Chapter XII: The Little Understood Higher Self

After the passing of many years, since the beginning of the present inauguration of Unarius on the planet earth, it becomes apparent that the least understood and most abused concept of the interdimensional science of Unarius is that of the superconscious self; and to avoid the ever-present danger of egocentric flatulency—which could occur should any student, knowing that he has a superconscious or higher self, falsely indulge himself in some sort of a self-hypnotic grandiose state of consciousness we shall discuss further on this concept. When and if any person's higher self develops to the point where it is the dominant personality, there will no longer be an earth-life personality or embodiment. In short, if you are here on earth in a physical body concerned with physical existence, also involved with the problems of life after death, higher evolution, etc., then you can be quite certain your higher self has just begun to develop; and as of this time, may or may not be strong enough through the channels of inspiration, intuition, etc., to keep you moving along your evolutionary pathway, for that small embryonic higher self is all that stands between you and total retrogression. And in the life in-between lives, it's the little window you look through from your memory life into the higher worlds.

Let us take for analysis a more concrete example of the development of the higher self. With an ordinary home movie camera you can go out and take a roll of film, upon the surface of which you capture the image and likenesses of places and people, their motions, etc. Later after it is developed it can be projected onto a screen and these same people, their motions, etc., again come to life. Now this is about what takes place in the development of the higher self. We can call infinite intelligence or infinity the film and our daily life is the camera, and through the lens of our camera we flash back a small portion of our lives to infinity. There it is polarized or developed because infinite intelligence or infinity, like the film in the camera contains what is necessary to make this possible.

In other words, in the “mind” of infinite intelligence, your life, as well as all other lives and things, has been conceived even in the most minute detail and living endlessly without time. And when you flash back through the lens of your life certain frequencies of energy, like light which, if they are so properly attuned, can and do polarize similar (or like) wavelengths of energy which are oscillating in infinite intelligence. When these two frequencies are so merged and beat or oscillate harmonically according to the laws of harmonics, these frequencies then will be the embodiment of a personal experience of life and when so combined with other polarized frequencies compatibly attuned to harmonics, this then will be the beginning of the higher self and eventually will develop into a psychic personality, and then on into more highly developed embodiments which have been called archangels, gods, etc., by the ignorant earth-man.

So you see, dear one, if you look back into your present earth-life and try to rationalize how much of it has been lived constructively to a degree whereby a small fraction of each of these earth life experiences could be polarized in infinity, also going back and speculating on numerous other earth-lives so lived, how much then, of the broad expanse of infinite intelligence have you polarized into your superconscious self? And I think you'll agree, it's very small indeed and becomes even smaller when you begin to weigh its influence in your present life.

But do not be discouraged, the promise of immortality is built in, in the mechanics of life, if you live it ever mindful of the infinite creative intelligence and the grand scheme of evolution; for in this evolution you are guaranteed not only immortality, but that immortality is, in itself, a guarantee that you will not ever need to live a physical life. The purpose then, in this supremely intelligent concept, as it is envisioned in evolution, is that it does, in itself, make it impossible for anything but good to survive; for evolution constantly presents two faces; good and evil, and in choosing good, and with the purpose and fulfillment of good in our daily lives, we begin to fulfill a more ultimate purpose of evolution.

Heaven is not a promise given by some religious proponent nor can it be fulfilled in any religious configurations. Heaven, however, if it can be called such, is an attainment of personal development. It cannot be given by saviors nor can you be elevated to this pinnacle by intercessors or any other declared deistic powers contrived in the minds of earthmen, for any deisms which may possess such powers would never be so unwise as to use them for such senseless purposes. They know too well the elevation of any earth-man into a spiritual world would destroy him; for anyone who lives in a higher world must develop the capacity to live there before such a life could be possible. And this can only be done through the development of the higher self, for that is, indeed, the beginning of your new embodiment in a higher world where you will have no lungs, yet you will breathe the breath of heaven; you will have no eyes but you will discern all things and in the fullest capacity, without the subconscious selectivity. You will have no ears but you will hear the celestial music of creation and you will have no mouth or stomach, yet you will masticate and digest pure radiant energies which will keep your body alive and pulsating. Yes, all of this and much more is the fulfillment of this spiritual life lived in the embodiment of the higher self.