Chapter III: Man, A Living Television Mechanism (1956)

Perhaps it may serve a purpose if we discussed further and point up other similarities or analogies of these energy principles to help convey to you these all-important interdimensional relationships and concepts.
For instance, you can see how electricity going through the light filament, the molecules of tungsten or the filament offers resistance to the oscillating current. Direct current would not pass through it because it would be too highly resistant. The tungsten won’t burn up because there is no oxygen, but the molecules can get so steamed up and agitated about the whole thing that they go white-hot. When they begin to get white-hot, they give off six or seven different kinds of frequencies. The molecules are all banded together and churning around. There are big wide open spaces between the molecules. You may think the substance is solid because it seems that way. Everything in this third dimension, as far as atomic structures are concerned, between the various particles called solid, the parallaxes of the waves or the cycles in an atom are so far apart that they are comparable to: if you had 100 acres of land and you took a dozen eggs and put them evenly all over the 100 acres, that is about what an atom would look like in comparative size. So you think that everything is either hard or soft in comparison with your body which is made up of the same type of substance—it is resistant to another substance in direct ratio and proportion according to the atomic scale. That merely means that there isn't anything actually solid.
We have 5000 ray particles going through us every minute of 24 hours, and few of them ever hit us in a lifetime—and only very rarely, when they do; some scientists think it's the contributing cause for cancer. When one strikes, it produces a chain reaction of split atoms in some portion of the body. Also, there happens to be things linked there too in the psyche which would continue the chain reaction process into breaking down the natural carrier frequency of intelligence to the atom. That's where the scientists of material medica have missed the boat today in their various treatments of incurable diseases—because they have not continued on into the defects and broken down transmissions between the psyche and the atomic structures of the outer body. When they continue and see the life process carried back into the psyche, the spiritual self, then they will have a place to start in the solution of all incurable diseases. Every atom in the body that does not function properly according to the scale of life in which it learned to live in the process of evolution, as we call incarnation, is diseased and nonfunctional. This is simply because the transmission of intelligence that was developed through incarnation and made that atom possible to exist in the human body in its relationship, that carrier of intelligence has been broken down, been disrupted to a certain degree. It is out of alignment.
Every atom in the human system is linked to the higher or psychic body; just like we had a bunch of small beads lying on a table and every one of those beads had a little string on them that went down through the table and were connected by a wire to a battery underneath the table, and they were all activated by that battery. We could have the same similarity in an iconoscope or some similar piece of electronic apparatus used in television for picking up the picture, which is another development of the iconoscope. They resolve in the same thing—they have light which comes in focus by lenses, goes on to a mosaic screen which is a series of very finely planted pattern of chemically active cells. Those cells are very small, we can liken them to tiny little beads, and when those cells are activated by light or darkness according to how the lens focuses the picture upon them, they in turn are all hooked up by wire and circuitry into various electronic circuits into transmitting apparatus. In that way, they go out onto the ethers and the synchronized picture.
The process is absolutely the same with the psychic body in the human being except, of course, we don't have the orthicon (picture) or the iconoscope and we don't have the mosaic. We have the physical body as the image of the television; we have the psychic body, and the subconscious which is really the picture which picks up the imagery of not only the physical expressions from the exterior but also pictures from the higher plateaus of relationship. The process is very similar and an exact parallel to that used in television transmission. Science unknowingly has struck a very close parallel in the television as in the process of life as far as the human body is concerned with the psyche, except that in the higher dimensions of relationship instead of having metal, glass and other material substances created in various different forms and circuitry or envelopments or configurations, we have frequency relationship, harmonic structures and various other different things which exist in pure vortexal patterns and wave forms in a spaceless dimension. We call this the psychic body and that is our television transmitter, because that is transmitting to us synchronized with external appearances.
We are stimulated from the outside with light, heat, smells, sounds, etc., various other physical stimuli, and they in turn are retranslated into the psyche and they cause stimulation back into the conscious again. That, of course, orients the whole thing in less than one-tenth of a split second. We derive certain extractions in that process of oscillation as comparative value. We have the same process in these great brain machines called Univac. In constructing Univac, they have done exactly the same thing that the Infinite did with the psyche in the human being. They put little cells in the Univac, literally hundreds of thousands of them, and they are able to store up for a short time a certain amount of energy of a certain frequency. Whenever certain circuitry connects them with a punched card, they will store up a frequency. Then when other things happen and correlation is brought about in the machine, they will discharge back into the circuitry again which activates another type of mechanism which prints something on a card. That's the sum and total of it.
(Will you tell me something more about the mirror reflection?) Well, it's a very simple allegorical picture that a person can create for himself. If we take what we call the Holy Triad—Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva, we always have the three points, the Holy Trinity—Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. What we actually have is the Superconsciousness, the subconscious and the conscious; as far as human beings are concerned, we are either functioning from one or the other at all times. Very few people function from the Superconsciousness and then only in moments of spiritual transcendency or in very special and very highly improbable circumstances; or only very old souls who have been trained in clairvoyance, the function from the Superconsciousness. When we do have moments where the mind is coupled directly with the Superconsciousness, a person can see ahead into the future and behind into the past in many ways and respects. Ordinarily most people function from the subconscious, which is merely that portion of the psychic body which we call the cellar or the basement. It has collected all the reactionary bits because in the psychic body everything has to be dimensionally related. The psyche is in itself composed of an infinite number of various vortexal structures, which in their basic frequency relationship, are related to different planes or dimensions. The closest one to the physical body is the subconscious.
In using the mirror, we can hold the mirror up in front of us and we can tilt the mirror so that we can look at any object on the ground—a pile of rubbish or sticks or stones. That is comparable to the subconscious, or we can turn the mirror upward and see a beautiful tree, a mountain, or many other much more inspiring sights in that same mirror. That is comparable to the conscious mind. When we turn the mirror upward into the reaches of the psychic self or even into the Superconsciousness itself, then of course, all the mysteries of heaven and the Infinite Cosmos will open up to us. That is clairvoyance in its true sense.
When I say clairvoyance, I am not associating it with the common type of spiritualism which we see today manifest in the séance rooms, etc., because that really isn't clairvoyance to my way of thinking. That is the pattering of small feet and children playing with mud pies, so to speak. They really don't understand what is behind these things; they cannot conceive the one basic fundamental element of all creation which is energy. There isn't anything else either here or hereafter that isn't in some form or another a relationship of energy. There is no such thing as a solid, because it would be absolutely impossible for even the Infinite to create anything of a solid substance because it would be foreign to the nature of the Infinite. The Infinite is the sum and total of all abstraction, dynamics and never ending, ceaseless, interchanging dimensional relationships. In order for the Infinite to be creative, It must be dynamic. Dynamic means of course that there must always be a ceaseless, never ending movement of energy—a relationship of energy, interdimensional, infinite and finite. It is foreign to the Infinite to have anything solid or stagnant, or static. Even in cases where we have energy supposedly static, we only find that this energy, instead of traveling in a straight line frequency, is only gyrating but it is still moving, even on the plates of condensers moving in never-ending, ceaseless patterns of harmonic structures across the face of the metal. It is like ten thousand birds in a room all trying to escape out of the window at the same time. The little electrons will be called solid particles but are not solid at all, for they are tiny little solar systems of pure energy. Those little solar systems, that we call specks, are in turn more little solar systems and so on into infinity.
It is very hard for the human mind to picture energy until you go right into what scientific apparatus we have, such as the oscilloscope. If you can first get an oscillator, signal generator and oscilloscope, you can gain a very comprehensive idea of how and what energy is, but it takes even more than that. You have to live with it a long time before you can even conceive it, because in the first place it travels at such inconceivable speeds. There is nothing in the human anatomy that could even keep up with it because any energy, even sound, will travel much faster than the human eye can see. It can travel six or seven thousand feet per second. All the other forms of energy of an electronic nature, such as radio waves, light waves, etc., travel at about 186,000 miles per second. Between that and sound, which is the slowest of most of the energy movements, we have numerous different spectrums where energy moves—fringe-line spectrums that are on the end of our visual spectrum which lies in between.
As far as the human brain is concerned, it is simply a thing which is a development of reincarnation through many lifetimes, and whether we want to admit it or not, man is in a comparatively low state of evolution as far as this world is concerned—speaking of at least ninety-nine percent of the people on the earth. They are really only about half-way on a scale between an animal and a human being and still struggling in the mire and the pits, the primeval ooze from which they sprang many thousands of years ago. It is only recently, in the last 25 or 50,000 years, that they have succeeded in maintaining the ego or id from one lifetime to another as their reincarnative pattern of life. That is what distinguished them from the animals. In the animal, the ego or id is not sustained for any length of time after the animal passes into spirit. The various harmonic structures, as far as energy is concerned in the other dimensions which are concerned with the psychic body of an animal, are related in other interdimensional relationships and go into other creative patterns, and come back into other egos or ids of other animals of a similar species, or even an evolutionary species. That's the way the pattern goes. That is the part that Darwin didn't touch because he did not understand. He could not see into the universes and see how energy in a vortexal pattern of harmonic structures and frequency relationships were always finding ways and means to seek each other out on compatible frequencies to regenerate into other intelligent forms of another nature and re-portray a particular pattern of life into some materialistic dimension. This is a secondary translation as far as the old gyrative culmination of energy wave forms were concerned. There we get into more complex and deeper secrets of life, and they are properly understood only when we can transcend beyond the barriers of our physical mind and get “upstairs”, so to speak, and get into the higher mental reaches of the psychic self and closer to that Superconsciousness which is so completely abstract in nature that the scope of vision is infinite. That is what Jesus meant when He spoke of the Father within, or the Kingdom of Heaven within—one and the same thing. The Father is not a personal being; when he said Father, He meant that it was the creator of all form and substance infinite and finite. Therefore, the Kingdom and the Father were one and the same, because in the Kingdom we find all things finite and infinite and the Father was the creator of all those things—so they are one and the same.
Many people, of course, are badly mixed up on these things because they don't understand the mechanics of the creative form and substance of energy. The only reason we have a physical body is simply because we have incurred the idea and form of association of this physical form through countless ages of time and successive bodies. These energy formations which are associated and formed into the human body have been built up through hundreds of thousands of years until the time when they arrived at the sufficient cohesive element known as the id or ego and more or less kept the thing together passing from one life to another, when a person began to associate himself with the higher structures, because this id or ego was directly connected with another vortexal pattern which is called the Superconsciousness.
These things are very complex. They require a lot of thought and concentration to a person in a position like our dear little sister down here (speaking of Ruth). Those things are very difficult because she is on the threshold of something that even the greatest and most intelligent of our thinkers today have only the faintest inkling because they have refused to transcend the barriers of the physical dimension. They are afraid of their position and impedimenta that they have accumulated through being coached through school and college or academic position or social structures, censorship of their colleagues, etc. They are afraid, even though they may have the inner intuitive sense of the knowledge in the ability to link themselves up with higher ideas, forms and consciousness. Very few of them have had the courage of their convictions to come out and risk all to work these things out. Einstein is one of the mental geniuses who managed to survive, and in surviving he became a hero of the scientific world, along with Isaac Newton and many of the others, but there are very few of them who have that courage.
A few hundred years ago, they burned people at the stake for thinking things like that. Now they have more subtle means of destroying. As far as the average individual is concerned, he is much like the Chinese or Japanese—he hates to lose face with his fellow countrymen, especially if he is in the position of a scientist in a college when his very livelihood depends on his prestige in holding to certain conformed trails of mental relationships or mental paths which they have to follow. After all, back of every great college and institution and back of the fabrication of our scientific structure of this country, we have a very pedagogic and despotic group of tyrants who rule these things and hold the purse strings; and those tyrants are extremely narrow-minded.
They are just as narrow-minded as they were back in the Victorian Age. They refuse to accept things beyond their own limited sphere of introspection. In every college we have a board of trustees, and they are very conscious of the prestige of that college. The only time we don't find this is in a new civilization that is young, growing and green, like a new tree. There is no time for that rotten wood to form. It is only after the tree reaches a certain circumference and growth that deadwood starts setting in. This is but bigotry that we have among those who hold key positions and hold the purse strings of the financial backing of the various colleges and scientific institutions of this country—and there are very few places in the land today where a scientist is permitted to go ahead and experiment on his own. Even though they may say so, yet the scientist is very conscious of certain lines over which he dare not pass.
One of the greatest and strongest of these lines is that line which marks the material world from the spiritual. Very few dare cross that line. It is an invisible line, but it is there just the same. As far as the scientist of the world is concerned, anything which is called spiritual is “pseudo”. He doesn't believe in anything spiritual the way a person of a more orthodox sense would believe, such as the soul, or spiritual worlds, or man existing on other planets under conditions similar to that of the earth. He could not possibly conceive that a man could live anywhere else unless he had oxygen to breathe the same as here, and a compatible temperature and living environment. That thing, in itself, is one of the most idiotic suppositions that man has ever labored under in the past thousands of years. Even now it is even much more stupid and much more narrow-minded than it has been in the past because the scientist is practically surrounded with proof, imperishable and invulnerable proof that life exists in an infinite number of forms without oxygen under extreme temperatures. In fact, he is confronted with the fact that the very thing he calls life is energy and can exist under any and all circumstances. In fact, there is no place where there isn't energy, even what he calls an impenetrable void of space, a so-called vacuum.
There is a swing-back now to the theory among many of the prominent thinkers of the world that there is no such thing as a vacuum and a void out there. It would be impossible for nature to form a vacuum. Now he finds out that the atmosphere of the earth extends twice as high into space as he formerly thought. With the Palomar telescope, he finds that he has to alter his concept of space and expand it at least two and a half times. If he makes another telescope twice that size, his space will go out that much further, etc., etc. What is meant by the whole thing is that man has simply refused to admit that he is extremely ignorant and knows absolutely nothing about anything at all beyond a hundred atoms that he can hold in the palm of his hand. He may know something about them and perhaps some of the chemical reaction processes, and has even succeeded in exploding two or three.
I went around year after year in various spiritualist churches and other churches. I was looking, not particularly forming any alliances beyond that which served a purpose of preparing for a day and time when I would have to speak intelligently. I wanted a little practice to overcome a complex I had. I found that most people who called themselves teachers—whether they were ministers or priests or rabbis, etc.,—were comparatively very ignorant and unlearned men in spite of the fact that occasionally I found some with a little academic background and some who had read considerably along certain lines.
But I never found one of them in my whole search for fifteen years who knew anything about life. That is a strange thing to say in spite of the fact that they were simply spouting language about life, but there was not a thing in what they said that meant anything. They didn’t have the knowledge or knowhow; they didn't know anything beyond the grave. To me, that wouldn't add up because I could not see on any ending where there was a beginning. The old adage—which came first, the hen or the egg—was applicable here. As far as the world was concerned, this is only the beginning; and if this is the beginning, then certainly there had to be an ending—and the ending was not here. It had to be out there somewhere. But they did not know and there was no one who could give me any information. In fact, that was one thing that I searched for most—the answer to that riddle that I knew had to be answered before I was satisfied. I didn't find it in any church. I found it at the work-bench in a television shop. I found what I was looking for. It wasn't really hidden from me at all because I had known all about it for thousands of years.
I found that man, as far as the earth life is concerned, is stumbling blindly along a path. He does not have a spiritual eye but at the same time through various relationships such as life previously lived, as well as intuitive guidance from higher planes and channels, and his own ability to travel in his sleep state and other human factors—even though he does not acknowledge these things and doesn't know anything about them—he has succeeded in creating some of the greatest miracles of life—like television. The people don't seem to realize the tremendous thing that really is, the various electronic gadgets and appliances they are surrounded with—the radio and communication system—and how far science has gone into perfecting these things for the material world. These are made possible only because somehow he manages to reach through into the higher reaches of his spiritual self. In getting the answer, he has struck a very close parallel with the true creative principle of life.
It would not be possible for any man or any group of men to construct a whole new group of physical laws here on this earth that were different or contrary to those created by the Infinite Mind. Man does not create anything; he only becomes conscious of something that has been there all along! He calls it discovering or creating, but he does not. He has only brought something into existence in another form or state that has been there all the time. He goes around patting himself on the back: he deifies himself—he is the highest form of creation on the earth. If he had a little insight or vision, he would be very ashamed of the comparison, because he is not much higher on the scale of life than the cow he milks or the dog that barks at his door, not so when you start comparing him with things you can see in the Infinite Cosmos which lie beyond the grave—the so-called grave or the loss of the physical form.
When man succeeds in awakening himself as far as his personal ego or id is concerned so he can carry himself into these infinite spiritual dimensions, in the course of time of evolution and reincarnation or whatever evolutionary pattern he wants to follow, he will realize these things in a future day. He has had people, men who have lived on this earth and gone to places like that and who came back to tell about it, but he couldn't understand them and he destroyed them in one way or another. Jesus was one of them, and there have been others. It is one of the primeval laws under which man lives and functions. It guarantees in a sense of the word that he is going to be saved, as far as this world is concerned, for the future generations that he spawned on the earth and followed the same evolutionary pattern. That, in itself, is a direct tribute to the long-range intelligence of that Infinite Mind, for how else could man attain mastership and individual stewardship of the Infinite Mind as an individual without passing through all of the infinite planes of consciousness? It's a wonderful thing to think about. In spite of all the stupidity, the ignorance, all the things in the ramifications of material life involved, yet behind it there is a wonderful and very beautiful Infinite plan, for man, in spite of all the sins and iniquities and stupidity, is gradually climbing the scale. He destroys himself, sometimes he slides back down, but he always manages to recreate himself and bring himself back up. It would be contrary to conceive anything else. Jesus said that even the sparrow that falls by the wayside is accounted for. He meant that nobody kept records on sparrows but simply that the very atoms of that sparrow's body was part of the Infinite Mind. The loss of form and change of energy from one form to another is always a manifestation, even when it is so small it isn't noticeable. It is all accounted for as far as the Infinite Mind is concerned.
The lowest content of any man's personality is one way that he can live through all, to attain mastery over it. You cannot say that there is no evil, for evil does a good thing for everyone. It becomes good by having conquered evil. How else could man become good if he has not conquered? He would not have anything to go by, no basis, no platform. He would simply be an inert, vibrating mass of electronic protoplasm, without identity. He has to retain the idiom of every circumstance, every experience, every shock he goes through, every evil; even though it is conquered or cancelled out as far as any repercussive effects or any continuity to future life is concerned, the idiom of that is retained. That is all part of the progression. After he has attained mastery over these things, you can say it is a reciprocating polarity pattern which forms the structural patterns of the spiritual self and enables a man to maintain and live in the higher spiritual realms of consciousness.
This principle is very deep and only for that person who has the way and means of reaching through from the reactionary thought process and who turns the mirror of his mind upward to see the reflection and creation with all its grandeur, its magnitude and infinity. Man can live and breathe in it; he can manifest it through his consciousness, and that is the true way of life. Then his mind does not become something that is a slave to the objectivism of this material world—manifestation, the power to concentrate, to realize some gain or appurtenance or particular possession of the material world. He only becomes creative when he tunes himself up and turns the mirror upward into the vast infinity. When he does that, that mirror not only shows him all things as far as the conscious mind is concerned, but somehow or other, those things come to life in his own life, into the lives of others. That is the way he regenerates himself. That is the true truth.
Always does there exist the oscillation through what we call the mental processes of the physical mind—what we think is right for us. We attain power and mastery over the physical dimension to the extent that we can realize the gains and acquisitions of some material wealth. We have not asserted mastership over anything but have become slaves! The true creative process of life simply means that when we turn the mirror of our minds upward, we become something like the wire that brings electricity to our house or pipeline that brings the water into our home. We become a channel for the Infinite Mind to oscillate to the people around us, and that is the true way. That is the only way. That is called, “finding the Father and Kingdom of Heaven Within”. It really is the ultimate goal of everyone even though he knows nothing at all about it—and perhaps won't for thousands of years. Yet there is something there that is part of the Christ- Self that Jesus called the Comforter, that guiding ray, that beam that always draws him on from one life to another, with all kinds of sins, iniquities, sorrows and terrors. He becomes a coward or a hero; it makes no difference, because always that guiding light goes ahead to show him the way.