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It was 1972 when I had a very bad car accident that took my physical accident and death that would not have occurred had I listened to my Inner Voice....

My plans were to meet up with a friend and go out partying.  This would have been fine under normal circumstances but I kept getting subtle messages in the form of beautiful colorful lights projected to me and a not so subtle Inner Voice saying, "don't go".  Needless to say, I put my physical desire to have fun ahead of my spiritual self giving me a warning and as a result I relived a horrible death from a past incarnation.  The past incarnation I found myself in tune with had to do with elephants.

There were periods in Earth history where elephants were used not only for purposes of hard labor and war, but were worshiped and used for transportation of royalty.  This is where I come in.

White_ElephantI was known as a Pahan/Mahout (attendant/keeper of elephants).  These were special elephants, they were known as the white ones and in some lands and religions thought of and worshiped as a god. Truth be known these were albino elephants that had a pinkish and or pale brown skin, but nevertheless had white eyelashes.  These white and rare elephants were owned only by royalty, no other than royalty were allowed to have one.  Each elephant had its own personal keeper and I was a keeper of one of these.  The stable which housed these pachyderms was kept on the grounds of a palace in India.

While a royal wedding was taking place in this particular palace, final preparations were being made to the elephants that would be carrying and parading the new bride now with the title of Maharani, and her husband the Maharaja, and their guest.  Even though these elephants were called white they were not pure white so a whitewash of paint was applied to do the job on special occasions such as this.  The paint applied, four bands of bells around each leg above the feet, the many jewels attached to elaborate tapestries hanging from the head and top back, the gold gilded tusk, and the tapestry embellished howdah (carrier on top that holds the person) and the perfumes too, that scent sheer veils of many colors that cover the howdah to shield royalty from the sun and smells of poverty of which they will travel through and by for but a little while.

My elephant and I, ready as are the others with their attendant Mahout, one by one we come alongside a loading and unloading dais.  This dais is part of the palace structure where all one needs do is step out and into the howdah.  With the entourage safely seated we made our way to the palace gates where attendants were opening massive doors to an overwhelming crowd of cheering from well wishers, and with eyes looking in disbelief at the splendor and riches that they themselves would never know, and at the huge massive beasts that carried the privileged few.

With my ankusha (piece of wood with curved hook on one end) in hand and with gentle words I paraded my elephant with precious cargo atop through the opened palace gates and into the streets.  The cheering was deafening, the shoving and crowding by onlookers to get as close to the elephants as possible to get a glimpse of their Maharaja and Maharani was putting the onlookers in danger of being trampled.  The royal guards positioned on each side of the elephants were doing their best with shoving those back who got too close.  Even with the help given by these guards to help keep the crowds at bey, my ankusha was dislodged from my hand.  I took my eyes for but a moment from my elephant to recover the ankusha that I had dropped and that is when I was bumped by the crowd while bent down and I fell into the path of my elephant and was stepped on.....I was crushed to death.elephant

In this present car elephant

                           .....the steering wheel..........the elephants foot

reaching down to recover item...the ankusha

My chest was crushed by the steering wheel in this car accident and I did die, but with this dying I was given another chance to live!

I remember the horrible excruciating pain my body endured.  I could not see because of the blood in my eyes from cuts, and the gurgling sounds were all that could come from my mouth, I could not speak, there was no air, I could not breathe.  I remember hearing the sound of sirens somewhere in the distance it seemed when next I found myself floating above my pain now.....the attendant said, "I've lost her".....I tried to say, "I'm here", but they could not hear me.

I found myself going upward through this warm brilliant white tunnel of felt like only seconds....and I had no more pain.  At the end of this tunnel of light I was greeted by the person we know as Dr. Norman in this life.  On the Inner He is magnificently beautiful!  There were others too who were with him.  He immediately put me within his arms and with the others I was taken into this crystal temple, huge beyond words and laid upon a table of crystal.  This crystalline table had no hardness, I was floating in its energies.  The attendants around me were literally repairing my psychic energy body with energies from their minds and Dr. Norman was directing these energies.  The next thing I remember was Dr. Norman telling me that I must go back into my physical.  I told him that I did not want to....I don't want to go back....I don't like it there.....It hurts too much.  He took my hands into his and looked ever so gentle in my eyes and said,"you must, you have not finished what you have set up to do".  As much as I did not want to come back to this earth world.....I did.

Had it not been for our Dear Brother Dr. Norman and the emergency surgery that was performed on my psychic body while on the Inner World of Light, my physical body would not have been able to recover from its injuries, they were too extensive.  The doctors here on the physical plane that took care of me said that they fought to save me and were themselves surprised when they did.  I know who really saved my life!

I tell this part of my life in the hope that you may learn a valuable lesson from my experience of what happens when you elect to put aside your Higher Self, that Inner Voice which along with The Brotherhood is your Guardian Angel.

I too as always thank Dr. Norman and all my Brothers and Sisters of the Light who thought me worthy to give me another chance.

Love and Light Always,





Submitted by: Lesley Heininger on 01/24/2014

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