Chapter XLI: Balances and Counterbalances (1963)

Quite recently one of our dear and close Unariun students was involved in an automobile accident and inasmuch as this circumstance could conceivably give rise to conjecture among the various other Unariun students, this might be an opportune time to discuss this particular accident and to point up some of the very important and salient points in the Unariun concepts and which are all very closely related and involved in any such circumstances. Ideally speaking, it might be reasoned that an accident such as this could have been circumvented; the student in question could have been forewarned and prevented from having this experience. Had this been done, the student would not have known for a certainty whether this accident had been prevented and forever after, or at least for the rest of her life, she would be somewhat in doubt as to whether or not there had really been intervention.

However, above and beyond this are other important factors to consider. As you know, our position with any act which can be considered to be intercession is against our policy and our jurisprudence. We have always maintained a strong position in this respect that wherever and whenever a person is prevented from realizing and experiencing certain advents in his life, whether or not they are negative, actually does this person more harm than good. It prevents the person from realizing the most valuable part of his existence—which is experience; and it is only through experience that we develop the fuller dimension and the greater perspectives of the mental horizons.

The fact that these experiences are sometimes negative or even disastrous is, however, just as valuable to us as are those experiences which have the more transcendent values in life. There should be brought out at this time the fact that the Moderator was quite conscious for several weeks prior to the accident of the knowledge that she was to have an accident and he could have stretched a point, gone out of his way and warned the student or taken other means to prevent her from driving at the scene at the precise instant when the impact took place. It should also be said that He was lying on the couch in his home at the moment that this accident transpired and He saw the scene rather vividly depicted; He knew that He was there and was fully conscious of it.

Now it has developed that the student in question has gone through this accident without too serious consequences and although some physical injury was sustained, together with some shock, it is quite evident that a much greater degree of injury or even possibly death had been prevented by the different ways in which the Unariun Organization has of buffering such accidents or experiences for those who are prepared and who are dedicated to its service.

There are many factors of introspection which should be entered into at this point which will relieve any student of any tendency to wrongly or negatively slant this experience and deprecate the value of the Unariun teachings. To best do this, we will analyze such various factors involved and in this way be able to obtain a much better perspective of all that transpired. It has been quite obvious for several years that this student was a very deeply dedicated person to the Unariun Cause and her weekly trips from Santa Barbara to the meetings here in Glendale were evidence to this fact, along with the other different efforts she was making financially, etc., to help sustain and to propagate the Movement. In her instance, this dedication, just as it is with the other Unariun students who are likewise so dedicated, did not come about simply as an idle expression or a fantasy of mind; it came about only after long and arduous preparation and conditioning by these persons in different lifetimes and particularly in the spiritual dimensions where they lived in the in-between lives. Since the crucifixion (of Jesus) this student had been very arduously pursuing the path of knowledge to reform herself, to make of herself a better person and above all, to correct the differences in her life dispensations in which she was involved in past lifetimes. And so it was that in the in-between lives in the spiritual Centers she recognized the great Infinite Cosmogony; she was aware of these Higher Worlds, the teaching Centers, the wonderful Personalities who lived in these Higher Worlds and so many other attendant realizations which could be expected of her position at that time. This, of course, all helped her to realize within the dimension of her own consciousness the need and to crystallize the desire for this better and higher way, so she began developing herself and preparing herself for the future advent which, in Christian doxology, is called the “Second Coming”, or the establishment of the Unariun Concept on the material earth at a very propitious time.

Of course, like all other students or even the Moderator, she cannot be considered to be perfect in all respects or even fully prepared to meet all expurgations or expediencies and to be fully able to equalize the immense complexity and, infinity of such experiences which they will go through in the materialization of consciousness in these material worlds or where they are separated, in a sense, from the true transmission of intellectual and progressive evolution. The very nature of the material or carnal world is such that it is opposite in all its dispensations to the true concourse of such an expanded and evolutionary concept. It is simply so because these material worlds are not equalized; they are in all experience quotients, as they are being materialized daily by hundreds of billions of people, to be singular or mono in nature; that is, they are unbalanced.

To more fully understand and appreciate the equilibrium—as we must so emphatically stress equilibrium in Infinite Intelligence—is to again revert back to the fundamental and basic principle of the Unariun Concept which is: Infinite Intelligence in Itself is perfect. It is the sum and substance of all, but much more important, It is, in itself, constantly regenerating and forming Itself in a series or sequences of new forms or patterns. As it combines the time-space factor within Itself, it is therefore cyclic in motion—a fact which has been proven by Einstein's mathematics. In this cyclic motion there is always manifest a completely equalized situation or a transmission of energy.

A concept is carried in its entirety within itself over the entire frequency of its transmission within a cyclic path. Whether it is large or small, the nature of the information or intelligence carried in such a cyclic motion is always counter linked with every other cyclic motion upon the principle of harmonic relationship. And so the entire Infinite Intelligence presents an infinitely vast and complex matrix of wave forms of cyclic motions which can be visualized to some extent as interweaving vortexes of motion or anomalies. These wave forms do conversely, within themselves, present exactly opposite counterparts and in their evolutions within each other also present exactly opposite points of the sine wave configurations, the necessary positive and negative facsimile of all of the information contained.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate cyclic motion and the differences where we have absorbed time, so-to-speak, within a given circumference or space would be to take an ordinary device, a compass—and which is really not a compass at all in the true sense—which can be purchased in the ten-cent store and which can draw circles. If we take a stiff piece of cardboard and we draw a perfect circle with an approximate diameter of four inches and by making a center mark with a pencil where the point of the compass penetrated the cardboard, then by placing a mark anywhere on the outer periphery or rim of the circle we can by taking a ruler draw a line straight across the two points; we have divided this circle in exactly two equal portions. Now if we had two little ants, each one carrying a grain of sand, who were trained so that they would walk around this circle at exactly the same speed, these two ants could then walk around this circle indefinitely without catching up with each other. They would, at any given point of their circumference, present exactly equal portions of the circle to themselves.

This is, in a rather crude way, presenting the equilibrium of Infinity. We will say that no matter how large or how small such a cyclic transmission is, we will always find an exactly equal or equalizing point in its circumference wherein it always transmits in an opposite or a negatively or positively charged condition the exact facsimile of its entire content. Moreover, the way and the manner in which this is done being rather complex, we will leave this facsimile just as it is and carry out this introspection into the third dimension. Man, in the beginning of his evolution, acquires a certain prehensile mental faculty which relates one or more objects together without necessarily involving the circumstances of his past in respect to the particular appearances.

However, all things in the third dimension are—like all other things wherever they are found—harmonically linked to each other. If we find a stone in the road today and we find another stone in the road a year from now and at a point many miles apart, these two stones are, of course, different and they were found at different places. However, they are both stones and were both found in the third dimension on a particular road and so basically, they are the same stones.

So it is from life to life; people are doing just as you are doing—manifesting and re-manifesting the past in a countless successive series of experiences wherein they are merely transmitting the past, so-to-speak, into the present. And by the same process, they are at this present moment retransmitting the future, for the future will be exactly the same as the present unless they obtain sufficient knowledge of the mechanics involved in their life and its transmissions, and of what it consists, and in this knowledge they are able to reconstruct the fabric of their lives or to obtain for themselves a more directive quantity of self-expression. They become masters, so-to-speak, of their own destiny, for knowledge gives people such mastery. The fact that we could, within our own consciousness, relate Infinity in all its vast breadth and scope would immediately place us beyond the realm of the third dimension and it would, mentally speaking, place us in a position which would be hundreds of trillions of years in advance of the position in which you now presently occupy! That, of course, is all part of your evolution. It is a challenge to your own capacity, your own integrity, your own will, your own intelligence as to how well you can see the necessity and the purpose of evolution and the regeneration of Infinity through you.

When this entire perspective has been obtained, then you will be oscillating or manifesting Infinity in your consciousness to such a degree that a uniform and equalized balance in all things will be obtained. Therefore, you will no longer be a singular person wherein these experiences must come to you in a singular fashion, one to be placed against the other and compared or reacted to in trying to obtain the equilibrium from the appearances of these two or more reactive-looking appearances in your life. Instead, you will have complete knowledge of all of these things within themselves, why they are there, the reason and manner for their existence and many other additive factors which are far beyond comprehension at this particular moment.

And so our discussion with our dear fellow student and her accident does not necessarily shape itself up as a negative happenstance; it is at this very moment, and through the means of this taped transmission being reconverted from a negative expression of energy into something which is positively biased or that it will carry a message to you—a message wherein you can, within your own minds, reanalyze and reaffirm certain substantial and basic truths within your consciousness and you can again visualize something of the infinite perspectus of Creative Intelligence.

When you have done this, you will have aided and abetted this Infinite Intelligence in manifesting itself through you because Infinite Intelligence must constantly regenerate itself from any given moment to the next. It has in its complete entirety changed—yet changed only in its manner and way of expressing Itself through you.

These dynamics, these principles are incomprehensible to the third dimensional mind, yet they must be in some way comprehended by those who wish to live an immortal life, to those who wish to aspire—and especially with the Unariun student—through preconditioning as well as the natural and latent desire of the creative instinct which is within you, something which is imbued and recreated through every atom, through every thought, through any other and all transmissions of life. Here is the positive bias of creation which is ever-apparent, which will always be with you if you will reach out with your mind to grasp the full meaning of this ever-apparent Intelligent Creation.

And as it so happens in the material world—and especially as we are conducting an analysis with our dear fellow student—we must always in some way have to succeed in turning a negative circumstance to some good. We must see purpose, we must see creation in it and we must see all other things, otherwise we become victimized by it; we are retrogressed by that experience. The experience then becomes impounded in our own psychic anatomies and it will, in turn, in the future regenerate itself into our lives.

We could again say that in the past lives in which this student lived and as she has come and gone into the material world, there were many circumstances of a negative nature in which she was involved and she could not remember consciously what she had learned in the higher spiritual worlds simply because consciousness is only an extension of the subconscious mind—an acquired faculty of realization which started at the moment of conception. In turn, the superconscious self or the more highly developed self—when it does develop—should supply and replace the function of the subconscious. It should supply all things to us much more broadly, much more realistically than does the subconscious at the present time, and which is the opposite polarity of that circle we have just discussed as it involves the circumference of our own personal thinking, for this, too, is in a sense a cyclic motion. We have an oscillating condition from the conscious mind to the subconscious and vice versa and which, in turn, again re-oscillates into the past with the mental consciousness or the psychic anatomy. This is the perpetuated part of our existence, the part which has existed from the first embryonic concepts which were amalgamated together in the common bond of frequency relationship.

Yet lacking knowledge to more fully discharge the small consequences of a negative nature which came to this student in the numerous transmissions of her former lifetimes, these experiences snowballed, so-to-speak. Harmonically, they became attuned to transmissions here in the present life and as all things are cyclic in motion, it was inevitable that this negative vortex or anomaly must be discharged. It was so discharged in the moment of impact when time and space, so-to-speak, were hurled away and the negative proportions of these countless experiences were so discharged. Yet, unless this is fully realized, they will regenerate themselves, harmonically speaking, and re-perpetuate themselves in the future of that student; they will re-perpetuate themselves in you, individually.

That is the reason for this discussion here at this time with you—to exercise again the common basic concept of polarity interchange. As this experience resides with you in the negative phase of this cyclic motion, so I reside in its positive phase. I give to you the equilibrium of this experience and in doing this, these transmissions become with us the common fund of knowledge which is superimposed as intelligence and knowledge in our higher selves. And in the future when the higher self is so fully-developed that it becomes the dominant polarity of our consciousness, then we will be able to rationalize, we will be able to clairvoyantly use these past circumstances, we will be able to recombine all of this information and knowledge in respective cyclic transmissions, linked and relinked with Infinity. And thus we shall see the higher effigy of creation in motion, for it is through such creative motion that the Infinite does constantly regenerate and re-perpetuate Itself in all forms and in all substances and in the conscious surface of everyone’s mind.

The third dimension or the material world, as you see it swirling about you in your daily life, is mute testimonial of the singular experience in life of every human wherein he is attempting to equalize consciousness—equalize it infinitely—for these tendencies or instincts, proclivities of human nature as they express themselves, while they may seem basically destructive, yet they are basically constructive. Even through the most evil experience of any human life or even in the combined evilness of expression with a great multitude, this very evilness can be the most necessary and motivating force which can levitate individually or collectively speaking, multitudes of people.

It is well known that the more people suffer, the more they try to seek relief, the more they will try to express within themselves a higher and a better way, so the evil of their existence becomes the wellspring, the source of motion, the energy, the incentive or whatever is necessary to propel them. Like the powder which is compounded in the chamber of the gun which fires the projectile, although it is an evil force yet it does propel human consciousness into a motion wherein consciousness seeks out a way to alleviate, to seek a higher and more equitable plane of life. This, in itself, is one other way in which we can understand the equilibrium as it is expressed in all cyclic motions, for even though we differentiate cyclic motion in the third dimension as a singular point-to-point transmission of sine wave frequencies, yet this is not the fundamental reason or occurrence for their existence. They are truly in all senses, harmonically linked to the cyclic motions of their origins which are fourth-dimensional in nature.

That is the reason for the great and apparent fallacy of modern civilization—the insatiable quest of science to prove that it is right, third-dimensionally speaking—or that all things start here on the surface of this earth. Whether they see this in the DNA molecule which they believe was synthesized from out the substances or in the gases of the earth, in conjunction with thunderstorms, lightning bolts, into the first protoplasmic cell, science still has refused to budge or move from this position. It cannot yet conceive that the origin of life is fourth-dimensional in nature—that it comes from somewhere else. Third dimension is only a plane or a surface of expression. There are many other dimensions—just as Jesus spoke of them as the many mansions—and this insatiable quest will only lead science more deeply into the mire of confusion, for as the expressionary agents and elements of fourth-dimensional expression are found in the third dimensional science or the earth world, so will confusion reign until their source, the manner of their being and the reason for their expression has been divulged by fourth-dimensional analyses.

These and many other factors and elements, truths, principles are very vitally important in your progress. You must constantly be aware of them every moment of your experience in the third dimension, for you are truly relating these present moments with all past tenses, all past experiences, and you cannot for one moment relax and resign yourself into a fatalistic attitude. Such an attitude is a lazy and an indolent one and bespeaks of a person who is intellectually inferior, a person who is slovenly in his mental habits and who does not care to seek out the reason for his being, the reason for his existence and the multiplicity of forms of life and expressions everywhere about him. Such a person is on the downward trail.

Therefore, the future must always present its own challenge to you. There can be no relaxation for indeed this must eventually supply the present libidos or drives with which your material world furnishes you. Instead, you must substantially regenerate within your own consciousness a more definite facsimile of Infinite Intelligence. It cannot be the reactionary reagents which are contained in these materialistic forms—the necessity for your eating and sleeping and for maintaining your positions, for paying out monies or bending to and observing the different expressions of material life as they are set up in what is called our organized society of living.

For this organized society is, in itself, merely a system of balances and counter-balances because it is singular in expression and does not include principle, does not understand, and it is constantly at odds with itself; it is constantly deficient. It is never sufficient to supply the ever-increasing resurgence of new expression, new quantities and new divulgence.

That is the reason for the great preponderance of law and executive agencies within the government of the United States and behind this also the reason fourth-dimensionally speaking, for the great resurgence of crime, the ever-apparent decadency of our civilization, for as civilization rises, so it too is equalized by a counter-motion of degeneracy. And when a certain point is passed in the perspectus or realization of any nation or any person wherein the progressive motion of evolution is not sustained, then there is an imbalance.

The negative begins to catch up and decadency sets in. So, therefore, in the future let us rationalize not only the experience of our fellow-student positively but also obtain from it an additional perspectus, more information, more strength and better dedication. There will be many years, perhaps a number of lifetimes which each of you will want to live or to reincarnate back into this earth-world dimension, or you may reappear in other earth worlds similar to this one and there again, you will attempt to somehow establish the continuity of the past. You will say just as our fellow student did in the previous conditioning of her advent into this material world in this lifetime, “I am sufficiently strong to overcome what I know is in my past. I know that it will reappear in my future as I am living on the earth world, yet I feel that I am sufficiently well-equipped, I am sufficiently dedicated and I have the knowledge to overcome these things, and so they will be overcome.” She perhaps did not directly remember the continuity of that preconditioning, yet it has been expressed through her and I feel sure that in the days to come in her moments of introspection, she will feel the impact of that collision, not as a rending, tearing sensation which left her unconscious body by the side of the road but rather, as a great discharge of negation which she had accumulated through the ages. It would also whisper its message to her, not in that grinding crash of steel upon steel but an infinite message of hope, of eternal life, of realizations in higher worlds when we could live beyond the reactionary dimension of the material world and learn to make of our lives a mirror of Infinite Intelligence where we could reflect the more progressive elements of evolution, where we could reflect not only to our own consciousness but to all mankind how Infinity was living through us. And in our form, in our motion and in our thoughts and our consciousness we were becoming more and more a part of this great Infinity; that we were expressing it, not as reactionary creatures, born of an earth world but as constructive intelligent beings, in our consciousness helping to reconstruct Infinity in all its dimensions and its ramifications.

Therefore, in concluding our analyses and our introspection of this particular situation, and inasmuch as it could also involve any one of you in any such a similar incident or in many other different happenings in your life, I do not wish to go on record as having made an unequivocal statement that evil is necessary in a sense that it is a fatalistic doctrine or that we are destined to have certain things happen to us or any other such views which may countenance a fatalistic attitude, for such fatalism, is fatal. Rather, I would say, and in view of all factors involved, that experience in itself as a necessary and formative expression of energy and motion in our lives, is very valuable to us.

Individually we should not attempt to circumvent or to reestablish conformatives of life expressions in other people. Rather, we should seek to find the answer to all of these things and to prevent or to discern, or to otherwise exercise intelligent action and motion in our future relationships. To have prevented this accident would have aborted the normal course of the evolution of this student for she, herself, in a sense, had mandated that it should happen. Previous circumstances of negation were such that they must, according to the cosmic law of regeneration, constantly re-express themselves or discharge themselves into new conformatives, into new expressions. To circumvent this normal intercourse of life experiences of any person is to deny him the privilege of learning, to deny him the privilege of self-development and this, in itself, leads us into many other dimensions of introspections.

Why is the supreme importance of the physical life so everywhere apparent in the ordinary earth man, and if such experiences could be realized in a more supreme sense, then we may say, why is the necessity for all this? And if God created man as it is expressed in Christian doxology, then why did He not create him perfectly, why the necessity for all of this worldly intercession, this worldly dominion by this Christian god?

And the fallacy of religion itself as it is so currently being expressed becomes immediately apparent if we carry creative concepts into the altars of the churches, for here we have found in his mind, man has created the effigy of Supreme Creativity, flawlessly an embodiment which can create light and universes, yet apparently through a religious system is subjected to the various placebos of human consciousness or that he can be duped by false promises, by prayerful attitudes or subverted from what might be an intelligent course of action or abstaining from such measures which would interfere.

Yes, the Christian god is blamed for all deficiencies in human nature and expression, yet also endowed with the Supreme Creative Powers of Infinite Intelligence. Such beliefs are infantile and could only reside in the mind of an undeveloped mental person. They have no place in the scale of evolution which has gone to such dimensions where intelligence and personal expression are synonymous to Infinite Creativity.