The wife and I just returned from an exhausting 8-day trip to Italy, walking some 30 miles a day in Rome until we could no more. Other than being dead tired, I felt opulence in the Forum, fear/anger at churches, and burning sensations after visiting Bruno's statue. But the night we returned to Florida, I was in for a surprise.
During the night, I had an intense dream. In it, I was walking through ancient ruins with friends unknown, though these were not of Roman origin. Coming to a wall, I noticed other individuals of unfriendly disposition coming in our direction and we turned right to go behind the wall and avoid these threatening folks. I found myself in a small plaza, surrounded by similar walls. However, to our left, the group of unfriendlies neared and grew in number. One of these people, apparently the leader, launched a large square object with rounded corners into space, bearing upon it four rows of six pyramids.
I felt this square should not reach space, and had to act quickly, as it flew promptly upwards nearly vanishing from sight.
To my right was my old Martian master, whom I pleaded to destroy it, and he gave the order. A bright plasma beam rose from nearby and struck the object, which fell back to Earth and landed near us. I noticed that the lower half of the third row had been charred, and the object was no longer functional. Then, in angered reprisal, unfriendlies surrounded us and threatened to kill us, bearing really wide and long belts they swung from their backs.
Martians withdrew and opted not to defend themselves. A handful of us remained to fight. In an unprecedented move, some of these unfriendlies, located to my right, surprisingly changed sides, and decided to help us. And then, the fight started. I felt incredible, emotional furor, and ran toward the leader with untold hatred, anger, and strangled him with all my strength until nothing remained of him, causing all other unfriendlies to surrender. Those who changed sides, stayed with us in friendly terms.
I woke up in pouring sweat, unsure what this meant, and pondered long about it, unwilling to let it go or forget its details. My Martian master indicated this had something to do with the Mars cycle. Then, things started to fall into place. The square object had four rows of six, representing the Unholy Six. There were four rows of six, meaning the fourth planet, or Mars. The third row was hit and charred, meaning the third planet or Earth. The unfriendlies were the Lemurian forces attacking Mars, but what I found curious were Lemurians "changing" sides during the fight and coming to our assistance - this, I never conceived before. If they changed sides, they would have fought along side the few Martian craft during the hour or so battle.
The anger I felt during this dream was so strong and profound, it scared me, more so because I've been hiding it for ages; something I expressed in that life. By doing so, I misrepresented the Light and gave Martians a real bad rap. Even to date, Mars is affiliated with the god of war, and something tells me my behavior back then contributed to that perception. That anger is born from fear of perishing and not being renowned. I have a lot to work on in that respect.

Submitted by: Roberto Gaetan on 04/18/2014

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