Chapter VI: The Evolutionary Continuity of Life

From time to time in our mail received here at the Center, there appears certain kinds of literature published and distributed by certain individuals or groups who might be called adventists, in a sense, who are constantly predicting dire catastrophes, racial extinction, etc., for mankind from various causes, principally atom bombs and radiation.
Some of these adventists or doom-mongers have even gone so far as to describe various escape devices such as a great space ship appearing at the last moment and rescuing the believers; or the sudden opening of underground caverns and tunnels by unknown races of people who are supposedly living underground and who, being keenly aware of the predicament of mankind, offer the believers the sanctuary of their underground homes.
This propaganda is in all respects quite similar to the kindergarten story of the newly-hatched chick who, when he experienced the fall of a leaf upon his tail, became hysterical, and thinking that the piece of the sky had fallen on him, ran to the mother hen who, in turn, became caught up in the chick's hysteria and ran to the duck. And successively, the duck, a goose and a turkey were likewise caught up in this hysteria, and in running madly about, encountered a fox, who capitalized on the situation, offered them the security of his cave which they gladly accepted and quite naturally were never seen again. It is amazing to see the almost countless thousands of people who are constantly being duped and victimized by these wild hysterical stories peddled by the doom-mongers, and in the process of being so duped, are not only parted from their hard-to-come-by cash, but are led down the garden path, which will, in the future, become only another great frustration. If these people would only stop and think for a moment—how would all of these escapees live indefinitely in the closely confined quarters of space ships, or upon new and strange planets, or in great subterranean caverns without the conveniences and familiar forms of their everyday life?
They would be in even more straightened circumstances than would be the straggling remnants of decimated humanity.
Psychically speaking, the effect of their new environment would be much worse than if they had died in the holocaust. At least, in the spiritual worlds they could have had help, training and preparation for a future incarnation on an earth planet similar to the one they had left. There is nothing logical, realistic or tangible in these various catastrophic and escape stories. They do not prepare the individual for a constructive and progressive future.
Apparently, none of these doom-mongers can scientifically describe life or prove its continuity, through science, beyond the grave. In some instances, there may be a few grains of truth scattered among the chaff, but these small grains are only indications and are never presented scientifically in a manner or way which could be acceptable in logical straightforward reasoning.
If any person is tired of the physical, material life, if he is overwhelmed by the apparent decadency of civilizations, if he is constantly stressed by incurable diseases and conditions and wishes to alleviate these various mental and physical tensions, there is only one logical course to pursue. Only through the doorway of constructive evolution can he hope to aspire to a better life. He must envision the future millions of years as his great opportunity, whereby in successive lifetimes he can learn to live in a higher state of consciousness and which can be assumed to be more and more freed from insoluble conditions.
Throughout the works of Unarius, this straightforward constructive plan of evolution is presented in factual, realistic and scientific concepts. The possibility of constructive evolution is presented as a certain reality which can be obtained by any individual who completely dedicates himself to the task, who is willing to give up the old self, its emotional vicissitudes, etc., and to progressively reconstruct his entire psychic anatomy or spiritual self in a manner and way which will enable him to live in a better world.
It would do no good for any person to temporarily escape death by running into a cavern or by going out into space. Sooner or later he would die the physical death anyway; and finding himself in the spiritual world, he would be even more confused than he would have been had he “died” in the catastrophe.
Yes, and even in the light of analyses, Christianity is, without doubt, one of the greatest of all these dispensations of doom which has been dispensated to countless millions of people in the past two thousand years—those who have gone to the grave believing in the false promises of resurrection and eternal life without proper preparation—preparation which can be attained only through thousands of lifetimes lived progressively, which will prepare the individual by expanding his consciousness beyond the third dimensional earth life.
If you would like to live a better life, if you would like to live beyond the grave, and in higher realms of consciousness, then you must prepare yourself for the better life in the higher world. Belief in a religious system or an intercessor will get you nowhere. These promises are as hollow as are the tombs of the men who have repeated them throughout the centuries. The actual existence of life is possible only as the present conscious moment of reality, and this reality is almost always entirely compounded from the past.
To most people, the future is not reality; they live only by the sheer necessity of survival. Like plant and animal life on this planet, this survival necessity is only the first step in evolution. Man becomes different from an animal only when he begins to recognize, and through recognition, the possibility of a future beyond the grave and an existence in a higher plane of consciousness is possible—and incidentally, a life which will be lived far more actively than is any earth life—for as consciousness is expanded, so does consciousness increase in its activities whereby various factors of existence are being constantly correlated in the pattern of life.
There is no Utopia in the spiritual worlds. There are no lives lived in indolent ease, playing golden harps while floating about on pink clouds.
Above the material plane, life is far more actively integrated in consciousness than on the material plane; moreover, conditions are different. There are no contentions in various differences of mass and energy, for in these higher worlds, all is energy. The physical processes of sustaining the human body, such as food, drink, elimination, etc., are supplanted by a more direct life-giving principle—the absorption of cosmic energies which are constantly radiating in saturated intensities throughout the great, so-called voids of space. Various forms of consciousness will also undergo metamorphoses. In the first stages of spiritual life, there is a constant attempt to integrate various earth life forms into this new spiritual atmosphere. The first few million years of spiritual life may be lived in mind-constructed energy formations which to some degree represent the earth life. Various buildings, such as houses, auditoriums, etc., will be constructed of pulsating, radiant-hued energy, held in its existing form as a constant effort of consciousness. Gradually, as thousands of years pass, the necessity of these forms diminish and consciousness will assume a much more infinite perspectus. Mental consciousness will be an extremely widely-diversified relationship with the Infinite in an oscillating manner, whereby consciousness is sustained in a way quite similar to that of the Infinite Creator Itself.
However, this concept is so completely abstract as to be beyond the comprehension of your present consciousness. This is the unknown future—at least unknown to almost all earth people—and because it is unknown, it is not taught in our educational or religious systems.
Mankind, therefore, lives constantly in dread of his future. The shadow of death always hovers over him, a death which is as unrealistic as are the many false attitudes of life which result from the coercive fear of death.