Chapter XXXVIX: On Polarities

It has been observed that during the past years of actively dispensing the teachings of Unarius, some certain individuals reacted either mildly or violently against certain presentations of life or concepts which seemed to violate their personal sense of propriety. In due respect to these (and any other) individuals who may, in the future, read these works and likewise react, we present this article in to wherein will be found a clear, lucid, logical explanation of these various factors which seem to arouse conflict and in which the reader can compromise and justify any seeming disparities or incongruities.

First, Unarius is quite different from any past or present earth life teaching dispensation, for within the curriculum of Unarius, life is presented not only in a rational conclusive evolutionary pattern lived by earth people, but it also realistically describes life to be lived in higher planes of evolution. These higher planes of life are quite different from the present physical material earth life, therefore, a deliberate attempt is entered into in these teachings whereby the reader can be weaned away from his dogmatic position which is necessary to sustain him in his earth life. In a psychological interpretation, the presentation of these unknown values and concepts often arouse antagonism.

However, it is assumed that for the larger number of students, suitable preconditioning has already occurred in their in-between earth life, spiritual lives whereby such conflicts do not occur. Even so, that while it is lived, the earth life is a very dominating realm of interpretation, and any aspiring student must keep this fact in mind in order to keep the higher way completely separated, thus enabling him to attain these higher objectivisms. It is also a common psychological interpretation either consciously or subconsciously expressed by every human, to interpret any and all outside appearances of life about him in the manner in which he best understands. All people, therefore, knowingly or unknowingly falsely color or judge these appearances accordingly.

Yes, even the more distant and unrelated happenings which come to them indirectly are also falsely colored by those who purvey these happenings in the common mannerisms, speech, etc. More specifically then, let us take the book, “The Voice of Venus”. In its pages an attempt is made to describe people living on Venus to the reader in a manner most acceptable to him and at the same time, leaving the door wide to a future time when mental expansion will have developed to a point where these people can be seen as they really are. First, however, the reader acclimates himself to these people by seeing them somewhat as he himself looks, dressed in garments made of pure energy rather than fibers. This Venus Being is also pictured as a form made of pure Radiant Energy rather than the familiar atomic constituents called mass which comprise the physical anatomy. However, when these Venusians are seen as they really are, they will be clothed only in a radiant aura, and they will not have the familiar physical shape of the human anatomy but shall appear more like that of a beautiful lambent flame which is pulsating in such a manner which constantly recreates a variegated rainbow-hued texture within these bodies.

Another concept entered into in this book and very emphatically stressed throughout the works of Unarius is the concept of polarity; in an attempt to portray the polarity forms of human beings, the greatest conflicts are entered into. Specifically, the book described Jesus and His polarity in a graduation ceremony in the Central Temple of Azure. To picture Jesus with a polarity or woman seems to be a great hypocrisy to those who have clung desperately through the centuries to age-old sanctimonious deifications of certain individuals now called saints, including Jesus, wherein these people according to the religious liturgy, were completely exempt from the common evolutionary patterns which all people follow. However the fact is that no person, saint or Jesus, ever evolved into one position in his or her life without following such a common pattern, just as you yourself have so followed it.

The concept of polarity, therefore, is the most important concept in which you will first begin to properly interpret in all manners and forms of life, including Infinity, and this Infinity you will find in the millions of years ahead of you. To analyze polarity, we must first understand that polarity is a unit of expression. In order for any particular thing, object, circumstance, or any individual life dispensation to express itself, it must first have its own beginning, for in the beginning it is so created. However, such creation is logically impossible without an expression, for in this expression, this particular objectivism thus connects itself to Infinity and in this way, it becomes a part of Infinity in that ever-expanding regenerating and re-creative process which is the nature and expression of Infinity.

The third dimension, or terrestrial or earth, is one of the places where certain portions or forms of expression first begin to attain that all-important entity of self, for no singular expression can have a beginning without a certain circumference which is called self wherein within this circumference the entity of expression is so contained. In the simple hydrogen atom we find one of these more primitive entities, a positive nucleus or proton around which is revolving a negative electron. Between these two units there is a constant oscillation or exchange of expression which determines the self or the hydrogen atom. From there on, we can proceed up the scale of evolution into the plant and animal life of this planet and find an ever-increasing complexity of expressions in these various forms of selfhood called plants and animals until we arrive at the most ultimate of expressionary earth forms—man.

At the beginning of any person's evolution as a human being, he has also begun a more highly developed function of expression which connects him to the higher planes of life wherein, in some far-distant future, he can be normally visualized as gradually evolving into these higher planes. Primarily concerned, therefore, with all earth life dispensations of expression is that all-important expressionary form called procreation, for procreation is absolutely necessary to sustain a sequence of evolution of any or all forms of earth life.

In the simpler forms of life such as bacteria, procreation is expressed as a simple splitting process whereby one bacteria becomes two. In the higher dimensions of plant life, we begin to find the divisionary forms of procreation called male and female again expressing the common unit of positive-negative, negative-positive or the oscillation of all elements involved in that particular species. As before, humans express the most complex form of procreative sex and which is, incidentally, the basis for our modern Freudian psychology, for in dealing with the factors of sex we do indeed find a strong interconnection with every basic factor or element in any human earth life.

However, this Freudian psychology has not expressed the more spiritual elements of man's earth life and, therefore, no continuity has been established whereby any human can visualize progressive emancipation in an evolutionary manner into the higher spiritual planes. Sex must therefore be resolved into a more scientific understanding of life wherein it can be seen that individually or collectively man is expressing a continuity of consciousness with the Infinite which will eventually give him this long sought-after emancipation. In this respect, all humans have, since their beginning of evolution as humans, begun to exchange their various entities of expressions basically predicated in the common sexual union. In order to maintain proper equilibrium in this expression, it is absolutely necessary that all humans express an almost equal balance of both male and female relationship. The small remaining difference called bias will individually determine in any given earth life the proper relationships as either male or female; thus in coming up through the many hundreds of earth lives which every human has lived, he has been in a somewhat alternating fashion either male or female. This can be individually proven by any person. All males have certain female characteristics and vice versa.

Modern psychology interprets every human as being twenty to forty percent of the opposite sex. In understanding this evolutionary pattern of sex, we can quite easily see how it is that certain persons are homosexual. They are psychically reliving just former lifetimes as one of the opposite sex. This psychic influence from the previous life is often sufficiently strong to dominate every expression of their everyday life. A proper understanding of this sexual evolution will explain many other enigmas which are presently befuddling the medical savants. Many hysterectomies could be prevented if it were realized that psychosomatically speaking the woman was suffering from a strong guilt complex involved in past life dispensations of male-female relationships.

Continuing our introspection into the higher planes of life where we find humanity living at the point of evolution where they have passed that point of the physical worlds and now no longer live in a physical body, we find a correspondingly higher development of sex. The passing of the physical development of consciousness also relegated the sex organs back into the animal world where they belonged.

Procreation assumed a more advanced form of regeneration. Instead of the gestation period, energy was psychokinetically projected by the minds of those immediately concerned into the construction of a certain basic energy form or configuration. Into this form or cell the psychic anatomy of the individual so concerned in this rebirth would then merge and occupy, thus enabling him to become a member of this higher society. There he would find his loved ones with whom he had lived before in thousands of earth lives and where, in these earth lives, he had built up certain strong affiliations which were constantly expressed between these two or more people, these expressionary elements of self.

In these earth lives the beginning of this polarity development is the beginning of that which is sometimes referred to as the soul mate situation. However, marriages are not made in heaven as is commonly supposed but are an esoteric development between two or more people who succeed in maintaining an interconnected earth life dispensation and which always succeeds in drawing them together in successive earth lives. There are numerous examples of this development currently found about you in your earth life wherein two people have actually begun to look alike as well as to share in an oscillating manner the various elements of their earth lives. This is a psychic situation and supersedes any voluntary efforts which may be induced as commensurate values.

And so in the higher spiritual worlds, these two people can be thus so evolved in their consciousness that instead of having two sexually-minded individuals living common earth life dispensations, we find rather, two spiritually developed entities of expression, expressing between themselves in an oscillating manner the common ingredients and elements of life in these higher spiritual worlds in which they are presently participating. This was the situation with Jesus and Erza as described in “The Voice of Venus”, for Jesus, like everyone else who lives in these higher planes, has found His place in these worlds by virtue of His development as an expressionary unit of self oscillating between other similar units of self in a common reconstructive pattern which added to the nature of the Infinite.

And you, like Jesus and Erza or any other individuals past, present, or future, who wish to live in these higher dimensions will do so only by virtue of the knowledge which you acquire about them and this knowledge will make it possible to evolve into these higher dimensions as expressionary units of self united to other such expressionary units through an oscillating process of self in this vastly expanded polarity concept.

In that day and time you will have long since lost your sense of sexual proprieties. You will not feel indecent going about your way of life unclad except by the rainbow hues you radiate from your body. And as you go about, your expression of life will not be done by walking, eating, sleeping, etc. You, as an entity of consciousness with the Infinite, will be oscillating with this Infinite as part of that great re-creative principle. In this oscillating process, your first and closest affinity will be that polarity, that former man or woman who passed so many earth lives with you in so many different relationships and in which you shall find in your higher development has now become, in this common union of expression, a more complete interchange of Infinity. All that the Infinite is—and as it is so expressed between you two, and as you so express it thusly—you become, in reality, Infinity. Infinity, in turn, relinks and rejoins in common oscillating patterns to all other expressionary units of self and completes the complete cyclic transference of the re-creative Infinity to every human in a similar position.

This is the higher way of life—one of the more ultimate points in your destination should you succeed in overcoming the dogmatic position which you now occupy. Yet even this more ultimate way which we have pictured for you is not the most ultimate which you will attain should you succeed in arriving at this point. There would be no purpose in creation; there would be no Infinity if we should at any time assume some theoretical ultimate. However, it is best to resolve your immediate position of evolution with elements more suitable and more justifiable in your present circumstance.

These will be, as they are presented to you in the works of Unarius, like a guiding Light which will lead you up out of the darkness of your material life onto that spiraling pathway into the stars.