Chapter XXVII: The Passing

It has commonly been observed and remarked upon that these days, the last half of the twentieth century, are indeed days of great transitions, great discoveries and the passing of many things. And there is no doubt that of all the transitions and passings, the beginnings of what is the passing of all religious systems (Christianity in particular) and their transition into a more tangible, realistic, and above all, a scientific approach to creation is, by far, the most important.

There are many signs and developments which point to the passing of Christianity. There is, of this time, a great effort made by almost all Christian sects and denominations, and as of today, there are a number of Christian leagues, world-wide Christian organizations of one name or another, all bent on attaining some common approach to seeking a solution or course of action with which they hope to forestall the inevitable doom. In a previous Unarius article based upon an exposé made in an article published by the Los Angeles Times (6/3/67), polls taken among different Protestant factions from both the layman and the clergy revealed a great and growing disbelief in the Bible and in particular, the New Testament and its depictions of the miracles.

However, as all Protestant factions and denominations represent only a Christian minority, it is only fair, therefore, to grant equal time to the larger denomination, namely, the Roman Catholic, whose adherents number nearly 600 million of the 900 odd million Christians. There have been many signs and portents indicating the passing of this church. One of these signs happened many years ago in that all-important area of human relationship—sex and procreation. From its very firm position of absolute continence, the Catholic diocese, masterminded by the Pope, instituted the rhythm method in an effort to liberalize precepts mandated in an effort to regain lost ground. As the years passed, there were other signs and attempts to liberalize the church in an effort to retain and gain adherents, including a publicity campaign which smacked of the Hollywood movie star promotive-type campaign.

One other endeavor which happened several years ago: the Pope and the Bishop of the Church of England publicly “kissed and made up”, thus ending a four hundred-year-old religious feud. Another edict recently banned the eating of fish on Friday.

The subject of sex and birth control has, however, waxed hotter than the proverbial fires of hell and has embroiled the Catholic layman and hierarchy, as well as all sundry Protestant groups. The prospect of abortion still remains abhorrent to the largest segment of the Catholic hierarchy, but almost all of the diocese have absconded to preventative contraception necessitated by the pressure of ominous population explosions, public demands, etc., the imminent and predictable food shortages and famines, as well as other important aspects which mandate a globular birth control program.

At the present time, Catholicism has resolved preventive conception into two devices: a mechanical uterine device and “The Pill”. Of these two methods, the pill is by far the most acceptable, and as of this present moment, the Catholic hierophant, the Pope, is buried somewhere deep within the Sistine Chapel wrestling, as did Jacob with the Angel on the mount, with “The Pill”. And according to the lesser luminaries of the Catholic hierarchy, it is inevitable that the Pope will abdicate the time-honored continence and rhythm method to “The Pill”, thus, once again proving in this attempted liberalization our contention of the “passing” of present-day Christianity.

It must be remembered that the stranglehold this church has had upon the masses of peoples since its beginning, and after Constantine, the First, has been in the psychological strength which it gained from its superimposed image of ‘holiness’, its so-called ‘divine ordination’ and instrumentation, delivered with a large bundle of edicts, precepts and mandates, all bolstered up with the so-called luminous personalities of numerous ‘saints’.

To say that a primitive savage could be superstitiously coerced into believing this kind of malarkey is a probability, but to say that hundreds of millions of reasonably intelligent people living in the light of a comparatively advanced scientific technocracy could be so duped, deluded and coerced, is absolutely incomprehensible, unless it can be reasoned that these people are still, through reincarnation, subconsciously intimidated by affiliations with superstitious religions in the early primitive phases of their evolution. Or perhaps the ego, too, plays a part; and as a conformity, religion therefore would play a personal part in self-identification with the community. We do not like to think that Christians are, as a whole, mental weaklings, incapable of deciding such important issues for themselves unless there were such psychic pressures and intimidations.

It is very important to note, however, that any cross-sectional analysis into the religious thinking and beliefs of most western people does not reveal the same adamant consistency of belief as was exemplified in the grandparents of yesteryear; and this analysis would reveal a much greater inconsistency and disbelief in the younger generations of the age-old Christian dogma. These are heart-warming signs, always seen and interpreted with the greatest of joy and elation; and once again proves the inherent goodness in evolution, in the positive biasing agencies from the superconscious, and from the wise and all-pervading help of the Unarius Agencies.

As an immutable law of physics, energy cannot be destroyed because all energy or any energy is part of the Great Infinite Intelligence which the barbarian calls God; and as this Infinite Intelligence functions, creates and recreates infinitely, according to inviolate principles and laws, so does this concept hold the promise of immortality for every human, predicated upon evolutionary principles and made possible for him individually, by self-determination in learning of this Infinite Intelligence and living by its Creative Principles.

Moral responsibility cannot be shirked in the promise of intercession, and all promises so uttered by any priesthood are turned to stone by the poisonous alchemy of hypocrisy and bigotry, a stone harder and more insoluble than the graven images they worship!

Other prophetic indications of the demise and passing are in the insurrections which are occurring among the lay and priesthood of the Catholic Church. One priest was suspended and excommunicated for starting a union among priests. Another priest and a teacher in a parochial school was suspended for teaching liberalized birth control. He was later reinstated after a student-teacher strike, also an indication of weakness of a church which would have, several hundred years ago, burned any insurrectionists at the stake as heretics.

But the greatest exposé of all came from, naturally enough, a Catholic priest. This priest, now suspended, has, in Look Magazine, (June 15, 1967 issue), exposed much of the heretofore almost secret trials, troubles, tribulations, malfunctions, injustices, deleterious policies, malfeasance and a long list of contrivances and exploitations practiced among the clergy. For example, in convents, he has exposed sexual malpractices, lesbianism, and inhuman psychological tactics. Included also was the confessional, its practices and erroneous counseling; in short, a great mélange of common hypocrisies and bigotries, practiced within the so-called holy confines of Catholic institutions, a list and a description far too extensive to be discussed in this epistle.

It is suggested that you obtain and read this writing, either from the magazine or from the book which was written by this priest (Father James Kavanaugh), titled, “A Modern Priest Looks at his Outdated Church”, by the Trident Press, Division Simon Schuster, Inc. A few of his topics are titled, “The anguish of nuns who find their lives oppressive”, “The folly of maintaining special Catholic schools”, “The frustration of Catholics locked in unhappy marriages”, “The unrealistic ‘rules of courtship’ taught to Catholic teenagers”, etc., etc.