Chapter IX: The Elder Brother Discussing Energy To A Student —1958

Throughout history man has been aware of some outside or external force, but he has been given no scientific knowledge of this important truth. He may call that the Supreme Being or Brahma or God or Allah, but the difference is they have not yet evolved to the level of their reference to be able to place it beyond the level of human personality because they still endow whatever this god is with human propensities. And when they do that, they have to do another thing. They have to divide that Absolute, after they personified it to some degree, into two opposing forces—good and evil. Then when they do that, they have to take the evil and call it Satan or they call it Shiva, or they call it something else—Beelzebub, or whatever particular denominator they take—and there, you see, they are back again into paganism. Christians do the same thing they have always done for past countless ages of time. They have separated the Absolute into two divisions, Satan and Christ, and you cannot divide these things into human personalities whatsoever. If you do, you are lost. Some of the teachers of Christianity know that these things do exist but they do not have the knowledge of the mechanics. Getting into the Absolute—what is the Absolute and the reason it is not divisible in common terms of reference so far as human personalities are concerned? We have to first completely abolish the idea that there are any human propensities with the Absolute whatsoever. What they call God is Infinite; it is the sum and total of all things, and it is infinite only because it becomes finite in all forms and substances—visible and invisible, tangible and intangible. That is the second necessary step. So we have to understand it in an entirely different way.
Now there are plenty of our twentieth century physical scientists—as well as our dynamics—who understand those things that can give us all the necessary information that we want on that subject.
We first start with the common equivalent as far as this world is concerned, which we call the sine wave, and that merely means energy going from one point to another as a positive and negative polarity pattern. We toss a pebble into the pond and we see waves stemming out from the impact. That means that energy is being dissipated and in a way, it forms a pattern which is positive and negative transference of energy as a polarity pattern. Now we begin to understand that there really isn't anything in the world that is solid in the commonly accepted term. What we call mass is atomic energy substance; in other words, they are tiny little planetary systems of energy, like our own planetary system. The space in between the electrons, the neutrons or between the atom is just as great in comparison as it is in our own solar system in between the planets. What they think is a solid substance, an electron, is in reality another sub-atom.
They will see it in the future but do not at present. It is another tiny and infinitely smaller solar system of energy. Now the whole thing means that as far as the atom is concerned, it is connected to another dimension through a vortexal pattern. It is only an outside or an external appearance of something that is going on in another dimension. That little vortex that holds the atom in its own particular periphery or its own particular dimension is a vortexal pattern of energy which is interlinked with an infinite number of dimensions. Now we must visualize these things as traveling polarity patterns and not only within the structure of the vortex itself from positive to negative, but we can liken those forces to centrifugal or centripetal forces which are in the circular motion of energy; but we also find that through harmonics, within harmonic structures, it is interconnected with all of these different infinite number of dimensions. Therefore, we see that the Absolute now has become finite. It is only divisible when we can learn to view these things as dimensions in which a certain given number of frequencies are compatible to each other in a certain way, but all things are interlinked with harmonic structures. So now we have abolished good and evil. We see that things are maintained only as perspective as positive and negative. What man calls evil is only an opposite perspective; it is the other end of the polarity of something good, and in that way, we can explain everything, no matter what it is. What people call evil is merely their own position, their relationship to a given dimension or force or expression traveling in a certain way.
And so by going from one life to another as we do from one day to another, we obtain in some way or another an infinite number of these different perspective positions of comparative equations; and that is done—and it has been established as far as the personal being is concerned—because it was part of infinity or what we call the superconsciousness of each individual, in other words, the aggregate or the matrix of intelligent wave forms or dynamic structures which are infinite in nature. It contains all of the elements of the Absolute. It is the Absolute personified in a given perspective or a given dimension which becomes eventually the human being, because oscillating down into the outside or the third dimension that way, it obtains an opposite end of the polarity, an infinite number of abstractions from the physical experiences. Therefore, it has constructed for itself the personal ego or the id. It is all very factual; it is all very provable.
S - I can understand you up to a point, but you lose me.
T - We are getting these things all down in print so you all may learn and study them in your own homes. But I am not at all concerned about these things because they will be the bibliography of the future. It will help man in his future evolution to destroy this illusion, this maya that has been confounding him for the past countless centuries. You see, all religions, all cultisms are basically and essentially the cause for man's greatest distresses because they are forming even in the most liberal perspectives an escape mechanism at best. That is all that religion is in its present status. Man is only obtaining a temporary form of relief, a sort of safety valve situation with a great number of different pressures which have been built up within himself, because he has not understood the common equations with dynamic polarities, the movements of any given form or appearance of substance as it is called, or form of substance through a certain perspective as a certain polarity pattern. When a person obtains that perspective, he is not subjective to these things in the common sense because they always have a different way of equalizing these things and leveling them off. He does not have to go off on these mad rat-race vacations; he does not have to seek out the priest and obtain this temporary moral opiate that he calls a confession or some religious observance or go to church to ease his conscience because that is all just a form of a tranquilizer, a moral opiate, and that is all that it is.
S - And perhaps to recharge the battery?
T - Well, that is something else that they do not understand. This recharging of the battery is a natural thing which follows through a certain process and depletion of the psychic or depletion of the magnetic aura. Actually, we have seven basic auric structures, that is, seven different dimensions of relationship within the psychic from the magnetic into the pranic aura, but subdivisible as they are, they are all interlinked in frequency relationships and harmonic structures.
And when we come into a condition where we will say that we are connected as a positive pole with a negative field, we have a tendency to discharge ourselves, and vice versa, we will connect ourselves up in an understanding way; not in a negative way but in an understanding way, we become receptive to a higher degree of positive polarity. And many people—with their differences in these cultisms and the ages of the various religious associations of the past, and the degree that has to be done in a means and a way of supplication—have not understood it; and it has to be done in an intelligent fashion as an understandable way. I think that some of the past Masters could give very definite information on that. Jesus, in particular, said we have to seek out the Father who is within the closet of our own minds—we make the internal contact. It is not in the churches or synagogues and it is not done in other places; it is not done through prayer. He said very specifically about that, and He knew that human weakness and He gave them this prayer which is common property or part of the New Testament. But He advised them against praying, but to seek out the Father within your own mind that He could reward you openly.
S - And how could we do it otherwise?
T - That is exactly why we are giving this very valuable information. When people will learn or understand the dynamics as I have just gone through it here—more or less of a thumbnail situation—first starting with the sine wave and understanding that these concepts are not personifications in any sense of the word; but they are very definite forms of energy, interdimensional relationships, etc.; when it can be understood that way, they have an entirely different perspectus. They have a way and a means of going over the threshold, and in the future they are going to evolve into lifetimes where they will no longer be pagans in the sense where they have to supplicate or to pray to personalities. Instead, they look up to these things, or look into them and they see how the Infinite—what they call God—is manifesting and re-manifesting inwardly and outwardly, up, down and all ways simultaneously. Therefore, he is able to use the kind of mechanics which the scientist is using to construct the radio—to turn the dial of his own mentality—and when he does that by looking into this properly, he immediately attunes himself into it. It is a very simple thing. Whenever you think about anything, for instance, if you are thinking about looking at that plant over there on the table, you automatically tune yourself into it. You have to because it is a common law of dynamics; you could not escape it if you wished to see it. So therefore, first you place yourself in a susceptible fashion to the rays of light which are being reflected off that plant. Now if that plant was also something which could give off other different kinds of rays (say for instance, vibrations of thought) that, in turn, would place you in a condition whereby you were connected, just as the radio was, with that plant. Whether or not you were conscious of it, you would still be in some sense or way vibrating with whatever emanates from that plant in a way of vibration.
Now that Principle is true if you hold consciousness in any form or in any other different direction. You do not have to externalize it because you have to realize also that energy is stemming into you from a number of other different dimensions. In a sense of the word, the Infinite has become the plant in a number of different ways. Now, by your becoming conscious of this and seeing the Infinite come into you from numerous other different ways, by linking yourself up in the thinking manner, you have consciously activated all of the whole psychic with these thoughts. In other words, going back to the original concept of ringing, as it is called in applications of electronics or physics, you have stimulated all of these centers with an activation, an oscillating condition there with the higher inflows of energy—the influxes of energy from the higher self, or more correctly, through the higher self. It is absolute; it is infallible. You cannot fail once you have attained the idea behind it all. It is absolutely so inviolate you could not go wrong even if you wanted to. The minute you become conscious of these higher things that are vibrating or radiating into you, you do not have to say words, you do not have to utter prayers or burn incense, or go to the altar or the temple. It is vibrating internally with you at all times, twenty-four hours a day—every second. You could not escape it: if you did, you would cease to exist. It's been a part of you ever since you began that evolution of life way back there, heaven only knows when, and it will always be with you. You can't escape that either because of the mere fact that immortality is a part of you, because you have sustained the idiom or the personal ego for countless thousands of years and because that, in itself, is an act of re-manifestation of the Infinite Consciousness.
Now as far as the more primitive forms of life so far as man on the earth is concerned, whether it is the aborigine or what we call our modern civilized man in this country, he is still comparatively on a very low rung of the ladder in his scale of evolution. But what it all means is that when he becomes a man, he has sustained a certain set of thought patterns of polarity transferences from one life to another. Psychic shocks and various other malformations are quite naturally carried into this thing. That is the psychic body which is expressing outwardly in its physical form, and that is what causes him to continually reincarnate into a physical form. That is proof of that, in itself, because even primitive man as an aborigine has definite memories of previous lifetimes. He will either consciously memorize it or he will come back into succeeding lifetimes with certain definite and pertinent knowledge which helps him to sustain his life in that particular environmental circumstance. Whichever way we look, we have proof because even the youngster a year or so old that is born into the jungle can survive much more easily than the white man could, because that child is still very closely linked to his former life as a jungle inhabitant.
S - How do you feel about cannibals eating humans?
T - You must understand how we have a certain set of what we call affinities. Affinities merely mean that we have a given set of energy wave forms which are compatible to each other as a definite vortex of consciousness. Now it has a definite frequency and it becomes gregarious to the extent that it begins to form another relationship with a similar vortexal pattern. Through evolution of time, they collect into a matrix which forms a certain definite sphere of interrelationship which can form the id or the ego of the personal being. That contains all the necessary elements as far as the expressive content of these wave forms in the vortexal patterns is concerned, all of the necessary elements for this creature when he reincarnates into a physical life to not only have the necessary physical equipment as a body but also the instincts, as they have been called by psychology or by Darwin or various other scientists. An instinct means that they have recognized the fact that from the previous lifetimes that person has a definite psychic knowledge through the subconscious of doing some particular function, performing a certain function, a certain relationship.
S - What about dogs, horses, etc., then?
T - So far as their id or ego is concerned, it is still not formed completely, not in itself so that it maintains these definite characteristics of self from one life to another because it lacks a certain particular element.
S - You believe we emerged from them?
T - We emerged from these lower forms of animal life in this sense: that these various different evolutions from the lower scale are evolutions in which these various wave forms of energy as idea and form and consciousness of sustaining life is concerned, are forming vortexal patterns of energy which segregate or go together as a gregarious element from which it forms a certain psychic body. And as quickly as this becomes large enough in its own perspective or horizon to attain a definite libido or drive as a personality, in other words, to express its likes and its dislikes to the extent in which a human being does, it expresses a certain creative element. It expresses a great many things which are sometimes lacking in the lower animal forms or which are not quite as strongly personified.
There really is not any dividing line there. We do not wish to make the same mistake the anthropologists have made and say that there is a missing connecting link; there never has been a connecting link in this sense. He has dug out of the past certain primitive forms of man which are the Neanderthal man or the Java man or Pithecanthropus Erectus, or whatever there are which he thinks that, due to certain bone structures, could have given this person a certain status or level of life. And it is all very confusing, because if you take that as a common denominator you are going to become lost.
Actually, we have had so many countless thousands and millions of centuries of time in which man has existed in an infinite number of ways and in an infinite number of forms as far as the physical is concerned, because as far as cranial space is concerned the number of brain cells man has is no denominator of his intelligence, no more so than how many hairs he has on his body or what his tooth structure is, because if we study anthropology today, we find that in many ways the savage of the jungle is much more intuitively and much more spiritually minded than the white man or the Christian is. Many of our so-called primitive savages exhibit a much greater degree of creative instinct in making artifacts and things for him to live with or survive by than a white man could. The white man has evolved away from these instincts. But back in the jungles they were very clever about carving and weaving and doing various other different things, and even into the more recent civilizations, the women and men were much more creative in a general sense than they are now. Now everything is automation, and that in itself is one of the proofs of reincarnation that takes place on a spiritual side of life—the fourth dimension—because that is where evolution takes place anyway. We are only bringing it out here or externalizing it in a sense, or becoming conscious of it on the basis of polarity patterns. But factually, it all takes place on the inner anyway. Everything would have to resolve into spiritual or energy formations before we get anywhere with it at all.
Above all, if we quit trying to determine these aspects as personalities then we have made a big step. The creative forces of life are not in any sense of the word connected with a personality form or personality expression. When we stop praying, we cease to be pagans. We must supplant that with a much more tangible and realistic concept of the dynamics of life, not as they are expressed in the physical forms but how they are moving internally in a different number of dimensions.
S - These jungle people sometimes seem to have prayers answered.
T - We will refer again to the two polarity patterns. It makes a much closer affinity to that at the present moment of consciousness, because it does this: they are energizing or ringing a certain set of energy formations which link them back through many past lives of consciousness where they prayed and prostrated themselves in the temples or before the priests, and various other different things which is a closer affinity to them and only because they do have that affinity. There is something else that has been entered into which most people are not conscious of and this is in the realm of psychokinetics.
Now most people do not know that the mind in a common term of reference is actually a generator; that is, when the subconscious is oscillating outwardly, we can generate a certain force. A mind reader can sense this and he can read this force and translate it into terms of thought. Now if we realize that when we are energizing the various centers of the psychic we are generating great forces either positively or negatively, according to how they are generated in reference to polarity patterns. That is psychokinetics. Dr. Ryan of Duke University has proven that the mind can produce energy, however, this psychokinetical energy actually comes from the psychic anatomy itself—the spiritual being—which is connected to other dimensions of consciousness!
S - Is he still active?
T - It seems to me I read something about him recently, that he is working with his wife in the university getting thousands of letters a month, and they are still sorting them out and still working on this ESP. Dr. Ryan has not gotten over the threshold of the unknown yet with it, but when he does, he will have made a great step in his own evolution, because he is still trying to confine it according to the slide rule and according to the various other third dimensional equivalents, which is absolutely impossible. It is foolish and childish to do because all of these generative or generic forces of life come from other dimensions. These are only the externalizations of them, so we must face psychokinetics. A person is a transmitter and he is a receiver; he is always transmitting in a certain given set of frequency formations which is compatible to his own dimension of understanding. That is the reason I can tune into a person and go back into his past lives. I can do it whether they are present or whether they are ten thousand miles away from here. I do not have to have any connection with them other than the connection which they have expressed in some way—either with me or even through a friend. And that is the way these things work because they are very scientific principles.
Now let us take this thing as it is contained in any idea or form of consciousness so far as the Infinite is concerned in what some call God (or the Infinite). We can compare this to the wheels of a watch—cycles, large, small, all linked together—but they form a big pattern. Now this is what Einstein was trying to get—the Infinite complete in itself; each cycle is connected to the next through the principle called frequency relationship. It generates according to multiples of two and one half times its own frequency, a harmonic structure. If we vibrate a cello string which vibrates at one hundred cycles per second, it also regenerates harmonics up to the thousand cycles per second or down to nothing.
Harmonics as multiples are part of frequency relationship as well as the basic cycle at whichever this idea is vibrating. Now we have an expanded space-time concept here. We have an infinite perspective. Now if we want to we can go a little farther along the line, and our next step is to take any given set of these cycular patterns and divide them, in a sense of the word, according to how they are compatible to one another in a certain relationship into a dimension. That is why the third dimension becomes an external appearance of all that goes on internally because it is now divided into time and space. Now you can begin to understand what Holmes and Bailes and the other metaphysical teachers do not know. Now let us take this original topic, the third dimension here and the sine wave, and show what it means in terms of reference, for instance, what it means to you when it goes into the subconscious. We take this and call it the psychic body because we have formed a number of cycular patterns in that psychic body from many, many past lifetimes. If we draw a vortex, now we have three or four very active forces going on there as far as that is concerned and which are fourth dimensional, because it is also going out and it is coming in, and it is also coming up and down. Now a huge vortex comes from another dimension, containing an infinite number of these wave forms or structures as they concern the lines of forces which I have drawn as a circular path. Centripetal or inward forces are regenerating from positive to negative structures downwardly at all times, down to the point that comes out into a third dimension as the sun, or the earth or an atom, and which is again expressing a certain relationship of wave forms or emanations of energy out into this dimension.
The psychic body is composed of millions and millions of these different circular patterns of consciousness or idea in a cycle or a vortex, and there are literally millions of these vortexes, large and small, which are all formed of experiences of past lifetimes. Now you see what they do not understand about these things? But they are all contained as a definite pattern in this manner, as one or more of these little cycles and each of these little cycles beat. It has as a whole its own basic rate of frequency. In other words, it beats or oscillates, and when it does, it is also connected with other vortexes of the Infinite in these same patterns of relationship with the Infinite as this one is.
S - I thought everything would get larger.
T - Not necessarily. It would only get larger in this sense: that it transfers its consciousness through harmonic relationship to other particular dimensions.
S - What has polarity to do with the vortex? I do not get the vortex idea.
T - Because here the apex of the vortex would be the negative end, and the positive would be the coming-in forces as they are related to outside or different vortexal patterns to which it was related. They were transferring its consciousness to it through harmonic relationship.
S - For instance, in instances where we catch the sun’s rays with the glass, is that a vortex?
T - No, that is not necessarily a vortex because you are only doing something in a third dimension, which means that you will always have a certain given set or lines of force which is this: all you are doing, as the sun is above and it is radiating these same basic sine waves, so when they come down to you and you have a glass, you have a given number of these wave forms which are built into the center and focus this way—or from outward to inward.
But in the fourth dimension, it is much more difficult to understand because we have hurdled the common denominator of our own intelligence, which is the comparative relationship value basis with all other third dimensional substances. Now to equate these things, I have used the word ‘vortex’ as only the closest approach to something which may not exist actually that way when you get to it; but as far as our mind is concerned, we have to visualize it that way because it is the closest approach we can get to these abstract equations.
S - Let me see if I have understood you. Does each one of these cycles make other vortexes or many vortexes?
T - That could make a vortex as they are linked or relinked to each other according to frequency relationship, and a vortex can contain an infinite number of these smaller vortexes or cycles. All these lines of force of the vortex are an infinite number of cycles, similar to putting a great many pearls on a string and then putting them on a circular path and each little pearl is an idea or consciousness or form of expression that you previously lived. And they are all revolving around each other because they each have a definite frequency relationship. They are spinning very rapidly; there is a common frequency relationship there. Now you are beginning to learn what these so-called teachers do not know. You have been on this path for many thousands of years trying to learn these concepts.
S - Oh, no, I have not; I am no old soul.
T - Oh, yes you have, otherwise you’d not be sitting here asking these questions. How many people would be able to do that?
S - I would think most anyone would be so interested.
T - Listen, I have had professors of the university that could no more get this science than they could fly. I have had one who was the head of the technical department of Douglas Aircraft who was taught out here at UCLA; his name escapes me at the moment, Dr. Louis took me out and introduced me to him in Santa Monica. I explained this thing to him for two hours and finally he said, “I give up; the man has got something but what it is, we do not know.” That was in 1944, and since then we have exploded the atom bomb and I have been completely vindicated.
S - But where in relationship to a vortex does the atom bomb come in; I would not know.
T - Well, any atom, if we take a very simple atom, we will take one positron or proton which is the nucleus, then we take one electron which forms the opposite polarity; one is negative and the other is positive. Now that is going to vibrate or oscillate around it; that is a common hydrogen atom. That merely means that there are only two definite lines of force in the vortex that supports that atom. From here, where the proton is, we go on up into another dimension; the atom is the apex of the cone because it is expressing from the inner that which is oscillating into it. And when they explode the atom bomb, they destroy the vortex; the power comes from the vortex. There is no power in the atom because the atom is the end result of the inner; it has been expressed into the third dimension then.
For instance, if we take a pail of water and throw a few chips in there and we start stirring it around with a spoon, the chips are going to fly around and around in a circle; aren't they? Some of the chips will go down into the center and others will go out to the rim of the bucket. That is exactly what an atom is, in a crude sense of the word, because all of the water that is in there is the vortex which makes the atom; the chips only make the positive and negative relationship to the lines of force of the vortex and which is internal in another dimension. That is what the scientist does not know.
Now when he explodes the atom or implodes it in the case of the hydrogen bomb, that atom collapses. It means he has collapsed the whole vortex internally into itself instead of blowing it apart, as in the case of the atomic bomb, but either way, he has liberated energy from another dimension. But the atomic explosion explodes the atom because they have a complex atom there, which they have stretched out. It contains over two hundred and thirty-five different electrons and protons. They push it out so that it looks like a dumbbell. They change its shape, stretch it until it becomes very unstable; and when they explode it, it merely means that they have separated it right in the middle and one part goes one way and the other another way. The thing that held that together originally is one neutron which buzzed around and around that nucleus and held it together. That is what they think, but actually what they have done in stretching that is they have produced another stable condition with the vortex which supports that atom. This one electron that spins around merely means that that is an aid in helping to disintegrate the vortex by releasing it. It is all very simple when we understand it.
S - I don't quite understand the imploding.
T - If you drop an electric light globe on the hard cement, it implodes. If that television tube were to implode, it has the equivalent of about twenty-five or fifty pounds of dynamite; it would destroy the cabinet, the television set and it might, if you were in the vicinity, very easily injure you or even kill you. That is a simple condition of mechanics in the case of the hydrogen bomb; it is extended on into the atom. There we have molecular implosion, and in the hydrogen bomb we have atomic implosion. In the case, whichever it be, as far as the atom is concerned, implosion or explosion is also exploding the vortex which supported it. That is where the force comes from. So you see how far we go—and this is but the beginning.

An Informal Discussion
S - May I report that since I have ceased to pray for things I want—since I've stopped making conscious effort to persuade God to grant me favors, and have instead, begun to practice Unarius Principle—all things seem to be so much better with me in so many ways! I'm so much more at peace within!
T - This is putting the horse at the right end of the wagon where it belongs. You do not try to make God subjective to you through the will and dominion of your mind, which is taught by all so-called teachers of Truth and who, in a sense of the word, are always trying to tell God what to do instead of tuning themselves in and letting God “reward them openly” the way they should do. But they cannot know how to do this until they understand the very essences and nature of God—which is the sine wave, which is energy. Everything around you here is proof of that. There is no such thing as a solid substance; everything resolves itself into one or another tangible elements of energy—living, dynamic, moving energy which is related and interrelated to the Infinite Cosmogony.
That is the absolute and we cannot divide that. We cannot subtract that in any way and say that: this is Satan and this is Jehovah, this is Beelzebub, this is Brahma, this is Shiva, this is Vishnu.
That was all for the elementals, the little children who were playing in mud pies. They had to personify these things because that was the struggle within themselves in their own minds. They could not visualize that anything could live except in the external form of a human being just like themselves, in spite of the fact that they themselves, either physically or mentally, or any other way were merely a conglomeration, a matrix of energy formation, all expressing the common idiom of its own particular structural energy content as it was superimposed in it by an energy wave form, an oscillation, an up-and-down motion, a forward movement, a positive relationship of an idea, positive or negative from one pole to another.
And that is why I say you are absolutely lost, you are still in the woods unless you understand these dynamics of life, the electronic principles as energy or electricity, whichever way you care to put it. It makes no difference to me but it has to be something which you bring into your own mind. We know we have traveled the path and we have been with these things for hundreds of thousands of years, and we know that no one gets anywhere with himself. He cannot cease to be a pagan and quit worshipping on the street corners—as Jesus warned them against doing—until he begins to get these structural concepts; and nowhere have we found it as yet. I would be very happy to find some others with this knowledge. I don't care to be out here on a limb all by myself, so to speak.
We are always conscious that whenever anyone touches this consciousness, this Channel which we have, that there are immediate and miraculous differences in their lives. Conditions are healed; cancer leaves; all kinds of incurable conditions are corrected; things which they have been stalemated with and locked in for maybe thousands of years disappear. The world changes to them.
S - I do not see how these things could relate to physical disabilities.
T - Well, we will go back to our original concept of the sine wave. Now we are oscillating here with what the psychologist refers to as the subconscious. He does not know that is part of the matrix of this subconscious of which I spoke before. Now the thing we have to assume in all cases is that any wave as it is superimposed in the psychic anatomy has a certain vibration. Now if that vibration is in harmonic unison with all other vibrations within the psychic, then it is constructive in a general sense. It means that it can go on and regenerate itself into whatever form of consciousness it was originally superimposed or with which it oscillated.
Well, now suppose that we come along here and suddenly someone sticks you with a big dagger. That oscillation that goes into that subconscious is immediately going to have a lot of jagged lines on it. The frequency is going to be upset. When it gets into the psychic, it is going to say to this vortex and all the energies within this vortex what it is; it is going to change all its relationships. It is going to form dark non-regenerative vortexes to the extent that now it is “out of tune” with all of the other particular energy formations in the psychic. And so in the sense of time as a reflex into future consciousness, your future life, it is going to reflect the same negative energy back into the consciousness which is the exterior surface, the physical, so it becomes a cancer. All of the cells in which it is supposed to regenerate or have a controlling influence over have now lost their directive sense.
S - How do you correct this?
T - By simply going back to the person and tuning him back to the time when it happened. For instance, as I would see, this particular person came along and stuck you with a dagger. The person already knows of this internally but they just have not had a way and a means of getting it out into their conscious mind. When they do that, they can immediately bring it out into conscious mind; and that does another thing, which Jesus called the Divine Intercessor—the Father Within which doeth all things. They immediately begin oscillating upstairs here with the superconsciousness and when they do that, there is an inner power and a radiance which zips into this negative vortex which was formed by that dagger thrust and all of those energies are immediately changed or re-vibrated so that they are no longer negative in nature and so the person is then cured of his cancer.
Jesus, we know, healed many of them in his mission, but many people do not know that this healing had already taken place first in the spiritual world before they ever came to the earth. All they had to do was to come to the world and meet Jesus and do the thing which they had already done in the spiritual world and seen done to them. In other words, he served as a definite polarity. We have to resolve these things down so that every person has to express them out because he was a creature traveling through a time cycle—his reincarnation. He always has to come back here to this earth and because this is a negative polarity, he must always start from this end to regenerate those conditions so that they can become a definite part and structure of the psychic; but it has to be done on a polarity basis. They have to come back here and relive in consciousness, as it were, the exact identical situation which formerly superimposed that negative stance in them. They relive it consciously. That is the acknowledgment of what some people call sin and evil—repentance.
This is a conscious reliving or an acknowledgment that there is something very definitely wrong with them—that there is what people call sin or evil within them, and even though they may not be able to describe it at the moment, yet their subconscious is reflecting it outwardly to them, or that they are linked to it, because of their admission to it.
They have established a continuity of frequency relationship there with it to the conscious mind. Therefore, when they say to Jesus, “I have so and so or such and such a condition and I need healing,” Jesus says, “Believest thou this?” This strengthens whatever purpose they already know inwardly within themselves as they have seen it in the spiritual worlds when they were there just a few years before. That starts this ringing motion. That means that from the transmitter up on the hill to the television set, it will express outwardly onto the screen a certain picture. They do the same thing because now they have Jesus to centralize this form and motion there with them so that they will link up as a superconsciousness; this flood of power comes in, changes the negative vortexes and they are healed.
S - How do they change it or kick out the negation?
T - Well, you will need to go along in your analysis. It would be impossible to give you all the answers here in these few moments, and too, they are in the books and lessons if you carry on in this seeking. You are conscious of these things inwardly or you'd not be sitting here asking these questions as you are, but you know these things exist. You are expressing to me the same thing or way in which many of the people expressed to Jesus when they came to him for healing. In your case, your coming to me means that you know all of these things exist but you like to be told by someone else who also knows them, so that catalyzes or polarizes what you already know internally. Now you know that in common terms of reference we must go back to the sine wave, and when you gain this energy science, you will realize that all corrections must be made from and on the inner dimensions and consciousness.
S - How would you explain, for instance, a falling star or some other things that are not common or would not come under the general law of natural harmony, etc.?
T - You are only looking again at the external appearance of a lot of physical appearances. Now if you could see all of these things clairvoyantly, you would not see the chaos and disorder that the astronomer sees through his telescope because you see you are actually on the inside of something and looking out, in a sense or degree. If you are sitting in the room here, you cannot see what the outside world is. You are only seeing a few appearances, and that is the same thing when you look through a telescope. You are only seeing just a few superficial things; you cannot possibly envision what the whole thing is.
Now let us get back to this original concept—going back to our sine wave here where we have a positive and a negative. All we are concerned with in any sense of the word is changing the rate of vibration of any wave form as it is contained in the vortex. That is all we're concerned with. When we change the vibrating rate of it, we have changed its intelligence and, in a sense, we have changed the whole thing in its entirety. So when a very strong positive polarity comes in, in direct proportion to a weaker negative one, we have changed its polarity and now it is living in a different expression. It is very simple but also, very scientific because we have taken religion out of the realm of the pseudo into the laboratories where it can be proven in the common denominators with which man is familiar. We are only going on into other dimensions with it.
This is the struggle—and nothing personal is intended—with most of the present metaphysical teachers who have reached a certain threshold of understanding but can go no further because they do not understand the mechanics as I have expressed them to you by starting with the sine wave, polarity patterns as they are expressed by the sine wave, and interdimensional relationships as energy patterns. They cannot possibly conceive what they are talking about until they too understand this Science. They know no more about these things than those whom they are trying to teach. All they are doing is reestablishing what the student in their class already knows exists as a symbolism but not as a reality, because it does not become a reality until the Truth student sees in the common terms of tangible realistic knowledge what he has learned in higher dimensions. And that, too, is part of his progressive evolution.
Prodigies such as were expressed in some of the musical geniuses (Mozart, Mendelssohn, many others) who wrote symphonies even in their childhood, came into the world with all of that even before they expressed it. They learned of these things in the higher Centers of Unarius, as we like to call it. The ancients called it Shamballa and which is a plane of relationship closest to the earth. The same is true with the scientist; the differences are as to how far we can go into the extension of mind when it has to be compromised with our own personal sense of values or the ego, as it is expressed toward our fellowman—pedestals in other words, or losing face as the Chinaman calls it. But anyone who goes out of his depth as far as the other person is concerned and starts postulating concepts and theories which the other person does not understand, he is exposing himself to an old Freudian concept which is very basic in common psychology, which means we always try to destroy that which we do not understand. It is one of the most primitive instincts that we have, instincts which we have carried over from the days when we were aborigines in the jungle.
Our procreative instinct too is one of the last remnants of our physical life on earth because procreation in spiritual planes is what the spiritualist calls materialization. We have it in the Venus book how they construct the actual spiritual bodies for people to come and live in, in that particular dimension of frequency transferences which are around them and which are compatible to them and how, too, they can go out of those worlds just as easily without this thing of laying aside the physical body. This merely means the dissolving of their energy body and traveling on into a higher dimension of consciousness, because again, we are reverting back unto our original concept of the superconsciousness which is our own structural form, our own counterpart of the Infinite. These things are all abstractions of the Infinite as they are personified through each individual existing in that timeless and spaceless dimension, or interdimensional relationships which are connected as polarities with the Infinite. And when you get to that, you have really gotten to somewhere! You will have gone maybe ten, twenty, thirty thousand years into the future as far as the level of life on the earth is concerned.
So many people talk about the New City of Jerusalem, the Second Coming, etc., and they have not the slightest realization of the meaning of what these things are; they are merely rehashing some of the old symbolisms of the pasts, these old things which the Ancients have not properly understood, what the Avatars, the Masters have given. The return of Christ merely means that the person is returning on this particular point in his cycular pattern of life to where he becomes conscious of the Father Within—the Christ self. It does not happen in any given world under any particular condition. It is an attainment in his own personal evolution. His own City of Jerusalem will be erected around him when he begins to live by corresponding advancement in his relationship to the Infinite. By the realization of the internal connection, he will naturally advance into dimensions with which he will be compatible. He will find that City of Jerusalem already built because it will be the externalization of all that he is and connected with internally. It is simple. The idea that anyone can come from Heaven and touch you on the shoulder and say, “You believed in me and so you are saved,” is another form of paganism; it is an escape mechanism. It was never taught by Jesus nor taught by any of the others. He taught you that your own intelligence in connection with your superconsciousness, when you have found the Father Within, will save you. You will become immortal only when you realize that. That is where you could rise from the grave. When Jesus spoke or made references to Himself, He was only speaking as I might speak, in moments of transcendency for the sum and total of the Infinite. He did not speak in the personal idiom whatsoever. He spoke of the relationship of that which every man attains with the Infinite. And that, too, has been compounded, subtracted and divided and become a personification.
And so you see the swamp, the miasma, the pit of clay that the so-called Christian has dug for himself. We have history, too, to bear out these things, because St. Jerome, the father of all liars and prevaricators of 400 A.D., came along and was actually banished in exile for changing the Bible around in such drastic ways; and later he was excommunicated, and as he stood before the pope he said, “Well if we do not do these things, the church will disappear; it cannot stand,” and the pope knew he was right, and what had been written in the scriptures by St. Jerome, stayed! And we have 8000 versions of the Bible, and it has been translated and retranslated; and they were originally parabolical, and legends and were handed down from father to son. And that is the thing in itself which has confounded many of the Bible students because as far as the book itself is concerned, we can go back to Spinoza who said that the Bible is a fabrication of lies and derelictions; it contains murder and prostitution and that there are many parts which are unfit to be read. And it is true—we heard Bible students speak on the radio and tell of the early periods of the administration of Moses that God slew so many people! That is not my idea of God.
The average Christian does not know when he reads the Bible that the God of Moses, Jehovah, is an old pagan god who was brought out of Babylonia by Abraham; he was old Beelzebub. He was erected in gold and bronze and stone many thousands and thousands of years before Abraham. They do not know that the Koran was written on the first five books of the Bible by Mohammed. They do not know that Buddhism is a direct counterpart of Christianity. The Christian does not know that his own religion—what he calls Christianity—is a mixture of the old Egyptian hermetic sciences and the Mithraism of the Mediterranean (as they existed before the time of Christ) which came out of Zoroastrianism 500 to 100 years B.C.—Mithras, the son, Ahuramazda, the father. And he had an immaculate conception, just as Jesus was born on the hillside and witnessed by shepherds, so the story goes. Osiris, father god of all Egypt; Isis, mother of earth, had an immaculate conception and bore Horus, the intercessor 2000 B.C. Horus stood before the throne of Osiris and interceded, and it is written on the temple walls in Egypt.
The Christian does not know that at Christmas time when he brings a fir tree into the house that he is doing just as the Druids did a thousand years B.C. He went out into the woods and offered up a maiden, a human sacrifice at the winter solstice, the 21st of December. The fir tree was the only living thing in that bleak wintry forest—and the virgin was the mate—the god who was to resurrect Spring for them, as they hung the body of the virgin upon the tree after she had been sacrificed for that purpose. And the Christian does not know that. I gave a lecture on that one time in a church and it aroused so much ill feeling with the minister of that church that I had to leave, but it is common knowledge; it is in history.
S - Quite a well-known person in the metaphysical field once told me not long ago that it would make little sense for a person to return to earth after leaving, that would not be progress to come back. He felt man would go on.
T - Well, you see that person does not know the elements of dynamics. That is my, I will call it, personal quarrel with all of them, because they cannot get into these essentials. He should have known that he cannot polarize any kind of a thought or form of consciousness unless it is done in an infinite number of expressions. He will not only come back once to polarize an idea but he will return a number of times, a great number of times because he is coming into an infinite number of dimensions and into an infinite number of perspectives to carry the whole idea of polarization of consciousness into infinity. And anyone who makes any contrary assertions does not know the dynamic principles of life. And I can prove it—prove it all around you in a thousand different ways. I can take him into the laboratory and prove it.
S - If there are millions and billions of earths or worlds, why then would we have to return here to live again?
T - Simply because these are the conditions under which the original experience was incurred. This is the maya, the realm in which they first incurred, the opposite polarity of what has already been impounded in the abstract as the psychic self, the life cycle. The superconsciousness, the Christ self, contains all of these things, but it has to be known in an infinite number of ways because this then is God recreating himself as a personal being, so the personal being can become a Master or a Supermaster or an Archangel, whichever you wish to call it. And so a definite polarity with the Infinite God or the Archangels is again expressing outwardly into infinity all of the things which it is infinitely and inwardly.
I do not care where you go or what you ask; we can give you very sensible, realistic and tangible answers.
S - I do not know where it comes from or where I get it; I have never studied what you talk about but I do understand and know what you say. It is all very familiar.
T - Yes, you have been on the path of Truth a long time and do know these things, and only need to polarize them in this dimension. Now I am going to bring something to your consciousness: if you saw a beautiful white tower out on the plains that rose a thousand feet into the air, it would look familiar to you (wouldn't it?)—a great white tower with a golden dome on the top?
S - Well, yes!
T - That was the tower or temple that stood on the plains in Lemuria 156,000 years ago. They had a counterpart of that in Atlantis too.
S - I always see cobblestones.
T - That is from your life in the Elizabethan time. You vibrate to that time. We could go back to Egypt with you. I knew you in the temple of Isis there—you were a priestess in that temple. You have an affinity for Egyptian culture, too. When you get to a parallax of cycles, what we call a conjunction of relationship with a number of cycles, we become vaguely conscious of these things.
Do you have a fear, for instance, if you heard a loud thump like an axe or guillotine, would that give you a sense of fear? If you saw a movie of say, Joan of Arc being burned at the stake, would that do something to you?
S - Oh, I could not stand it! I could never watch a war picture with any violence in it. I would leave.
T - How about red uniforms?
S - No, I do not like them.
T - That goes back to the period of the Napoleonic wars, etc., about one hundred years ago, or the last part of the 1700's and into the 1800's. That is where the cobble-stoned streets come in, the plumed hats, Empress Eugenie styles, red uniforms and all that. That is very close to you and that is where the greatest psychic memories come to you from that time. There is an affinity with France and with England. It seems like I am going across the water here with you in two different countries. You have a little sensitivity on the soles of your feet?
S - Some.
T - That, too, is from burning, fire. You were burned at the stake here in one lifetime, back about 1400—one of the three million that suffered in the courts of inquisition at that time. Yes, it is always a wonderful thing to meet one of the friends from out of the past.
S - My daughter seems precocious and picks up music so readily!
T - So your daughter goes into Muse in her life in between lives and she lives all of these things. She is taught and teaches and comes back with her psychic or retentive memory of all of these different things, and whenever they are played against her in this dimension, they immediately ring—in the common terms of reference of energy translations—so that they are actually a part of her. That is because now she has a realization because they are a part of her. This is why she seems to grasp music or art so readily.
Many thousands of years ago, a great philosopher was asked by a group of friends how they, too, might acquire wisdom, and he answered them thus, “Know thyself”. And again the great Master teacher said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven which is within”. So it might be said that through the ages of time it has always been that those who were most concerned with man and his destiny always arrived at the conclusion that the greatest of blessings which could befall him were not those which come with the acquisition of wealth or of power or of other things of this earth, but the peace of mind which comes to him who has sought and found that greatest of blessings from within himself.

Hysteresis Explained
S - It is understandable about the hysteresis of the energies from the sun to the earth in the daytime but it is not clear to me in regard to the nighttime energy activity. Would you explain further?
T - The earth, the atmosphere, etc., act as a reservoir; the earth holds the energies, so to speak, as a hot water bottle would for a short length of time. We are in a directly opposite position at nighttime to where the energy comes into the earth's atmosphere. For instance, if we take two coils of wire and have electricity going through one and the second one is pointed exactly the same as the first one, then we get a transference of energy going from one coil to the other without any connection whatsoever and you will have voltage in the second coil. At night we do not receive the same amount of transference through the magnetic lines of force. The energy as it comes from the sun is transformed into what we call light and heat through these magnetic lines of force. It is quite different when we get out into what they call space away from the earth. When they learn what the sun really is, then the sun's effects can be felt before it has been transformed into these other frequencies.
For instance, what happens when light strikes any object, such as a green leaf?
There are actually several different colors that strike that leaf, and this can be proven with the prism, but we can see only one—yet basically, there are only three colors; the rest are transformed to what we term green, orange, etc., and are only combinations of the three. The prism will separate the rays of the sun into all of the colors of the rainbow. The molecules and atoms of the prism have only done what anything else around the earth does—it takes picture colors and reflects them so that you can see the particular frequencies as they come out on the other side of the prism. When you are seeing anything, it means that you are seeing only a certain reflected portion; as in the green leaf, the certain number of the molecules and atoms which compose the leaf—chlorophyll especially—absorbs all the other colors and reflects back according to a certain amount of intensity and proportion of blue and yellow. It absorbs the red and reflects back a mixture of blue and yellow. You do not actually see green at all, but only the mixture because there is no green light coming from the sun. That which they believe to be color coming from the sun means that these energies have certain wave lengths and when these wave lengths come in junction with the magnetic lines of force around the earth and the ionized layers of gas and various other frequencies, they are transformed—they are changed in frequency and wave length.
This is the only way that it could be transported, you might say, around 93 millions of miles of space and it would be in that way; it does not pour in, in straight lines, but comes from another dimension which is quite close to the earth but yet not of it. It is formed in cycles which are regenerated from the chromosphere. The same situation exists as with the coil containing electricity in right angles to each other; there is no transduction. The same is true when you turn the earth away from the sun; then the conditions with the cycles which are transforming the energy there are not complete but only in part. In effect, you have turned the earth (as in nighttime) like you have turned the coil. It may seem a bit confusing and is apt to be so until it is thoroughly understood. For instance, when you turn your face towards the sun, you get the greatest amount of light. This only means that through the purpose for which we are getting energy transformed from the sun from this other dimension is quite close to different actions which take place. It would be impossible for the energy to come from the sun through that 93 million miles to the surface of the earth as the scientist thinks it does. That would be utterly impossible according to physical laws. There are tremendous fields of force around the earth—the vast belts of gas which are highly ionized due to the electrical charges of the static fields of magnetic lines of force which extend not only from the earth itself but with the entire universe.
Under those conditions and due to the fact that heat, for instance, is not transferred through a vacuum; heat will not even penetrate vacuum, let alone carry it through 93 million miles. This was the idea with which Planck was wrestling (his Quantum theory). Einstein was on the right track—but the present-day scientist believes that we get heat and light from the sun; he still holds to the idea that the sun is hot. All that we are doing is using the base level of reference when we say that anything is made hot when energy passes through it, but it is only because it is a resistive element to the energy which went through it.
Actually, there is no such thing as heat and light. It only means that we have tried to catalogue these things in the spectra of wave-lengths which the scientist thinks exists. In your body, when you become warm to the (so called) rays of the sun, this means only that, due to the transference, lines of force and hysteresis, the various atoms in your body are absorbing a certain amount of energy; it is not heat at all but is only being absorbed; and when it is being absorbed, it means that the little atoms and the electronic fields of force of which the atoms are so composed, changed their frequency to a certain extent. They begin radiating outwardly in a frequency spectra which they ordinarily do not do. That produces the sensation of heat.
We have learned through the thousands of years of evolution to orient that feeling of heat. If it becomes too intense, there is a feeling of pain. And to prove how true that is, you can do the same thing in reverse by rubbing a piece of dry ice over the skin, which would have the same feeling as would a hot piece of iron. This is true simply because the oscillation in the force fields of the ice atoms is causing carbon dioxide to oxidize and is solidified, and being cold that way, the atoms of the carbon dioxide have dropped down to their normal rate of vibration until they are in an entirely different frequency. When they come in contact with the skin, they immediately absorb and take into themselves the bits of rays of magnetism that the atoms throw off. When they do so, the force fields of the atoms are again changed from their former relationship or oscillation, to the extent that they are destroyed and the skin tissue is burned. The same process is true if you were burned with a hot iron. In the case of the hot iron, the atoms have absorbed energy to the point that they have been thrown off or out of their natural vibrating frequency and therefore destroyed; and you are burned on that area because a certain number of cells have been destroyed by the impact of that hot iron. The heat of the atoms has been thrown out of alignment with the cell structures and molecules of which they were formed.
We can prove that all these things are true by what the scientist today actually admits that he finds—that actually the “quanta” and the entire fourth dimensional theory as posed by Einstein could not be possible if this were not so. Mass is an illusion in itself. That, in itself, is the biggest proof that we have had because it only exists because of certain relationships of one atom with another. An atom takes the place of what is termed the dynamics of free moving energy. In other words, atoms contain within themselves the energy and orbit of a certain quantum of energy which comes from other dimensions.
This also explains why it is there can be so many shades of green in the plants because some plants absorb more than others. Each thing has its own particular property of absorption and what it means is that the atoms are stimulated to a certain point, like the action; for instance, if you step upon a worm, the worm is stimulated by the impact of your foot, while an atom is always stimulated to some degree by an outside source of energy. When it is stimulated in a certain way, it regenerates or changes frequency to a point where it will radiate outwardly as that which we call color. It acts as a transducer, in other words. The sun’s rays as they fall upon an object are composed of what you might call red, green and yellow, although there really is no green even though you see green in the prism; but it is not that way, for we have definite basic spectra of energy rays which are transformed from the sun’s spectral chromosphere into the various differences with which we are familiar on the earth. There is the transduction or changing just as in anything else. These things could not exist if it were not true; you could not see anything if there were not the transduction. Nothing would have color. The scientist knows that the moment one of those cosmic particles comes in contact with any electromagnetic field of force, like the gravitational field around the earth, it changes. He knows that, so why would it not change when it comes in contact with any one of the other different bodies such as stars or suns? Why should he think he can bat it around like a ping-pong ball? It isn't that way at all.
First, it must be realized that a particle of energy such as a cosmic ray is a form of consciousness. We must realize first that it is complete in itself; it contains at least twenty-seven different kinds of cosmic ray particles according to the charges. The scientist thinks when they come into the force fields around the earth, they bend either right or left, so he has this all doped out himself—which is very crude. Now, if he could only realize that (if he could just get upstairs mentally, so to speak) everything is transferred from the top down—not from the bottom up, like the scientist believes. The earth, our dimension, is one of the last places on the scale of Infinity on the way down (if you can imagine such a thing) where the form of consciousness expresses out into the third-dimensional form or equation.
Have you ever seen mud flying off a wheel while it was revolving? Now let us take a vortex and those forces that swirl around on the inside. There will be tiny particles of energy that will, through different positive and negative repulses and reactions within that vortex, separate themselves, as an entity of consciousness, and from that vortex become a cosmic particle of energy; and in so doing, it loses its relationship to the Infinite. When it loses its relationship to the Infinite, then it automatically becomes subjected to what the scientist calls time, so that here again is an entity trying to gain consciousness by traveling through the third dimension because it is actually a fourth dimensional particle which is unrelated to the third dimension. But the scientist is merely seeing it in either one place or another in regard to Infinity. That which he calls the screen means only that he is interpreting the entity of energy in relation to any one particular given time.
S - Is this the same principle as is used over the telephone wire?
T - When you speak over the telephone wire, your voice does not travel in a wave over the wire from one end of the wire to the other; all that it does is connect the various syllables that are modulated in its own orthic constituents, in positive and negative reactances or as an already existing charge of force on that wire. The wire is previously charged up with about 30 volts of electricity in the different static fields. While the voice agitates one end of the static field, then vibrates in unison, the energy is transferred. It is not that the voice crawls along the wire, so to speak.