Chapter XLIV: Further Discussion (1964)

There is only one way a person can attain morality and that is through himself, by being moral within himself and to realize his responsibility as a person, as an individual, as a creative expression or a beginning of intelligence. If all of these people out there knew that all of their acts of consciousness were so recorded that a man like myself could walk among them and point out to them—and which I have done for many, many years and with hundreds or thousands of cases, just as I did this afternoon—they’d soon change their ways, wouldn’t they? It makes no difference whether the thought, act or deed or experience, whatever it was, was expressed years ago, I could go back with them thousands of years and point up these same things to them. I find out where all their incurable diseases stemmed from and they are healed.

S - Can they be cured?

T - Yes, indeed, we have many thousands of testimonials there in the files of these healings: cancer of the breast, of the cervix, incurable conditions, anything, any condition which you can name, and I do not consciously send a thought to them. I do nothing at all consciously or physically. They take up the lesson courses and many times we only hear indirectly that they have had healings. The healing takes place so naturally and normally, and the adjustments in their lives occur that often they scarcely remark about it, so naturally did it take place; and occasionally it must needs be brought to their consciousness that it once existed a few months or weeks back.

Like little Louise in New York who has had very wonderful visions, and they all follow the same patterns, those who remain steadfast. It is very indicative. Many students see the Brothers of the Brotherhood of the Higher Worlds coming to them. These are developed people who have lived perhaps on this world or other worlds and they have gone on in their evolution where they no longer need a physical body. They come to them silently and without personal identification, but these students can see them. They are not clairvoyant or mediums but they can see them; they see them as Lights or smell their fragrances and see them other ways. They know that they are there. They have the miracles happen to them which, in itself is the proof.

S - Do you think that the spirit has a job to do, that it could be part of his responsibility of coming back and helping the earthman?

T - Well, in a sense of the word, that is a rather broad inclusion of many things; we could classify that—as the Yogi used to call it—karma. Here is the implication—a guilt complex, as they term it in psychology. It is the sum and total of all of the unrealized and unrequited things for which he may or may not be responsible, such as vicarious responsibilities, etc. This would leave a sense of guilt or a guilt complex; and so reincarnation, to a large degree, by earth people is mandated by that and by the fact, too, that this is the only way that they know. But principally, the further the person goes along the line and the more of this accumulation or psychic debris is accumulated, the more you have to discard.

S - Then there is the positive and negative for everything?

T - Yes, you see cancellation is a very scientific principle; we do it in electronics all the time. In other words, we beat two pulses against each other and it is a heterodyne, or you can cancel out even a compound number of pulses together. So in a cancellation of a psychic condition which had manifested as a material condition or a physical condition, we have to first integrate or suspend at least temporarily, to a certain degree, the oscillations of the conscious mind into the subconscious. We bring about a certain condition where we can interject certain oscillations into these beat frequencies into the psychic anatomy which cancel out the aberration.

The person retains the residual; the person can still remember the experience psychically or even consciously but it no longer has the effect in a negative way; it does not manifest itself in a pernicious way. It is now in an “out-of-phase” relationship with the present.

S - Well, does not the person have to compensate somehow for his ill or wrong in some way in the future?

T - This is a very broad area and yes, this is true to a degree, but when people go on over to the other side, as it was so described by Dante in his attempt to portray the pits of hell, well, this is all psychic imagery. We say of murder, one would have a tremendous sense of guilt; this is a terrible hell in which they live.

Now there are spiritual organizations like the Unariuns who go into these pits, just as I am here on earth, to sort of ferret out the people who could be helped at that time; and in ways with which we are familiar, we manage to lead them out to the point where they can begin to integrate their consciousness in another dimension where they can see the possibilities and try to reinstate themselves. It is a spiritual therapy. I have described it to some degree in the book, “The Voice of Venus”. The healing wards are described. The earth scientists with their space probes have proven to a certain degree that “The Voice of Venus” is right; but it is a spiritual dimension, nevertheless. The psychic anatomies have to have help; they all have to be healed and given certain therapies sometimes when they have gone so far.

S - Those who have never been exposed to a higher learning—they are going to have to come back until they are ready or are exposed; would you not say so?

T - I doubt very much if there is any person who has lived on the earth who has not been exposed to higher learnings, for the one and simple reason is, the creation around him would make it so and he would not have progressed in his evolution without having had some of it. This is his personal Christ, his personal savior. We could say that even the aborigine, as we find him in the jungles, is still a human being to the degree that he has a psychic anatomy which can be his intercessor or his savior from these spiritual worlds.

S - Would you say that a person of that degree would come back, and if they have improved themselves to the level they are on, that they would be given a chance to obtain further learning to improve themselves, etc.?

T - Yes, in a general sense, not necessarily that they are being given a chance, that it is mandatory, or because they ask for it—not necessarily that we have executive forums over there and that they must attend; but this desire must always be expressed from or by the individual—that he feels it is something he must do within himself. This is the inspirational kind of consciousness which is at work.

S - You mean a spirit reincarnating has the choice?

T - Oh yes, always, and in fact, that is mandatory, we say in a sense of the word; there is no help ever extended until he first expresses his desire or wish for it. He cannot possibly be serviced until he expresses himself.

S - Would this soul or spirit know that it had made this choice of the problems that will come after he returned to earth?

T - He would not know about it consciously and to the degree in his new life that he would be able to say that he remembered things as you remember things that happened to you yesterday. It is an orientation of consciousness with which the person subconsciously brings himself into alignment as he goes along.

He recreates in some way, automatically and without his own conscious knowledge of doing so, facsimiles of previous experiences so that he can try to master them or overcome them. S - In other words, we are where we are because of ourselves?

T - Yes, that’s right. Now for instance, a woman came to me who had cancer of the left breast. I pointed out to her that during a lifetime in France during the Napoleonic wars, she was stabbed in the breast with a sword and it left a psychic scar there. The death was a terrible thing to her and that aberration in her psychic anatomy manifested itself as cancer in this present life-time. When that was explained to her, it disappeared; not only that but her obesity, which was also a sense of insecurity, disappeared. So we had cancellation of the fear impinged.

S - Yes, that makes much more sense to me than just reliving it repeatedly; then it is actually a cancellation of the fear?

T - That’s right; it is the working out. This is the big science of Unarius and when students are able to do this themselves with the aid of the Brotherhood, their negative shocks are dissipated and the fear goes. Any psychic aberration in the psychic anatomy is a fear—a fear of something or another—a fear of death or of loss.

They leave great psychic scars in the psychic. These negations have to be cancelled out because these countless thousands of beat frequencies which are all disassociated with the normal functioning manner at the time when this shock happened to him, now they all have to be corrected and put back into their proper orbits, their proper beat frequencies and in their proper relationship. That is cancellation. When they relive this thing in the sense of the word that they have recaptured this experience, they then usually place themselves in the proper position in the cycle so that this can be done very quickly. We can interject then, the necessary beat frequencies into those which cannot be straightened out and reset the others which have been.

S - Does the person have to see these experiences himself or does it take help from the Brotherhood?

T - Most of the students do have to have help from the Brotherhood. We say any paranormal activity such as experience has always been projections to them. In the Brotherhood we have implementation; that is, we have scientific instruments, ray machines, projection machines, etc., and apparatus which are used to project these things into their consciousness or to prepare them while they are asleep. That may sound a little fantastic but it is already being done in recording machines now. Many types of schools teaching special interests use them now; the army uses them to teach soldiers foreign language.

They can learn a foreign language in a fraction of the normal time with this added sleep teaching system. We do this on a more extensive scale. While people are asleep, their conscious mind is temporarily suspended in its oscillating process. Then we have the personality in the right position on the cycle, the energy has been planted there. The recreation from out of their own psychic anatomy is most often used because there has to be the relationship with it to project the image into consciousness where they were reliving the scene; and when they do this, cancellation occurs.

S - Do the students only relive the unpleasant things?

T - Principally, yes, because they are only here for that one purpose. Now some very few people could remain in the higher worlds of learning indefinitely—as I have described in my books—for any number of years to study very comprehensively. It would mean nothing to them there, and to myself, the physical body is absolutely unnecessary. It has had its evolution. This is something with which we are all faced; we cannot escape it. We either go backwards and evolve into infinite consciousness or we continue on upwards. Consciousness does not destroy itself because we have to expand consciousness to the degree where there is realistic and a tangible relationship to anything. There is no destruction to anything; everything is constructively inclined because this is the principle of regenerative creation.

And yet, it is demanded by the individual as an expressive form with audio and inspirations as the most sublimated of all these infinite creations; that is, the individual is, we say, a person who can determine his own course of evolution because God has to recreate Himself in so many dimensions. But the human is the one expressive element of mind and consciousness which bestows itself individually in consciousness in every human.

The degree of expression in which the Infinite bestows itself or manifests itself upon every human, the degree in which the Infinite works through every individual is relative; it is entirely up to the plane upon which the human lives. It is to a certain extent true with birds or things of the animal kingdom, but to them they have not progressed in their evolution where they have sustained the ego consciousness strongly enough, or the subconsciousness, and brought back with them the things which they were in former lifetimes to the degree that the human does. Some people have had cats, dogs reincarnate back to them. That little lady there with you just stepped right from out of three thousand years of the past. Yes, her rapport and memories with us are of that long ago in Greece.

Well, Max, I cannot go very much farther here with you, as so much goes out; it is the same principle as Jesus said when the woman with the issue touched him on the hem of his robe. He said, “Who touched me, for I felt virtue leave me?” You will see in the future, that many things will change with you, for you have, in a sense of the word, been fired from a cannon into the future. Your wife there is really on cloud nine. She has waited and worked a long time for this realization, for the bringing together of these cycles. She has been, as have many of the “old-timers”, in and out of the temples, the synagogues and places of worship, the holy schools, the cultural schools, from the steps of the great Acropolis and the great philosophers through antiquity and history—even to Atlantis and Lemuria and ancient civilizations. That is how all of these things are being stepped up with her; she knows this and so do I. These are all things that have been written by her and by her own hand, thought and actions; they shall be with her forever. I can read them and can tell her all about them because I am just like the radio; I can tune myself into it. I have developed this faculty of mind, the consciousness which people call clairvoyance.

S - I would imagine that a person on a higher level or vibration would be easier for you to read for?

T - Not necessarily, I have never made any lines of limitation. I have never found one for whom I could not read their past, and when I do, I will say I will go back to school and learn all over again. I can find a dishonest person or one who willfully refuses to acknowledge what I bring to him—or he may be transcended and unable to form a proper relationship with his past. I have had that happen, too, for instance, two sisters. I read for one and it was fine right on down the line. She remembered everything I brought to her of her past present lifetime, but when I read for her sister, she could not place a thing. It was all a blank. So I went back to the first sister and asked her to help her out and then she was able to recall the various recalls in her own life. They all fit perfectly. We shall temporarily discontinue.