Chapter XXXVII: The Complex Escape Mechanism

Psychological nomenclature defines an escape mechanism as thought and action by any individual whereby certain psychic pressures seem to be temporarily relieved or certain justifications attained. It can be said factually that of the three and a half billion people living at this time, all, without exception, exhibit all classical symptoms of characteristic escape mechanisms and can therefore be said to be to some degree, mentally ill. These escape mechanisms are always very complex and encompass all mental and physical activity, all thought and action of any human, and in any particular escape complex mechanism, there is always one dominant factor which keys the entire reactive escape processes.

In human psychology, there is always a constant deflation of the ego and an equally constant demand for reinstatement. However, individually speaking, there must also be an overall sublimation wherein a certain amount of security, self-vindication, self-glorification and even security against death is realized. Religion, therefore, is an escape mechanism—the most classical of all such expressive complexes and one which has embroiled mankind since the beginning; and, as such, can be considered to be the greatest instigator and expressive agent of numerous human iniquities. Wars and crusades, deceit, bigotry and hypocrisy are all instigated and individually and collectively justified, in religious systems; for any religion or religious system has completely abrogated the concept of Infinite Intelligence whereby the individual can find within this system complete justification and vindication for all of the sins and evils, the derelictions, lies, lusts and deceits in which he is constantly involved in his daily life. Then to cap the climax, so to speak, within the gilded dome on his temple of deceit, he constructs an intercessor and an intercession. Despite all his earthly immoralities, he believes that his belief in his god-deity and intercessor will, after death, resurrect him, kiss him fondly on both cheeks and give him the keys to a heavenly city!

The length and breadth, the scope of this great religious immorality is immediately apparent in all walks of life. Recently, a convicted murderer, after spending eighteen of his thirty-six years in all kinds of crime, finally went to the gas chamber. His last hours were spent with a priest and as he entered the chamber he shouted, “I am Jesus Christ”. It would only be incidental to say this Negro was raised in a very religious family. However, time and space does not permit a full exposé of all expressive manners and forms in which the religious escape mechanism manifests itself. A historical study will reveal the full implications.

As of today, the society of this great nation is tattered and torn with dissensions and strifes which are the results of an almost complete lack of a constructive philosophy of life which would eradicate these dissensions and strifes. The immoral bigotry of religious systems, the complexity of our present-day, so-called civilization is such that current demands which are always apparent, often far exceed the mental capacities, educational factors, etc., of any person. This is especially true with the younger generations. Growing children are constantly being subjected to this ever-increasing sophistication and by the time the youngster reaches his teens, he is very often mentally involved in an almost hopeless situation of trying to equalize and stabilize his life in some future aspect.

Today thousands and thousands of teen-agers are indulging in sexual practices, glue sniffing, smoking marijuana, taking LSD, etc., in an effort to escape the psychic pressures and demands of this civilized sophistication. Thousands of young men and women have almost completely abandoned a decent form of living, becoming beatniks, hippies, going into different kinds of crime, prostitution and sexual perversions. And when we read the daily reports of the vastly accelerated crime rates, we can only sadly speculate, “What will the world be like in fifty or one-hundred years from now?”

And whatever our speculations may conclude, one factor is very apparent: that despite claims, man does not have or has not found any solution or cure to these ever-growing problems, either in his present-day religious systems or his sciences. There is still a complete lack of one element or factor which would spring the lock on his dungeon. This factor or element would be a living philosophy of life which would embody, interdimensionally speaking, the evolutionary consensus of Infinite Intelligence and of the grand scale of evolutionary factors wherein each person is individually educated and instituted in this evolution—a philosophy which would waylay the insecurities, frustrations, ego deflations and their consequential escape mechanisms; and above all else, a life philosophy which would include a personal psychology of rigorous self-analysis; a complete moral responsibility, not abrogated by intercessors and resurrection.