Chapter VII: Science On Evolution Lecture March 8, 1961

Good evening, Friends. It is wonderful to have you all here this evening, and I feel sure that there are many of us who have met before in the long, long ago in the shadows of temples or in great halls and places of history. That is one reason that has made this all possible, for this is today the millennium. This millennium started actually in 1945 with the explosion of the first atom bomb. That explosion ushered in not only the atomic age, or even the space age, but it was much more important in many other aspects to an interdimensional cycular junction wherein, we will say, that in a sense there are, astrophysically speaking, interdimensional agencies and other different forces in effect, certain peoples of the world who would of this time and of this place and in this age, enter into what could be more specifically defined as personal liberation—liberation in a sense that each and every one of you have been karmically involved in various lifetimes in the past hundreds or perhaps thousands of years.
The mere fact that you breathe air, you are able to sustain life, you are part of an organized society in some respects is an overwhelming testimonial that you are products, in a pure and simple sense, of a certain evolution—an evolution which is part earth life and part spiritual. Actually, as far as all humanity is concerned—and in fact it is also true with every organic creature which is so sustained with some life process on the planet earth—the various continuities in life transpositions are interdimensional in all aspects; that is, these things are only made possible through a certain junction, a certain principle or element, a dynamic creation.
I believe that we are all very consciously aware this evening that the earth, in its present state, is in a very chaotic condition. Man is raising his voice against his neighbor; nations are raising their voices against each other.
We are seeing daily the rise and fall of different systems and different ideologies, and it all bespeaks very eloquently of a great transition and a great metamorphosis which is taking place among the peoples of the world. You as individuals should be very vitally and very consciously minded not only for your own welfare but in respect to the fact that you are also an integrated element of humanity—not only of the planet earth but of a sustained system of planetary systems which evolved in the spiritual dimensions and that each one of you are, in yourselves, a definite element, a definite participle of expression of a great Infinite Intelligence.
Today in our space age science and, in fact, other denominations of life as they are so specifically outlined in our society, are acutely and consciously aware that there is much more to life than that which has heretofore been supposed and that life, in itself, can be extended on to include the infinities of not only our own particular galaxy in its position to the universe, but the universe itself and the many universes extending beyond this one; yet these, in themselves, are only small fractions of the whole because tightly woven, interconnected and in-between, this seeming space is very solid. It is solid in respect to the fact that there are many dimensions, as was pointed out by Einstein, and they are becoming generally recognized in this scientific age. Today, only the very hardened, shell-back, reactionary person maintains a position which he reluctantly and grudgingly admits—that life is possible on other planets or in far-off solar systems. Our science of today—in its rocketry, in its program of satellites, and various different interplanetary probes—is trying to seek out ways and means to establish communication or contact with any possible life in any other planetary systems.
We have at this time a very fortunate position in respect to our own selves personally. We can, in common denominators and in nomenclature which is familiar not only to yourself but to the scientist, define life in so many more dimensions than heretofore has been possible. Life, in itself, now is not earthbound but seeks to escape the trammels and vicissitudes of this earth life. The principle of evolution itself as a dynamically sustained ingredient in your own personal development demands constant and successive extensions of knowledge into unknown dimensions. You, yourselves, within the dimension of your own mind are spiritually quickened; you are cognizant of the fact that here on this earth you are still a spiritual creature and embodied in a physical body, reacting to a certain set of reactionary elements. But always, the sustaining principle of spirit as the dynamic principle of life comes through. It is the ever-prompting, the ever motivating, the ever-wise and the all-inclusive intangible that gives each and every one of us our motivation, our purpose for life.
And so, as we look back into the past histories in the ages, there have been certain personal Avatars who have entered into this earth world and tried to explain certain intangible or spiritual elements of life as they were begun to be lived in their own particular time and place. Socrates was asked how to become wise and he said, “Know thyself”. Jesus put it another way. He said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven which is within, and all things shall be added unto you”. And so, as of this present day and of this time in the turmoil and strife which is ever about us in our everyday lives, and which has been constantly expressed in what appears to be complete contradictions to all known principles, Christian or humanitarian, we, in ourselves, must be firmly rooted on the rock—the rock of understanding.
And what is understanding? What is it to know thy-self? How are we to find the Kingdom of Heaven which is within? These are fundamental principles which must be learned by the individual. They cannot be extracted from any known philosophies or sciences as they so exist on the earth today, because these are the intangible, spiritual elements which have sustained us through our evolutionary course—spiritual elements which fortunately now can be, to some extent and to some degree, verified by our present-day science. In this respect and in respect, too, to those who are probing the hundreds of billions of light years into our unknown cosmic universes, to those who are probing with satellites into the unknown and to you, as individuals, seeking your own way, your own destiny and who are always imbued with the spiritual motivating principle of life within, you must all form definite conclusions within yourselves. You must all take a certain definite constructive pattern of thought and action; and these things, in themselves, are not found within the domains of earth-life dispensations. They are within the Kingdom of Heaven. And what are these sustaining spiritual principles? Fortunately, we do have the science of today; we do have certain particular definite dispensations of science wherein we can set forth into a constructive plan of learning whereby we shall find out about the Infinite. We shall find out what is the principle and what is the purpose, at least to some feasible ultimate—an ultimate which you perhaps cannot envision within the dominion of your own present-day consciousness as it is sustained in this earth life but will in the future eons of time and in countless reincarnations which you will survive as definite human beings. You will attain certain perspectives and certain unknown dimensions which now remain as merely intangible.
We can begin first by realizing that this earth as a whole is neither the place for cause nor is it the starting place and that whatever happens on this earth is a direct result of something happening in a higher dimension. It is an interpolation and an integration of certain junctions of psychic consciousness or cycles of transpositions and which always have their effect in the lower or the atomic structures which compose the material world. And whether they are composed within such familiar objects as surround you in your community life or with various associates or with your own personal life dispensation, the activation, the motivation is always originated in the higher dimensions. To understand this more properly, we must approach the Infinite as something more tangible and realistic in our consciousness.
We must use the Infinite not only to supplant all age-old customs of religious systems of which certain deistic configurations assumed godlike proportions, but we must visualize the Infinite as the Supreme Consciousness, the Supreme Intelligence, the Infinite Expression which not only makes life possible in the atomic form and which constitutes your body (which is really energy in another form) but which also makes evolution possible for you in the higher planes of consciousness. What is the Infinite? The Infinite, for practical purposes, can be described as the sum and total of all known and unknown substances, the visible and the invisible. The Infinite is a constant, ever expanding perspective of consciousness which makes its own personal realization in our daily lives, in our acts of consciousness toward our fellowman in our associations in our community life. This is the Infinite and in this respect, you as individuals, always have your face turned toward the Infinite. There is always some new horizon to be explored, a new vista to be circumscribed within the consciousness of your own mind; and so the Infinite does always expand. We must realize the dynamic, ever-expanding and progressive principle of the Infinite, for in order to be Infinite, it must sustain itself constantly in an infinite number of forms and in a constant and never ending, regenerative fashion.
The Infinite is neither good nor evil, but is only associated in our personal relationships in comparative values as to whether these particular transpositions are following straight-line courses, neither reactionary, or that they are assumed reactionary in our various viewings of these happenings. So good and evil are created within the mind of each one—necessarily so, because we must have a point of equation. The Infinite must always compose itself in consciousness as two diametrically opposed polarities and in which consciousness is sustained in an oscillating process, a transposition of thought which levitates itself from one dimension and from one sphere of consciousness to the next. So life becomes a reality, not in the sense that you, yourself, are a personal being in respect to this life, but as you are in respect to the Infinite, a re-creative entity of consciousness with the Infinite.
This, in itself, is sufficient to deflate any false ego structures which most people have erected about themselves and found necessary to sustain a reactionary course of existence on planet earth. However, the reactionary principle is neither valid nor effective in worlds which are somewhat more spiritual in nature than the planet earth—worlds in which we become living objects or entities, living forms of consciousness, human beings, or whatever we wish to call ourselves, in direct ratio or proportion as to how well we can incept Infinite Intelligence and radiance within our own minds, our own bodies.
You who are of the earth as of this day are learning certain basic fundamentals in these principles—principles which can be considered in this particular time and place as reactionary in nature simply because your mind is, consciously speaking, singular, you must extract from time to time singular attitudes and aptitudes for these attitudes to manifest themselves. You must, in a sense, imbue them into your psychic anatomies so that they become conscious realities for your future. This is necessary, inasmuch as every individual has within himself not only great fear of the future but also has great fear of death. Perhaps this is not so; at least, I hope not among you who are sincere truth seekers, and I am assuming that whatever you have studied and whatever you have pursued, and especially with your contact with Unarius, you are now sufficiently levitated to enable you to obtain a constructive perspectus of Infinity. But life will become an ever-increasing, an ever-expanding dimension of consciousness, not necessarily sustained from the reactionary principle of singular, selective reactionary purpose as it is contained in the earth world dimensions but as it is a universal function of Infinite Principle, constantly regenerating itself, constantly assuming new forms, new manifestations; and you, in yourselves, becoming such conscious entities, conscious participles in Infinite Expression, do so continue your evolution in a much more constructive fashion.
For here, this terrestrial world is still, in effect, a jungle; and you have heard it called as such, a jungle in which it apparently seems that each man survives simply by the old reactionary principle as it was explained by Darwin, the “survival of the fittest”, a competitive way of life against your fellow man. And even though he is your friend and you can shake his hand, yet it is so, that the very substance of your life and the very substance of his life are reactive components in which you extract from each other.
Mankind as a whole in an earth dimension can be considered parasitic to himself simply because he has not yet succeeded in expanding the dimension of his consciousness to include that ever expanding supply of Infinity, Infinity which, as consciousness, can regenerate and constantly regenerate within the dimension of his own consciousness. It can give him complete mastery over the old self, the old carnal law of the jungle, where he survived back in the long ago in the dim past as some creature born in a primitive terrestrial earth; and in a sense, you are now functioning with the Infinite, and as an entity of Infinite Consciousness, you are traversing those great spiritual dimensions.
As Jesus said, “In my Father's house, there are many mansions,” and you, each and every one of you, are destined to find these various mansions; yet you shall never come to the end of them, for such is Infinity. It always presupposes; it always interjects and it always sustains itself in a never-ending and unceasing dimension of expansion of consciousness, for such is the purpose of the Infinite; and it could not be sustained otherwise. It could not ever be envisioned that there would be a terminating point, for this is a constant, cyclic progression which sustains the individual entity of consciousness through infinite dimensions.
And yet, these things need not be repetitiously spoken; they can be scientifically explained in the modern nomenclature of the scientist. Each one of us can begin to learn to understand the Infinite, first, by transposing our consciousness as an exterior or outer configuration where we see reactions upon reactions as they are superimposed upon the consciousness of the earth minds. We must see and realize the ultimate purpose, the infinite expression behind all things which remain either intangible or reactionary to us.
And what is this sustaining, ever regenerating principle? It is the great invisible worlds as they are composed of a vast and unending sea of energy—energy in vortexes, energy in great cyclic manifestations, energy in hundreds of millions of different atomic constituents—not merely the 98 odd elements that are known to the earthman but energy in an infinite manner and form, energy which is constantly recreating, regenerating itself according to principle—principle which sustains it as the Infinite Substance of all. And so the sine wave will become a very vital and a very necessary starting point in your evolution. You can see the sine wave as an expression in your various daily life transpositions—a sine wave being a simple up-and-down wave form of energy of which there are two opposite polarities, carrying between them the conscious entity of expression.
These are the sine waves which you find in your daily life—the reflections of light from various objects which are focused from the lens of your eye to the retina. There they are transposed to the transistor brain cells into the psychic anatomy to again react; and in the conflux of harmonic regeneration, the sine waves sustain certain chain-like reactions through other centers of the psychic anatomy to suitably render biases with your past, and to also include in times most necessary other biases which can be considered more infinite in nature, more inspirational—those things which you have had in your darkest hours. Those biases which, in themselves come from the great Infinite Intelligence, have been the principles which sustain the earth life. They have made it possible for you—unknown by you—to regenerate within your body every minute of your life one million five hundred thousand new cells, a feat which cannot be duplicated by science. You will find as you journey into the future that the world is not solid. You must become infinitely minded in the sense that now you must abandon the old reactionary principle of man against man, element against element. Instead, we will supplant this concept with a much more logical assumption of consciousness which is supremely self-explanatory in every detail. It is magnificently portrayed in all things of which we are conscious. It lends its secret meaning to a vast implosion of Infinite Consciousness within ourselves. It levitates us from the mundane sphere of material consciousness and literally hurtles us through unknown dimensions of consciousness into the infinite vistas of space; for man, in truth, does in such manner and means become an integrated element with Cosmic Consciousness, with those countless billions of people who inhabit other planets in far-off solar systems, with those who live in higher dimensions or who live in spiritual planets, or with others who have gone on into even greater and more far-reaching vistas of infinity.
This is the message; this is the purpose of Unarius, to explain these things to you tangibly, realistically so that you can incept them and use them into your daily life. It will explain to you all of the hidden and unknown elements, the psychological principles behind the unknown psychology of our time, the causes and the cures of all incurable diseases. It will explain to you the purpose and the realization because Unarius is infinite in its science, in its dimensional aspects. It is neither a religion nor, in itself, a terrestrial science, but is an interdimensional science. It is, in effect, a restoration of the Gospel preached by Jesus two thousand years ago, who explained it so simply and so harmoniously that even the barbaric savage could understand it. He taught self-emancipation from the empirical, dogmatic, rhetorical systems of the world, and yet for this, he was crucified, and he and others like him—some less, some even greater in stature, perhaps—all laid aside the mantle of human flesh as a token of submission to those who would still live by the law and the sword—submission only in the fact that in this submission they became supremely wise and demonstrated the continuity of life beyond any question of doubt.
Two thousand years ago at the crucifixion, they took the philosophy of Jesus, the simple psychology of life, and they warped it; they distorted it; they created of it the effigy of a church system, and they forever defamed its purpose. They forever destroyed its utility for mankind. So Jesus lives today in the churches throughout the world as a symbol, not as a purpose and not as a principle in which people—you, I, and everyone—could realize a much greater, a much more abundant and a more peaceful life on this planet.
Jesus said, “Do not pray as does the heathen, on street corners nor in public places, neither in temples nor in synagogues but retire into thine own secret closet and seek out the Father who is within that He may reward ye openly.” If you will think for a moment, that in that principle how could it be that any church system could be sustained? It could not! It was for that purpose that those who followed after succeeded in warping, distorting and confusing the whole concept of personal spiritual emancipation into a dogmatic, rhetorical system of effigies and symbols, a system which has held mankind enslaved for almost two thousand years. And yet, here again man is only reliving the old symbology of the past, for this, in itself, is proof of his reincarnation—that out of these old symbologies in the distant ages in which man was spawned from the mud of the earth, he learned of the deistic forces and configurations which confronted him; the unknown elements became gods, spirits, demons, ogres, and he relegated them into their own mythical dimension of consciousness and endowed them with his own particular personal vicissitudes. And he also gave them his long dreamed-of, hoped-for powers of personal emancipation; but the gods could never become any more or less than those who believed in them.
And so it is as of today. How many Christians know that Jehovah or Jehovah is the old Chaldean god which was worshipped by the Babylonians more than three thousand years before Father Abraham, who led the first Israelites out of this forgotten land? How many know that the Koran is the first five books of the Old Testament? How many people know that the stone in the citadel of Mecca is the meteorite which fell at the feet of Abraham in the Evangelistic mission through ancient Chaldea before he started the migration? And yet Jehovah is perpetuated into Christianity and became known as Jehovah, a god which was the fiery furnace of Nebuchadnezzar, a huge bronze image with a hollow stomach and a big door heaped high with a fiery furnace used to liquidate political prisoners and other malcontents in the kingdom.
It was Jesus who tried to destroy Jehovah, or Jehovah. It was Jesus who tried to destroy all the mystical and mythical rites which had been sustained by the Jews throughout their history more than two thousand years since their migration—things which had led them from out the land of Egypt in the forty years of wandering through the wilderness. And how successful was he? Yet you and I as individuals are also vitally concerned, not only with our own future but with the future of mankind in general, for we are never more or less than those with whom we associate. Our associations are, in themselves, the denominators of our plane or elevation of consciousness. In our associations with our fellow man, we find human companionship, not in the gregarious sense that human companionship is necessary in a physical mannerism customarily displayed in community enterprises but that common elevations of consciousness must always be reached and maintained throughout a general intercourse of society.
This, too, is part of the pattern of evolution, something with which you will always be confronted; and in itself, knowledge of humanity, knowledge of or knowing thyself gives you the choice. It is automatically selective in itself; and as you learn of yourself, you learn of the humanity with whom you associate, and you are automatically and consciously selective in the process of when and where and how you will live, for in the Infinite you will never become any more or less than that which you can conceive within the secret closet of your own mind. And if these things are conceived within the limited dimension of the reactionary earth-life, then indeed you will find common consort with the materialist, the criminal and the various other different resurgences. You will find common living patterns with all those who are striving against life yet wishing and hoping for a better life. You will find common companionship with those who are trying to dominate, to coerce, to express all the various reactionary elements in which the materialistic world finds common expression.
Conversely, when you begin to attain a more infinite understanding of your place in the scale of evolution—what you are, where you came from and where you are going, what the Infinite is in proportion to how this knowledge is acquired—so you will be levitated into these different dimensions. I have attempted in some way to describe these places to you in the various books of Unarius—the spiritual planets—which I have given various names merely for purposes of identification. People must always have a place; they must have a name until they arrive at that dimension of consciousness where they can conceive the Infinite in its more universal entirety where names are superfluous, as are places. Instead, there is consciousness, an integration of consciousness universally, which makes names and places superfluous and which are used only as a means in which we can communicate with one another and we can sustain communication within the consciousness of our minds as we incept such various forms of communicative devices throughout our evolutionary history.
So life must be lived differently if we are to find those higher spiritual mansions of which Jesus spoke. We must learn to picture the Infinite infinitely, that the earth is, as I have said, neither the starting place nor the cause. It is only the effect and is only one of the countless places where so many different configurations of the same form of consciousness are transpired, not only instantaneously; but so far as time and space are concerned, they have always been so expressing themselves in different forms and in a different consciousness, and they shall also continue to do so eternally.
You, as an element of consciousness, are selective only on the basis of past experiences, and these things in your psychic anatomies are reactive to you in the sense that you are harmonically attuned with them. You are repeating day by day, in new forms and in new ways, old manners of consciousness, old forms of consciousness. You call them by different names, yet they are basically and essentially the same things which have been with you throughout the ages; and yet, as of tonight, this may be the breaking point. This may be the place where you officially terminate that particular form of oscillating consciousness, that is, as far as practical purposes are concerned in respect to a personal evolutionary future which is both progressive and constructive in nature. This terminating point is complete dedication, the complete resolution within yourself that from now on you can become and you will frequently be your own worst enemy—the old self—from the dogma, the creed, the rhetoricism which was impounded in your past lives. The necessary mandates of your evolutionary flight into the present will now become the ogre which will haunt you, which will always tempt you—the devil with the horns and the tail—which will constantly try to superimpose itself in your daily life. It will find innumerable ways and disguises, and always you must come to your own personal rescue. Your knowledge of the Infinite will become your life preserver, your lifeline. You will always be able to level off these various differences in mental temperaments which come to you from out of this past. You will always find there is an equitable answer which can be fully and completely justified, not in the sense that it is reactionary but that it is all inclusive and is part of that ever expanding, resurgent, regenerative Infinite; this is vastly different than when you were so personally concerned with the same situation which was the same reaction as a principle of survival on the planet earth.
Now this has become a problem of survival in a spiritual evolutionary flight, shall I say, into time and into space, for time and space are synonymous; they are part of the Infinite. There are no means of differentiation between time and space as it concerns the Infinite but only resolves itself into cyclic manifestations as they are concerned with you in your personal consciousness.
Many years ago, Einstein presented to the scientific world the space-time continuum theory in which he mathematically proved that the speed of light was theoretically fictitious, it was nonexistent, and light could and did accelerate to several hundred times the known earth speed in interdimensional flights; yet, this was puzzling to Einstein, just as it has been to all those who have studied space and time. The simple answer to all this is this: we cannot equate these things in third-dimensional realizations and consciousness, they must be integrated in a fourth dimensional state of consciousness. This fourth-dimensional state of consciousness is called by some clairvoyance, the sixth sense. You all have it; there is no one on this earth who does not have it. In fact, no one could live on this earth without it, for it is actually the manifestation of a great principle within each and every man which is sustaining him in his evolutionary flight.
The paranormal or the clairvoyant aptitude—if I can use this phraseology as it is relative to any person—is only the first beginning, the first stages of consciousness when man really becomes consciously aware, in a material world, of something which is an extended concept of consciousness in another dimension. That dimension has neither time nor space and therefore, so far as the speed of light is concerned, time is nonexistent simply because instead of a sine wave, which has a beginning and an ending point, all things are cyclic in motion. They contain themselves as a cycle, a definite entity of consciousness in their own particular oscillation. They convey to Infinity their own particular and subjective attitude and they are harmonically interlocked through harmonic regeneration with all forms of consciousness throughout the Infinite. It is not possible for anyone to think a thought without it being directly linked to the great Infinite, to all of the dimensions, to all of the many mansions. There is a direct relationship harmonically attuned with every living human, with every living thing on this earth, with any other living thing on any other planet and with any other higher world than this. Your thoughts are not private. Interdimensionally, they are common property to those who, like a radio set, can tune into your thoughts. And what do your thoughts become?
Your thoughts of the moment will become your tomorrow—your future—because here again we have destroyed the illusion of time and space, for the future is here now. You will never have any other moment than that which you have in the immediate present. What you do at this particular moment will be vital to you throughout your entire evolution, just as what you have done is vital to you now.
This is the common harmonic interplay of infinite, resurgent regeneration which some people call God, and which, as was explained by Jesus, is the Kingdom—the Father which liveth within, the Kingdom which was the activating Principle, the purpose and the continuity of expression throughout Infinity. The regenerative All—the Father, which is the Creator—created all forms and substances. How, then, can any man set himself over another? How, then, can any man say that he is vested in some holy raiment, he must dispense spiritual virtue and guidance to his fellow man, and he is his brother's keeper when the very keystone in the arch of evolutionary progression is self-emancipation and freedom from all rhetorical systems, pedantic attitudes and dogma? Jesus taught it two thousand years ago, so did Buddha, so did many others—personal freedom of thought and mind. Only in this personal freedom can we find an interrelationship with the Infinite—not guided by the dictates of some subversive mind which may be psychotic or even obsessed to dominate and influence—and can we find a purpose, a scientific realization in cause and effect, not as it concerns the earth but as an interdimensional aspect, a part of that Kingdom.
So the reestablishment of the gospel of Jesus is beginning to take place in this world today. There are many who are free thinkers. There are many who have yet not dared to take that first all important step. They have longed to but as yet, they have not had the fortitude where they can completely dismember themselves as far as their own practical position to the Infinite is concerned with the various rhetorical and dogmatic systems of the earth.
Emerson said, “Be thyself; imitation is suicide”, yet every day you are constantly confronted with the never ending, repetitious, emotional attitudes of people around you who are like sheep following each other; and like sheep, if they continue to do so, they may in the night run off the precipice. Jesus said, when asked where he had been in the three days and nights, “I have been in the pits of hell teaching to the lost souls, yea, some who have been there even before the time of Noah.” Dante gave an immortal poem about hell. Hell is a configuration of personal concept in which the human mind or the entity of consciousness so becomes embroiled within the nonsensical elements of its own consciousness that it creates a veritable hell for itself. Hell is no more or no less than is heaven and yet, heaven is not sustained as a principle of uselessness; no more so than hell could be sustained as a destructive, never ending, torturous, abysmal form of consciousness.
So these things again prove, in themselves, what Jesus meant—that within your own mind is the Kingdom of Heaven. Conversely, if you so desire, you can find also the kingdom of hell. The choice is yours, and that is irrespective of whether you are a member of any church, of any organization, whether you belong to the Elks or whether you are a Republican or Democrat. These things are, in themselves, only outward manifestations or attributes of what you believe as conformity, or form consciousness, in your daily life. Yet from all these things, each one must extract for himself, infinitely speaking, the principle and the purpose behind all of this seeming nonsensical, never-ending succession of interplays of the emotional natures of mankind, for each man is on the threshold.
He is developing from a carnal, carnivorous beast as he prowled the jungles; he is developing in the entity of his consciousness to where he is becoming spiritually minded. You people present, to some extent, have all gone much further than this. You have become spiritually conscious and quickened to the degree that you would gladly lay aside all of these emotional vicissitudes in which the earth man is so involved. You would gladly make for yourself a world which is more constructive, which is more passive and which is, in itself, a much more joyous place to live, a place where everything could be more rationally justified.
What this all means tonight is simply this: that you have all reached that place where none of the systems of the world are going to sustain you for any particular given length of time into the future, no more so than with the thousands of others out in the world tonight so minded as yourselves. This is part of your evolutionary progress. You are destined for higher worlds if you so desire this to be, if you are willing to put forth the necessary constructive effort, if you are willing to sacrifice upon the altar of your own personal life the past—the past in its implications that it has made you an emotional creature, a creature which was dependent parasitically on a community and the life in which you live. The freemasonry of the infinite world is compounded as a direct infraction of intelligence which we incept much the same as a radio incepts the signal from the transmitter. The universal supply is the Infinite. We live in that world, not by food but by our ability to absorb into our consciousness, into our psychic anatomies, the necessary spiritual substance which is everywhere about us.
Even as we breathe the air at this moment, so will we breathe the energy of the higher life and we will be sustained by it, because we know what it is. We realize it just as we know about the air we breathe or as we know about food—in direct proportion to our understanding and its inception. We also become constructively minded and expressive in ourselves in proportion to our understanding to this Infinite. We become regenerative; we become psychokinetically projective in consciousness and so we assist materially in the scale of evolution.

Chapter VII: Part II, Questions & Answers
Science On Evolution Lecture March 8, 1961

T - Now if you have some questions, we shall try to answer them for you.
S - What does Communism have to do with the turmoil in the world now?
T - You have to look at the world in this state; this is a very fundamental principle of creation, because you take the sum and total of people as they have lived lives. Now this is not just a simple act of consciousness. I have partly explained this in the lecture. What it means is that we have an ever-resurgent chain-like reaction of cycles which extends on and on and on; we shall say for practical purposes, into infinity. And yet in a sense, there are times, harmonically speaking, when we reach a certain point in a development of any ideology or any civilization or any community or any group of people, or even individually; this is a cyclic junction. This means that according to certain consonants of timing which are involved in these cyclic patterns, they regenerate either as a sum and total of the past in a negative dispensation or conversely, in some much greater and more constructive evolution.
Now as far as Communism is concerned and in the ideology supposedly which fostered Communism and its greatest exponent who was Lenin, we find Marx explaining a philosophy of life which was, in most aspects, very material in nature; and yet we shall say it did form, at the time, a cyclic junction in the lives which were lived by the people of Russia in that time and era. There was the Revolution; there were the various other different things which happened to Russia but yet as of today as we know Communism, there is a conflux of ideologies or principles which were expounded interdimensionally and which were harmonically attuned. This, of course, is the more abstract viewpoint of this concept. But what all these systems of government really boil down to is this fact: as I said in the beginning, we are constantly turning our faces toward Infinity; the various ideologies, the many systems of community life, of governments, etc., are only in themselves various levels which we have found in our evolutionary flight from the beginning. If you did not have some connection with Communism, you would not be conscious of it because in Communism there are common ideologies which all people express in themselves which they have developed in their own particular systems.
S - I was wondering if there is any danger of it growing throughout the world?
T - You should be concerned only in this respect, in your own personal way, because that is why we have Unarius.
We want a higher science of life; we want a higher understanding of life because that puts us above the dimension of influences of Communism or any other kind of “ism”. If we understand what the Infinite is, what our purpose is as regenerative entities of consciousness of the Infinite, then we are above Communism; we do not have to subscribe to any kind of a system. We are only subscribing to one system itself and that is the life-giving principle of Infinity itself. Up until now, you have symbolized that as some configuration in a deistic sense, but now, it is getting to a point where it is going to be your own moral responsibility. Whether you say it is Communism or whether it is any other particular “ism” or “osm” in the world, you're going to have to be selective on this basis—when you understand or when you are beginning to understand the Infinite and when you can sustain your evolution, you can put yourself above the coercive or the dominating influences of these various dogmas or ideologies. Whatever they are, and in living above them, you automatically become more creative. You can lend your hand, so to speak, to others who are struggling through the same maze that you went through, the same catacombs, the same labyrinth.
S - May I change the subject, Dr. Norman?
T - Of course.
S - Please refresh me on something given in the lecture in regard to the Jehovah of the Old Testament.
T - Yes, this happens to be one of my pet crusades, along with many other persons’, but it is historically very well known; it is common knowledge available to everyone. You can find it in the encyclopedias or various books in the library that Jehovah is Jehovah, an old pagan god. He was worshipped in Babylonia and Ancient Chaldea more than four thousand years before the time of Abraham.
S - Is there not another word for this same concept—Jobela?
T - Yes, there are several derivations. The name has changed through common usage in various dialects and various different languages but actually, the same god is synonymous. We say the Near East was actually the birthplace of all religions which are known on the face of the earth today; that is, all the big religions including Mohammedanism, and in a sense it had its effect on the Hindu world as well. There we find the Parsee, for instance. Zoroaster is synonymous with Jesus; so is Osiris. We find the same configurations throughout all the basic or main religions of the world today. They all have Immaculate Conception which had its origin back there in the fertility rites. The virgin maidens were prepared by the priests for their life in marriage and occasionally, they became pregnant in the process. This is as old as history itself. It is still practiced by many of the aboriginal tribes in the world today.
S - May I ask a personal question?
T - Yes, surely.
S - I am a music teacher, and in my effort to teach others, I seem to be able to bring music out of others. I, personally, have great blocks and cannot express music myself. Why is this and how can I rid myself of these psychic blocks?
T - That is a very big problem but it is also very easily recognized if you study especially our more advanced lesson course. It is explained very realistically and scientifically to you. You see, what you have been doing for thousands of years is taking all these little energy wave forms in your daily life and weaving them into this psychic anatomy.
Sometimes there was a great in harmony in them or there was psychic shock which created a malformation in this psychic anatomy. It is like having big lumps in your body; you did not know where they came from or how to rid yourself of them. All of these things are constantly oscillating into your consciousness. That is what forms the blocks because they are not harmonically attuned with the present; they are out of tune. So the way to get rid of them is simply to realize what they are—that they are harmonically attuned to some particular experience of the past—they belong to a block, a psychic shock which you incurred in the past; and with this realization, you can rid yourself of them. It is simple psychosomatic medicine, only that you can carry it on back a few hundred or a few thousand years instead of only back to conception of this present lifetime. It is very important to destroy the illusion of mass in the consciousness. We must realize the Kingdom of Heaven is merely this oscillating process that you have with your psychic anatomy in its connection not only with you consciously but, in a sense, it is also consciously oscillating with the Infinite within itself. It would be well to endeavor to uncover what motivated the interest in music; what it really was that was motivating this desire and what it was that was causing the particular blocks in your efforts. You have not yet arrived at the point where you can create the entity in consciousness in the pupil's mind. Communication is important there.
The reason is that one must understand that you must be harmonically attuned with another person's mind before anything can transpire between you, because mere word forms are only conveyors in a sense that they polarize exterior configurations of consciousness; but the main portion of consciousness is a psychic rapport which people have between themselves, just like radio stations. That can be a transcendent quality. It can actually lift you, in a sense of the word, out of a place where you might be very emotionally or dogmatically superimposed as something which is in opposition and yet, you can be temporarily levitated or transcended and become receptive to a new conformative or a new ideology. We must realize that we have within our minds a great power. This is the power of psychokinesis. It is a projection of mind, a psychic rapport. It is all in that particular dimension of paranormal consciousness which is called clairvoyance, clairaudience or extrasensory perception. They are all one and the same thing. It is a psychokinetical extension of consciousness. In other words, it is developed by first knowing and understanding completely what it is that you wish to convey to that person, then you tune to its frequency just as you tune your dial to whatever station it is that you wish to receive.
Basically, all these blocks are in the psychic anatomy. These are all elements of which a psychologist might say, “Well, you have certain submerged insecurities and they block you because you have not the positive approach.” You are not on the positive end of the sine wave that I have spoken about. When you understand the subject thoroughly, when you understand human nature somewhat better than you presently do, then you can communicate with them more rapidly and much more strongly than you are thus able to do at the present time. That is all development, however.
T - Do you have sort of antipathy for beating up eggs in a bowl and being afraid of spattering them on your dress, Vivian?
S - Yes.
T - Because I saw this big yellow bowl and you seemed afraid to beat the eggs with the beater. Someone here in the front row came from a place where they burned coal—you, Helen (Moore). There is an old-fashioned coal stove with a coal scuttle beside it. Do you remember that when you were a little girl? It has four lids on the top.
S - Could be the house I was raised in. Yes, I remember that stove. It sloped in like so at the bottom.
T - Yes, it has a handle or lifter which was made with heavy wound wire which was kept stuck in one of the lids?
S - Yes, I remember that. It was my aunt's house when I was about four.
T - Also about that time, you had a front tooth which was very loose; it was dangling about and was quite a problem to you. Remember that?
S - Yes, I sure do.
T - There was a gentleman with a big mustache (handle-bar), who tied the string to the doorknob to pull the tooth.
S - Yes, that's right.
T - He used to chew tobacco?
S - Yes.
T – A Norwegian?
S - Yes.
T - The man beside her—you have a secret project that you have been wanting to do for years; haven't you?
S - Yes.
T - Have you been to Alaska?
S - I was near Dutch Harbor—within a few miles of it.
T - This trip you have in mind—you are wondering when it will take place?
S - Yes.
T - It will happen in-between the third and fourth years in June—to be more exact, June 24th. You want to make the first stop in the South Sea Islands?
S - Yes.
T - Burma next?
S - Yes.
T - Tahiti?
S - Yes.
T - I am seeing these various places and could give you the dates when you will land on each. You have had trouble with your left foot?
S - Yes.
T - Not too serious but there is trouble. It is the longitudinal arch, the second bone from the main part of the arch. There is a dislocated bone. It seems to slip sometimes.
S - That is right.
T - Gladys, was your husband in a turmoil four days ago?
S - Yes.
T - A bit of trouble with some man?
S - Yes.
T - We shall get a little power on the problem and clear it out. The gentleman on the side there—are you connected with the medical profession?
S - Yes.
T - For I see so many doctors and people of that nature all around you.
S - That's true.
T - Have you been to Germany?
S - No, but my father was born in Germany.
T - I was getting a very strong German influence there.
S - My mother was pregnant with me when she came over.
T - Are there fears of drowning with either you or your wife?
S - We had some narrow escapes with drowning.
T - Was not your wife concerned with the accident?
S - Yes.
T - I see where these drownings actually took place in former lifetimes and you were here trying to work them out. It was in the 1700's on a journey from England to the U.S. There was a shipwreck. You have a rapport with the water, either fear or love.
S - Yes, I love the water very much.
T - There was the drowning and you tried to reenact it. In the sense of science and as far as karma is concerned, we are always the picture of these past psychic shocks. They are always resurgent; they are always coming back. They are locking in the conditions or are reconstructing them for us and we are actually, in a sense, passing through them again so that we can prove that they are not dominant or necessarily destructive to us, because we are trying to work them out. Of course, there is a much better way, a much more comprehensive way to approach these things. If we have the knowledge of them and can look back at them psychokinetically and see several hundred years in the past, we can ferret out these little insecurities and shocks and pinpoint them down; and when we do that, we generate an out-of-phase wave form with the present which cancels out the old past fear. You can still remember it in a sense that you may have a rapport with it but it does no longer dominate you to the point where you will again recreate it for yourself, or that it will still cause you fear. Like the little lady here with (as she says) the many blocks which she has not cancelled out and which are from thousands of years in the past that now exist in this out-of-phase condition. With your wife here, I assume this is your wife.
S - Yes.
T - Do you recall some relative, an aunt perhaps, who used to bake raisin cookies for you?
S - Yes.
T - There was an old-fashioned wooden table there. The cookies were often kept on this table and you are just about big enough to peer over the top of the table.
S - Yes, I remember that. I did so often. What was the table like?
T - It had heavy round legs with heavy flanges, a yellow color?
S - That is right.
T - Now, you were frightened by a large shaggy dog.
S - I remember a time later when a dog attacked me from behind and scared me terribly.
T - That was a large shaggy dog?
S - Yes, it was.
T - The one that you do not remember happened in a past lifetime and here you were repeating it, as he killed you before. It was a psychic regeneration. Are you interested in Swiss culture, Swiss mountains?
S - Oh, yes, very much so.
T - Snow-covered peaks?
S - They do impress me, yes.
T - This life with the shaggy dog was lived in Switzerland. There is a strong connection with you there. If you saw a large loaf of hard brown bread, you would have a feeling for it; would you not?
S - Oh, yes, I certainly would.
T - That is all connected with that life back there too.
S - Would you kindly develop further the sine wave which you mentioned in the talk?
T - It is a simple derivation of our electronic science, actually, the expression of anything. We can carry that into some sort of a frequency or sine wave transposition. We say light; what is light? Fundamentally, there are three different light vibrations to which the retina of your eye is sensitive. There is the red, the yellow and the blue and beyond that, all color is a matrix or a fabrication of various sine waves which are reflected to your eye. When we get into the differences of how these things are incepted, for instance, we see red. It merely means that we have a substance, atomically speaking, which absorbs all of the various light spectra within itself except the red ray and due to the fact that it is so harmonically constituted that it can refract or reflect—or throughout the electromagnetic fields of the atoms themselves as they compose the substance—they can reflect back the red ray.
The electromagnetic field is very important to remember when we are dealing with atoms, because all of these so-called atomic or solid substances as atoms have very strong electromagnetic fields around them. The earth itself is a huge atom in the sense of the word that it has a great magnetic field. Now, of course, they are finding out about the Van Allen radiation belts and all these principles, which only substantiates what we have here in the lesson course. This was given many years in advance of what they are finding out in our present-day technocracy with their satellites. We are concerned with the sine wave in this respect—that it must become the all-important basic equivalent of every life transposition that we see about us. We are lost until we master that concept. We cannot ever equitably form a very comprehensive evaluation of anything that happens until we can justify it in the sense that it is interdimensional in nature. Follow?
S - Yes, and how do we go about this?
T - First, we take the basic concept of the transposition of energy as a sine wave, and it can be built up to the concept of the universality of the Infinite in a sense that all of these many mansions are the many dimensions of which Einstein was conscious. They are merely ways in which we will say certain junctions were made, harmonically speaking, with a large number of transpositions. Actually, the boundaries were nonexistent and what he meant was that we were harmonically attuned or harmonically justified with any given set of dimensional frequencies. But basically, we must be concerned with the idea or the concept that there is the sine wave which carries the structure of consciousness; whatever the ideology is, whatever the confirmation of an idea, or the conformative of the idea, it has to be basically carried between the two polarities of a sine wave, because a sine wave is either harmonically attuned or harmonically out-of-tune with various impedances in your present-day life. An impedance means your own present evaluation of all life, its own particular consciousness as you express it. In other words, impedance is reactance or resistance. Your ability to visualize the content of a sine wave depends upon the impedance which it stressed in its journey through your consciousness, because in the principle of impedance, we find that here impedance becomes harmonic attunement or becomes harmonically out-of-tune with the particular thing which is coming to us; and on that basis, it can regenerate a form of consciousness on the basis that we have had some similar form of that consciousness before.
That is in your psychic anatomy. If you say, for instance, you see a chair, how do you know it is a chair? You have seen hundreds of chairs in the past; have you not? Back to the time when you were a child, and beyond that, were also chairs—chairs back in many, many lives lived in the past; and so the association of chair-consciousness has been built up to you to the present time in all its forms. We will say that we go back, for instance, three or four hundred years when you were tied in a big carved-oak chair and were tortured to death in this chair. If you went to a museum or to some home and you saw a similar chair, you would have a psychic rapport with that chair. It would immediately subconsciously attune you to the time when you died in that chair three or four hundred years ago. You would have some sense of a vague fear or premonition about it.
That was what I was trying to relate to the lady before in regard to the drownings. These fears are not necessarily strong, impulsive emotions; they can be only very vague insensitive psychic rapports, vagaries or whatever you wish to call them. But sometimes they are very dominant. Cancer is caused by such malformation. A woman who had cancer of the breast came to me several years ago and I explained to her that in a previous lifetime, she was involved in the country of Normandy with the soldiers of Napoleon, who, as was customary among those soldiers, had nasty little habits of whittling off various parts of a lady's anatomy and this was how her psychic shock came about. Because of the sword thrust in her breast at that time, she developed cancer in this life. When that was explained to her, the lump with which she had been bothered and which had been diagnosed as cancer, disappeared, because she had (in this realization) generated an out-of-phase sine wave energy which eliminated the psychic malformed vortex and which recreated itself on the surface of her physical body and healing resulted. In other words, your body is only the image of what you were in the past. She had to know spiritually, we say, that she was preconditioned for this healing in the higher life.
We all live lives in the spiritual worlds in between lives when we pass from one dimension to another; and when we are in these higher worlds, even though we are not specifically conscious of them as they really are, yet we are to some extent vaguely conscious of them. I am speaking, of course, of people who are passing through some of the more lower states of their evolution. These people are conscious of principle and action; they are conscious of the higher organizations, the spiritual forces, etc., so they come back into this life from when they were over there with the avowed purpose that they are going to do better this time; they are going to work it out this time or else, with a firm determination.
True conception, their conscious memory, vanishes simply because a certain part of the psychic anatomy called the subconscious mind is only a temporary part of the psychic anatomy that has developed from life to life. It is there that we get memory consciousness specifically for this life. However, in your mental psychic anatomy you find the continuation of psychic consciousness from previous lives. We have it all down in the lessons, very simply taught in diagrams so that anyone can understand them, and just how we have these various integrations of consciousness which are concerned with interdimensional relationships with our spiritual life in between earth lives and with past lifetimes.
S Is it necessary to place them exactly, that we know precisely of each experience from the past?
T - No, it is not necessary, in a sense of the word, to recreate the exact image. Now if you think for a moment, if you go back in memory to yesterday and try to describe a particular incident, even though it was a very prominent outstanding incident, you could not describe that accurately, no matter how hard you tried. That may sound a bit farfetched but it is the truth and has been psychologically proven many, many times. That is the reason that no two people who witness an accident can describe it alike, even though they intend to do so; and though it be but a few moments after it happened, no two persons would describe it precisely alike. The reason for that is because you have this constant resurgence of various harmonic patterns of energy which are stemming from out of your psychic anatomy. These are all formed from out of the past. They are very influential in the sense of the word that they are constantly regenerating harmonic patterns with the present. Therefore, they can influence your position to yesterday to the extent that you were slanted or that you were stressed to be selective on certain basic happenings which happened way back in some distant past. Like many other things, it is only relative; it is only your ability, to some degree, to tune into the past. That is true also with the past lives.
If, for instance, you had been bitten by a snake three or four hundred years ago that would be causing some condition in the physical anatomy today which the doctors could not explain as to what was happening—you would only have to know, in a sense of the word. With a person like myself who can peer back into these past lives, we could bring this experience into focus. This is what Jesus meant when he said, “When two or more are gathered together in My name.” “My name” is consciousness; it is not the entity of the conscious self of Jesus; it is the consciousness of Principle. It is the conscious knowledge of the Infinite of which Jesus spoke. This is a practical, workable science which will give the sure solution to every unknown disease and condition which is in existence today. And we have thousands of testimonials in our files to prove that statement.
No, you do not have to actually reconstruct, in a sense that memory is a part. When you come to such a person as myself (with psychic attunement ability), I can automatically suggest to you certain instances, as I did with the doctor's wife a moment ago. We form a rapport with the past sufficiently strong so that the image of that happening, even though it is only vaguely similar, is similar in principle to the experience which caused the malformed vortex; then we are regenerating an out-of-phase harmonic which—in conjunction with the psychokinetic projection which I can also influence or direct in this process—forms a very strong positive force which cancels out that negative vortex in your psychic anatomy. Then your condition will clear up just as sure as night follows day, or vice versa. Just as the little plants come out of the seeds in the ground, you will be freed from these conditions and the diseases when you find the true causes of them. The true cause is seldom in this lifetime. You are here to work it out. That is why you came to earth in this particular cycle.
S - Do we work some out unconsciously?
T - Yes, you can to a certain degree. If you like to keep butting your head against the wall life after life, you can and might, too, reach a point where their effect is considerably diminished, but you have not really gained anything constructive by that process. You have not known either the cause or how to eliminate it and on that same basis, you can also “come a cropper” again. You can regenerate a whole new set of psychic vortexes which are malformed. It is only because you possess the conscious knowledge in your acts of everyday consciousness that you can eliminate them. Not only can a psychic shock cause a malformed vortex but you can also cancel out those which are already in existence. Then you are on your way up when you have learned to do that.
Disease is never caused in the physical body. There are certain pathogenic bacteria which cause disease; that is granted, but I refer to the true disease in the sense of the word where we find an incurable condition such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cerebral palsy, heart disease, any kind of thrombosis of the heart, hardening of the arteries, cancer, etc. Regardless of the name, there is always the scientific solution to any of these conditions and the reason why they exist there. The doctors do not know that the cause is in the past, not in the present. You have the condition; now that is proof enough that you incurred a condition way back there when you incurred the sustaining, originating cause which followed you through your evolution. That is the sum and total of it. Someday the science of this world will be developed to that point. They are already doing it on planets like Mars and many of the others throughout the infinite universe. I can name dozens of planets which are living this science—planets which are unknown to the earth man. In fact, on my own planet of Lemuria, people have lived that kind of science for over four hundred thousand years and I can remember that. Sounds a bit far-fetched? Yet I can prove that, too, on the basis that there is no time or space in the next dimension where memory really exists in our psychic anatomy.
It is the same with flying saucers or anything else which poses a seemingly insoluble or impenetrable condition to modern science. We can find a very constructive and a very scientific answer if we can lift the horizon of our thinking from this third dimension and find the true cause, the sustaining motivating action in Infinity itself, as it is compounded from an infinite number of dimensions.
S - How do flying saucers work?
T - They work on exactly the same principle as that which holds the earth in its orbit around the sun. They are an independent regenerative entity; they generate their own gravitational field or anti-gravitational system. They are repulsive to certain lines of magnetic force. The various atoms in the hollow of the structure of the ship itself have been so changed in their atomic relationship to the universe as a whole. The changing can be varied to the degree that these various atomic structures are impelled or repelled by certain magnetic lines of structure which exist forever throughout the infinite universe.
Therefore, space travel to that kind of a human being is feasible and possible. What is meant by good and evil flying saucers is merely the thinking on that matter. Good and evil—one is just as necessary as the other. We could not have one without the other. That is the sum and simple abstraction of it. They are necessary to each other—the part of the infinite plan of understanding, if we can say that there is an infinite plan. It is in the principle of understanding good and evil that we can regenerate constructive principle in our own lives. If you would like me to quote some history, I could quote you not only personal but various other historical aspects from some of the most degenerated convulsions of history that have regenerated some of the greatest civilizations, some of the greatest purposes, or even that which comes from out of human individual emotionalism.
We can say, in a sense, that the deeper we sink into some apathetic or emotional experience we find the greatest, strongest resultant to do something better. I could quote you a little interesting story on this concept that would be helpful to you, as it is part of what we call supernormal phenomena. This concerns a certain very cultured and refined gentleman of Castilian descent who lives in Beverly Hills and who held a position in the political field in the administration of that city for a number of years. He was an elderly gentleman who had married a woman somewhat junior to his years. There came the time of the parting of the ways and being rather one of the conniving females, she was taking him for all he was worth, if I can resort to the vernacular. He was very broken up over it as he was emotionally a poised gentleman. In fact, he was so deeply emotionally involved even to the point of committing suicide. And so he came to me as he had heard something of my philosophies of life and I had previously given him little points occasionally. So I invited him over to share my Hi-Fi music one Saturday evening. During the course of our talk, I said, “When you go back to work at the office Monday morning, you will find on your desk a paper, a folded paper, and there will be a message on it which will be very important to you.” I stressed it emphatically two or three times. During the following week, he made a trip especially back to the house with a copy of this notation and explained the circumstances as to how it came to him. He said that the office which he occupied in that building at the time was a new office which had been constructed in front of an old one which he had used previously for many years. The only access to the rear office was through a little passageway right past his desk. He told me when he went in there Monday morning he looked for the paper on his desk which I had described to him and could not find it, so he sat down to try to get into his work but he could not get interested in it. He kept thinking about this paper. After about forty minutes, he arose and went back to this little rear office which was used for nothing but storage space, and there on his old desk was the folded sheet of paper. He opened it and read the message. Part of that message read, “from the dung heaps the fairest lilies grow.” Now that man was so astonished and curious, he asked everyone in the office building. He spent several months trying to find any person who had written that letter and he could not. In fact, he could not even find the make of paper in the United States or the typewriter on which it was written (as types vary) but that piece of paper was the turning point in that man's life because of that supernormal phenomenon. It was able to impress him with the insoluble continuity of life and then, suicide was mathematically impossible with him. It was psychologically unsound—and he still talks about the phenomenon. How are these things done? I could quote you many such instances. I had a gentleman phone me one morning—a Mr. Beasley. I am sure he'd not mind my mentioning his name at all. He is an opera singer and was at one time a devout Christian Scientist. He had spent several years singing opera in Europe in the great Italian opera halls. At the time I knew him and his lovely wife, he was teaching voice in Hollywood, and the time we first met was at the home of one of his students. I had succeeded in describing to him the interior of his home even though I had not been within miles of it. I described the various vases and artifacts about his house. His wife collected art and antiques such as paintings, vases, etc., and was a connoisseur of objects d'art, so I described some of these various vases and pictures which they had about the house, and they were very impressed. So I spent one evening as he took me all about the house showing me the many things which I had described previously to him. But that was very instrumental to him later on in his life; it brought about a turning point in his life, too.
One morning a year or so later, he telephoned me, as I had been quite valuable to him on different occasions in counseling. At this particular time, he had two imported English hunting dogs which were very valuable and he was quite proud of them. They were great roamers and had gotten out of their kennels and wandered away. Of course, he was very frightened for fear of losing them. He said, “I have searched for three days for those dogs. Where are they?” I said to him, “Mr. Beasley, that is very easy. Now you get in your car, go directly up Vine Street (Hollywood) and you will come to a turn in the road. You wind around it, making an S-turn and after passing the S-turn, you will see a little white house with a small picket fence in the front. If you go into that house, you will meet a little man with white hair. He has your two dogs and he has them in a little doghouse which he had built.” I told him when he returned with them to call me so I could get off the hook with it. Forty-five minutes later, he called and said, “Dr. Norman, I found my dogs! They were exactly where you said they would be!” He said, “I found the S in the road, the white house with the little white fence and the little whitehaired man with my dogs. He had even bought vitamin pills for them. “But,” he said, “how did you guide my car around that hill?” Now we see a conjunction here, psychokinetically speaking, where there is a joining or a union of forces in different dimensions. This is a form of consciousness.
I can tell you of many other instances—one which comes to mind. In this same gentleman's house in Hollywood, California, one evening his wife's mother was there, visiting from Denver, Colorado, a city in which I personally had never been, up until this time. She asked me a question as there was a group similar to the one this evening. Could I locate two watches which had been lost for about ten years? One was quite valuable being, . . . “worth about fifteen hundred dollars,” she said, “as it was studded with gems.” I told her, “Yes, I know right where they are and when you get back home to Denver, go down into the basement, go over to the north wall but before I point out specifically where the watches are, I am going over to the south wall. In the corner is a wet spot; there is a water faucet on the outside but that is not where the water is coming from. Have a man ‘step off’ twenty steps from the front of the house and six steps to the left; and if he will dig, you will find a cistern under there. That is what is causing the constant dampness and leakage into the basement.” “Now I will tell you about the watches. You go to the trunk that is stored there and dig down into the bottom. You will find a handbag. In that handbag, if you look you'll find a slit or tear in the lining. In between the lining there is a little coin purse containing your watches; but because you will have difficulty in finding this, I will direct your hand while you are looking for them.” So she did what I had instructed and she wrote after finding them, “Do you know—I felt something take hold of my wrist and poke my hand in the hole in the lining and I found, just as you said it would be, the coin purse with the two watches in it. But do you know that I have looked in that purse several times before. They had been lost for ten years. I also had a man step off the ground, as you suggested, and sure enough he found the little cistern. I have traced that back for twenty-eight years before anyone knew about it, long before I lived there.” The point I am trying to make here is the fact that when we understand energy, when we get into the next dimensions, we find that all these things will be paranormal activity. (I heard your thought, Ruth; I know time is up.) Extrasensory perception is strictly normal, everyday function. Ruth and I use it daily. There is not a thing in which we do not use it. Velma can vouch for that and so can Bess here. Isn't that right?
S - Yes, indeed.
T - To Velma, I have described intimate happenings in her life that only she knew about. This has happened hundreds of times; has it not?
S - Sure has.
T - The point that I am getting at—I am not trying to eulogize myself or place myself in any sense of the word that I am better than any of you, because I am not. I am only trying to tell you this: that when you become so consciously minded with the Infinite—as I have so become in the past and developed a personal entity of consciousness as an oscillating polarity with the Infinite—then all of these things are possible. They are a perfectly normal function of your everyday life. Mental telepathy is a cinch. Ruth and I have an intercom there, a communication system. We never use it. Mental telepathy to us is just as real and expressive as vocal expression—and much handier. And this is the point I am trying to demonstrate to all of you people because I know it is the difference between life and death for you. It is not a problem of whether or not you can accept it but a problem of whether you are going to live or die, because when you have taken this first step—and we will assume that you have taken this first step, otherwise you'd not be studying Unarius—you want to find out about these things. When you have taken these first steps, you have automatically placed yourself in a relationship with the Infinite, so that if you do not dynamically progress in your understanding of the Infinite, you can only go backwards. And “Dante's Hell” is nothing compared to the maze that you may find yourself in if your evolution is continued downward or backward in a retrogressive fashion. That is the pure and simple substance of it.
S - Would you explain further about the person who you mentioned as intending suicide? You say it was mathematically impossible. What was meant by this?
T - I meant it was impossible in this sense of the word that we can say, we add up everything that you are as a sequence of evolutionary factors and they are going to harmonically regenerate themselves on the multiples of two. It is a fundamental electronic principle and you can no more escape the perditions of the present moment by committing suicide than you can hope to escape anything else, because these things are going to multiply themselves in intensity and in manner and in form. Conversely, the good things will also remanifest themselves by the same ratio of incidence. These are mathematical laws and formulas about which I am speaking. It is not merely idle philosophy or supposition; it is a science—a real science.
S - Dr. Norman, I have not rid myself of the itching fingers.
T - You have not gotten to the keystone. The little vortexes haven’t been cancelled out. Any improvement?
S - No, it seems even worse.
T - Then you have not conceived it from the other side or recognized from whence the cause as I explained to you. When we dissolve the originating condition of these things, they automatically dissolve the present circumstance. The one is synonymous with the other. There cannot be one without the other. The cause is back there when you used to weave this flax and cut your fingers. You are constantly picking off bits of skin or nails that this strong flax fiber cut into your fingers. When you can realize this past and form a complete junction with yourself and regenerate this out-of-phase motion about which I have been telling you, then that cause will be gone and the sensation will also cease.
S - How can I think this way?
T - You just go along and try to remember what I have told you. We must be harmonically attuned to these things. There is a very important principle involved in these dischargings. There must be a cyclic junction. Remember that everything moves in cycles when it comes to fourth dimension and we have a complete entity of consciousness. It has a certain wave length, a certain frequency. When we reach that frequency in our thoughts, we may do it accidentally. By conjunction of thinking of many other things, all of a sudden you may find yourself harmonically attuned to the past and in that moment we regenerate an out-of-phase wave form which changes our relationship to it. Gladys, there is a little child here who says she never knew an earth life; that you would have named her Genevieve; is that right? She was unborn?
S - Yes, could be.
T - You like the name, Genevieve?
S - Yes, it's beautiful.
T - There is also a lady here who says she would sit by the window and brush your hair by the hour. You remember that?
S - My mother.
Well friends, I’ve kept you long overtime. May this evening serve as a new turning point in each of your lives—a new and higher cycle in a regenerative, progressive evolution.