Chapter XXV: More On The Atom

The atom is not composed of solid negative and positive particles called protons or neutrons, but is composed of wave forms which might be likened to a very loosely rolled ball of string, the string itself being coiled or shaped in such a manner that it has an intelligence quotient. This I.Q. is made manifest in its own fundamental frequency. This frequency in itself links it in the terms of harmonic relationship with a fourth dimensional equation or counterpart. In the terms of fourth dimension, this energy can form an attractive or repulsive condition through the harmonic linkage into other atomic structures.

Energy transference is not a product of relationship with the third dimension, but is purely a product of harmonic frequencies residing in the fourth dimension. We can therefore liken it to a boat upon the water and that it is the water that carries the boat—not the boat that carries the water. In other words, electricity traveling through any third dimensional element, such as wire, is not dependent upon voltage or pressure, for voltage or pressure is purely a byproduct of frequency, frequency being in harmonic relationship as to the water which carries the boat. What the scientists think is an electron within the atom is a secondary conglomeration of wave forms. These wave forms, in turn, link it to the basic fundamental frequencies of the atom through the law of harmonic relationship. Each wave form, whether confined in any part of the atomic structures, is merely the reflected counterpart of energy in the fourth dimension and links it with its own specific intelligence.

The atom is a vessel for an outward expression sometimes called inner force or nature of Infinity. Scientists of today have a vague idea about the atom and have succeeded only crudely in harnessing its atomic force. It will be for man of the future who will, through spiritual realms of consciousness, bring through to the realm of the third dimension the lacking ingredients of knowledge which men of science of today lack; and only through a higher degree of clairvoyance can this be obtained; only those working in the highest order of scientific brotherhood will be able to bring this information to the earth plane. The massive machinery of our day and age far outweigh and overshadow a necessary spiritual balance which should be an integral part of the earth plane. Further progress in scientific fields without this spiritual knowledge will be travesty and bring ruin and destruction to the world.

Atlantis, Chaldea, Yu, Lemuria, all went down before these forces of insubordinate negation and can be likened unto the story of the Frankenstein monster. Verily, you have created this yourselves. Wrong use of the power of the atom at this time is invoking karma upon the heads of the governments of the world. As these governments suffer and as they are likewise the will of the people, so likewise will the people suffer also.

Further pursuance of this blind and fallacious experimentation and in the exploding of vast concussions of atomic energy will disrupt certain linkage between spiritual worlds and the mentalities of man. Not only in yourself do you become fearful but you create for yourself biological monstrosities. The greatest harm will come from invisible infusions into psychic centers of life.

There are other and harmful things to be considered. Inasmuch as fear will ride rampant through the minds of all mankind and divest him of his spiritual confidence, he will become easy prey and a victim to great psychic underworld demonic forces in the grip of these fantastic and demonic monstrosities from beneath the lower fields of psychic force and created from the fields of negative thinking, which are the warped and distorted forms of man's own thoughts, shall fasten themselves like vampires in the soul consciousness of these fearful people.

Heed ye, people, while ye may; flee not like fowls of the air but take root upon the rock. There ye shall find shelter. In all the things of the great Consciousness of the Infinite and the right usage of all such knowledge will secure for man the peace of mind he so earnestly seeks. Yet I would say, but there is temper in steel. The Infinite in Its wondrous Wisdom shall prevent man in his own undoing, and surely so, as he has created man so that those who serve the highest Godship shall find a way to prevent man in his last great folly; for surely, as the nature of these things are much greater and much more vast than man has ever dreamed, nor can he see the folly of his own blundering. Into the days and centuries of the future, (you of the earth of the Aquarian Age) there will always come a greater and stronger force, an arm of spirituality which will lead man to his spiritual self. Verily, in the great Consciousness of cosmic evolution, man sees himself strung across eons of time, must he ever progress, must he ever draw closer to the ever-loving life which gave him birth.