man-rebirth-butterfly-4-post-1"One of the more ultimate developments planned for the future Unarius in its present world expression is the development of suitable teachers to carry on this great work. When in some such future time any student passes the necessary requirements, he will be given the franchise of Teacher Edictus. Inasmuch as Unarius is very scientific and is greatly in advance of the average material earth life expressions, it can reasonably be assumed that the aspirant will have to possess a great understanding of energy in its many interdimensional forms and expressions.

Moreover the aspirant will have to demonstrate a practical ability in various paranormal expressions such as mental telepathy, mind projection, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc., and will have to display a certain degree of mastery over any and all mental and physical conditions which have heretofore been considered by most people as mystical, supernatural, incurable or "non-existent".

Finally, the aspirant should be able to demonstrate a practical and instantaneous attunement with the Infinite Intelligence whereby at this time, he can mentally tune himself in to that vast Infinite Cosmogony and extract from it any immediately necessary and relevant factors and objectify them in a scientific continuity with all presently known and existing factors. While these requirements may seem extremely stringent, they should not cause despair. Never underestimate the powers of Infinite Intelligence when it is coupled to a sincere and dedicated mind. In a comparatively short time, some such aspirant could be transformed from the worm-like pupa into a brilliantly hued butterfly. The comparison here is strictly metamorphical.

Under no circumstances however should your desire to teach Unarius be predicated upon any personal and vainglorius desires. Remember also such desires can exist unknown and unrecognized in the subversive subconscious.

Unarius is the more ultimate achievement which objectively relates any individual in a correct constructive evolutionary progression with the Infinite Intelligence and will ultimately make him a more highly developed spiritual entity should this correct progressive evolution be achieved.

In any final analysis which you may objectively try to conceive, the reward system should never be used or even compromised. The reward system is indigenous to animals and earth people. Seals and dogs perform tricks when rewarded; likewise the material man is always consciously objectifying a reward in any effort which he makes.

True Infinite participation will come about only when any individual can conceive and practice the Infinite Principle of Creative Regeneration without being involved with various emotional subversions. To become a teacher of Unarius therefore means literally to express into the world some of the more advanced attributes which were so adequately expressed by Jesus, yet all the while being done quietly without fanfare and completely objectively without the taint of reward. Yes, all this and even more; for in this scientific day and age all such expressions must be continuities of science, adequately proven both by science and the miracle of reform.

Almost needless to say, any person or student who attempts to usurp a position as a teacher or to otherwise claim a teachership without being so suitably conferred after having passed the necessary requirements is guilty of plagiarism and should this course be pursued by this person and in the name of Unarius, he will be subject to prosecution under existing laws which cover this malfeasance. Also such a false assumption will not carry with it in its expression any of the great transcending and healing spiritual powers. Consequently the expressions of this person will be completely invalid, inevitably leading the expressionist and the listener far astray, back into miasmic hinterlands of delusion and despair.

There is incontestable proof that there is nothing presently existing like Unarius; neither are there any written historical accounts, Biblical or otherwise which can make an adequate comparison. This is an open challenge to both the doubter and to anyone who would like to prove it to himself on the basis that he desires a better life in becoming a more constructive entity with the Infinite Intelligence.

It is also most important that a teacher be able to transcend or elevate to a higher level of consciousness, and all who are his or her students. In this transcendent state much more can be accomplished than under ordinary circumstances. The teacher does, in effect, project certain kinds of energy configurations which bring about healing adjustments, negative cancellations, etc., resulting in a spiritual rebirth."

Excerpt from Introduction To Unarius, Part 2

Submitted by: Gloria Lynn on 02/27/2015

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