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Wonderful - You bring up many interesting concepts about Tesla which can be explored and expanded! The idea of the Aether or ether was part of the 19th century lexicon and was believed to Photograph of Nikola Tesla, a slender, moustachioed man with a thin face and pointed chin.exist as space itself - somewhat akin to the universal plasma that adherents postulated was the medium for the propagation of light. It was described in some circles as 'all atoms embedded in a sort of cosmic pudding'. Even Newton believed in this concept. The negative results to prove the theory of aether drift by the Maxwell-Morley experiment in the late 1800s lost most of its adherents and completely lost favor in 1905 by Einstein's Theory of relativity. Today however, the scientists are revisiting the ether idea as a possible and viable reality through the concept of Dark Energy - and with the recent experiments and astrophysical discoveries they are coming to realize that space itself is a medium for an unseen force!

The book Walter Russell wrote speculates that this 3rd dimensional world is only an illusion - a temporal condition wherein reality has differing outcomes. Now, in our studies we understand everything is Mind-Energy which is oscillating interdimensionally. All Electromagnetic radiation including light is generated by the vortexual nodes, or point of resonance, that give rise to the perceived harmonics we call space. Space itself therefore is a byproduct or manifestation of this great interdimensional interplay with infinite outcomes. So, this reality we perceive is our attunement with a greater Mind-Energy Construct and changes with our evolving knowledge of different realities or worlds described as the Causal and Higher Astral dimensions. Thus, this world is only a mind construct and an illusion! It is real because we perceive it to be so. Your descriptions of the elements that make up this creative maelstrom and of frequency related interchanges seem perfectly logical and a great realization!

You need to see yourself as one of many who have and will incarnate into this plane to generate the higher energy principles into actual working instruments! However, we must always remember, the conscious mind is only operating on a very reactive plane and ALL learning transpires in the higher plateaus of the Superconsiousness. This part of the energy body works and oscillates directly with the Unariun Brotherhood on this more advanced mental perspective! The great thinkers of the past have always brought advanced ideas and technology through true inspiration. Tesla himself was sitting on a bench talking to a friend when he suddenly (with inner sight) envisioned the complete alternating current machine - no trial and error as the earth man learns - but totally perfect and in working condition! Please see patent schematic to the right.

Likewise Einstein, Newton and Leonardo Devinci among a host of other luminaries were inspired in the same way. We are afforded this same opportunity to express if we understand the principles in the teaching of Dr. Norman. He has explained the general concepts and has left the necessary clues and Higher Energies for those who can tune into them from their higher selves. Our greatest chance of success is to study the teachings and relax the conscious mind.

One more thought about Tesla's work - He was very intent on using the electromagnetic force fields discovered by Faraday within a very constricted band width. One of his demonstrations showed High Voltages or Pressure totally restricting the movement of electrons or amperage. This way, He showed that beside the electromagnetic byproducts of Hysteresis there are many different types of harmonics generated by this interchange of energy at the source where mass - instead of being the terminus into this dimension becomes the point of polarity reversal where the oscillation between positive and negative display the opposite of each other and is reversed - which is the frequency oscillation or Base pulse beat of the respective vortex.


Think of the Venturi Tube - a symbolic representation wherein there are two vortexes inverted with the point of terminus as a manifestation of concentrated energy such as a galaxy, sun or atom. The top vortex represents energy being compressed or pressured (in frequency demodulation) until it arrives at the point of measurable waveforms where we can detect our electromagnetic spectrum or mass.

CMS Higgs-event.jpg

However, that is only one side or aspect of the vortex - the reversal side is the other or bottom vortex of the oscillation which regenerates up into the regenerated vortex except in the other direction, and so we see conservation of energy within the total vortex and does not end or terminate at the 3rd dimension point and can be called Hysteresis for lack of a better word.. The Harmonic by-products or energy propagation into this dimension becomes or is displayed in the four main forces referenced by the scientist. What they are unaware of is this: there are many forms of harmonics in this cosmic interplay of energy transference. Even space itself could not exist and is another set of complex harmonics which is the result of this Infinite expression! This becomes clear when we hear the present day scientist realize that all of the mass - galaxy clusters, suns, atoms, dust (including Dark Matter) only make up 25% of the necessary energy to sustain the shape and configuration of the universe. They now call the other 75% Dark Energy. They can't detect or measure it but know it must exist!!

Electric Field


In your efforts to understand and learn from the advanced Master Scientists on the Higher Worlds, you will begin to display clairvoyance wherein you will see beyond the limited mind of mankind and find yourself studying sciences of crystallography and the isotopic aspects of the atom - combined to form that elusive formula you seek. And as you seek, the Higher Brothers will aid and assist in any and all ways that you become receptive to.


May All the Students and Unariun Brothers Be With You in Your Quest - Cosmon

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