Chapter XX: On Time Differential

Every person has had the experience of the day which seems to drag by and never end, or the day which seems to fly by and is gone almost before we're conscious of the passing. Such differentials in time consciousness cannot be fully justified on the basis of activities, health conditions or other factors which may seemingly alter the time consciousness.

As a human is not entirely third dimensional but universal, like all things in the third dimension, a surface appearance or a manifestation is possible only as the net sum and total of a projected image from fourth dimensional consciousness. In Infinite Intelligence, as energy formations, all things have therefore been created and such manifestations as an earth world, its life forms, including man, are evolutionary objectivisms, materialized on a third-dimensional plane surface. Man, therefore, like all things, is really a spiritual creation, brought about into the material form in his earth world as a compound of ninety-two natural atoms—also energy forms.

Man therefore must be viewed as an object which maintains and is maintained by an inductive rapport with fourth-dimensional cosmos. While food and oxygen may be consumed in support of a physical metabolism, yet this metabolism, as are all other motions within this life-form object, is so keyed and controlled from these fourth dimensional life-giving energies, again subjectively inclined by the personal psychic anatomy which has been described many times elsewhere. In this broad and more complete analysis, it could be surmised that man would therefore be subjectively disposed, psychically speaking, to the motional oscillations which comprise the life-sustaining fourth dimension or Infinite Cosmos. And on the basis of the afore-described hysteresis and energy conversions which, in turn, regenerate such cyclic intercessions which cause sunspots, flare-ups in the aurora borealis at the poles, such phenomena is a testimonial to the formation of synchronous isochronisms in the process of cosmic hysteresis. It is in this aspect that we can find an explanation to the sense of time differential, compression and expansion of cosmic plasma and on the basis of negative and positive interpolations, could also conceivably and psychically speaking, have the same compressed and expanded feeling of time consciousness, according to how the positive-negative balance was maintained in consciousness, through the psychic anatomy into the Infinite Cosmos.

The principle involved here is quite similar to the condition of compression and expansion posed by the theory of relativity which we have discussed. So once again through an objective analysis and understanding of the principles and the dynamics of the Infinite Cosmos we have been able to solve one of the intangible and unanswered questions which surround the earth man on every side, a proposition of solvency which means immortality to any person who acquires it.