Composite A tiny, leg-wiggling, back-stroking beetle; that made me ponder deeply about our participation in Infinite intelligence. What is an expression, where does it come from? How do trees, grass, animals, air, sunlight, and rocks express as well? “This is infinite intelligence expressing at an emerging evolutionary level,” I thought, picturing how this small creature assumed this physical form after a long developmental journey that, together with this world’s influential energies, had so merited it.

The intelligence this tiny creature conveyed was not inherent to it but was “shared.” This beetle was a tiny radio, tuned to several frequency bands of expression compliant with its form. Such attunement gave the impression of instinct, but the intelligence was pre-existed, attuned, and adopted from infinity, not genetic stimulus; experiences that evolved over time by the contribution of creatures in their harmonically associative biological realm. In sharing, these creatures were as “one,” connected to a single dimensional thought energy expressing in “multiple” vessels.

This reminded me of atoms, say hydrogen, expressing simultaneously in countless numbersPic 2 throughout the universe, yet all come from a single master vortex that spawns them. Thus, these atoms are as “one” and come from “one.” Like the beetle, these acquire infinite particulates in different dimensional cyclic junctions that in turn determine a place in time relative to ours. Life is then infinite evolving intelligence “modules” adopted over time, much like an orchestral symphony that starts with a lento “solo” and ends with a loud simultaneous presto crescendo.

This tiny expression was part of the infinite expressing in the finite and evolving infinitely, a slow evolutionary process. Looking about, the same applied to trees, grass, the very fabric of dimension we express in, a dimension we can “evolve” into a higher plane by selective attunement and frequency, since all things are related! That which did not harmonize with this rising frequency would fall out and linger in a lower carrier plane.

I saw several clouds containing “active energy,” each standing for an emotion, aptitude,nature25 knowledge, events, physical attributes; everything that could possibly be or ever taken place. Much like a garage door opener, that when activated sends specific frequency patterns to open or close the door, I could see our life-picked experiences activate frequency patterns that linked us with these clouds and adopted or downloaded the cloud’s contents. Upon adoption, the soul experienced the energy and created an image or “data backup” of it, another cloud in infinity, an evolutionary lesson, to be shared in present and future instances by others. This is similar to this web site, where we share our experiences, others read them, and form new comments from them. Thus, those linked to the same cloud were “touched” by the experience simply by association though they may not realize it.

We are tuning radios that “translate” and “retransmit” intelligence energy through our dimensional interaction. Radios do come in all sizes.

Submitted by: Roberto on 09/13/2015

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