Pic-8-Posa-Ih-Denhs-final-moments A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to cooperate with the Unarians United website. At the mention, I gave a big excited "YES!" and my dear brother Cosmon helped me get started on it. While I work in Information Technology and websites, never done work with the tool used for Unarians United, but I was willing to accept the challenge ... trying not to break anything (keep that in mind). After getting rights to the site, I got in with an unusual level of "desperation" to figure things out immediately, but not break anything. I began to map the site and read tool documentation quickly suggesting changes. But I was in for a big surprise.

During the night, I woke up in a panic, finding it hard to breathe and having to remind or force myself to do so, like now inhale, now exhale. It was torturous and frightening beyond belief, but through it I said to myself, this is both a reliving and an attack. Immediately, I realized I was reliving a drowning, but had no details. I was able then to calm down and get some sleep. But just now, the whole image came to me.

I had a dream years ago where I was desperately rushed into an Atlantean power tower's control room and asked along with other scientists to help save Atlantis from blowing up. Scientists there didn't know what to do and was asked to help. I worked madly over several consoles and finally forced an enormous lava plume back down into the mantle. Had it not, the land that power towers were on would have blown up. The misuse of the towers by scientists is what brought the plume about in the first place, bloating the land up until exploding if something wasn't done.

To cut this short, everyone rejoiced and I went out to a balcony to wind down. It was night fall. I then saw water rushing to the base of the tower, the land was being flooded. Basically, the lava plume went back down, but created a "caldera" into which the land was sinking into.

We ran to the controls but there was nothing we could do. Water got into the control room and we all ran to the top of the tower, waters and quakes were following us. At the top, I saw the tower crystal lights vanish and eventually waters rushed us off amid destructive torments all around. One by one, everyone drowned and, tired of fighting waters, I let myself sink and drown. I then realized, that's it, that's precisely what I'm reliving here. I've had that dream many times.

Not surprisingly, I can now breathe without having to remind myself.

Submitted by: Roberto on 10/27/2015

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