Chapter XXX: The True Meaning Of The Adam And Eve Story (1955)

The book of Genesis in the Bible contains what are probably the most important parables in the whole Bible. These are the stories of the creation and the Garden of Eden. We are all familiar with both of these stories and of their many versions. Yet, their true interpretation lies more in the realm of astrophysics or astronomy, as well as the study of ancient peoples or civilizations on this earth. We are all familiar with the story of creation in which the Lord created the earth in six days and on the seventh He rested. There are many people who have taken this literally and there are others who have embarked upon various interpretations which resolve into nothing and are rather meaningless. If we look at this story or parable in a more scientific light, we will find that the six days refer to six major cycles. These are, in the terms of the modern astrophysicist, the cycles of the recessional. The earth, in its yearly journey around the sun, comes out minus so many hours and so many minutes from the time in which it originally started out from a given point in making up the Gregorian calendar of 365 days. This, in itself, is added up and introduced as an extra day in the month of February.

Now, you ask, why is this of any consequence as far as history is concerned? What it actually means is that the sun is a huge magnet and extending out from the north and south magnetic poles of the sun are vast strong magnetic rays which are much like the old-fashioned pinwheel at the Fourth of July celebrations. In a crude fashion, they stem out into space and intersect and bisect other solar lines from the north and the south magnetic poles of all of the planets in the solar system. When you have grasped this idea, you will have some sort of universal concept of what astrology means.

In the progression of the earth in its orbit or the ellipse around the sun, it intersects and bisects these lines of force every hour, every day, every month during the entire year, and in each following year there is only a slight and minute change. At the end of 25,862 years’ time in our Gregorian calendar, the earth will have made a complete retrogressive circle of 360 degrees and will have intersected and bisected all the lines of magnetic force of the sun. This is the same principle that runs the motor in the vacuum sweeper or raises the elevator in the skyscraper. All modern twentieth century electric motors run by exactly the same principle. The 25,862 years were measured in the Lemurian calendar as 33,000 years and have a counterpart in the old Yogi understanding of the cycle of 24,000 years. However, whatever our interpretation of time is, it rests purely in the interpretation of our calendar and has nothing at all to do with the exact time of this great cycle.

Now it is easy to see that we are beginning to understand how the effects of the lines of magnetic force as they intersect and bisect those of the earth can have some effect not only on plant and animal life, but upon mankind in general. If we take this vast cycle of 25,862 years and divide it up into twelve segments like a pie, as everyone understands that a cycle is a circle, if we start from Pisces and go on through the rest of the astrological signs, we come back to Aquarius. Each of these ages as denoted in the astrological calendar have the all particular portent, or the particular spiritual significance upon the peoples of the earth. According to the corridor of time of the big pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt, it ended all time as far as the six days or cycles were concerned, on August 20, 1953.

We are therefore said to be something like almost two years into the Aquarian Age. We will understand also that this cycle is in itself of little more than 2000 years' duration according to our Gregorian calendar. Its peak or apex of the cycle will be about 1000 years from now.

The Aquarian Age is symbolized by the figure of God standing with his foot upon the earth and the horn of plenty in his right hand from which he is strewing the contents of the upturned horn upon the earth. In his left hand, he holds the three-pronged trident which represents the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, or the Triad. Therefore, the symbology of the Aquarian Age means simply that God shall gradually begin to ascend into the leadership of the earth people through spiritual interpretation from the inner consciousness. Man will gradually begin to understand and to live by the teaching of the Master Jesus.

If we take these six days and further pursue our understanding of this parable of the Bible, we will add them up and find that we come out somewhere about 160,000 years ago. This, in itself, is very significant inasmuch as it is the starting point of earth's history as it is concerned in the Bible. It means that at this time a great space ship from a far-off planet down near the solar system called Lemuria, landed somewhere in the vicinity of the Himalayan Mountains. The ship was badly damaged and there were eleven Supermasters assigned us from this great planet who were unharmed and unhurt by the impact of the ship upon the earth's surface. They emerged and later built an amphibious vessel from the remnants of the ship and the machinery therein and were able to travel over land and water with this ship. They embarked upon a journey which brought them out to a great continent which was called Lemuria which has long since sunk beneath the waters of the Pacific Ocean. This great continent embodied land which was in itself almost as large as two-thirds of the continent of North America. The sinking of this continent left only the islands: the Easter Islands, the Polynesian Islands, the Hawaiian Islands and other archipelagos in the Pacific Ocean.

When these Masters emerged upon this continent, they proceeded to build a civilization. In going about the earth, they found the ten tribes of people as they were described in the Bible—people who were rather primitive, living as they did in caves or in wattled huts in various sections of the earth. They returned from time to time with some of these people and began instructing them in the art of how to live a true spiritual life. As these Masters, in themselves, lived tremendously long lives, even into the thousands of years, they proceeded along these lines to teach these people a constructive spiritual way of life. This is, in itself, an interpretation of the Tower of Babel story. You can imagine the confusion or frustration these Masters felt at times in trying to integrate the lives of these people together in a constructive fashion so that an intelligent pattern of life could be expressed in the building of various dwellings and the temples and other various and sundry edifices in this great and new building civilization of Lemuria.

Therefore, we can assume that they were quite successful in the building of this civilization. The Lemurian Masters also had to teach these rather primitive people in their childlike way—a way in which they could understand these things through symbology or signs or portents. One of the symbols that they taught to the children of Mu was the symbology of the creation or the perpetuation of the race. God or the infinite indwelling Spirit of Light was symbolized as a serpent, being the all-wise, the all-knowing, the long-lived thing. This symbolical snake or serpent was coiled around the tree of life which is the bay-leaf tree and is still worshipped in the Orient. The serpent was handing to the configuration of man and woman (not an individual, but Adam was called man and so represented all men, and likewise the representation of all women was Eve) the apple of life, which is the pomegranate because of its many seeds denoting the multiplicity and the fertility of life. Therefore, the spiritual interpretation of this picture was that God wished Adam and Eve to go forth and be fruitful and replenish the earth.

It is quite natural that God would not defeat his personal plans while building the creation of life on this planet by restricting procreation in any individual sense or making a sin of sex. Sex is a necessary, vital and integrated part of the lives of any normal civilization of the peoples therein and is very essential for the growth and welfare of any such civilization. Therefore, when we study these facts, we begin to see the true spiritual interpretation and the meaning of the symbology of these two great parables as they are written in the book of Genesis.

Thus as we have said that in the opening chapter of the Bible in the mention of the six days, this was actually the reference to Lemuria of 160,000 years ago. Masters came from Lemuria and settled on what is now known as the Gobi Desert which borders on Tibet. People understood the controlling forces and impulses of all things of the mind and many things were explained along the principles of psychokinetics (the mind forces) to these earth inhabitants.

The civilization of Yu was 500,000 years ago, one of a spiritual nature—one in which great planes of different spirits of earth, air, fire and water were ritualistic beliefs of the people. It was out of these concepts which came many of the things in which the Yogi or Brahmin of today believes. Law and punishment of man’s soul or vicarious atonement was practiced and many other primitive forms of self-punishment, and some of the more modern beliefs of Brahmanistic concepts had their origin in Yu. It may be well for modern science to know that 100,000 years hence the earth will be too hot a place upon which to live.

Let it be said for posterity's sake no man retrogresses save with his own will and intent. Retrogression in the individual is only creating karma in the psychic body, and a man cannot become a beast of the field but only projects into the lower orders of karmic endeavor and reinstates himself with his god consciousness. Man is god and shall remain so beyond the ends of time. He is the personal intelligence and the deification of man.

In great civilizations primarily man builds for himself the positive and negative forces. All force is energy which resolves into itself finding its completeness with its unison, its own harmony. This energy is free-moving force, energizing and infinitely intelligent, and being infinite in nature must express itself into infinity in all directions. God forms a man’s superconscious by saying that man is not confined with things upon this planet, but rather into the vastness of this cosmic universe where galaxies of star clusters exist which may be but pinpoints of light in this great whirling maelstrom and yet are individual giant suns—each with their clusters of planets, many of which are peopled with mankind in various stages of evolution. We cannot visualize these physical forms or bodies which may be grotesque, just as ours may appear to them, yet each being we may call man in whatever form he assumes.

There are billions of forms of bodies deifying the God force which is within. We enter and inhabit the third dimension in our planetary systems with a third-dimensional consciousness and must therefore assume the mechanism necessary to live upon a material planet. The materialist is only at the beginning of the steps up the ladder of soul progress.

We must build the foundation before the roof is placed on. So man must need to know the value of co-relationship, sometimes called cause and effect, that which may assume forms of hate, anger, greed or may, in its pure and in its more intelligent form, as love. In this and in other planes of materialism, man is learning to choose, to use this God force within, is learning to use this intelligence widely, and that such separation of usage of this force lends him subjective to disease. He will learn in eons of time after many reincarnations, the correct usage of this God force; he will advance his spiritual growth and progress which will incarnate him into spiritual planes of consciousness which know of no greed or hate, which know of no carnal desires, but instead, of great spiritual freedom.

Each individual in his own spiritual integrity finds himself not only the vehicle of God's intelligent force but has also been made godlike in nature. So in conclusion, those of this puny earth—of those tiny intellects who are as ants on this speck of cosmic dust, whose minds are imbued in karmic desires, who become fearsome and see only death and destruction of these things about them—become panicky in their fear and so they need things of destructive nature, thinking perhaps to allay these inward fears; and so they seek to struggle on their own dominion over numbers, thinking that this false sense of prestige will allay this gnawing fear. They seek to lay up treasures of earth, building great vaults, taking great pride in glittering baubles of carved stones and metals.

So they seek to become less fearful by impressing their fellow neighbor that they are wiser and more crafty than he, yet all of these things are more foolish than the idiot who admires himself in the stream and becomes angry at the breeze that ruffles the water to mar his image. It may be said that man ties himself to the wheel of consequence and must learn through centuries of time that God does not live in far-off places, in mosques and temples, but in each and everyone, in each blade of grass, every trembling leaf, everything of creation that man can see or sense. With this realization of God within, the God Force which manifests itself unto that direct ratio to his faith in that belief, he too becomes Godlike.