Chapter XLV: Philosophy From a Most Advanced Being to Ruth (1956)

Dear Sister: There is indeed much that happens to people in the spiritual worlds in lives in between earth lives which explains the differences perhaps in the way that they interpret life in their various different missions on the earth plane. The great musicians, the artists, poets—those who have added some luster to the otherwise earthly drab existence—these things are all correlated organizations or coalitions which have been started as spiritual movements in some other spiritual plane or plateaus of understanding.

By far the average person’s understanding of life leaves much to merely suppose that these things happen in the reactionary stances of everyday living but it is not so, for no one becomes intelligent until he exemplifies a much higher degree of interpolation of the way of life but basically, from the spiritual plateaus of understanding. For life, in itself, as far as the earth is concerned, is merely shadows of that which has transcended and already transpired in the higher dimensions.

And so it is with all those who we might call great minds, or to those who are outstanding in an intellectual way, as they did not come by these things by studying books that were written in the earth man’s ideas. They did not come by them by obtaining mastery over their fellow man with the sword or spear, or some other superiority of armament or weapon. They came by them by the junction and the union of intelligence from the higher spheres of understanding—the common pool of human wisdom which is gathered together in the Infinite Cosmos and reside as participating agents in the Infinite Mind of God, and thus become a wellspring from which all may draw.

And these are the factors which determine an intelligent person from a weakling, a reactionary—by one who travels as does the common traveler, who are only concerned with pacifying their stomach and physical needs or desires.

So, dear ones, may we again reemphasize the importance of your position in retrospection to us here in the spiritual dimensions. Position is no more or less than how it is used and the way it is used, for in a way, the Infinite Mind of God is subjective to the various interpretations or interpolations of how man wishes it to be used; and this is the determining element, for no man can call himself simple nor can he call himself good; but only in the way in which he uses his wisdom does he either trap himself in the labyrinth of his own mind or does he become a dynamic and moving force in the Infinite Cosmogony.

These truths in themselves are great differences and ones over which we should ponder. There is much we can draw on constantly, an infinite pool or storehouse of wisdom. It is timeless, it is vast and it is universal; and it becomes one, or all of us, as to just how this wisdom is interpreted. It can become a stone which bruises our feet, or it can become a lighting and an illuminating power in your life, which transforms and transcends all things with which it comes in contact; for such is the power which the Infinite has given the higher forms of His Creative Mind, which is sometimes referred to as man. For here again in each man God hopes to live again—God does live again and expresses Himself universally one to another.

But I am not speaking of the material man who is bound with the interests only of his intestinal tract. Such a man must journey in spiritual spheres of consciousness the things which are beyond the realm of understanding which is contained in that nest of cells which is called the human brain, and which in itself is only another organ of the human body and so subjected to the regular cycles of rebirth and decay, as are all things.

Yes, indeed, for each atom in itself goes through a metamorphosis and becomes another atom more highly compounded, more intricately conceived; it is so as tiny gyrations pulsating, which represent life. And yet again, the atom becomes an even more compounded function which your scientist calls nuclear reaction, I believe.

To us it is merely the re-manifestation of Infinite Wisdom in a timeless, and perhaps even to you, a spaceless world for space only resides in the minds of infants. And when the inner mind is so evolved and becomes so conscious, it is indeed a participating element with the Infinite Understanding. It sees all and knows all things instantaneously. So likewise does it participate.

Sufficient to say, you may find food for thought in these few remarks and that, too, to some extent as far as the exterior or your physical world is concerned, could possibly be limited to the degree in which an attunement is made and the way in which the mind does become a channel. So these things must be delivered to you in the common metaphor which is acceptable to the human mind, to the one in which you oscillate, to the comings and goings and the gyrations of the vortexal energies which are impounded in the fabrication of your own true self, for these things you will truly understand.

But to walk with me in my own world would indeed be something which the little mind could not grasp nor could I find adequate words in your vocabulary to so substantiate the imagery of the pictures in that earth mind which would refabricate the tissue of your psychic self. This, in itself, would be a form of spiritual destruction and foreign to your nature. So be patient, be complacent and always be positive, for we can be with you only in the correct proportion to which you are thus attuned; for it is much easier, as Jesus would say, for the camel to pass through the eye of the needle than a materialist to get into Heaven.

So it becomes equally obvious that the mind must transcend the thresholds of materialism, and this it must do as an agency for attunement; for the personality to attain a higher degree of consciousness means a constant re-resolution, reorientation of innumerable facts of life. But above all, it means consciousness of things which exist far beyond the ordinary borders of human understanding. In other words, no limitations; there is nothing, and I repeat, nothing—and much more beyond that—than you will ever be able to possibly conceive or envision which does not already exist; or even anything that you could even ever hope for, does already exist—and always has! For those we might call Masters or Intellects, if I might resort to common phraseology, none of us has begun to approach anything which even resembles a terminating point, nor would we ever believe or could we ever conceive that an end is possible, for the moment we did we would find it, and we would stop.

Let us not be confounded with the word illusion, for illusion exists only in the mind of a person who is sterile in his contacts with the higher spheres of understanding. To a person who is conscious only of the reactionary stimuli as concerned with the physical appearances or appurtenances of the physical world do these things become imagery even more substantial and heavy than the graven statues which he has carved for himself and will sink him even deeper in the mire of his own subconscious.

So, dear ones, I am happy to have been with you for a few moments this evening. I am also very grateful that we have two such devoted friends in the nether worlds as you two, for indeed God would become useless or finite and handicapped and thus become ungodlike if He could not be so expressed into all of the nether worlds.

We look forward to the day when you shall have complete spiritual emancipation, as you have already achieved partially this emancipation. And let us know positively that you will continue on, as your face is now turned unto the East, and that you are, as Mohammed would say, walking towards Mecca. And do not be deviated by the devices of the underworlds for there are many, as you no doubt know. As I leave you with a strong and positive bit of power which you can place, it has come to me through vibration something of a song, perhaps of someone who has succeeded in trapping a celestial object from a star and put it in his pocket. In Tibet and China a long time ago, we had a pocket in our sleeve. Now we have capacities and other ways, but do so for such bits of Shining Radiant Light which I hope I can leave with you to help and to eliminate some of the darker moments which may still be unlighted or unillumined.