Chapter XLIII: An Informal Talk to a Student (1964)

S - Dr. Norman, I notice of late people are beginning to talk of the concepts of Unarius, in a way?

T - Yes, people are beginning to talk about things and concepts that we have had in our lessons and books for years, and they believe them to be new ideas. They are toying with ideas and are trying to explore. You students have a great advantage over these scientists; you are more than a thousand years ahead of them on that score because you could take these things up and conceive them and will learn what they will be living by in the future. Yes, you have all the advantages; you have more than they have in all of their universities put together, all their high schools and all their grade schools. You have it right in those lessons and books of Unarius. That, in itself, is one of the greatest miracles that ever happened to this world—to have all that wisdom in those books.

S - I just feel sometimes that I am getting to understand these things more than even the scientists, and my, but it is a wonderful feeling.

T - Not only that, but you get tuned in to the whole creative universe, the entire Infinite Intelligence. You can tune into it because that is the way these teachings are constructed; and the books are put together that way so that it carries all this power with it. It makes it much easier to understand; and not only that, but regardless of how many times you read them, you will always find something new every time. This is unique; you cannot find that in any other books on this earth!

S - Yes, every time I read it, it keeps changing and adding to, and changing.

T - Yes, that's right because it is infinite in nature, constructed from Infinite Intelligence. You simply cannot get it any other place. No, there is no end to it. Don’t think you will ever come to any end of the wisdom contained in these various writings, for you will not. This is your path, your future.

S - I want to understand exactly how it is with energy, etc.

T - Well, I am going to get into it even more thoroughly in some book in the future. It is like the electricity that comes over the wires; in the generator you have two polarities here, so by turning a rotator that is wired a certain way, it creates a field of force between them and it changes these polarities back and forth from positive to negative. It is these positive and negative impulses that travel along the wire to make an alternating current; it is the information that it carries.

S - The alternating current?

T - Well, it switches phase; the energy goes from one side to the other and when it does that, it is positive or negative phase, yes, like the sine wave. What that means when it is translated so far as the generator is concerned is that you are switching from one pole to the other. These, of course, all follow magnetic lines of force, as they are around the earth. This is all part of this cosmic hysteresis, but that is a little beyond the point we are trying to make just now.

The thing is, this electrical impulse that goes up and down carries the information. Your electric clock goes by that information. It rotates at a certain speed and keeps perfect time because it is synchronized to the generator in the power house which rotates sixty times per second and the motor in the clock follows the exact pattern of thought which the generator is transferring. In other words, it, too, rotates sixty times per second just the same as does the generator; it changes the polarities and it is synchronized, locked to it. You are synchronized to thousands of things out here in the outside world. For instance, looking at the garment over here that just fell down, what happens? You synchronize and lock into that; it is something that is familiar to you. You have had that experience before so you have the wave forms in your psychic anatomy and you can lock into it. Everything you see is a transference of energy wave forms that lock that—whatever it may be—into you as objectivism into your consciousness.

S - You mean it is like two transformers of wires; when energy rotates from one, it automatically oscillates into the other?

T - That’s exactly the same principle, just like the electric clock I spoke of, for they have a little coil of wire in the clock and a rotor and an armature, and it rotates just as does the generator.

S - These thoughts you are now speaking, they are going to me?

T - That’s right. I have generated certain energy that you cannot hear which is going into your psychic anatomy but is inaudible, for this will transcend you to the point where you can understand it better. That is a little secret that we old Boys have that the Pro’s in the colleges do not have because we can paint the picture for you, in a sense of the word; it becomes much easier for you to understand.

S - And these words from you then become a part of me?

T - That’s right.

S - And will they always be attuned to me?

T - Yes, they will oscillate in your psychic anatomy forever! Not only that, but if you tune in to that—if you know how to tune into this particular thing—it can assume an endless variety of forms of consciousness. It does not necessarily have to be just these words because it is intelligent. Through harmonics it can tune you in to anything in the universe, or the Infinite. That’s right. Yes, we old Boys know all these secrets and that’s why we come to the earth to try and help people who get into these thresholds where they want something beyond this world, or to learn how to sustain life in other worlds; and when they get fed up and sick and tired of all these materialisms, then we are the ones who present it to them in a scientific way—and a way which can be verified by every manner and means possible and can be demonstrated in your own way.

You can have your own miracles; you can see your own consciousness enlarge to a point where the next life in the higher worlds is not only possible but it is feasible; it becomes a reality to you—worlds where you can live without your physical body. I live without my physical body all the time, or at least most of the time. I could not live with it very long, only as a compromise. I have to operate my physical body entirely differently than you do yours. Mine is like when they manipulate these puppets on a string, more or less after a fashion. I am operating it by remote control; like the robot, I am twisting the dials and sending the impulses into it. That is the reason why I could not do what you did out there using so much physical strength when you tossed those huge boxes of books about like they were empty. There is no necessity for me to have this physical strength because I live beyond that. It is very necessary to you; you have enjoyment with it and it is the level upon which you, at the present, function. To me, I could take it or leave it; it would make no difference one way or the other.

That’s the difference between being on the emotional plane or not being on the emotional plane. I have a great many other things that take the place of that. I am cosmically attuned. I can do many things with the mind and live in many places and areas that are not possible for you to live in yet until you develop this consciousness, so therefore, you have to have this libido; this is your drive to keep you living here on this earth. Yours is just as necessary to you as mine is to me. We do not get emotional—who is better or who is worse or any such thing—it is just the same as the sparrow that falls by the wayside. We know all of these things in consciousness; they all have a place in creation.

We would not do like these colored people are doing, forcing themselves on others and into conditions and into society with which they are unfamiliar and increasing a lot of strain, not only on themselves but also, upon people who do not want them—people who cannot see these things as we do. To me it is absolutely immaterial; it is irrelevant. People who do not want me around, I go and find another place; I’d not try and force myself onto them simply because it was legal to do so. When you begin to understand humanity and the position on the scale of evolution in which people are, then of course, there would not be all this squabbling and fighting.

People would live differently if they knew these principles of evolution. Any time that you institute a system or government which is based or predicated upon things of equality, you are going to get into squabbles; and yet, what else can they do? There really isn’t anything else or compromise because the whole psychology of life is based on the survival of the fittest which mandates an equality with everyone else. It is a personal drive with everybody in the world today that he is at least equal to everybody else. It is the old rat race, keeping up with the Joneses; if they cannot do that, then they are very unhappy. And by the time they get to where they think they are equal with everyone else, then they are very unhappy until they get a little power over them and rule them and inflict their unrest, their own dissatisfaction, their own emotionalism onto the other people.

That’s the reason we have these things; so we have political leaders; we have priests in churches and a great many other things because there are the values of life that people have gone through in their evolution to this particular point in their life. But some day it is going to have to pass because there is always a forward motion; you are either going forward or you are going backward.

The present here is either a combination of the past or it has to be a combination of the future. People in this world cannot live by the future because they do not know what the future is. All they are doing is going back into their past and trying to make their future out of their past, which is silly and absolutely impossible because in the first place, the future had already been created infinitely. They can’t do anything about it; they can’t change it; they do not have the intelligence to look forward into the future and visualize through their consciousness that all or everything that they are, is the future. That is what Jesus meant when He taught “finding the Kingdom of Heaven Within”, and when you can visualize the kind of future you want and make it a tangible reality in your life, then you have achieved the kingdom.

S - When you speak of two opposite forces, does this mean two forces traveling in different directions?

T - Yes, you could say that in a particular allegorical situation. Not only do we find moving forces in two directions but in many, but I think what you are referring to is a fourth dimensional hypothesis. You have to visualize that here everything travels this way—it has a beginning and an end on this earth. There are no beginnings and there are no endings in the next world—the fourth dimension. Everything travels in cycles or circles but the entire intelligence, whatever it is, is carried in that circle. In other words, instead of having a chair, you have the consciousness of the chair which rotates the complete cycle which tells you everything there is about this chair on that cycle. Therefore, the chair could live forever because if there is no beginning and there is no ending to this cycle, what this chair is, it cannot perish; can it?

S - Like the Laser Beam which has so many frequencies?

T - Well, of course, that is quite different; that is only a sine wave transmission that has beginning and end; it is still but a third-dimensional proposition. You see, if you are a little ant and you start going around on the edge of that pool, you would never come to the end of it; would you? Well, that little ant would not need to go around that pool to find out what was on the other side if he could visualize the entirety of that whole pool in the concept of his mind; would he? He’d just sit out there in one place and know what the whole thing looked like; wouldn’t he? Yes, that is fourth dimensional. We have to understand these things that way; everything is manifest cyclically, then there is no time or space.

S - They could encircle the whole universe and everything?

T - Well, yes, it is in and out; and for instance, you move your hand through what is called air and space, but it is not space at all—it is infinitely filled. Your hand cannot feel it because it is out of tune with it, just like your television set cannot tune in to A.M. radio stations. They are right there all the time but it is insensitive to them.

So how valuable it is when you begin to understand energy and see what it is. This world could be just a little kernel or grain upon another world—a world that people could not see. There could be worlds around on the outside of it or on the inside of it. People of another dimension could be living in this world and you’d never know that they are here!

For the present, we shall break contact. Goodnight.