Chapter XL: Dr. Juddah Interview the Author (1957)

Dr. R. Juddah, of Oakland, California, a researcher of philosophies and religions of the present time, engages, as part of his work, in gathering together—by going from one school of thought to another—what information he can, in an effort to build up his case of the differences or the similarities of all present-day schools of thought along these lines.

Because he had not yet been made familiar with the clairvoyant aptitude which the Moderator so aptly expresses, the author had to go to some length to try to explain this faculty to him. Neither had he, up to this point, become acquainted with the life principles of regeneration (or so-called, reincarnation)—although about one-half of the world knows of this cyclic reliving; especially by those of the Oriental and European countries including England, etc.

Dr. Juddah said, to Ernest Norman, “If you will be so kind as to share with me your time and to explain just what your understanding and teachings are, we shall be most appreciative and it will serve our cause well.” Of course, the Moderator was most willing, as this is his very life, and with anyone who opens the door unto him, he is most happy to share of his knowledge and of his great and Infinite Wisdom.

However, it would have taken far longer than the four to five hours spent with Dr. Juddah to thoroughly convey the very extensive Science of Unarius, including the author’s own personal background; but rather, several weeks or even months would actually have been needed to express, even a fair portion, of all Unarius is.

With this understanding, Dr. Juddah said: “So, if you will oblige me and describe, informally, a generalization or outline—just basics will be most acceptable, and appreciated—please?”

T - Many years ago, since I started out in various different churches, groups, and making a very thorough study in my own way, I realized there were many elements in my own life which needed justifying and needed, in some sense of the word, to be reoriented, and of course, there was that inward motivation—perhaps I wasn’t consciously aware of the fact; so I spent some fifteen years in very active research in and around the Los Angeles area during the war years. I had sufficient scientific training and background so I could overcome many of the pitfalls which are customarily encountered by people who are doing similar work, on a practical as well as scientific basis, the thing which must be striven for in the orientation and factions in the mind and consciousness which would help a person not only individually but also, to be of some service to humanity, as a whole. I realized that the world at this time was passing through a tremendous cycular movement and that the world in general was entering a new era, and especially through the war years with the development of atomic science which was built up on Einstein's theory of mass plus energy, the theory of the expandable universe, etc.; and so when atomic science came along and exploded the first nuclear weapon, it literally plunged the world into a tremendous cycle of scientific achievement and development.

As a whole, the general public was not equipped, mentally speaking, in their philosophies and their way of life to compensate for all these things. Today, of course, statistics bear out the fact that while this is a scientific technocracy, yet people, as a whole, are suffering tremendous repercussions, simply because there are no age-old systems of religion or cultisms as they have been expressed through Christianity or any other particular concept on the earth today which can fully justify all of the factors that enter into the life of the present day; nor can science, because science is confined strictly to the third dimension or physical. The slide rule and various other mathematical equations must always be necessary, and so the scientist is very busily engaged today in equating the whole infinite cosmogony of the universe on the basis of his own present mathematics. As Oppenheimer said a year ago, we have long since reached and passed the point where our present mathematics and science are of any service to us in expanding the horizons of our present physical science.

So there were many elements which were very obvious to a philosopher or a person who was earnestly seeking. There were lots of elements which were missing—and even more than this is the fact that while there were millions of books written on life and man and various other constituents which were supposedly adequately portraying man in his life on the planet earth, yet none of them actually dealt with the more realistic creative principles. It says in the opening chapter of Genesis that the Lord made man by stooping to the river banks and scooping up a handful of clay and breathing the breath of life into him. That might be all right for some people but according to the scientist, it does not stand up to a complete and justifiable analysis in our own retrospection. So in going into all of these various factors and different phases, it was very evident we lacked a true scientific science of life. The old Yogi out of the East had, in the old Vedic and Brahmanistic teachings, contained many of the elements which were somewhat basic in the construction of matter as far as the material universe was concerned: and there were various degrees of reference to man’s evolution in spiritual planes, reincarnation, etc.

Getting down to the crux of the whole situation resolved reincarnation as a very badly misunderstood subject. In a more simple phraseology, reincarnation can merely be termed as a cycular pattern very similar to our day by day life. We carry the complete hypothesis, the evaluation of man as a spiritual creation because of the body being resolved into karmic structures which are, in themselves, tiny planetary systems of energy; and while it is quite unknown to the scientist of this day and age that these energy forms represented systems which are called atoms and are supported internally from other dimensions—in fact, an infinite number of dimensions; these are manifested into the tiny solar systems called atoms, through a regular vortexal pattern of interdimensional relationship and the laws of harmonic and frequency relationship, etc.

Therefore, getting down to what man really is in all internal and external appearances, the body is merely an external shell—a shell of energy which represents ideology, form and habit which is developed through evolution in a great number of lifetimes which started way back in the distant past somewhere for each individual. It also resolves God as being infinite, manifested and maintained in infinity, only becoming finite in all consciousness and all things.

Therefore, God is a leaf of a tree, in blades of grass, atoms in our body. He is everything simply because God is now manifested and taking on a different form into numerous dimensions and an infinite number of forms. Therefore, if we can see that man’s physical body is an externalization of the internal interpolations of interdimensional relationships of energy traveling in cycular patterns and movements, then we begin to form a very definite basic pattern for what is called reincarnation—which simply means an extended principle. We might say that Darwin discovered certain principles of evolution as far as the physical life of animal or plant was concerned on the land, but life for Darwin was not explored into the spiritual or the spiritual consciousness.

So now we see man having a spiritual body, as it is more commonly referred to which is actually a matrix of energy forms—tiny little wave forms which reside in vortexal patterns through the psychic body and which reflect outwardly into consciousness all of the infinite quotients of which they were formed from the experiences of past lives. Therefore, man not only repeats in the strict psychosomatic sense the day-by- day patterns which he developed in early childhood in one certain life, but he is also constantly reflecting the sum and total of an infinite number of experience quotients from a large number of past lives—psychic shocks such as murder, being killed and various other catastrophic equivalents which were projected and formed into this psychic self in an oscillating process which the psychiatrists today call a reflex from the subconscious.

The same principle is portrayed in our television set. These various wave forms were formed in the psychic self day by day, hour by hour. Just as the physical body lives by the multiplication and regeneration of a million and a half new cells every minute, so the psychic body is continually being reformed, refurbished and changed in other ways through experience quotients day by day.

This is the scientific side and the analogy of spiritual man. It can and has been portrayed on scientific apparatus, not only in this world but on other planets as well, and other people use that science as a common denominator for canceling out such illnesses or other perversions of intellect which might be coming into the individual's life.

We have many references in a more or less scientific way which were made by Jesus in the Holy Land two thousand years ago. Like Jesus, we do not believe in prayer as it is externalized by the average church-man or the average Christian, or the average cultist who is on the earth today. It was expressed by Jesus that we should not pray as the heathen does, as the publican does, in the streets or in public places, but we should go within the closet of our own inner consciousness and seek out and maintain the continuity of expression with the Infinite Mind or the Father within, a positive and continued contact with the inner consciousness. Many other misunderstood concepts still exist in what is called Christianity today, which have led untold millions of people astray and down the blind alleys which in some future time must be worked out and justified. There is nothing more fallacious in common interpretation to believe in such things as so-called divine intercession, or that most people believe that Jesus will someday save us all from our sins. Nothing could be more misleading or more paralyzing to the average individual's consciousness, simply because the basic principles and all evaluations of life are a continual oscillating process from positive to negative for many interdimensional relationships which we call the Infinite Mind.

In order to properly evaluate all conditions, circumstances and the various lifetimes which the individual leads in his process of evolution from the more primitive stages, he simply reflects and reciprocates to a large degree all of the infinite elements which are contained in the Infinite Mind and Consciousness of God. These lifetimes, then, are forming a day-by-day pattern in which he lives into future consciousness where he can become solvent in some spiritual dimension of consciousness which is beyond the horizon of our reactionary way of life.

To Buddha, this was called Nirvana; to Jesus, it was finding the kingdom of Heaven which was within. But it means that place in which every person becomes more directive in his own evolution and consciousness so that he does not resolve himself back into the material dimensions, bound there by the astral residual condiments which he reflected into his psychic self hundreds or even thousands of years ago. To the old Yogi, that was called karma. Karma merely means a malformed vortex of negative energy caused by some psychic shock; and the individual, knowing as he does in some subconscious way, especially in lives in between lives where these things are more apparent and his pattern of life is made more crystallized, knows that these things must be eliminated and cancelled out in order to obtain the true evolution of consciousness. Therefore, he reconstructs for himself through the laws of frequency relationship, harmonic structures in cycular patterns, exactly similar circumstances in which he incurred either one or a number of these psychic malformations. He hopes, by living them out, to wear them down and otherwise conquer them in some vague and subconscious thought pattern or inflection. Not properly armed with the right wisdom, he frequently runs afoul of new circumstances and too often solidifies any existing malformations in the psychic body, thus incurring an increasing number of circumstantial equivalents which he calls sin and evil.

As it was taught by Jesus, the Christ Consciousness is the true principle of intercession, because in the infinite and most abstract understanding of man as a spiritual being means that the Infinite compounded in a cycular fashion all of the equivalents of the Infinite Consciousness into one personification, and this one personification became the life cycle of the one individual. The one individual is multiplied by all the number of individuals’ personification living on this planet and an infinite number of planets throughout this universe and other universes. Therefore, God, or the Infinite again manifests infinity, becoming again finite in all consciousness. The true Christ Self, then containing all of the elements of God, if it is properly brought into complete rapport with the conscious mind, can be the personal savior of every individual, simply because in the conditions wherein the individual is now incepting into the conscious mind through the reflective oscillating process of energy constituents, all Infinite Principle and the ideology, form and wisdom contained in the superconsciousness. In this particular connection, no sin or evil can live in his life. All malformations in the psychic body are cancelled out and neutralized and made whole. This is the true basic principle of spiritual healing and one which must be taught to the masses of people in the future, if they are to survive when they are to pass from this particular domain of this materialistic world to evolve into higher spiritual states of consciousness. Before they do that, they must learn the creative processes of life as they are contained in the energy wave forms which they are constantly reflecting into the psychic self.

The history of the world, the health of the people, the political systems, our intercontinental relationships with other people on the face of the globe would change overnight if every individual knew that the day-by-day process of what he calls thinking is a direct reflective process which institutes all the reactionary factors he has let become permissible in his daily life, that they are actually the energy wave forms which form the basis for his future evolutions in future worlds and different consciousness. If he knew that, he would know the true meaning of casting the bread upon the water—or do unto others as he would be done by. If he knew that in the sum and total of all the things which are reflected into his psychic self were, in themselves, interconnected with an infinite number of people through the laws of frequency vibration and harmonics, that he was also connected in an infinite way with other dimensions, astral, sub astral, or otherwise spiritual as the case may be, and that he was actually beating as one small pulse of energy in a great and infinite number of pulses which were beating throughout the infinite cosmogony, then his pattern would quickly change. He would try to do something about it.

Not so many years ago, one philosopher expressed religion as an opiate used by the people, and in fact, that is exactly what religion is. It is the largest escape mechanism which the people have generated for a system of self-justification and what otherwise derives neurotic thought patterns. They blame God for every ill, evil and sin which befalls them, that God is punishing them, that the only way to salvation is through suffering and sin. That kind of interpretation of life is what degrades people and projects them into the sub astral worlds and makes them victims of all the dark and evil forces which have made man subjective to his own desires.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven which is within and all things shall be added unto you. That is the way one man calls the inner consciousness—the direct ability of every man to be able to orient his thoughts either with the mental conscious or the superconscious or from the reactionary elements he has permitted to permeate into his consciousness to become activating forces in his own day-by-day life. That is the reactionary way of life, the life in which the average person lives—a system of personal justification and escape mechanisms.

The principle of this new science—and yet it is not new in the sense of the word—the very principles of creation itself, even from the most primitive forms of elemental energy structures, are involved in the science of Unarius. They are portrayed from higher planes of spiritual consciousness by those who have gone on from these material and reactionary worlds. It is a great movement, a great attainment and a great fulfillment which is being brought about in this present day. Many people believe in such biblical versions as the end of the world, etc., because of lack of sufficient knowledge of cycular patterns of not only personal evolution but astrophysical evolutions as they are concerned with all planetary systems, the interdimensional relationships which hold the planets in their course.

The sun itself is a vortex of energy, a whirling great dimension which comes to a point or a focus which is expressed as our own sun. Likewise, each and every one of the planets are so interconnected through the great vortexes of energy which are expressed from higher and higher dimensions—the sum and total of intelligence portrayed in an infinite number of ways.


Questions by Dr. Juddah

Question: Have you heard of Edgar Cayce's work—is your teaching related?

Answer by the Elder Brother: We have no absolute direct relationship with any existing Cayce movement on the earth today. Our connection is directly with Cayce himself, who lives in a spiritual world. Until I met Ruth and until Cayce came to me himself one day in San Diego a little over two years ago, I had no knowledge whatsoever of Cayce. I never knew he existed; I never read anything of his work. But Cayce came to me one day when I was sitting on a couch and told me many important factors of his life—the strawberries that he raised in Virginia Beach in his early childhood—and many other factors. Ruth wrote them all down and sent them in a letter to Hugh Lynn. Mr. Lynn later replied and verified more than sixty percent of these incidents which I have mentioned, and even though Hugh Lynn played it down for all he was worth, yet it proved conclusively that Cayce was working with us. Cayce has come with every one of the readings since that time. He has been in this house and in other homes where we have lived, and he attends whenever I give a reading.

Cayce is very much more advanced in what he understands and knows now about the Akashic reading and the principles involved than when he lived in the physical. He knows now that the pure essence of therapeutic science is contained in that psychosomatic principle, which we previously mentioned, of canceling out the insidious blocks and vortexes residing in the psychic body from shock experiences in previous lives. By bringing the perspective and focus of attention of the conscious mind to the particular condition with the individual—and we are assuming that the individual has been preconditioned for the acceptance of healing in some way in the spiritual world—then this is the negative end of this oscillating process which will line him up with his conscious mind so that the cancellation of energy wave forms can take place from the superconsciousness. This is the true principle of intercession, the true principle of healing.

As far as myself is concerned, I purposely stayed away from all forms of reading of metaphysical and spiritual matters during this particular course of scientific study and research connected with the various churches in the city. I started at the beginning of World War II, becoming an ordained minister in several of what is called the ‘spiritualist’ churches, because above all else, they gave me an outlet not only to study human psychology and spiritual psychology but also, certain aspects, certain scientific principles about which I knew must be oriented and brought into a factual science. I never learned from these people except for the fact that they presented certain equivalents in this orientation process.

To study my own personal history, when I was a little boy I could be what is commonly called an infant prodigy. It merely means to me the development of the personal self through reincarnation and living an infinite number of lifetimes, and studying in the spiritual worlds in between lifetimes, learning of all the elements and factors which relate to this present expression and then bringing them back and consciously orienting them into a tangible basic science in this world.

We have so many different similarities of these so-called infant prodigies existing in the world today, both in the past and in the present, for instance, some of the composers like Mozart, who could compose music at four. I built my first microscope when I was five years old and I examined and counted the hairs on angleworms. My life is filled with examples of what are called unusual manifestations and demonstrations which can only be attributed to the fact that I came into this world with them. They were the result of thousands of years of study in other worlds and other times. I am merely consciously expressing them now. There are no gifts. A person works for whatever he has—whether it is good or bad, he works for what he has.

Question: How did you develop this psychic ability?

Reply: There is nothing more definitely misunderstood in this world than the term, being psychic or being clairvoyant. In either case, when a person becomes psychic or clairvoyant, it is simply an outgrowth of wisdom. A person develops inner consciousness.

When he becomes wise in the motivating principles of life, he can no longer live on the old reactionary planes of life in materialistic elements which must be stimulated from outside sources into a consciousness of every moment. Then he learns to resolve all things from the inner consciousness and in that way he connects himself with an infinite number of dimensions of interpolations into other worlds, into other realms and planes of consciousness which have been a part of his former life. It is through frequency relationship. The principles used here are the same principles which the modern scientists use in radio and television and other forms of communication.

Question: Did you read a great deal?

Reply: I did most of my reading, if it can be called any kind of formal reading, in my very early youth. I did very little or any reading after the age of thirteen. When I went to school the first year, I was reading books on psychology and physiology, etc. I remember my first teacher quite well. She tried to teach me the alphabet and I already had the equivalent of a very good education before I even went to school. This was not merely by going into these books and rereading them, and more or less, hammering them into my consciousness. It was merely the reawakening of a great number of things I had learned in other worlds and different times. Only in modern nomenclature, in modern form and ideology did I orient them again into my way of thinking and my way of life which was similar to the people about me, so it would not be foreign to them or cause any reaction with them.

Reincarnation is being proven every day. We go to sleep at night; we wake up in the morning; we begin a new cycle during the day. Life is just like that from one life to the next. When we live in the spiritual worlds, that is equivalent to our nighttime; we wake up and begin a new cycle of life, but all the things which we did yesterday are part of the pattern of our lives today. As we incarnate, it is only a larger cycle instead of a small day-by-day cycle; we now have a life-by-life cycle. When we get into the proportions of larger cycles, we will then see that we get into cycles which can be referred to as epochs. We take from the time Atlantis was destroyed some fifteen thousand years ago and we can explain cycular patterns on a very scientific basis to the scientist as well as to the layman and point out, not only their own personal cycles—not in any astrological concept or any known form today—but a scientific form which is only partially understood by the scientist of today. Every person has his own pattern of cycles from one day to another. At one time I kept track of them and in that way, I could very accurately forecast for weeks of time what I would feel like on any one particular day, simply because of cycles and their junctions. It became a science to me.

Question: How about astrology?

Reply: In some basic evaluation, astrology today is one of the derivatives which has been intermixed with a lot of other different elements in its metamorphosis or its evolution down through time. The basic astrology, or astrophysics, relating this world and universe to other universes was first taught by the Lemurians one hundred fifty thousand years ago. The opening chapter of Genesis states that the Lord made the earth in six days. The pagan in India and other places knows more about Christianity than the Christian does. Now these six days refer to six astrophysical cycles; they refer to the earth which is traveling in a retrograde cycle—what they call the cycle of the recessional. It arrives minus so many degrees each year from its original point. At the end of 25,862 years it has passed through an arc of 360 degrees.

This is very important to remember when we realize that it is the same principle which turns the motor in the vacuum sweeper and activates all electronic mechanisms in this day and age as they resolve themselves into motor form; for the sun, which is a vortex of energy as I have explained, has as a direct consequence, a great radial pattern of magnetic structures radiating into the material dimension which we call the third. These structures are the lines of force which stem out in a radial pattern, just as they do from the poles of a magnet and which, in turn, interlink with the earth and every planet in the solar system and with every other sun and planet in the entire universe. These are all very scientific and well-known principles.

Now the cycle of the recessional at 25,862 years is divided into twelve equal divisions—a little over two thousand years to each one. In modern astrology, we term them from Pisces to Aquarius. We call them anything we wish because there is nothing mystical about their particular terminology. As far as these cycles in themselves are concerned, it only means that in their relationship to certain very definite lines of magnetic force stemming out from the sun and interlinked with the universe, the earth is a subjective particle; and the qualities of that particular personal magnetism are inflected indirectly and directly into consciousness of every living and atomic structure on the face of the earth. Even the earth itself is subjective to that magnetic force. Now that is the basis for astrology. When it is understood, it is a very factual science, and a very vast science, because then we will understand how it is that the planets can revolve about the sun and still maintain an exact form after millions of years.

As far as biblical history is concerned with the history of man, and starting from the Garden of Eden which in itself is a spiritual parable, we add up these six days according to 25,000 years, and we go back approximately 156,000 years ago. That was when the great space ship from Lemuria landed in the Gobi desert. Now three Europeans have seen the remains of this space ship. It isn't a matter of theory—they actually did. The Mormons and Latter Day Saints have a strange parallel in this story. These Lemurian Masters who were eleven in number—and this gives us the basis for another concept, eleven being the number of mankind—they succeeded in constructing an amphibious craft from the remnants of this space ship. Churchward was one of the men who went into a cave and saw the remnants of this space ship.

So these Lemurian Masters started out to cross the desert, came to the Pacific Ocean, and from knowing previously from astronomical research from their own planet of Lemuria, knew of the great continent out in the Pacific Ocean. They established a great civilization and they taught the spiritual way of life which is being established through Unarius on the face of the earth today—the true scientific principles behind all the symbolisms, which we call metaphysics or various cultisms and orthodoxies.

The true Garden of Eden was first Lemuria, because these great Masters taught the spiritual principles of life as they are related to pure science, energy wave forms, the psychic self, curing disease by psychokinetics, the mind forces and various other factors. So, as the people gathered about from the corners of the earth—which we refer to as the ten tribes—and were brought in, they were primitive, savage people, and that is the basis for the story of the Tower of Babel and the Masters teaching the science to the people. Then after thousands of years, there was a great cataclysm which destroyed Lemuria and it sank; but before that happened, there were establishments of great civilizations all over the world—in Yucatan and Atlantis and other places of the world. Egypt was first formed more than one hundred thousand years ago. Time itself means little or nothing. Archaeology in this day is very infantile in its evaluation of time and is only basing its equivalents on the retrograde of great civilizations which existed in the past. The spiritual age of Lemuria was again typified in Atlantis and relived there for many thousands of years and it is known today to a degree. Even Plato made references to Atlantis.

No doubt, psychologists would want to condemn me to a psychopathic institution if I were to state that I have a conscious memory of 450,000 years and I could describe the planet Lemuria and life there. But I am not alone for we have had many examples of people who have come from Atlantis and Lemuria who remember the destruction and the various lives they lived. I, myself, have been marked with a stigma of the crucifixion two thousand years ago. It isn't a matter of whether we can believe or accept these things; it is a challenge to everyone's personal threshold of intelligence. In other words, it separates the sheep from the goats, because in the present reactionary psychology according to Freud, man has been reduced to a mere happenstance. There is nothing in modern psychology to support life on the planet earth—nothing whatsoever.

Every minute we have two people entering mental institutions. America has the highest rate of mental illness in the world, and it is high time something was done about it—something more constructive or something more scientific—something that will fill in the various obvious gaps in between science and religion, between the unknown elements of life as they really are and what they are commonly expressed in the reactionary way of living today by the average individual. Man does not know that he is really a walking, living, television set. There again, science has struck a very close parallel with life, as far as man is concerned—just as the transmitter on the hill reflects sound and pictures in a matrix of wave forms and vibrations into the antenna and into the system of the television set. These wave forms mean something to the tubes in their integrated circuit, so they are amplified, separated, sorted and projected as a series of light and dark spots on the fluorescent face of the picture tube at the rate of 16,000 spots per second. These are all synchronized with various pulses which are also mixed in with the original wave which came out of the transmitter.

The same process of life takes place with every individual every day and every moment of his life—elements of synchronization and wave forms, the constant multiplicity of various energy creations which are reflected back into his consciousness from previous lives. It explains everything. There are no unknown answers, no hidden mysteries when a person understands this science. All church systems today exist only by certain psychological principles of fear.

The average person attends church only because of certain fears which have been woven into his consciousness and his psychic self through many generations and many lifetimes. He goes to church because he is afraid to do anything else. He lets the priest or whoever it is in that church become the demigod of his existence. The keys to heaven and hell are held by the church, and nothing is more unrealistic. Jesus taught that every man was most properly connected with the Infinite Intelligence, the Father within which doeth all things, the Kingdom of Heaven which is within. In spite of St. Jerome and others, who had great influence in interpreting the Bible, especially the New Testament, we still find many of the imperishable truths and principles in the New Testament. Even the average Christian today does not know that he is not worshipping the one God, (the Infinite), but he actually worships a pantheology. He does not have a monotheistic religion in any sense of the word. He is worshipping the old pagan god, Jehovah, a god which was brought out of ancient Chaldea by Abraham, a god of avarice, lust, anger and hate that is contrasted to the Infinite God of Jesus that lives in everything. No wonder they are mixed up and confused.

About 1600 years B.C. there was born a child into a family of one of the Egyptian Pharaohs (as they were known at that time—Amenhotep III) who became known as Amenhotep IV. He was rather an odd and peculiar child. He had a tremendous head, and he was rather sickly in his life. He took little or no interest in outdoor sports. At the age of fifteen or sixteen, he was placed on the throne but the mother still maintained the reins, shall we say, over the destiny of Egypt which was at its highest conquest of culture at that time.

Amenhotep IV was a reincarnation of an Atlantean and had also lived in the time of Osiris more than 11,000 years B.C. He had lived many other lives, too, but primarily, he came into Egypt because he wanted to abolish the old degenerated forms of religious cultisms which worshipped serpents and animals and establish the monotheistic concepts of Amen Ra, the worship of the true God which was personified by the sun—the understanding of the great vortexes of energy which stem down from an infinite number of dimensions and which was first taught by the Lemurian Masters.

So when Amenhotep IV grew up and came into power, he went into the temples and tore down all of the old Egyptian gods, and he tried to convert the people into a monotheistic way of life—to worship the true God, to maintain inner consciousness, that temple worship was not necessary but only a symbology. At the age of thirty eight, Amenhotep was poisoned by the priests he had cast out of the temple. This has a very strange parallel in this life. A little boy was born in Utah—a very small child and very strange in his ways. He had a tremendous head, in fact, his mother almost died in childbirth. At the age of three or four years, he wore a size seven and one-half hat. He grew up, and at the age of fifteen or sixteen, he was taken out of that environment and came to California. Then, of course, followed years of development until he came to the age of thirty-eight. Then he went to the hospital for a ruptured appendix. That was symbolized by the old poison that was given to him at the age of thirty-eight in ancient Egypt 3600 years ago. So when he entered the hospital, he underwent a great shock—anesthetic didn't work. He had been psychic all his life and had, for many years, read the past, the present and the future; and he had given amazing demonstrations to other people. But in this hospital, the anesthetic didn't work. They shoved the needle into his spine a couple of times but he went through the operation practically in full consciousness.

So just as it was with Jesus, he projected himself out of his body while the operation was going on and went into the astral worlds. The next morning when the physical body awoke, he was still in the astral worlds, and the physical body responded in all ways and all consciousness; but it was still not directly connected in full rapport to the true self. For two days and two nights that condition existed, just as it was with Jesus in three days and three nights.

About two o'clock the following Tuesday morning, a definite sensation occurred. His body awakened and felt that the true person had come back into the physical and was in full contact. From that day on, he went out into the world and was completely changed, entirely different and was a stranger to his wife. A year later she left him because she no longer had anything in common with him. His friends turned away from him for no reason whatsoever, so he found himself going about searching and seeking and finding out what it was all about. And that is a thumb-nail sketch of my life as far as this physical expression is concerned. He went into the dance hall, into the churches and into all public places where people were and demonstrated what is commonly called psychic phenomena to an unbelievable degree of accuracy. He could go to India, China or Borneo while he was dancing with a woman on a dance hall floor. He could go into homes and describe intimate articles that only the person would know—which was only a way to prove to himself that all of this was instinctively known by him and what he had within him was truth. He had learned these things in other worlds and other places. Because he was a scientist, he was someone who was searching and seeking to implant within himself not only the true basic fundamental science of life but even more important, to develop that to a point where other people in the world could be taught and could learn to use the same science.

So he learned to live, too, by the power of the Super-consciousness, to learn and to be led and be directed and become fully conscious, not from the physical mind, but from the internal mind—to realize that every article of clothing, every place that he lived, every act which was portrayed and exemplified through his everyday life was a direct manifestation of the inner consciousness and not through the ordinary elemental reactionary principles expressed by other people. For years he told others that there was a certain woman who lived in this world who was going to be instrumental in helping him bring about this science. He described her; he told them that she had brown eyes—and that was many years before I met Ruth. And always I was searching and seeking for her because I knew that at the right time, the right place and the right junction of cycles that she would be there. So about four or five years before Ruth came into the picture, other psychics in this area began describing to me the long-bearded old men with big books who were following me around on the Inner and, I might say that Robert was one of the psychics. Robert Cheney and his wife described them to me; other mediums in other churches all gave me the same reading. They said whenever you are ready, the books will be there to be written; the science will be there; everything will be there. And then I met Ruth in a spiritualist convention in Los Angeles.

The pastor, Danny Hart, gave me the same message, practically word for word that Robert gave me. About an hour later I met Ruth, and since then all things have been fulfilled and attained. The first thing we did after going to San Diego a few days after meeting each other was to bring into consciousness “The Elysium”, and it was strange and wonderful. And even Ruth herself contacted the Master Elijah. We were going over the bridge into San Diego when the first one of the parables came to me, then for several days after, the parables followed. Some days I didn't even succeed in getting my pajamas off and into my clothes. We lived in the full power of this consciousness. After “The Elysium” came the little book, “The Truth About Mars”, and then came, “The Voice of Venus”. John the Revelator came and took me to Venus on thirty three different trips, and I went through the halls of learning and the great cities of Venus, and I saw life portrayed in a higher spiritual dimension. From there on, there were revelations of six other major planets, spiritual planets in this universe—planets that are unseen and unknown by our astronomers—but they are there, nevertheless. The beautiful cities and everything people have done and are yet to do were all portrayed in the most magnificent splendor that defies description.

And now, seven—eight years later, other students are also “seeing” these beautiful dimensions and further verifying these things.