This past month after drifting off to sleep in the evening, I’d find myself in a park like setting. In this setting I’m aware of beautiful magnificent columns of the purest white, Grecian in style and shimmering with and pulsating an aura of grandeur that radiate an intelligence of which they were created from. When I walk by or put my gaze upon these columns they illuminate a pearl like essence of swirling energy that seem to me, to be sharing itself with any who grace the path leading them into this garden. These columns look like they reach into the heavens above, so massive and tall are they!

Not long after arriving and taking my placement in the class to be held, I see before me eight circular crystal dais. One very much larger in the center and seven surrounding the center one. The seven crystal dais surrounding the center one I estimate each at twenty feet or more in circumference and the center crystal dais at three to four times maybe even more that size.

Soon I see seven beautiful swirling almost blinding to my vision, vortexes of energy appear on each of the surrounding dais each in unison, and each enveloped in the ray (color) of the Unarius Center They are hailing from. They are the teachers, our guides in this class. I see that each are looking at the center crystal dais. That dais seems to me as pulsating now and a most beautiful, luminescent, swirling, brilliant flame is being created. As this is transpiring I see a shifting in my vision, like a fluctuation, and things around me become more beautiful, more crystalline, more pure in sensation, much more clearer. I am feeling more a part of everything around me. The flame has now pulsed a blinding ray of energy out and into everyone in attendance and I inwardly know this was also a beacon too, for those who will at some time in their future lives follow this beacon and be attending this class. Now the energy flame has turned into a swirling ball of every color imaginable and more. Suspended above the crystal dais it is moving within and without itself and you can feel the intelligence that it possesses. Shafts of radiant light illuminate all in attendance. From each Teacher flows the color of Their respective Center into that beautiful creation. I could feel joy emanate from everywhere and everything.

This past month, I, along with (countless others that I have been aware of) have been attending this classroom. Each time learning to draw and give from this beautiful ball of energy. While attending this classroom I continue to have these visual fluctuations now and then which seem to be adjustments taking place in my frequencies, and when I return to the physical plane I experience a similar fluctuation. With each fluctuation in the physical plane the relationship with this physical dimension since attending this class on the Inner Planes has become even more foreign to me. It feels like I’m looking at it from a distance and only as an observer now and with no judgement. I only discern in relationship to myself. I’m not aware at this time how long I’ll be attending this particular class on the Inner and in actuality time has no meaning. Only in the physical sense does time have meaning.

I’m thankful always and most humbled for the ever present guidance and Love of my Brothers of Light.
My Love and Light Always unto You

Submitted by: Lesley on 05/23/2017

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