I would like to share a most beautiful vision that I was graced to have been able to receive.  There is rarely a day that passes that these kisses of love from the Inner Worlds of Light are projected to me.  I am always most grateful, appreciative, and thankful to be able to see such things. Beauty is all around us, all we need do is tune in.

A tree about fifty feet from my kitchen window was in its last stages of budding before birthing its leaves.  Each bud was about the size of a jelly bean at this stage.  There were thousands of these on this old oak tree.

Each morning and throughout the day, I would gaze out from my kitchen window and drink in the beauty that was slowly unfolding before me.  The rebirth of nature from its slumber in winter to its awakening in spring.

It was around mid April, the air was cool with the slightest of breeze.  There had been a gentle drizzle the night before and it carried on into the next day.  Birds were singing their songs and the air so sweet smelling and heavenly assailed my senses.  With my windows open I drank all this in, it was heavenly.  My spirit was so alive at that moment.  I thanked the Infinite for such beauty and for my gift of being able to see it.

I went back to admiring my colorful African Violets sitting upon the windowsill when suddenly I was inwardly prompted to look up and out the window.  As I did this I put my hand to my breast and heard myself gasp out loud!  What was before me is beyond an Earthman's words to discribe, but I will do my best with what words I have.

In the dark overcast sky slightly to the right, and above this large oak tree, an opening appeared.  The drizzle that had been non-stop the night before and all morning suddenly stopped, and ray beams of the most intense white light, almost blinding to gaze upon streaked out from that small opening and alit upon that tree.  Those beams did not touch anywhere else, only that tree.  Instantly those big buds with droplets of water just barely clinging, burst into what I can only discribe as diamonds.  Diamonds that I had never seen the like of on this world.  I understand what refraction of light is, but this was different, much different.  This was much more pure, the radiance was etheral.

I could feel my body pulsate from the energy that radiated from what was before me.  There were thousands of these sparkling, shimmering, diamond like drops that shot out beams of every color imaginable to man and more yet not named, into all directions.  These diamond like jewels expanded and contracted harmonically with one and then another and then together until it looked like one giant pulsating flame, its beauty beyond discription.

This I watched until I thought I could behold no-more without bursting.  As soon as that thought went forth from me, the ray retracted, the opening in the sky closed, and for how long I do not know, but that magnificent oak tree still held its radiance.  I once again had been lifted from this world to a world I miss and love beyond words.  I had been blessed with the love from the Inner Worlds through out this life and with no-doubt it will continue I'm sure.

These kisses of love that I call these visions have come to me through out my life time here on this earth world.  Without these visits or attunements, life would be and would have been unbearable.  For once you have the memories of, and the abilities to attune into these Beautiful Worlds of Light, there is nothing to compare.

I find myself humbled whenever I think of the Infinite, and in that humbling I am grateful for all that I receive.

Love and Light,




Submitted by: Lesley Heininger on 09/03/2013

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