Chapter XXXIII: Man’s Immortal Quest (1967)

It could be conceded that any living person would like to attain immortality, that somehow life could be resumed beyond the grave. What this life would be, and the manner in what could be attained has been the quest of every person who has ever lived or will live on this planet. This quest for immortality has given rise to all of the innumerable religions and religious systems, cultisms and practices which are in our present-day and historical configurations.

Ponce de Leon sought the Fountain of Youth as did many others. Some tried to find the magic elixir which would give them eternal life; but, largely, most efforts in this quest have been concentrated in this direction of various and diverse religions wherein some pantheism of deistic beings, gods, god, saints, etc., were so created in the configurations of a church system or religion.

As of today, it can be seen that of the three and a half billion people who swarm upon this planet's face by far the largest majority of these people have absconded into the superstitious beliefs of some religious system. Today hundreds of millions of people bend down on their knees at least one or more times a day to pray to their respective gods, saints or intercessors; and how silly and useless all this becomes is immediately apparent when even a small glimpse of the interdimensional cosmos can be visualized; and it is especially a ridiculous situation when within this concept of interdimensional consciousness, a small and even incomplete visualization of Infinite Intelligence, the Creative Force, the law, order and harmony which engenders this Creative Intelligence, is expressed into all dimensional forms. To get down on one’s knees and utter negative thoughts, selfish desires or whatever else might be voiced in this prayerful attitude to this great Infinite Cosmos and to the Creative Intelligence which created the interdimensional cosmos, is much more ridiculous than when King Canute tried to command the ocean tide to recede. How inconsequential, even blasphemous, are these religions and religious systems which deteriorate this concept of the Infinite Creative Intelligence into the configuration of an emotional godhead who can be solicited and intimidated into bestowing numerous blessings upon the prayerful supplicant. We who know of the interdimensional cosmos and of Infinite Creative Intelligence, of the law, order and harmony which creates and re-creates this Infinite Intelligence into all things, all forms of life, all visible and invisible worlds know how much better, how much more worthwhile, more logical and intelligent would it be if this religious supplicant would cease his silly superstitious practices and try to learn of this Creative Intelligence and to try to make himself some small functional or expressionary agency for this great Creative Intelligence. This is the Message of Unarius, to present to you the science of the interdimensional cosmos, the Infinite Creative Intelligence which Jesus called the “Father” and the “Many Mansions”.

And in seeking to understand the interdimensional cosmos and becoming a functioning participle of Infinite Intelligence will be the finding of the Kingdom and the Father who dwelleth within—the finding of immortality through constructive evolution. Only through learning, education, and reeducation, constructive learning, always visualized in its fullest creative capacity as stemming from the interdimensional cosmos and from Infinite Intelligence—this is the only and the true way to attain immortality. Religions and superstitions, churches and temples, deisms and diets, mantrums and prayers are worse than useless and become as a millstone around your neck. We could only partially imagine the chaos and confusion which would immediately result if eight hundred or so million Christians could be suddenly transported (as they believe) to their mythical heaven and “New City of Jerusalem”, provided, of course, that these people could live even for a few moments in a totally different dimension without physical bodies and the necessary food and oxygen to support these bodies, without the familiar earth world and its numerous physical objects surrounding these people, objects which key the emotional reflexes into that reactive material existence which they now call life. For indeed, this city of heaven would be entirely constructed of radiant energy, even the golden streets paved with a golden radiance which cannot be seen with earthly eyes. (These cities have all been described in the Unarius texts.)

We could hardly imagine how these eight hundred million Christians minus vocal cords or other means would communicate with the countless billions of other spiritually-developed people living in celestial worlds about them when most of these Christians do not know what mental telepathy is. All these and many more factors of life would be entirely missing in that new heavenly world in which this Christian now found himself. And how would he utter his prayers when within the confines of his own mind, there was nothing but chaotic confusion, wild delirium and hellish night-mares produced by wild and irregular wave-forms of energy stemming from his memory-bank—the subconscious.

And, dear friend, well it could be that you could be one of these multitudes, for all of these people living today, just as the millions who have died have had to face, or will face the hellish nightmare created from out their subconscious, when in some astral world they will try to continue to live and relive their former life in the material world. No one can hope to live in any place, in any environment or in any world, heavenly or otherwise, unless he knows about this new environment and how to live in it. The most beautiful heaven becomes instant hell to any soul who would, under some circumstance, be placed within this heaven unless you are preconditioned; unless you specifically know about any and all conditions and unless you know how to mentally function and remain conscious in this totally new environment, you will not only be totally lost, but you will be eventually destroyed!

So tarry not, my friend, the doorway to immortality and eternal life is open but the pathway is long and devious and fraught with more dangers than those which beset Ulysses in his journey from Troy. Yet, there will always be a star to guide you; one which will light the pathway in its darkness, which will shed a strength, a protective power against the thorns and bruising stones; a star which will constantly fill your heart with fresh courage that you may pass the roaring maelstroms of self-pity; the snarling, fiery dragons of self-deceit; the enchanting voices of sirens who sing the praises of their material lusts. This star, the star of hope, of aspiration, of goodness and all that which is worth striving for—this is your heavenly abode in the future.

(Note: As an example of Infinite attunement or Consciousness: the Moderator conceived and dictated this message while he was eating his lunch. R.N.)