Chapter XVII: On Cryogenics, 1966

Several years ago, science discovered and became tremendously interested in the new discovery, a phenomenon which has been given the manufactured name Cryogenics. Briefly, this discovery relates to the new properties of conductivity of metals and tremendously increased magnetic properties of magnets when they are subjected to temperatures near absolute zero, minus 459.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Under this extreme, low temperature, a coil of wire will, when given a shot of electricity, retain the electrical charge which will keep circulating around this endless coil indefinitely.

Any magnetic material such as iron, steel and kindred ferrous metals can become magnetically charged up to 65,000 gauss. (The term and reference, “gauss”, relates to a certain scientist of the 18th Century who first discovered and scientifically described magnetic lines of force). Ordinary magnets become saturated and useless if they are charged to 20,000 gauss under ordinary temperatures found on the earth. Now these amazing properties of superconductivity and supermagnetism at the temperature of near absolute zero have been a great puzzle to science and as yet, none of these learned savants have come up with a logical answer and, as usual in such cases, there are almost as many theories as there are scientists.

Back nine or ten years ago (1955) when the books and lessons of Unarius were being written, information was impounded which explained not only this mystery but also many other mysteries which are presently baffling the scientists. At the beginning of the discovery period of Cryogenics, one explanation I specifically gave, to wit, that all of the known 101 element atoms of the earth spectrum were transducers or exchangers of energy and were busily engaged individually in their relative capacity in converting cosmic energy from the fourth dimension into the third dimension according to their respective oscillating frequencies which, in the sum and total of all reactive and resistive forces as applied to and interactive with the magnetic spectrum of the earth, determined the atom's particular property and weight according to the atomic scale.

These facts are only partially understood by the modern scientist despite Einstein and his famous formula E = MC2 or the interconvertibility of atoms to energy and vice versa. Therefore, under ordinary conditions each atom, regardless of its name, is busily engaged in being that particular atom. In other words, it is carrying a load. An Arab knows to an ounce how much weight his camel will carry, and should one more ounce be added, the camel will lie down. It is the same with atoms. If we try to impose some new energy into them and make them carry an added load, they become resistive. Some will lie down, so to speak, and be nonconductors. Other kinds will stagger under the load (so to speak) and become hot, such as a filament in an electric light; and as it has been explained, all the result of the complex function of the atom as it pulses with the interdimensional cosmos.

Perhaps we can visualize the situation somewhat better if we imagine in our minds a large round framework of steel upon which have been placed at regular intervals, hundreds of light bulbs of different colors. These light bulbs are all connected in a series situation to a rotating switch with many different contact points. When the switch is rotated, these different colored lights flash off and on at frequent and regular intervals, something like the big electric signs we all occasionally see in the city.

Now this ball-shaped configuration of electric lights looks something like an atom if we could enlarge one a few hundred billion times. Each light would become what the scientist calls an electron, neutron or positron, according to its charge. They flash off and on (so to speak) millions or billions of times a second. These oscillating positive and negative charges are the joining centers of parallaxes of millions of lines of energy which are pulsating in this very rapid manner as their function in this tiny centrifuge of cosmic energy. As they so oscillate according to their frequency and manifest their many parallaxes, so they become resistive or reactive to the magnetic spectrum of the earth.

Now this magnetic spectrum is not quite like the scientist thinks. Gravity is part of this spectrum as are all other physical reactive properties so manifested and which I have called hysteresis. The transference of the sun’s energy is a reactive, resistive process of hysteresis with the magnetic spectrum.

Actually, this spectrum is very complex and it is, in itself, a subject too vast to be discussed at this moment. Now, when we reduce the temperature we must, in some way, separate the atoms from the magnetic spectrum. We do this partially in our refrigerator. In the laboratory the scientist can almost totally accomplish this and can suspend (in a sense) the resistive, reactive process of hysteresis to the point where he can no longer measure temperature or 459.6 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. And when this hysteresis is no longer effective, then the atom becomes totally conductive and possesses no opposition to an electrical current which may be imposed upon it.

This bit of electricity can be pictured somewhat like a bag of grain which is being tossed lightly from one strong man to another. The atoms, like strong men with nothing to do, can toss this electricity around, so to speak, indefinitely so long as their natural burden, that is, conducting cosmic energy into the reactive, resistive content of mass, is not imposed upon them.

However, if the freezing or separating force is removed, they will very quickly resume their natural function and while they are so working, they will be partially or totally reactive or resistive to any outside electrical energy thrust upon them. So you see, it is really quite simple to understand these baffling mysteries if we can escape the third dimension long enough to analyze and to compose a hypothesis which must always include as a basic foundation the true source or origin of all things which stems, not from the earth world third dimension, but from the Infinite Fountainhead which is manifest in the many dimensions or mansions and composed of Infinite Intelligence as it is so manifest in an infinite number of ways—all according to those all-important laws of frequency, harmonics, cyclic motions, etc., and of which I have so often explained before.

The scientists of today are still trying to understand and equate into their earth world science, not the true sources and actions of creative energy intelligence but only the results of certain manifestations which have been made apparent to them in their earth world as their environmental factors of life, such as heat, light, sound, mass, etc. Naturally, as I have repeatedly explained, these things are nonexistent.

Through your evolution, you have learned to become reactive or resistive to this environment of resistive, reactive manifestations in your life associations and called them by such familiar terms as heat, light, mass, etc., to the degree that you have compounded your whole life from this complex association which you call your earth-life experiences. In the years to come, the earth-world scientist will perhaps, and quite likely, uncover newer and more startling discoveries and correspondingly increase his perplexities. However, it is very improbable that so long as he is an earth-man and so occupying his present scale of evolution, he will never understand these scientific explanations which I have given you until he, too, approaches that threshold which I have so often mentioned—the threshold which separates him in his third dimension and the vast infinite interdimensional macrocosm—a threshold he will laboriously begin to climb over just as you are beginning to do—when he will, in his life in-between lives, study, learn and condition himself for this great transition from a material physical man into a spiritual being who lives as a living flame minus the flesh and the physical world and oscillates infinitely with Creative Intelligence for his source of supply and the substance of his life. And this source of supply is abundant and everlasting so long as he is not resistive and reactive to it as he now is in his earth life toward everything which he encounters. This, too, is your most ultimate objectivism; and may I repeat, the creative law is adamant. It is either a forward progressive and a re-creative motion or it is a retrogressive and destructive motion. It is your choice. In our previous discussion on cryogenics, we probed rather deeply into the so-called mysteries of superconductivity, supermagnetism of certain metals when temperatures were reduced to near absolute zero, minus 459.6 degrees Fahrenheit. It was pointed out that metallic atoms and their molecular combinations were more or less resistive or subject to magnetic saturation at more normal earth temperatures, with a rather simple explanation that this was because atoms were busily engaged in the conversion process known as hysteresis. However, this simple explanation is not sufficiently technical and perhaps in a way, not completely accurate. The subject of resistance and magnetic fluxes in their relationship to all of the atomic forms which compose the material world is extremely complex and in some respects, unless principle is understood, could be confusing and contradictory.

The proposition of conductivity and non-conductivity is one which involves millions of wave forms of energy which are vibrating at speeds unknown or incomprehensible to our present-day science. The Laser Beam, vibrating somewhere near 750 million megacycles per second is practically standing still compared to the vibrations which involve or compose the atom itself. It is also important to remember that all atoms radiate an electromagnetic field.

As of today no scientist seems to be able to describe electricity, what it really is. He may possess considerable technical knowledge and know-how in the application of electricity in industry and in other uses which involve his society, yet he could not accurately describe the exact composition of the electricity which flows along the wire into his home. He knows it is an oscillating or alternating polarity at 60 cycles per second and it may have a predetermined pressure of 110 volts, still he does not know what this electrical energy is. In a general way and to avoid a complex explanation, all electrical energy (electricity) as it appears in this third dimension is composed of countless millions of tiny oscillating wave forms of energy. The net sum and total of all these oscillations is always so polarized that this energy will travel at the basic speed of light, 186,000 miles per second. The light spectrum is similar in this respect to electrical energy and each basic wave-length of light—as it is so known in spectral analysis as yellow, green and red—is likewise composed of countless millions of oscillating wave-forms of energy. All are polarized in such a way they vibrate to form a sub-harmonic which we call a light-wave or color, just as the red Laser Beam vibrates 750 million megacycles per second, yet the composition of frequency which composes this red beam vibrates at frequencies which would be incomprehensible to earth minds.

Therefore, the proposition of conductivity of any group of atoms which form say, a copper wire, depends primarily upon the proposition of frequency transferences; that is, the millions of tiny energy wave-forms can travel through copper because there is at least a partial harmonic pulsation or polarity exchange between the copper atoms and their force-fields and that of the electrical energy-stream. However if this copper atom is also oscillating harmonically as it does with the fourth dimensional macrocosm, then there is a different set of harmonics and polarity patterns which are generated in the electromagnetic field of the atom and in direct proportion, reduces the ability of the atom to harmonically carry the extra energy stream imposed on it. When the scientist reduces the environmental temperature in a closed chamber of a copper coil, he is taking away or isolating the atoms in the copper coil from their normal relationship with the terrestrial environment which plays an important part in the process of cosmic hysteresis.

All atoms which compose our earth world, and at whatever temperature we find them, whether they are at the poles or at the equator, are all comparatively warm—that is, compared to the absolute zero of space in the absence of any hysteresis or energy transference.

Mountain peaks at the equator remain snow-capped the year round simply because there is less hysteresis at these higher altitudes than at sea level. Ionization is largely controlled by different so-called radiation belts such as the Van Allen, etc. Some of them are thousands of miles above the earth and, for the most part, have still to be discovered by the scientists. Yet, they too, all play an important part in the conversion of energy which the earth man knows as heat, light, magnetic flux, etc.

With a thick-walled, metal chamber in a laboratory, all byproducts of hysteresis, heat, etc., can be absorbed and conducted away from a copper coil to the point where this coil becomes superconductive, a condition closely approximating that which is found in space (as it is called by the scientist). Actually, as I have said previously, space is infinitely filled with energy. Space, therefore, is superconductive on the same basic principle that a copper atom or molecule is conductive, as I have described the process in the previous paragraphs.

The scientist has yet to learn of the superconductivity in space and which, if he ever does, he will find that it is not a third-dimensional proposition which can be equated or analyzed on the basis of any of his presently known physics. To understand the interdimensional macrocosm will require not only a different science, mathematics, physics or any other subdivisions but it will also require a different mentality. We can therefore sum up in some general conclusions and say that—as I did many times before—the earth-world or similar worlds are merely basic and a rather primitive plane of expression in the grand scale of evolution—a plane which all people evolve into and out again. And I might add, many of them revert in their evolution after passing from the earth-plane and again plunge themselves in a reverse manner back into the earth world environment in their downward plunge into oblivion.

Again, the all-important message: never believe you have it made! A few psychic manifestations or demonstrations will not insure you a seat at the foot of the throne, neither do such things as psychic demonstrations, flashbacks, etc., positively identify you as an adept or master, no more so than do the optimistic declarations of some scientist when he makes a new discovery and declares to the world he has that all-important secret which will reveal the innermost meaning of life.

We are all traveling this evolutionary pathway together and no matter how far we advance, the proposition is always the same. To maintain a constant advance, means constantly learning and constantly using what we have learned. There is no ending to the infinity which lies ahead of all of us, for indeed, if there were such an ending, then Infinity would cease to exist. But for the present, as a Unariun student, be concerned with that all-important life-saving proposition of freeing yourself from the earth-world plane by developing your mentality, your understanding and your ability to use knowledge in a higher spiritual world environment. Your life depends upon it!