Chapter IV: Man—Progressing Or Reverting?

The famous “monkey trial” of John T. Scopes was the result of an antievolution law passed by the State of Tennessee in 1925. A year after this law was passed, John T. Scopes was brought to trial, found guilty for teaching evolution in a public school, as it was so compounded by Darwinism. Here in April of 1967, the Tennessee State House of Representatives just voted 58 to 27 to repeal this law and the following day, a twenty-four year old biology teacher at Dayton, Tennessee was fired from his teaching position because he purportedly was teaching evolution. Now, the awful bigotry which is immediately apparent in this situation is matched only by the colossal ignorance and stupidity of the religionist and religious factions which instigate these and countless other witch hunts, both contemporary and historical, wherein even the casual observer can see the fanatical insanity which revolves within the cloistered minds of these religious fanatics. And paradoxically, their very religion is supposedly based on the context of teachings of their Christian Savior who was violently crucified for teaching evolution two thousand years ago. Evolution, as it is believed by the religionist, is simply the descent of man from monkey, which is extremely repugnant to this religionist, who likes to believe he was created either from mud or ribs; or perhaps these religionists don't like the idea of sexual reproduction and have built up some sort of guilt complex which they try to mitigate in their so-called “holy” matrimony.
It might also be said that when the monkeys look at the religionist, they don't like the idea either. Any self-respecting monkey would feel very badly if his progeny developed into one of these religious fanatics. The asinine, egotistical ignorance of these Christian fanatics is apparent in every facet of life. It is quite apparent they do not understand creation or Infinite Intelligence which they worship as an emotional god-being. Despite the ever-changing, evolutionary world always about them, they have walled themselves up within the limited confines of some ancient superstitious beliefs which lived through legends down into the first origins of the Bible and perpetuated as a tomb within the covers of that book. The religionists have not one single factual substantial bit of evidence to support their nebulous “supreme being”—a re-adaptation from Jehovah, that well-known ancient god of Babylonia. Quite the contrary, there is overwhelming evidence to disprove the whole insanity of their Christian superstitions; for indeed it is insanity and to those who have succumbed to this fantasy, these unfortunates are completely blind to reason, logic or evidence.
Evolution is not necessarily the descent of man from an ape, nor should it be confined within the strict circumstance of any physical material appearance. Rather, evolution should be solidly placed as the complete and entire background which involves all known and unknown aspects of life. The stone by the road may be made of calcium, and through erosion becomes plant food, the plant food then eaten by some human to become part of his bone structure. That is evolution; likewise, of all other sixteen elements found in the human body. Man, therefore, was not created but arrived at his present time and place through evolutionary metabolism. Metabolism of the human anatomy, as in all other forms of life, is reducible to molecular and atomic structures and in this synthesis, we can therefore see that evolution does not take place in any physical material form, but that this evolution is the ever-changing, regrouping and recombining of atomic and molecular structures.
The evolution of the hydrogen atom into helium is well-known and is said to be responsible for the great radiation of energy from the sun. Likewise, in all other atomic structures, there is a constant, ever-changing evolution within the dimension of our physical material world. There is, likewise, a never-ending, ever-changing evolution which constantly expresses itself in an ever changing form-structure. Every religionist, whether he likes it or not, is evolving. He is going through many different states of evolution. From the moment of his conception, all through his life, he is physically, mentally and spiritually involved with many kinds and forms of evolution, and his neatly “tied-up package of religion” does not and cannot explain even the simplest creative concept which is part of the expressionary, net-sum and total of infinite creation which he has abrogated into an emotional god.
Worse, far worse, is the obvious fact that these religious fanatics can superimpose and inject their fanaticism into the laws and statutes of this great nation. Despite the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, no man can worship as he sees fit, nor can he sublimate any code of ethics, any constructive provable science as the mandate of his life without eventually running afoul of this fanaticism. Neither can the ethical question of “free speech” be propagated; especially in a classroom, as this young professor found out. He had merely to hint of the parabolistic nature of the Bible to bring the wrath of this fanatical heaven down about his ears. The gross hypocrisy, the awful bigotry is beyond any adequate means of explanation or interpretation.
The people and the nation of America have constantly tried to superimpose the effigy of their democracy on the rest of the world, its superiority, its great compassion, its great freedom, human rights, etc.; yet, as of today, it is torn and rent asunder and there are many schisms of racial hatreds, great poverty, anti-war demonstrations, “hippies”, and “beatniks”, millions of drug addicts, soaring crime rates and sex perversions; and to cap off the whole horrible, ugly mess is the scab of religious bigotry. And they point proudly to it and say, “What a beautiful country—the land of the free!” etc.
In the final analysis, if any can be made, perhaps we can glean one small grain of truth or that we can find a thread of justification; perhaps we, too, can say, “It was evolution which brought man to his present state and his apparent destruction.” Then, in this destruction he could find the necessary desire and fortitude to evolve from this earth-world pit-of-clay and climb this evolutionary ladder into the far-off starry skies.
Finally, in retrospection, we can only muse upon the past, of the three million or so persons who died during the Middle Ages, condemned by the Courts of Inquisition. They died on the rack, the stake and the wheel from the same great religious fanatical bigotry. They died while some fat priest waved a cross in front of them and chanted mantrums, all in the name of the “savior” of mankind.
Today the Courts of Inquisition have gone; so have the stake, the rack and the wheel, but in their place and as a form of evolution, there are other ways to express this fanatical bigotry. Through the courts of this land, little old ladies are persecuted, put in jail for their religious beliefs which are contrary or different to the Father-Mother church which spawned all Christian religions.
Yes, even these fanatics are not above persecuting their own kind! Through legislative bodies they seek to enact laws which govern the beliefs and methods of expression of millions of people and contrary to their constitution. Professor Gary L. Scott, (graduate of the University of Tennessee), has discovered one of the ways and means these religious bigots persecute their fellow-man. His death sentence was, being fired from his position as a teacher and he will, for the rest of his life, be tied to the stake, subject to public censure and ridicule; and unless he is publicly reinstated, it is quite unlikely that he will ever teach again or that he will ever be able to live his life as he sees fit and so desires.
And here again, we can only muse in introspection whether it was John T. Scopes, Gary L. Scott, or millions of others who bore different names—each one has borne his cross to Calvary; each one has been crucified by these religious bigots and all in the name of the “cause”, (so they say), of He who is the ”savior” of man—His blood that washed away their sins (so they say). And we again speculate and ponder, who will it be in the future,—if there is to be anyone—who will come and wash away the bloody stains from the pages of religious history.
We can also muse upon the fate of Madelyn Murray; after her crusade in 1962 and 1963, which was largely responsible for the Supreme Court banishing prayer in public schools, how a squadron of twenty-one policemen broke into her home and with clubs, severely beat her and her aged mother, so much that her mother was unconscious in a hospital for two weeks. To escape continued persecution, Mrs. Murray was then forced to flee to Hawaii, then later to Mexico. Her crusade is now presently being revived by efforts of these religious bigots through Congress to repeal the anti-prayer decision.
Meanwhile here in California the old “pledge to the flag” and its “under God” quote fight is being renewed by those objecting to the infringement of Constitutional Rights.

* * * * * *

(Note On May 12, 1967, a television newscast announced that Gary L. Scott had been reinstated into his teaching position. Also, just three days later, this former law against the teaching of Darwinism was repealed.)