliberate direction from life to life. The process is repeated thousands of times, altering a little or extensively according to the numerous psychic impingements incurred through this evolution. After each earth life cycle is completed the conscious mind and the subconscious reverts to the absorption cycle whereas the importance of mental or physical experiences are retained in the mental consciousness to be a part of future ‘Mental Constructs’ 

As this soul evolves and advances he contacts more Infinite expressions or polarizes a greater percentage of the Superconsiousness. He achieves what we call an Adept or Master level – which we shall call the Higher Astral or Celestial Worlds. However, the concept of ‘Mental Constructs’ still apply throughout the Infinite Life Cycle! In fact, this is how these more developed Beings build their worlds consisting of the great temples and learning centers described in the Pulse Books. They have developed this ‘Mental Construct’ ability to a very high and directional form. At this time they no longer need to build physical bodies but live within their own creative mental attunement with the Infinite. Yet they still have sorties into the physical world in order to assist the earthman contact his own inner or spiritual values.

We shall say that Mr. X then will evolve into the Causal Worlds as part of the Logi – the generators of the vast and infinite forces of Vortexes terminating in what we interpret as atoms, suns, planets, galaxies etc. This Being, as part of his Infinite Participation, generates the force and purpose of helping the souls residing in this Infinite Vortex to evolve within it. He now is too advanced in Frequency and Compatibility to directly build a suitable body to display his teachings and higher vibratory information to the earth people. So he contacts the Masters who still have compatible energies to build a psychic body that can generate a ‘Mental Construct’ of a physical body. He then makes a pact with thousands or even millions of these Higher Advanced Celestial Beings to generate ‘Mental Constructs’ of physical bodies to incarnate on the many thousands of earth planets simultaneously in order to usher in an advanced consciousness in these many worlds. The mission of Dr. Norman is only one world this great endeavor is playing out. The great cycle of the recessional entails many thousands of worlds.

We can envision the great temple as described in the Unariun liturgies, and we can see the thousands of Advanced Beings build through their minds or ‘Mental Constructs’ the necessary energies so that numerous physical bodies can attune to the various worlds and incarnate on them in order to dispense the higher understandings and healing vibrations initiated by Mr. X in association with the other Logi in the Causal Dimensions!  

When the physical cycle is completed, the lower portions of this ‘Mental Construct’ are absorbed back into the Infinite. Whereas the higher and progressive energies are reconstructed into the Masters’ energy bodies who participated and adds to their own upward path within their Superconsiousness. Each one of the people named in the liturgies are separate Beings who are influencing this mission. Through frequency relationship the millions of Advanced Souls are linked to the main Flame of life -- Itself oscillating as a conduit to convey each Higher Being’s love and healing radiations to the lower worlds!

In the end, the Moderator’s physical body was built and was a compilation of numerous ‘Mental Constructs’ sustained and maintained by many more advanced people. They always were present and added to his earth expression. He then also took on their physical karma and worked out the traumas of all of them in the course of his life. His communication with the Higher forces was indeed closer than close.

Mr. X overshadowed Dr. Norman, but he has and is overshadowing thousands of other people now and in the future and through these souls polarize energies expressing in the infinite vortex that Mr. X initially generated and is maintaining throughout the cosmos according to each person’s conceptual development!

When on earth, Darwin discovered and described only one side of the evolving purpose of life. Living in the higher planes of this Causal Vortex, he now sees the more complete aspects of the Life Cycle.

What becomes the most wonderful aspects to this concept is that all of these healing and intelligent forms of the Infinite are now and forever a permanent part of this dimension! 

 Yes indeed , these concepts are amazing and have far reaching implications. I have not seen or heard the Moderator speak the words ‘Mental Construct’ in the teachings, but he used this expression several times as he explained this concept to me and I have since used it to formulate other ideas when reading or listening to the lessons. The following are some of my thoughts derived from this all important concept. I believe other students are conscious of these concepts.

Actually, if we listen closely, the Moderator explains this concept throughout the teachings – just using different words to make the point. Since we are taught that everything is MIND and is dynamically altered by the Infinite Intelligence in an ever generating and regenerating fashion, including the so-called solid physical world – our reality is a 4th dimensional mental construction, even before we use our hands to build whatever it is to solidify our reality. If we think for a minute, everything that we do begins with an idea or mental vision. Taken from a ‘Mental Construct’ or what we refer to as ideas. Of course, we use our physical body to build the things that make up our reality, such as buildings, clothes, tools, food etc., yet they all were started by a ‘Mental Construct’ or idea of how they should be formed or what their function will be. “So above, so below” is the common expression given by some of the Eastern wise men.

Even our own physical bodies, through this 4th dimensional idea body, build the form with the necessary accouterments as this body grows within the womb. During this growth period, a very complicated intertwining process of countless wave forms are intimately forming the physical with our mental ideas of the ingredients that result in the appearance of a seemingly miraculous creation – a perfectly formed baby. We can say that the psychic body has generated a ‘Thought Form Body’ in the 3rd dimension which is an extension of our ‘Mental Construct’ and is made of energy we call atoms – which in themselves are being renewed continually in their individual life cycle in accordance with the Causal Beings’ expressions!

We can certainly understand then, that when something goes wrong and results in either mental or physical aberrations, these malformations are also receiving this information from the baby’s mental structures impinged with the tremendously complex energy patterns from the past which are now in-phase and influencing the development of the constructed ‘Thought Form Body’ or baby. Also, this mental vortex influences the person’s entire life, wherein the dynamic interactions of the harmonic interplay during the prescribed life cycle normally consisting  of some odd 60 to 80 years are generated and accounts for the different intermediate cycles encountered during this lifetime. In other words, this ‘Mental Construct’ changes dynamically as new harmonics are generated. All creation is in motion and changing in an eternal evolution.

The whole complex process of growing a physical body becomes a mind boggling proposition. If the man of medicine became aware of this massively intricate process, which begins even before conception, he would hopefully think long and hard about aborting a soul’s attempt to enter into this dimension in order to work on his relationship with the Infinite in a progressive way – not to mention the psychic shock incurred during the aborting procedure. Because this is exactly what is happening - The person attempting to build this entrance vehicle is literally aborted and results in another negative set of wave forms for him to deal with in his future. The affects are increasingly severe the longer into the pregnancy the procedure is accomplished, because, every second of the building process the soul grows closer to his greatest wish – to enter the physical world in order to continue his evolution.

We can also apply this concept to all of so-called creation. If we extrapolate our analysis to the evolution of atoms, stars and galaxies, we witness the mind of the Infinite embodied in the tremendously advanced Beings displaying their own great ‘Thought Form Bodies’ from the Causal Dimensions. For they also are dynamically oscillating with the infinite vortex generated by even more advanced Beings! Just as the baby enters the 3rd dimension by building the vehicle with the available material (atoms) so does the great macrocosm build within the Vortex suns, planets and galaxies, expressing the finite part of the body of some Causal Being. What we witness as we peer into the vast expanse are these tremendously advanced Beings of the Logi expressing within the scope of their own thought forms. In essence the building of the beautiful and inconceivably complex designs of suns and galaxies are actually made up of the microcosm of atoms in a harmonic dance called the universe! Yet, this vast expanse expresses the least of this body which exists in the Many Mansions within this Infinite Vortex! Here we see the Infinite Intelligence becoming more infinite in each individual person. Yet, they say that they have just begun in their journey of Infinite participation!

This realization is indeed mind boggling and beyond the scope of our present limited world view. Yet, this universe is also evolving into the upper reaches of the Infinite Vortex. This universe (as there are an infinite number of universes) will eventual disappear and evolve into the Higher Dimensions to be replaced by another in the grand scheme of Infinite Intelligence. We now understand that these great infinite vortexes are actually the body of these Logi Beings. And every expression in this cell of these great Beings is their progeny – that includes all of the Life Cycles evolving within it including all of us. Millions of years hence we thus see our future expressed in the Microcosm and the Macrocosm – a future wherein life is generated and expanded by our own Infinite Mind. And the Force behind all of this is an even greater Infinite Mind waiting the time of consciousness to begin the resonance of harmonic attunement which we now consider creation.    

As the Moderator responded to this question in Lesson 3, so does our future resolve into a ‘Mental Construct’ that includes an ever expanding Infinite Mind within us! 

Q - In other words it’s all Mind?
A – In other words it’s all mind. It resolves you right down as to how much integration you have with God’s Infinite Self. And the higher you get the more integration you get, the more abstract you become in your concept and the more you see and you begin to see, hear, feel, breathe and act through every "pore" in your being. You don't have a physical body then and you don’t return to the earth under normal conditions or circumstances. But you learn to be the over-self or the over-soul and be the directive force behind some unified action or some individual contact.








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