Chapter XVIII: Scientist Will Testify If Space is Full or Empty

Search for “Ether” in Limbo for Years; Discovery Would Solve Many Puzzles

By Rudy Abramson

Times Staff Writer


Los Angeles Times—Thursday, Nov. 16, 1967—St. Louis


Working in an abandoned ammunition storage hut outside St. Louis, a Washington University physicist is rigging up an ingenious experiment to tackle the nagging scientific question of whether space is full or empty.

There was a time when no less a personage than Sir Isaac Newton believed that space must be filled with some kind of medium to account for the propagation of light and the force of gravity.

But no one could find it and the search has been in a state of limbo for many years, particularly since Albert A. Michelson and Edward W. Morley showed in 1887 that if such a medium exists, it does not affect the velocity of light.


Light Through Ether

They reasoned that the speed of light would be somewhat impeded if it did flow through this medium—ether. After all these years, Dr. Peter R. Phillips, associate professor of physics at Washington University is going to have a go at finding it, and he says he is optimistic that he will.

His experiment will get under way in about two months, and he expects it will continue for a year or more before he can start drawing conclusions from his data.

The idea, basically, is to suspend a bar magnet from an extremely fine fiber, shelter it as much as possible from all external influences, and see whether it twists slowly from side to side. If the earth is indeed moving through an ether, the magnet should twist first one way, then the other on a daily cycle since the rotation of the earth would cause the ether to hit the magnet from a different direction as the earth turns. The presumption is that the ether is made up of infinitesimally small particles that would interact with electrons in the magnet.

It was to escape magnetic disturbance that the project was moved from the campus physics laboratory to the abandoned Army ammunition hut out of town.

To further insure that the magnet is not disturbed, it will be suspended in a vacuum chamber. It is also being wrapped in a coil through which an electric current will be passed to reduce its sensitivity to magnetic fields.

“If we could turn off the magnetic forces altogether,” Phillips explained Wednesday to a symposium on New Horizons in Science, “the needle would point along the direction in which the ether is streaming through the laboratory.”


Weak Force

“This simple idea is difficult to put into practice because the new force is so small. But by using a magnet suspended from a fine fiber as our compass needle, by employing sensitive optical techniques to measure its position, and by setting up a special laboratory far from the vibrations of the city, we have come close to our goal.”

If Phillips and his associates are successful in demonstrating that the earth is moving through this mysterious undetected medium, the impact on physics would be enormous. But Phillips said he does not believe such a discovery would be incompatible with Einstein's work which assumed there is no ether.


Unrelated Puzzles

“It is our hope,” Phillips said, “that if we can establish the existence of an ether, we will provide a framework into which we can fit many puzzling phenomena which now seem unrelated.” During the era when scientists could not accept space as a void, technology had not reached the point where such a subtle phenomenon could be detected if it existed. By the time it became possible to perform this kind of research, the ether had ceased to be in vogue.

Phillips said the ether may have properties similar to superconducting metals which in theory conduct electricity without resistance when they are chilled to absolute zero. This could explain how light could pass through the ether without being impeded.


(Copyright 1967, Los Angeles Times Reprinted with Permission)


The Plasma Filled Space

During the last days of October 1967, several articles were dictated which dealt with, specifically, light, physics, the transmission of energy through space, and other relative factors. Then on November 16, a little more than two weeks later, an article appeared in the Los Angeles Times which related the renewed efforts of present-day physicists in their attempts to gain new information on these astrophysical concepts, either from old or previously existing sources, or from new and different explorations. The importance of this article cannot be overemphasized, as it at once validates certain assertions and concepts which we have previously presented, one of which is that we are working very closely, either subconsciously or intuitively, with the earth scientists; and this article proves conclusively by its perfect timing that we, the Unariun Brotherhood, are working very diligently to prod these earth scientists in the right direction.

Also, as we have stated, their (the scientists') position is quite elemental in the scale of evolution and their attempts to gain knowledge equally primitive.

More directly concerned with this article, scientifically speaking, is the reestablishment of the old “ether” theory, first posed by Newton, as our first more modern scientific contemporary, that space is filled with what has been currently called “ether”, and which we have, in our articles, called plasma. The “etheric form” theory was never clearly established and even though picked up by later contemporaries, was eventually dropped, principally because of lack of instrumentation and a fundamental understanding of the laws of electronics, energy composition, etc., as we have presented them.

As is indicated in the article, a space infinitely filled with plasma (or ether) would solve many riddles, just as we have solved them for you in our many articles! The same fundamental electronic concepts would infinitely enlarge the perspectus of all man’s knowledge, biology, medicine, etc.

To place the capstone, so to speak, upon our revelations, let us therefore firmly establish a valid consensus of law which relates in particular to the transmissions of any and all spectral energies, either as they are supposedly classified by present-day science or the interdimensional classifications which we have presented. It should be noted first, however, that we are not at this time dealing with secondary energy transmissions which have been classified as cosmic rays (energy particles) or solar winds. These are subjects which have been previously dealt with, or will so be done at some future time, and have no particular emphasis with the major portion of spectral energy transmissions.

First, it is impossible for any wave form energy to “travel” or to relate as an energy transmission without a suitable plasma or medium, an incontestable fact proven in countless, everyday examples.

In fact, life on any planet or even the planet itself would be nonexistent without energy transmissions and some form of media which relates itself to the transmission of energy, either resistively or conductively. And it is this resistive, conductive impedance—formed according to a certain basic law of positive-negative frequency interpolations within the cyclic motions of energy—which, either as media or plasma, or as motional energy that are, according to their cyclic motions, either conductive or resistive, according to these positive-negative oscillations. It is this positive-negative frequency interpolation which determines the EMF's of the atoms and determines their dissimilarities or affinities, as well as their atomic weights. In free space, energy from the sun does not travel as a straight-line beam or ray, but is a motion of energy within the complex plasma of space wherein it oscillates according to positive-negative relationships in cyclic motions, and thus propagates or regenerates similar wave form or oscillating motions according to proper sequences in these cyclic motions. Thus, energy travels through space, just as energy from the stone thrown in the pond regenerated itself in the cyclic motion which pushed water molecules up and down. In space plasma, however, such plasmic oscillations directly transfer from one cyclic motion to a similar motion an exact wave form facsimile; thus space plasma is, on the basis of frequency relationship, both conductive and resistive. Conductivity represents the more positive conducting surface, because as the sun is the central nuclei of a cosmic centrifuge, energy is first compressing, then expanding into a different dimensional relationship, and all planetary bodies so involved in the sun's radius, represent the negative terminus of this third-dimensional oscillating condition.

At this point it must also be remembered, the earth, in turn, represents a lower oscillating terminus which re-expands the sun's EMF into the earth's magnetic spectrum—another energy conversion process more clearly understood under the laws of harmonics.

All electronic fields, as they are represented by atoms and atom structures called elements, are therefore held (so to speak) rigidly within the oscillating conditions of this extremely complex EMF spectrum, as it is energized by the positive sun; and other spectral energy radiations from the sun are, in reality, re-oscillating energy wave form motions throughout the space plasma which are then, in turn—according to the laws of harmonics—through reconversion, re-oscillating into the familiar earth form energies known as heat, light, gravity, etc.

A full and complete explanation and dialogue on this cosmic hysteresis would involve quite possibly many volumes. Certainly these several articles are most insufficient, yet they do present the first precepts into a more complete understanding of the cosmic universe. You will therefore understand our position, after reading the preceding Los Angeles Times article, that in man's present position in his earth world sciences, he is still in a very primitive state of evolution—an evolution, individually and collectively speaking, made possible and masterminded by super-creative intelligence—an intelligence which so creates and recreates not only the atomic energy structures of suns, planets, galaxies and universes, but which creates also in Infinity, and according to law, order and harmony, prepossesses the future of man's evolution into an infinite number of forms, relationships and life experiences, lived through the ageless ages of time.